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Meri Aashiqui Episode 216--217 Update On Wednesday 13th February 2019 On Joy Prime


Ritika says to RV that she has tried a lot not to feel anything, but it is about him. Though she apologized but he is still away from her, she knows she has crossed her limit but whether he accepts her as a wife or not, she does. And last night, she forgot that they aren’t married and this baby isn’t his, she felt something for him but he let her away. She isn’t saying he has done something wrong, she is just saying that it will not happen again. He can’t be her husband, but he must always remain her friend and it should never break no matter what as she has no one in life. It doesn’t matter he lives with her but he must always be there for her. RV says she doesn’t need to request this from him. He couldn’t marry her but has given her his name, he couldn’t fulfil his responsibilities towards her. He tried to keep her happy, but couldn’t give it to her. He, himself has been left helpless, how may he help someone else. He has still kept Ishaani alive even after her death, he made up his mind that she is dead but this heart has been unable to forget her. Ritika says she understands it is his childhood love. RV says she must wait for a while, he will keep all his promises he did in front of public, he will give all those happiness, name and rights that a wife deserves but she must let him believe, for a while, that Ishaani isn’t here anymore. They will be one the day his mind and heart believe Ishaani is no more around. Ritika holds his hand and says she will wait for him. He nods, while Ritika smiles at him.

Manas enters the room talking on phone, the baby was crying. He questions Disha but she says she can’t hold him all the day. She was just applying nail paint, to reduce her depression. She says she tried everything but he isn’t being quiet, why doesn’t he himself takes care of him. Manas holds the baby and says his diaper is ruined. Disha says she changed it in morning, if she does this once more she will do vomiting.

Shekhar’s mom tells Ishaani that in their NGO they teach jail freed women to make gift wrappers, boxes and handmade items that are sold in market at good price. Aunty gets a letter and gets worried, Ishaani asks what happened. She tells Ishaani that the land on which their NGO is located has been leased at a very low rate but the owner wants it evacuated. She tells Ishaani she has talked to the manager. Ishaani says they must talk to the owner, Aunty shows the email address on the letter. Ishaani says she will mail him just now.

Ishaani writes an email, RV reads it just then. He gets Ritika’s call, he tells her he got her official emails diverted to him so she must not worry. He reads the email, it said if you can’t give anything to anyone you must give them hope, their company leased them a land for their NGO on lower rates, and they must extend their lease till a time until they get a new land. It was from Nirupa Roy. He remembers each and every word of that email being said by Ishaani in the past, she said to him once that her papa said if you can give hope to someone you can give them lifetime happiness. Whenever you gives hope, and when you are helping that person you are actually helping your own self. He responds to the email, while Ishaani thinks why she is waiting for the answer to come so soon. RV shuts his laptop at once, and comes to his office window, disturbed. He opens a drawer, and watches Ishaani’s photo in a drawer saying you aren’t here anymore, but why is there a feel of her in each and everything, Is he unable to forget her, or does she want him to remember her. Ishaani waits for a response of the email. She tells aunty that she has emailed the company owner, they might understand their problem well. She brings her a box, asking if she can get them made such. Ishaani says if they want them to be produced in bulk, they need finance and must meet some corporate people. Aunty gives her a card and says even have a meeting about it in the evening. Ishaani says that will really be great, aunty says she has got new motivation after she has come. She takes her to talk about some finance. Shekhar watches them together, and thinks this Nirupa Roy will go to that man and cry and will get the finance.

Amba tells Ritika that the happiness of being a mother is greatest. Parul comes and asks Ritika to have some chaat outside. Ritika says she isn’t in a mood, RV comes announcing that all her tensions of cosmos are his now. He says he has a good news for them, he says he was looking into some land and investment papers, what if she opens a hospital in the name of Mr. Javeri. Ritika says it would need a lot of project, RV says he will do the finances. Parul says this is a good news, RV says she will have to work with him too. Amba happily says that she is going to make the meal tonight but RV says he and Ritika are invited on a hotel’s renovation tonight.

Ishaani and aunty were at a meeting. Mr. Thakur appreciates their work, Ishaani says she wants to give such people some hope. She believes if she can change herself, they can also go through the transition. He asks why is she talking about herself. Ishaani says she herself has been caught in a case. He asks Mrs. Mehra is she joking, she has brought a murderer in front of him. Everyone comes to attention, Mrs. Mehra says these criminals can never change, they can never get back to where normal people stand. Ishaani says he is right, they never change until they get a jerk and they never get a jerk. She says with her there were many people who didn’t even know which crime they committed. She says the jerk she is talking about is of time and fate. One decision if given by the court and the other by people like you, who think they can never get back. She asks Mrs. Mehra to let go, when she watches RV coming to the hotel. The manager brings him to a table and offers him a table.

Ishaani looks away from Ranveer, says to Mr. Thakur that there is one more thing, Sometimes one goes to a place where you are bound to go, but sometimes life brings you to a place where your presence is necessary. Ritika arrives at the hotel, the manager welcomes her and points to her that RV is there. RV stands for her, they hug and he helps her take a seat. Ishaani thinks that this mean RV has married Ritika and she is going to be mother of his child. RV asks RItika if she is comfortable, she asks him not to worry about her this much else she will be uncomfortable. RV asks her what she would like to have, as what she likes isn’t in the menu; that is his head. Their meal is served, RV smiles. Ritika asks why he is smiling. He says once baba said to him that the selection of songs, in his life; in his life Mukesh’s song’s lifespan has been really prolonged. He says he now wants Kishor’s songs. They smiles, Ishaani is hurt seeing this all. Kanchal (Shekhar’s mother) asks her if she is alright, Ishaani says they must now leave. Kanchal asks her to leave, she will come in a while. Ritika asks RV why he is happy, he says happiness increases with sharing. He goes to make an announcement that tonight’s dinner is from him for all of them. Ishaani reminds her times with RV. Kanchal takes a leave from Mr. Thakur saying till the time people like RV are here in the world, they don’t need his help. RV announces further he wants to sing Kishore’s song for someone whose smile is the most special for him. Ishaani notices Ritika smiling at him for this. Ishaani listens to the singing, tear-eyed. RV thinks about Ishaani, Ishaani cries. Kanchal comes to her, Ishaani leaves from there, and sits besides a wall crying.
Kanchal tries to open the door of washroom, calling Nirupa out and not lose hope. A single man’s thinking can’t hold her culprit. Ishaani doesn’t answer. Kanchal is worried that she isn’t replying, She calls Shekhar and tells him what has happened. She tells Shekhar Ishaani got emotional hearing to the song of RV. Shekhar tells her he will take time to come.
Disha cursed baby’s belongings, when her foot slips on diaper. She says why she gave birth to this child, she never wanted him. She must do something, as she can’t spoil her life for this child. She walks curtly that she didn’t want this baby. The baby begins to cry again. Her phone rings, it was a person from event-management Company and has called for her job application. The baby begins crying, the manager says he wants to ask her about some job related questions. She couldn’t hear her, DIsha shuts the mouth of baby and asks him. The manager says if the crying baby, she can’t get the job as it is for unmarried people. Disha says it was neighbour’s child, and promises to come to their office. She is excited about the job of international tear guide.
Kanchal comes to RV and tells him about all the situation, he talks to Shekhar while going for her help. He asks Kanchal about her name, Kanchal was about to say Ishaa… then says Nirupa. RV calls Nirupa, knocking the door. Ishaani comes to unlock the door, RV asks Nirupa to come out please. He says he knows she is missing someone, and he knows how it feels when your love isn’t with you, when someone promises you to spend a life time and then leave immediately, the life turns aimless. When there is no one to share happiness, smiling seems usless. When there is no one to wipe tears, one wants to cry even harder. Ishaani cries at his words. RV says without such a person, one feels like dying each moment, but then we have to live because any relation isn’t larger than life. Ishaani was crying. RV says this is life’s rule, one who goes away comes back again. There was no answer, RV says Nirupa ji, you get your lost love again, the name of love remains the same, feeling remain the same, only the person changes. She will get her love back too. Ishaani cries helplessly. RV calls her to come out. Kanchal also asks her to open the door and not be hopeless. Shekhar arrives and asks why they couldn’t still get her out, they get emotional with others themselves. He boasts that he can get her out in a while, as he doesn’t entertain such crying drama; this girl is used to do such adventures like suicide or shutting oneself in washroom, will she get her lost love back this way. He takes a pin off his mother’s hair, and clicks the lock of the door open. Ishaani stands up, watching the door unlock. Shekhar says this has to be done with such people, he calls at Niupa to come out as her fans are waiting for her autograph. A waiter tells RV that madam is calling him. Shekhar opens the door, but Kanchal tells RV that it is better he leaves as Ritika must be waiting for him, thank you so much for his help. RV leaves, Kanchal comes to Ishaani, Ishaani hugs her and cries. Kanchal asks what happened to her, was it about Mr. Thakur or is it something else. Shekhar comes in and asks her what the need to create such drama is, we call a killer a killer. Kanchal stops him, but Shekhar asks her to let her understand that this crying will not leave her anywhere. He says that she has even failed Nirupa Roy and created such emotional drama that his mother had to call him, he came leaving his client behind. He asks her to go now, else mom’s BP will get more that his anger. RItika asks RV where he went, she was so worried. RV says a girl got locked into washroom, he was helping her to get out. She asks did she come out, he says she would have, by now. He offers her to eat, when he watches Shekhar leaving with his mom and Ishaani. Ishaani’s face was hidden behind Shekhar. RV is moved to see her.

PRECAP: RV asks Ritika to eat, he will just come. RItika stops him, Ishaani notices him arriving. Ishaani hides behind Shekhar’s arm when RV asks is she fine. Ishaani hides her face, when RV asks Shekhar is everything alright. Kanchal nods, Shekhar says I guess it is.TV

Sagar tells Ganga he would leave this place soon, he doesn’t want to put them in much trouble anymore. Savitri smiles watching this and thinks he can’t leave this place silently.

Savitri was preparing for the next ritual of fasting and says all the couples would offer Prasad to Shiv ji. She sends Radhika to bring Sagar. Jhumki wonders why she didn’t hear this ritual before. Riya says there has been a lot strange in their house for a few days and points towards Jhumki’s lie.

Savitri takes an envelope from under the rug to a side cautiously and places it under the cushion. She asks Sagar if he is leaving, and tells him to leave after Shiv’s case has been resolved. Sagar says he doesn’t feel like staying here anymore. Savitri goes to instruct the servant and poses to find a letter
under the cushion. She brings it to Sagar and asks if this is something important? Sagar reads the letter and finds his photo in it. Sagar was elated to find his Ganga’s photo. Savitri says Shiv was really worried about losing this photo. Sagar says this was the only identity of his Ganga left. Savitri was happy to see him happy, she tells him about the ritual and offers him to pray for his wife that if she is alive, she must return to him. Sagar thanks Savitri anyway and says he must find Ganga. Savitri insists on him to stay for one more day, and hugs him asking to consider her as a mother. Sagar was still not ready, but Savitri decisively announces he would stay for the Pooja. She gives the photo to Muneem to get it enlarged. She then goes to give this news to Ganga.

Savitri comes to Shiv and Ganga’s room. She informs him about having found the lost photo of Sagar and his wife. Shiv cheers. Savitri says Sagar snatched the photo from her and didn’t let her see this, she told him they will keep a Pooja for his wife as well. Kushal comes to qualify what’s the need to invite the villagers, Savitri says it’s about Shiv’s guests’ wife. She joins hands to Shiv to take care of all the arrangements. Shiv says he would speak to Sagar if he is ready for this. Savitri walks outside, thinking no one can now stop Pratab from becoming the owner of property and Matha Desh.

After the Pooja, Savitri brings the photo. Sagar doesn’t allow to put the flowers over the photo as he is sure Ganga is alive. She asks Sagar to remove the veil off the photo. Everyone was shocked watching the photo. Shiv stood behind Sagar, and was taken aback as soon as he watches the photo. He shouts out of rage what joke is this, how is Ganga there in this photo. Savitri asks Sagar what is he saying, this is a sin.

Ganga gets flashes from the drowning in Ganga. Sagar asks what happened to them, this is his Ganga, his wife. Ganga was also shocked to hear. Sagar says he didn’t insult anyone, he had already handed this photo to Shiv. This is his Ganga. Shiv holds Sagar’s collar forbidding him to call Ganga as his. Shiv says this is someone else’s wife’s photo. Sagar now clutches Shiv’s hand

Sagar forbids Shiv to touch his Ganga’s photo to find her, he respects Shiv a lot but he doesn’t give anyone the right to even touch Ganga’s photo. He questions what is happening, he holds the photo saying Ganga is his wife. Savitri brings a gun from inside and makes an air fire, she forbids Sagar even look towards her daughter in law. She now understands what he had in mind. Shiv points towards Ganga and says his father made him marry Ganga. There is no one in her family except Mishra ji. Sagar now understands it’s his Ganga. Shiv points the gun at Sagar. Sagar tells him to make the fire, he has already been living without Ganga. Ganga is his, and will remain his forever. Ganga comes to hold Shiv’s hand back, her veil comes off. Sagar was shocked to confront his Ganga finally. Sagar keeps the
photo aside and moves towards her, elated. He says he had been looking for him all around. Ganga had an unrecognition for Sagar in her eyes. Sagar says he knew his Ganga couldn’t leave him, she came between them to save her Sagar. He tells Ganga he always wondered how was he alive if his Ganga is not dead. He drags Ganga’s hand to take her along, but Ganga removes his hand. She asks how he dare touch her, she doesn’t recognize him at all. She isn’t his Ganga, she is Shiv’s wife. She didn’t come to save his life, she wants to save her husband because he must be accused for his murder.

Savitri wonders why Ganga came between them, had Shiv killed Sagar Pratab must have got a chance to be Matha Desh.

Ganga tells Sagar to leave her home. Savitri cries for all the drama as shows disgust even with the idea. She says if Shiv kept a stranger woman in his room, how he could commit such a sin. There must be some truth in all this.
Shiv was thoughtful about this all. Savitri cries about this all. Sagar says he cares for the respect of their family, but Ganga is his wife and would go with him. Ganga slaps Sagar for holding her hand again. She wasn’t ready to accept Sagar at all. Sagar asks if she doesn’t recognize him, he is her Sagar; doesn’t she remember anything. He shows her the photo, and even points towards her daughter Krishna. He asks what proof he must get to her. Ganga insists she is only Shiv’s wife. Shiv tells Sagar to leave.

Sagar was in disbelief, he tries to remind Ganga about Niru bringing her home during childhood. She promised to play with Sagar, she made her win in kite flying. He reminds her of Jalebi Prasad, their friendship, their childhood to youth, his recognition of love very late, their daughter Krishna. He says there was a day her mornings started with him. Ganga hides behind Shiv and shouts she is only Shiv’s wife. Sagar was ready to force take Ganga along him. Sagar comes between and says he married Ganga in front of anyone. Sagar says he must go to Banaras and ask anyone, everyone know Ganga is Sagar’s wife. Shiv says its Ganga’s consent, she says she is his wife. Anyone could get such photo made. Sagar calls Ganga gone crazy, but she can’t let her belong to anyone if not his. Shiv calls his men to take Sagar outside. Ganga’s head only banged. Sagar shouts at Shiv and Ganga both, he fights the men and return.

Ganga asks Sagar if he is trying to disgrace Shiv who saved his life and helped him. Sagar must have given his life for his Ganga, but he is selfish. He lost his wife, and is finding his wife in someone else’s wife. Sagar cries saying people give their life in true love, he is ready to take this testimony. He decides to end his life, as his life has no meaning without Ganga. He takes a pot of milk and drinks the poisoned milk. Shiv shouts at Sagar to leave it but he gulps it all into his body. Ganga had lost her balance, Riya comes to help her. Sagar looks towards Ganga saying his Sagar cannot live without Ganga.

PRECAP: Shiv announces to Ganga that she is Sagar’s wife, he shows Sagar and Ganga’s photos to Ganga. He gives Ganga’s hand into Sagar’s

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