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Meri Aashiqui Episode 180--181 Update On Friday 18th December 2019 On Joy Prime


Pratik and Parul cheer that even Ranveer wouldn’t understand they are making this plan for him and Ishaani in actual. Baa and Amba hurry to leave for pooja. Both parties confront each other, Baa says he must see this new coming riches they think they can buy Poshak, but the Poshak goes only to the rich people. Ranveer comes and urges Amba to leave, Ishaani also asks the driver to take Baa to pooja.
RV and Ishaani argue with each others, Ranveer tells Amba he is leaving. Amba asks won’t he go with them, he says no he is going to the lawyer to get the divorce papers ready. Ishaani says she will also go with him and tells Baa that he will otherwise change the clauses, and she can’t let him keep a single penny in his pocket after divorce. Ranveer says to Amba that he will take her along only because he wants to keep his enemy in front of him.
In the car, Ranveer and Ishaani smile at each other. Ranveer holds Ishaani’s hand but she says she has come here having lied to her husband and her in laws, so he be careful which touching her.

Ranveer says he has also come hidden to his family, betraying his wife… Ishaani shuts his mouth and says this word has always kept them away, don’t say it in joke even. He agrees. She asks where is he going now. He says there is a plan which he didn’t tell about to anyone, not even his brothers and sisters. He says he has sent everyone at home to send at Kasht Pooja, he has sent all the servants on leave and they are now going home. She asks why are they going home. He stops the car and says there is no one at home now, so they can love each other openly now.
Disha buys chana at home, she didn’t have change. Chiraag pays for her. Disha says he has been beaten. Chiraag says what he disclosed, will make Ranveer divorce Ishaani for sure. Disha calls him and idiot and says their love is getting strong day by day. She says she believed in him that he will destroy Ranveer’s life. She tells him that Shanaila is going to wake up and he is well aware what she will say after waking up. Disha leaves, but Chiraag is alert and says his only problem are Ranveer and Ishaani, he needs to do their permanent treatment.
Ranveer and Ishaani come home together. Ishaani walks in, while Ranveer keep standing on the door. He shuts the door behind him, Ishaani turns to him then smile. Ranveer hugs her from behind, and says he has planned a surprise for her, takes her hand in his and asks her to come inside. The room was decorated with balloons, in the centre lied a box. Ishaani goes to open it, there were balloons in it, pictures of them both together hanging from each balloon. Ishaani smiles and goes to each intimate picture of them both, Ranveer comes to her, she smiles as he holds her hands, then her face. They get intimate, Ranveer hugs her, she hugs him back tightly. Ishaani says she wants to say something, he asks what. She stammers, he asks what, she says she is hungry. He leave her, looks at her in shock.
She says they left home so soon, she didn’t eat anything and now she has rats in stomach He smiles, she says she is so hungry that she can’t think about anything. She asks he must have done arrangements of food, he says he didn’t. Ishaani asks why he didn’t arrange any food in date, she says love is important but food is also important. He feels ashamed that he must have done food arrangements as well. She says he doesn’t have mind to do that, he asks her not to get annoyed and arrange for food by herself. She asks why should she do this, he says when men do so much things about love, why can’t ladies hold kitchen. Ishaani and Ranveer argue, she goes to kitchen saying she will make him eat bhindi today. Ranveer orders pizza, but Ishaani goes to the front room shutting the door behind her. Ranveer thinks this valentine’s is going to be extra special.

RV and Ishaani both walk in their rooms impatiently. RV says he has spoilt all her mood. Ishaani says she cooked bhindi for him with much love, now won’t let him touch herself even. She looks at a box nearby, opens it and there was a red dress in it. The letter with it said he wants to see her in this dress today.

Sharman gives a buquete of flower to Ritika. She says she loves surprises, she can now say he understands her. He says he is trying to, when the waiter brings the food. She says she is really hungry now, Sharman asks how is she having pasta as she disliked it. She says her taste has changed. Sharman thinks that everthing between Ranveer and Ishaani has got well, Ritika is also fine, still something is missing. Sharman asks Ritika what does she think about Ranveer, she says he is a good friend, handsome and successful business man. Sharman asks if she loves him. Ritika says yes, I love Ranveer.

RV is worried if Ishaani’s anger must have doubled in hunger. He thinks it will cool down watching the dress. There Ishaani comes out of dressing, changed when Ranveer comes to see her. He knocks the door and says her bhindi was well cooked, he was lying. He asks her to spit the anger. Ishaani says he is such arrogant that he still didn’t say sorry. Ishaani unlocks the door, he says he knew she will open the door with the dress he gifted. He watches Ishaani in white gown, with feet in massager. Ranveer looks around for the gift, and asks there was a gift for her. Ishaaani says like the food, he must have forgotten that. He goes to check in the hall, but hears Ishaani laugh aloud.

Ritika laughs aloud, and says she loves him that is why he is asking such a question. Ranveer is there with his wife, and she is here with him. He must jerk all the other thoughts off his mind.

Ranveer comes to the room. Ishaani says he must have forgotten the gift. Ranveer watches the box lying nearby, and asks Ishaani if she knows what he had brought for her. She says no, and asks him for passing the foot massager. He picks it up, then drops it. She picks it for her, he looks her into the gown. He holds her into his arms and asks what has she brought for him, and if she hasn’t brought anything he can take his gift from her, right now. He loosens the belt of her white robe. She tries to reach out, but he holds her. He asks what has happened to her, won’t she say anything. She asks he makes her conscious whenever she wants to talk to him. She goes away from him and says today he will have to celebrate this valentine’s without her. He gets annoyed and says he will celebrate his valentine’s with some friend. Ishaani makes fun of him, saying he has only one friend Ritika who must be busy with Sharman, she won’t pick his phone up. Ritika and Sharman were enjoying the food, RV challenges that she will pick his call. Ritika’s phone was on silent mode. Ishaani waits for Ritika to pick RV’s call, Ritika feels spice. Ishaani makes fun of Ranveer, and says the number he is trying is busy. He gets frustrated. Ishaani wears her robe again.

Sharman asks Ritika what has happened. Ritika says she is unwell, she needs to throw up and leaves for washroom. Sharman leaves his fork. Ritika comes out of washroom, and sits there on a stool. Sharman watches her telling someone that he asked if she loves someone, she has lied today but not anymore. Sharman thinks she has again lied to him.

There Chiraag hid inside the house in dark. Some men called on him to give them their money. Girish texts him that he is outside, and there are some men standing out. Chiraag asks him to come from the door behind. Girish asks who they are, Chiraag says they are goons which Ranveer sent. The men go away, Chiraag was so afraid. Girish asks him to relax, Chiraag says what he will do. He won’t leave Ranveer now.

Sharman comes to the bar and asks for a scotch. He brings the drink to the table, Ritika starts to feel better. When she comes to the table, Sharman asks what was she doing till so late, did she go to talk to someone. Ritika was speechless. Sharman asks who was calling, why couldn’t she speak in front of him. She doesn’t reply, he asks whose phone it was. Ritika is irritated and says it was her boy friend’s phone, why would she talk to him in front of her. She laughs that it was her friend and since the call came in washroom, she talked to her there. She goes to bring her drink, Sharman watches 23 missed calls from RV on her phone. He says this is the friend he was thinking about.

Ranveer closes the door of the room, Ishaani says what he is doing, if he thinks he will make her conscious she will… Ranveer holds her to the wall, gets closer and asks her to say what she wanted to say. Why is she quiet now, can’t she speak. Ishaani keeps on looking at him, he asks her to say what she was. Ishaani stammers, her voice shivering. Ranveer gets even closer to her.

PRECAP: Ranveer runs behind Ishaani in the hall, as she runs down the stairs. He asks her not to open the door, she runs to open the door. Both are shocked to see who stands outside

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