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Meri Aashiqui Episode 198–199 Update On Thursday 31st January 2019 On Joy Prime

Ranveer says to Ishaani that he is dying, please say that she loves him. If she has killed Chiraag by mistake she must tell him he would take all the blame on himself but please he should get an assurity that she loves him. Ishaani looks at Ranveer.
Sharman comes home, Amba stops his way and asks where he is going. He says into his room. Amba shouts what he has done to Ritika and Mr. Javeri and what his Baa has done to them, she won’t let him into her house. She takes his hand and pushes him out of the house, Baa stops her and asks her to behave with her grandson.
Amba says what they have done to her, she must have them pushed out of her house. Baa says this house is ours. Amba says her daughter is signing the divorce papers with Ranveer, they must now leave. She tells Sharman he has a little shame, he must leave the house instantly.

Ishaani cries and confesses that she loves him a lot. She can love no one other than her, the love he has loved her, and she can’t pay for that if she loves for the whole of her life. She says his love resides in her blood, she feels alive when he is around. She confesses her life and her love is with him. She cries, and says she loves him. They hug each other. Ishaani seperates himself from her, she cryingly confess that I really really love you Ranveer and gets sarcastic at once. Ranveer is shocked.
She gets sarcastic at once and asks how her performance was. She says I am sorry, I can’t do this anymore as I don’t even like your face. Ranveer holds her and asks what is she afraid of. She smiles and says she has no fear, firmly. She asks he wanted to know the truth, would he be able to hear. She says let’s try. She has killed Chiraag, he looks at her in shock. She mocks his shock. She says yes she lied on police station, but she told the truth as well. She loves Chiraag, but she had to kill her love with her own hands because he thought there was something between them, and we were being husband and wife truly, she jerks with what she say.
She tells RV that Chiraag wanted to destroy him, he was the one to blame his parents. He wanted RV’s name ruined so that we could get the most money out of divorce. She did the love drama because he had said her to, and she only knows how painful it was. She says she was doing this all for him, he should have understand. He thought there was something between us, he was suspecting her. There was an argument, and I killed him. She asks Ranveer why he fought with him, why he told him that she loves him. Why he made her so mad that he started suspecting her. She says he was her first love, like she is his. How does he expect her to forget him. She takes the divorce papers and watches it and then the crying Ranveer. She says that she knows that her love won’t be with her, she will be jailed or hanged, still she knows she is doing right. She wants to die in love now. She signs the divorce papers.
Ishaani comes to Ranveer and hands the divorce papers to Ranveer saying she isn’t interested in his money any more. It is better to be in jail, than to see his face. Why he did this, I hate you Ranveer Vagela. Ranveer asks she hates him, she doesn’t like his face, she has signed the papers because she hates him. He says he will sign these papers because he loves her. She pats him asking why did he think that she would love him. She asks him to sign these papers, he says he would because he is her servant. He takes the pen and signs the papers. His pen ceases, Ishaani was pained her face turned. Their good times flashes in front of Ranveer. Ishaani shuts her eyes, stopping her tears.
Amba pushes Sharman out, Baa jerks him away. Police arrives at the spot and asks for Ishaani Vaghela. Parul asks Ranveer to come down, the police is here. The police say that Ranveer has to go to police station with them. Amba says that her son can’t take someone’e life. The inspector says that all the proofs indicate that Chiraag Mehat was murdered by Ishaani. Falguni asks in shock what they are saying, it isn’t possible. Ishaani can’t kill an ant, he must be mistaken. The inspector heads to Ishaani, Ranveer says Ishaani can’t kill anyone, he isn’t saying because she is his wife but because he knows her well. Amba stops Ranveer that she doesn’t love him and wants to divorce him. She killed Chiraag. The inspector says they have found near Chiraag’s body all the proofs that Ishaani killed Chiraag.
Ishaani recalls running away from the dead body, she came up to the car panting. She opened the car, cleaned her car with water and the rock, removing all the proofs of a fight. She then pushed the car to the trench, down into trees destroying it. She left her broken jewellery and earpins to the venue, and some of them in Chiraag’s hand. She hears a recording about their last conversation, in which he said I love you I love you I love you so much.
She thought he had actually recorded that all.
Falguni comes to Ishaani and says she doesn’t know where all these things got there but she knows she can’t do this. She asks Ishaani to tell them she isn’t a murderer. Ishaani says she is a murderer, she killed Chiraag. She loved him and both were about to run away. She thought after getting divoce papers they would run away. He betrayed her, he denied going with her when she was waiting him. She was angry and killed him.

RV asks Ishaani that she wanted a divorce from him only for money. Ishaani looks away. He says this means she married him only to get money to be able to live with Chiraag, she lied to him when she promised to live with him. Amba asks the police to take her, she has not only betrayed her son but her own family as well. The police take Ishaani, Ishaani looks towards the temple thinking you are the only one who know the truth except me, so if possible forgive me. RV looks hurt as he watches Ishaani going with police. Baa is still in disbelief. At the door step, Ishaani turns back to look at Ranveer. Ishaani thinks the sometimes we are happy when one is together but sometimes one is happy to live apart. I don’t want you to be in any problem, ever go to jail and suffer anything; and I also don’t want you to know I did this for you, so it is better you never know about my lie. The police takes her away. Ishaani thinks today separating from my love, I have come to know the true meaning of love. She shuts her eyes, thinking about her and Ranveer. She turns again to look at Ranveer, thinking until the love is here Meri Aashqui Tumse Hi. Derwash and everyone go to Ishaani, Amba stops Ranveer warning that he will get her dead face if he looks behind. Ranveer goes his eyes on Ishaani. Chaitali stops Derwash and Sharman, Sharman leaves while Chaitali takes Derwash inside forcefully. Baa looks at the crashed Falguni, pitifully.
The lady inspector tells Ishaani she has a visitor, it was Nitin. Ishaani looks into his eyes, then turns away. Nitin says Sharman has gone for her bail to lawyer, but she can share the truth. He says she took the promise from him in case of Diamond fraud case, but this time as well, he thinks she is doing this all to save RV. He says to Ishaani that she is like his daughter, she can tell him the truth. No one can separate them, as they love each other. Ishaani says she killed her love for her love. Nitin says this can’t be true. Ishaani says she doesn’t consider him as her father. Nitin asks why she blamed Ranveer then. Ishaani says she wanted him caught, but Ah he was saved. She tells the lady inspector that meeting time has ended, they must take him away.
Outside the police station, Nitin spots Falguni. He comes to her, she wipes her tears. He asks her why is she standing here, she must go inside and meet Ishaani, won’t she ask her why she is doing so. Falguni says she won’t tell, sometimes she thinks this isn’t Ishaani but sometimes she feels there was something lacking in her own broughtup. She is the mother and for a mother children are related even after birth. She says I don’t understand why she loves RV so much, when did she allow Harshid to bring Chiraag to Ishaani. She blames herself for not understanding her own daughter. She says I have been betrayed, twice. For today, I have only one daughter Disha, I will forget I ever bourne Disha.
Baa asks Disha to call Sharman. Amba brings all their luggage and asks them to get out of it. Baa asks how she dare throw their house away. Amba shouts that this is her house, their granddaughter has signed the divorce papers. She celebrated that they will finally leave their house. Sharman comes home and says no lawyer is taking Ishaani’s case, they consider it as open and shut case. He was disappointed that Ishaani can’t come out. Chaitali asks them to believe that Ishaani is a murderer. Amba asks them to get out now and kick a bag of theirs. Falguni comes home then, she picks her bags from floor. She tells Baa that Amba is right, Ishaani has murdered Chiraag and signed divorce papers; they now have no right to live here. Baa says her Harshid made this house, how can she leave it. Amba asks Lakshmi to throw their luggage out. Baa goes to temple, and prays to Thakkur ji why he is doing this to them.
Falguni says Thakur ji hasn’t done anything, God only returns what a person does. She takes Baa, while Baa cries. Lakshmi tells Amba that Ishaani will not come back now. Amba says she knows that she has gone from her son’s life, but she is still in his heart. He will be impatient until she resides there; she must do something to throw her out of Ranveer’s life.
The inspector asks RV if he wants to meet Ishaani, Ishaani senses the arrival and comes to stand by the bars. Ranveer’s shadow appears, the inspector opens the door for Ranveer. He comes to Ishaani with tear filled face. Ishaani cries wiping his tears, he wipes Ishaani’s tears. They hug while they cry badly. Ranveer comes to realization that it was all his day dreaming, Ishaani turned her face away from him, in reality. Tears fell off her eyes heavily. Ranveer walks away; Ishaani keeps hand on her mouth to stop her chokes reaching him.
Amba shouts at the lawyer to find a law through which Ishaani may come home again. He must do anything to stop her coming back to her home. The lawyer says she is a murderer, and she has signed the divorce papers herself. There are also proofs of her affairs with Chiraag. Lakshmi says Ishaani must get a life time jail. Amba says not only jail, she must get death sentence. Amba curses her even more, Ranveer hears this all. The lawyer calls her a murderer, Ranveer comes downstairs angrily and says how dare he called her a murderer. She has a name, though they have signed the papers, but their divorce hasn’t yet taken place.
PRECAP: Ranveer asks his lawyer to do anything and get Ishaani out of jail. He says this isn’t possible, Ranveer interrupts that he wants his input not verdict, results of my choice and money of the lawyers choice; but anyway he wants that woman out of the jail.

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