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Meri Aashiqui Episode 196–197 Update On Wednesday 30th January 2019 On Joy Prime

Ishaani says to Ranveer that she didn’t want to lie to him and he couldn’t listen to the truth. If he doesn’t believe, he must ask her lawyer how long she had told him to prepare the divorce papers. He also has the proofs for her and Chiraag’s relations. She asks Ranveer to open his eyes.
Chaitali argues Baa that she never uses her brain. She tells Baa that Falguni has played her recording in police station. She always made them dream to get the house back, but they may not be able to stay in the house even. Falguni has spoiled their reputation, they didn’t even get Ritika and now Baa will have to go to jail. Baa says she won’t let her do this.
The police calls Amba and Kailas that they have been bailed. Amba cries hugging Lakshmi, Parul supports Kailash.
Falguni takes Ishaani aside and scolds her to be silent. She asks is she insane, she told her in morning that they will know about her happiness tonight. Ishaani says she wanted to tell her that she loves Chiraag and wants to marry him. Falguni says she is lying, Ishaani asks if she named Ranveer. She says to Falguni that she knows she loves Chiraag from a time her papa engaged her to him, it was she who was against this marriage. She made her marry him, knowing how much she hates this man; doesn’t she know. Falguni says she knows it all. Ishaani asks what, she asked her to respect her husband, family and make all the sacrifices. Did she ever ask what is her happiness. Falguni says she disliked RV, but then she said she has started to love him. Ishaani says she lied so that her lectures stop and she can Chiraag.
Ishaani tells the inspector that Ranveer created such scenario on her day of marriage to Chiraag so that he can marry her. Falguni says she owes this man a lot. Ishaani says he did it all to cover it up. She tells him that he always wanted to marry her. Parul stops her, but Ishaani says she doesn’t want to give any explanations to anyone. She says she did this drama to get divorce money, but what will she do with this money now when Chiraag isn’t here. She shouts that she disowns everyone here. Baa hears this, and says Ishaani is right. She tells them that they aren’t anything to Ishaani. Ranveer says Ishaani isn’t right, she is lying. She wants to live with family. He holds her face and says though she didn’t say I love you to him, he saw it in her eyes. He asks what she is stopped by. Amba comes between then, says she sent his parents to jail along with her Baa, kept an illegitimate relation with that Chiraag and he is finding his liabilities. She asks Ranveer that his love will take his life once. Ranveer says he believes in Ishaani more that himself, she can’t betray him. Ishaani says she has made the complaint that he has killed Chiraag, and she had sent Baa with the complaint against his parents. She says it is good they have beaten his parents because they beat her daily. Ranveer stops her, but she says he must asks her if she pushed her out of her house, took her to door steps dragging and beat her. Ranveer stops her and says she must atleast forgive his parents. She says he can ruin her life along with his parents and she can’t even do this.
The inspector comes to announce Chiraag’s body has been found. The inspector calls for RV’s arrest, but the lawyer says there is no proof against Ranveer. The inspector says they aren’t arresting him right now, but until investigations go on he must not leave the city. Ishaani leaves the station. Baa goes smiling at Amba. Ranveer cries.
Ishaani comes out of the station and gets into her car. Falguni keeps on stopping her, Baa stood behind. Ishaani stops her car ahead some blocks crying hard.
At night, Falguni waits for Ishaani. Falguni asks how she came home so late when she left police station before them. She asks Ishaani she doesn’t want to know where she was, she just want to know why is she doing this. Ishaani ignores, Falguni says why is she accusing Ranveer. Ishaani says if she thinks Ranveer is innocent she must tell the police, I don’t want to hear his name as well. She gets into the room and slams the door shut. She cries with her mouth shut as Falguni stood outside.
Ranveer brings Amba and Kailash outside. Lakshmi sends Parul to get medicine. Ranveer and Parul put medicine on them. RV is shattered and goes upstairs. Amba watches him go, she jerks her hand.
In the room, Ranveer thinks why is Ishaani doing this all, something must be going in her mind. He opens his door to find Amba outside. He says she must be taking rest. Amba says she wants to talk to him about Ishaani. RV says he is sure something is in her mind. Amba says he is unable to think clear, she is doing this all. RV says he is responsible for this all, because he wasn’t there. He says Ishaani doesn’t want a divorce, she loves him and is under a pressure of a family or something else. Amba says he is blindly in love with her, she isn’t. He doesn’t want to accept that she always loved Chiraag, he knows but doesn’t want to accept. She asks Ranveer to divorce her right away, it is making him away from his blood relations. Ranveer asks Amba to calm down, he will think about it and talk to Ishaani. Amba turns to leave. RV was restless.
Amba comes out of room saying he won’t do anything. She must do it herself, she will call the lawyer and bring lawyer’s papers. Ishaani’s lawyer says Ishaani has asked him to get the papers ready. Amba asks, the lawyer says she told her to get them ready for 7 to 8 days. She also sent him some personals photos proving her affair with Chiraag. Amba’s lawyer says there won’t be much problem with the case now. Amba asks them to get the papers to her, she will get them signed. She must leave her son’s life as soon as possible. Ranveer thinks about calling Ishaani, he gets a call then and is shocked.
Ranveer comes to Amba and tells them Ritika’s father is very serious, we may go to hospital. The receptionist tells them he is in ICU. Ritika was crying when they reach there. Ranveer goes into the ICU, Mr. Javeri had died. Ranveer holds Ritika, she cries saying her papa went away. She tells him that she is the reason of his death. He asks her to stop it she must not blame him, a daughter is always the reason of father’s happiness. He took hold of himself when he learned about her pregnancy, but when Sharman refused to marry her because he said this chid isn’t his but Ranveer, her papa couldn’t bear this. She tells Ranveer that Sharman thought she had an affair with him, and refused accepting the child. She cries that the guests all mocked him, and her papa couldn’t bear his insult. She hugs him crying that I have killed him.
In the morning, Baa asks Ishaani what is going on in her mind. Ishaani asks she doesn’t understand, Baa says she does. Why she accepted in the police station that she helped her in complaining against Amba and Kailash. She asks Baa isn’t she happy with it. Baa says she would be more happy had she known why is she doing this. Ishaani says to Baa that she must eat the sweet, not take the recipe. Baa says she was just making friends, Ishaani says till today she has called her illegitimate she must not try to make friends now. She must not tell anyone she is doing this all to Ranveer deliberately. Ishaani asks Baa to go and prepare for Sharman’s wedding. Baa asks what, Ishaani says his Sangeet wasn’t good doesn’t mean his wedding won’t take place. Baa leaves smiling that Ishaani might not know that Sharman had broken the wedding. Ishaani hopes that police would have got all the proofs of Chiraag’s death.
The police come to the investigation point.
Ishaani takes her papa’s photo and says she will never let down his rules. Derwash comes to ask her to talk to him. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Derwash asks her to come out, she must see what is happening outside. He says they have always supported her, why won’t she share now. He says Mr. Javeri has died. Ishaani opens the door and asks what happened to her. Derwash says much happened yesterday, Sharman broke her marriage. She asks where is Ritika, Derwash says it is his funeral and RV must also be there. Ishaani runs there, without listening to him why the wedding was broken.

Ranveer and Ritika perform the last rituals of Mr. Javeri.
Ranveer takes Ritika to Amba. People talked about Ritika’s pregnancy. The men asked who would marry a fatherless daughter now. Amba stops Ranveer from answering them. Ishaani comes there and watches Ritika and Ranveer, she wonders what happened that Sharman broke the wedding. Ritika cries hard, Ranveer supports her in standing up and takes her along.

At home, Parul asks Ranveer to take Ritika to her room. Baa watches them. They make Ritika lie on bed, Ranveer asks Parul not to leave her alone. Parul says she will take care of Ritika bhabi… stops at her word then reassures him to take care of her. Amba asks Ranveer to listen to her.
Amba gives divorce papers to Ranveer and asks him to sign them right now. She says so much has happened, even Mr. Javeri has died what else he wants. She stops when Ishaani comes there. Ranveer looks at her, Ishaani steals eyes.
Ishaani comes to her room, Ranveer follows her. In the room, he takes a paper and pen from the drawer and asks her to sign them. She doesn’t. He asks can’t she do it, should he tell her that creating a drama is easy and continuing it is really difficult.
He comes to hold her face that he has done a mistake of not trusting her, he won’t repeat it. She can’t see something bad happen to anyone, she won’t do bad to anyone. She adopted his parents before she did. He asks what happened, as he had left Chiraag alive there. Did he kill her. He says he has always listened to her heart, he always read her eyes though he was a servant. He asks why is she blaming her, he was mad when he knew about her and Chiraag. He didn’t want to open his eyes because she loved Chiraag and he had accepted it. When he knew she has started to love him, and now everything had resolved between them. She got to know he was coming to her, she did a lot for him, what is it if not love. She was about to tell him what is in her heart, she must say it today that she loves him.
PRECAP: Ranveer asks Ishaani she must tell him if she has killed Chiraag, he will take the responsibility but he would die if she doesn’t tell him that she loves him.

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