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Madhubala Update On Wednesday 30th January 2019 On Angel TV

RK and Madhu are in the car! Madhu says a wife wanted her hubby to break her fast thats it! RK says.. dont u forget ur role of a wife ever? Not for a second? Madhu says no.. i dont forget.. and do not want to forget either… this is my identity and i want to live with it ! RK says even if it weighs down on ur other commitments? Madhu says as far as today is concerned ..a wife wanted to stay home to celebrate KC.. but u kept double shift. ..had 2 hours break so went home to complete my puja.. u knew that i couldn eat .. but u kept dinner shot today.. but i fulfilled my duty. .din gulp the morsel of food! Madhu says i m ur heroine but before that i am a wife n the daughter in law of ur family! A wifes role is to support her hubby in troubled times.. so i became ur heroine to support u! RK says thanks for reminding that without u i did have been destroyed! RK-Madhu arrive home and RK storms towards his room!
Pabho comes and calls out to Madhu ..! Pabho says even if no one believes u .. i believe u ..that u have fasted ..! Madhu thanks her! Pabho makes her sit in the hall..! She brings a plate full of food and says.. u havent eaten since brought this! Madhu says. .but and Pabho says enough talks eat! Pabho says.. felt bad when Radha din listen to u..! Radha comes right then and glares at Madhu! She walks off! Madhu tries to talk to her ..but no use! Madhu puts her plate down! Pabho says.. its not ur fault. .ur right.. but ur stars are messing all up..! Dunno what God wants..! Pabho says.. the future looked scary to me . .n now that is clouding ur life! Pabho says.. ur mom in not talking to u.. why is this happening? What do u think? Why so many storms in ur life? Dun have happiness of a wife.. nor of a daughter in law! Madhu says dun have any answers..! Madhu says . .only wanted that all be well . .and there is peace and happiness in the family ..but!
Pabho says..there is only one solution … NIVARAN … the remaining ones have to be completed! Madhu says if that will right all the wrongs. .i will do what u want!Pabho says fine. .go get ready.. so we can leave from here rightaway! Madhu says fine.. i will be back rightaway! Pabho grins!
Its 12am ..and Madhu comes to RK ! RK asks if Madhu has come to meet hubby RK or to meet Mr. RK her films producer! Madhu says.. going out .! RK says..why? Its KC returns? Better dun tell me..else i will find out. .and we will fight.. and she will cry and she will win! RK says.. lets rename the movie. Madhubala ek puja.. RK ek kharbuja! Madhu says will reach the set on time! RK says.. ehsan hoga and wont forget whole life.. that ur doing puja and supporting me in my bad times! Madhu turns to leave! RK says..the hubby in me tells.. cut it and rest here! RK says. .told the producer in me that Madhu is capable to manage all ..! So ‘RK chup chap so jao and Madhu ..pahariwale baba ke paas jao’! Madhu walks off and RK fumes and lies down!
Pabho – Madhu arrive in the jungle. n Pabho says..there is a lake here..! And they find it.. and walk towards it..! Pabho says ur next Nivaran is here..! Pabho says third element is water.. so u have to go inside the lake and stand in neck deep water..and chant the mantra 5001 times.. so that ur stars calm down! Madhu is zapped! Pabho says..its touf.. and if u dun wanna do then! Madhu says i will do it..for this family ..for us.. for everyones peace and happiness! Pabho says i understand..! Pabho ties rope around Madhu and holds the other edge ..! Pabho wishes Madhu she walks forward..! Pabho asks Madhu if she will be able to do it? Madhu says yes and ..chants Hauslo se veer hun..!! Madhu walks further ahead.. and is unstable.. but manages to reach the centre of the lake..! She folds her hand on top of her head and chants the mantra ‘Om Gan Ganpataye namah’ ..!! Pabho leaves behind a note on a rock and leaves the rope and walks away.! The water level is rising.. and Madhu is scared..She calls out to Pabho ..! She cant find her! She recollects Pabhos words of having to face a lot of difficulty..!
Part 2
Madhu is shivering in the water and still chanting .the mantra! She walks back to the shore.. totally freezing ..! She finds the note and reads it ..! Its Pabhos note.. that she had to leave for something urgent ..and that she has hope Madhu will fulfill the nivaran! The note reads that clothes are left for u ..!
Part 3
Dips is in the mansions hall and wonders where everyone is? She is doing puja ..! Pabho comes there! Dips says was immersed in puja.. so din notice! Pabho says.. Badal ko Garajna Sikha rahi ho? Well better not try and fool .. rather accept that ur doing drama to earn brownie points with Radha! Dips says.. ur my mirror! Dips wonders where is saas-bahu? Pabho says.. they are busy with their nivarans! Dips asks what? Pabho says.. ur saas has no place in her heart for u. .but if u want ur place in my heart to be better..then go make tea for me..! Dips says ofcourse! Pabho smirks..! She says.. meri mehnat ka phal bahut jald milne wala hai!
Pabho and Dips are at the dinning table and tells Radha that heard everything . .dun want any more! Dips says dining table is empty! Pabho says Sikky and Kuku have gone out and RK returned late so must be sleeping..! Dips asks about Madhu and Radha says i saw she is back and was eating .. so may not be hungry and is asleep! Radha walks off! Dips says.. wow ..amazing game play ..! Pabho says this world is a game ..! And ur weak. .and i cant share my qualities with anyone! Pabho walks off too! Dips says..whatever..!
RK tells Bittu on phone that we need to sign more artist ..why is only Madhu there in my shots? Want a break.. get another artist for me..! Home is feeling like a shot and shot feels like home..! Bittu tries to explain it to him but RK says. in RKs world schedule works as per RK ..! Bittu says tell Madhu urself! Madhu comes sneezing..! RK tells to Bittu that.. India has many temples.. she must be busy someplace.. so dunno where she is..! RK says.. she is very busy ..unlike u and me! Bittu is appalled! RK as told. .arrange other artists to work with..! RK turns and sees Madhu standing looking hurt!
Precap — Kuku tells Amar that.. the way RK is shooting uninterrupted.. seems RKs movie will be shot before time..and Amar says Diwali uski hi hoti hai.. jo bada dhamaka karta hai..and i have gotten a special member of RKs in my team! Kuku asks who? Amar is quiet!

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