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Meri Aashiqui Episode 161--162 Update On Monday 7th December On Joy Prime


Ishaani comes across some ladies who were laughing on the domestic issues among spouses being so common. One of them says they can’t forgive husband’s beating, when her husband hit her she takes the whole house on her head and even hit him back. Others were astonished but she says they must also not care about their husbands. The ladies told a newly married girl that she has to tell her husband that she is his wife not a slipper to hit. One of them was her servant, she comes seeing Ishaani. Ishaani comes to sit with them and says she wants to hear what they all have to say. Ishaani says she also have the same problem like theirs, they ask what does he do.
RV says to Ritika that Sharman knows about them, he suspects them. Ritika says he must have told him what she was doing there. She says he has become so complicated, he loves Ishaani but doesn’t care about her and wants her out of the house. RV says he doesn’t want to hear her name even. Ritika asks is it really, doesn’t he still love her though his eyes show his love. When will he end this drama of being an evil character to the world?
Ishaani tell the women he doesn’t believe in her. They say most men have the same problem.
She says whatever he has done for Ishaani and her family, will come to front some day. He will fail to get rid of Ishaani, she has seen in Ishaani’s eyes the love for him.
Ishaani asks what shall she do to gain the belief of her husband. One of them says they have to get rid of his suspect in her. The older lady says that she get the courage from this drink. Ishaani says she wants to drink it. Mala- the maid says to Ishaani she can’t have it, as it is really strong. Ishaani orders Mala to leave it, and takes the drink.
RV asks Ritika to leave him alone, and close the door as he doesn’t want any disturbance. She leaves, he gets to his office seat, tensed.
Chiraag was enraged at Ishaani. Girish tells him to control himself, Chiraag says he and Girish must do something about Ishaani, as she is doing it all for Ranveer. RV has also killed his sister, so it would be his revenge as well. Girish thinks about it, Chiraag says they need to send RV to jail.
Ishaani comes to the office and impatiently knocks the door, calling him to open the door. RV is frustrated, she thinks Sameera has his key card in her drawer. She runs to get the key card and comes inside. RV asks why she came in, he asks why is she panting. She says she doesn’t know, but she has come to talk to him. He stands up to leave, she makes him sit on the chair. He asks has she drunk, she says yes she did, and it was desi (traditional). It gives courage, and she needed courage to talk to him. She wants to know what shall she do to make him happy, she won’t leave until he will answer her today.
The guard comes out and says that Ritika has asked him to go but sir is up there. He leaves his card in his bag to get the jacket. Chiraag comes from behind and takes the card. The guard comes back, suspecting someone was there. He takes his bag and leaves.
RV’s phone rings, Ishaani takes it from him and says today there will be no disturbance. She takes it to the washroom, he asks how dare she. She says today she wants to ask how dare he talk to her like this, she is his wife.
Chiraag comes into the office through guards key. He thinks Rishi told him the exact locations; he can do it easily and enters the vault. He comes to a safe and in the light of his torch uses the key to open it.
Ishaani says today, there is no phone no family and no work. He must answer her. She gets cough. He asks is she alright. She says she just needs an answer as what she must do to get his trust.
Disha comes to the office, opens the door and thinks that security guard isn’t here as well, she will have no problem. Chiraag was struggling with different keys to open the vault. Chiraag watches Disha from the mirror, he runs and hid himself. Disha enters the vault room and looks at the safe. She looks around, and runs to open the safe. Chiraag watches her from behind a table. He wonders what Disha is doing here, she opens the safe and is astonished.
RV takes a file, she asks what is he doing. She throws it away, and asks if he thinks it all to be acting. He thought she will go home, if he ignores her. She was coughing harder and panting as well. She tells Ranveer she would be his shadow everywhere.
Disha opens the box of diamond, Chiraag is also awed. Disha says she will live the way she has spend her whole life and will get money from anywhere possible. She fills her pouch with some diamonds and replace them with fake diamonds. She says now Ranveer will go to jail selling these fake diamonds. Chiraag says good move Disha, he takes a photo of Disha. She turns worried, and is shocked to see Chiraag come near her.
Chiraag and Disha come out of the vault carefully and run out.
Ishaani’s condition gets worse with cough and heavy breathing. Chiraag and Disha watch RV come out of his office, Ishaani was losing control of herself. Ranveer is worried and goes to help her, back to his room. The door is closed.
Chiraag leaves Disha’s side and goes to electric supply unit. He cuts it off.
RV asks Ishaani what has happened to her, worried. The light goes off, he asks her to sit on the chair. He asks Ishaani what has happened to her, why is her condition getting worse, shall he call a doctor. She says no, she is alright but with much difficulty. RV was worried and leaves to call the doctor. He tries to unlock the door, but it was electrically locked. He calls for the door to be opened, Chiraag and Disha were outside, still hidden.
RV was worried for Ishaani and tells him that he will call the doctor. Ishaani says she threw it out, the landline was out of network. He wonders what he must do. Ishaani calls him, and says she is unable to breathe. He goes to get water, half of it spills over. He makes her drink water, holds her face. She says she is really afraid, she is unable to breathe. He gets worried again, RV goes towards the table and lights a candle.
Chiraag and Disha get up.
RV brings the candle to Ishaani and says nothing will happen to her. He asks her to breathe deep. She says she is unable to breathe. She cries and says he must not leave her. He assures he is with her, holding her head.
Outside the building, Chiraag takes Disha’s hand. He says this time she won, she has done what he came to do. He asks her for the diamond, she says is he crazy. She stole them, why shall she give them to him. He says she can save herself from RV or police but not him, he let her steal these diamonds just for the pics. He shows her her pictures. He says she has been caught red handed. She must just tell him one thing, shall he send them to RV or to police. He will send it to Ranveer, he will send her jail himself. He says both of you sisters have the same fate, to get destroyed by him.
RV asks why she drink today, when she never actually had it earlier. She asks for water, he goes to get it. Ishaani fells off the seat.
Chiraag says they will have a 50-50 share in these diamonds. He says he isn’t like her brother in law, tomorrow Ranveer will send a consignment in international market and his reputation will be lost with those fake diamonds. This will take his revenge from Ranveer and Ishaani as well, and Disha’s revenge from Ranveer too.
RV comes to Ishaani and says he will not anything happen to her. He holds her to lie on couch and asks her to speak to him and do not sleep. He was worried as what to do, phone isn’t working and lights are also off. He calls someone out there, security. He gets worried and rubs Ishaani’s hand. He asks her to talk to him, keep her eyes open and look at him. He says he is Ranveer, her husband. He will never lose her, he wanted him he is here. He cries and says yes, she was right and he do care for her. Ishaani takes a breathe, and then her breathing stop at once. He calls her name and says he will never lose her breath. He opens her mouth and push air from his mouth into it. Her breathing comes back, he hugs her a bit relaxed.
He rubs her hands again, holds her face and cries. He keeps his head on her shoulder. Manas comes to the office and says his card and keys are both missing, he hopes someone hasn’t opened his cabin. He comes to the electric room and switch the lights on. RV gets up at once and tells Ishaani they are just leaving, everything will be alright. He looks at Ranveer, and picks his card from the floor. He comes inside his cabin and asks what is he doing. RV says IShaani isn’t well, he must send doctor to his home urgently. Manas says there is something wrong in office, but RV says nothing is important right now.
The doctor says she had an allergy with cheap wine. She asks him to check fever regularly. Parul goes to leave the doctor and tells him to stay with her. She says they will tell everyone tomorrow about her illness. RV watches Ishaani lying on the bed, sleeping. He sits beside her and watches her. He holds her arm, notices her temperature and keeps wet cloth on her forehead to bring the fever down.
Ishaani begins to cough again. He comes to sit with her and taps her back, giving her water to drink. She opens eyes, looks at him and sleeps again. He switches the lights off and kisses her hand.
Next morning, Amba asks Lakshmi if she is telling the truth. Lakshmi says she doesn’t know if Ishaani is unwell or not, but RV took great care of her the whole night. Amba is worried that everything is going wrong. Parul tells everyone that Ishaani’s plan went successful. She wish RV comes back to Ishaani’s life again. Baa says if everything keeps on well between them, there will be no hindrance between Sharman and Ritika’s life.
Disha and Manas come and ask how is Ishaani. Parul says when RV took care of her why wouldn’t she be fine. Manas goes to meet her. Falguni says she is in her room, and she will like meeting them. They watch RV come downstairs, Parul goes to him. He tells everyone Ishaani is fine now, she had some allergy. He asks to get hot milk to Ishaani, he himself will make her have it. His associate comes and asks did he call her. He says he has something important to say to him and takes him aside.
Lakshmi is curt at his behavior.
Ishaani tells Disha and Manas that she is fine now. RV comes with the milk and says Ishaani needs rest now, else she will begin to pant. Manas and Disha leave. RV gives her milk, she is reluctant. He asks her to take it, it is important for her. She gets up and says she has something important to say to him. He says they can talk later, but she says it is important for now. He asks what is it, she says she wants a divorce from him. He is astonished, she asks if he can’t hear it or doesn’t believe it. Why is he so shocked, as he also wanted the same. He must divorce her and end their relation. She says it is late, but she understands that he never wanted this relation. She was crazy to drag it, such relations have no future when one person is ready to give away his life but the other isn’t interested. It is now better to live independently. She thought about crossing all the limits of love with him, but the limits of her tolerance have crossed. Now, he must give her part to her, and she will leave the place without any drama.

PRECAP: Manas tells Ishaani that her single decision can destroy her life. She was hurt and says what she will do with a life in which Ranveer isn’t there. One of them have to go jail, and if it is so then she will go to jail. RV has fulfilled his love in all turns of life, now it is her turn.

Ishaani asks RV for a divorce, Amba hears this and says what drama can she even create. She comes inside and says her son will not give her a chance to do so, he will give her right and divorce papers immediately and will let her go. She says she herself has been stubborn, otherwise he was going to divorce her the day she came selling out her reputation. She tells RV not to let this chance waste, she is asking herself so he must divorce her immediately. RV looks at Ishaani. Ritika comes and hears this. Amba asks RV to say that he will divorce her today, he was silent. Amba says she will ask the lawyer to get the papers ready today, and drags him down. They meet Ritika on the door, she was shocked as well.

Ritika comes inside the room, and asks Ishaani what is this all, why is she doing this all. Why is she playing the game of this divorce, Ishaani removes the hand of Ritika off and says she isn’t playing a game. The luck has been destroying her game. Ritika says they are all trying hard, and when RV is changing she is backing up. Ishaani was firm, and confident. She says now she isn’t in a mood to surrender, in India 70% women surrender because they think it is their responsibility and their husband’s right that she bend in front of them. She says RV has been thinking himself above God, she asks RV believed in Chiraag on karwa chot, what is the problem now. Ritika was about to answer, but she says she must answer Ranveer about it, because for her it is over. She says for him, she isn’t a wife but a woman; if he can’t respect her she can’t let him insult her. RV just come there. Ishaani was saying the before he leaves her, she will leave him herself. RV says to Ritika that she is wasting her time, she won’t change her decision. He comes inside and says that she doesn’t need to change her decision even because those who have love in their luck might not have an intention to love. They need something else from life, she can take whatever she wants. Ritika leaves the room.

RV tells Ishaani he has asked the lawyer to get the papers ready, so don’t worry she will get what she wants. Ishaani looks into his eyes, quiet. RV leaves. He turns to see Ishaani, keeps her medicines on the table and watches her turn her back to him. He is angry and leaves the room.

Ritika asks Sharman how can he let it happen. Sharman says Ishaani is sensible, and it is her life, she must have thought it before asking for divorce. Ritika says she loves RV, and she can’t live without him. He says she must have understood that she isn’t going to get her love. She says RV can’t even live without Ishaani too. Sharman thinks about the hotel view, and asks if she really wants them to be together. Ritika says if this divorce happen Ranveer will be completely broken. Sharman says he has sided Ishaani in all her decision, but he will ask her. He thinks he still can’t get it that if she cares for Ishaani or Ranveer.

Chiraag gets himself fresh looking at the diamonds. The water supply immediately cut off, when he has soap on his face. Two men come inside his room and take him out. He resists but they hold him downstairs. Chiraag is shocked to see Ranveer’s associate in his house, he asks what does he want. The associate says this house is no more his, Ranveer has bought this. They are throwing him out. Chiraag asks how can he do this, the associate says he mortgaged it and Ranveer bought it. He asks his goons to throw him out, Chiraag knocks the door then says this is all because of Ranveer and Ishaani, he isn’t going to leave them.

Ishaani combs her hair, when Falguni comes there. She says that she can talk to her. Ishaani says she is fed up of questioning, she has decided and won’t change her decision. Falguni stops her and asks why won’t she change it. She reminds her that she promised to keep her relation, and love Ranveer like her papa. Ishaani says that neither RV loves nor respect her, infact he never said thanks to her. She doesn’t want to talk to her about it anymore and heads to do packing. Nitin comes there, knocks at the door and says to Ishaani that he doesn’t know shall he give his opinion or not but in world, any relation is easy to break but is difficult to keep. She is like his daughter, he has always seen her fighting for her rights, he dislikes this relation being broken. Ishaani says casually that she doesn’t need any lecture right now, she knows her good and bad. She doesn’t need any interference of a third person in her life. Falguni scolds her. Ishaani says she isn’t his daughter, he is Ranveer’s employ and if after divorce she gets RV’s company she will be his boss, so he better keep a distance.

Chiraag comes to meet Ranveer to office, the guard mocks him that he is a beggar and RV doesn’t meet beggars. Sameera comes to ask his attention, and asks what is this drama, is their boss free to meet him. He must make himself well before coming here, she asks the guard to throw him out. Chiraag deters her that he will see her, but right now he is here to meet RV. RV’s associate comes and announces that RV has called him inside. Chiraag comes inside the office and shouts that he knew it can be him. He asks why is he playing money game with him, if his wife likes him. RV says he isn’t worth being a beggar and is deterring him here. RV says he has taken revenge from him, of the circus that he created at his house. He says once he comes to take proposal of Ishaani, and another time he calls her his sister. Chiraag asks is he taking personal enemity with him. RV says he isn’t worth taking professional enemity with him.

RV says that the clothes he is wearing are also mine. He must get lost before his staff takes this as well. Chiraag is worried that where he will go. RV says to the road, and if he comes to his home again, he won’t be worth sitting on the road.

Chiraag comes out of the office and says why sit on footpath when I have got that diamond. He says RV will be caught in his sister in law’ drama.

Amba announces that both the household members and families are here, they must end this relation when the papers are ready. Ishaani says the relation will end only when she will get an equal share of everything in the house, before she leaves. Amba says to RV that this is her true color, he always learn when betrayed. Amba says she is the grand daughter of Hansa Parekh. RV keeps on looking at Ishaani. Amba says she always said she wants a place in her husband’s heart, but now she is asking for her share. Ishaani smiles and says her son said, she might take anything from him but leave his life in peace. Amba says she will get only what she deserves. Ishaani says she is just asking being a divorcee of biggest business man.

PRECAP: Manas tries to explain to Ishaani, she was sad and says she doesn’t want to live a life when there isn’t Ranveer in it. She will go to jail herself, he has fulfilled his love at every turn of life, not it is her turn.

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