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Madhubala Update On Friday 4th January 2019 On Angel TV


Pabho tells Dips that the faster she accepts the truth she will earn Pabhos trust and will be on her side to get Madhu out of the house! Dips stammers! Pabho says stop being two faced so that i can tell u the truth! She tells that neither she nor Dips can do anything alone so better support her to achieve the goal so Dips can live the life of her dreams! Dips says but Pabho talked of traditions and all? Pabho says yes had told so but only poison can kill poison and if it saves someones life there is nothing wrong in it! Dips asks really? Pabho says u can trust me but for now only target is to kick Madhu out of RK mansion and RKs life and for that ready to pay any price! Dips is speechless but agrees ..! She says Madhu is poison to this house..she is trouble for this house from Day 1 ..! Pabho says not interested in her thots about Madhu ..! She says only worry is that Madhu has created rift between me and RK.. the boy who din look me in the eye is raising his voice on me ..just for Madhu..cant bear this! Dips says can understand what she is going thru..Know Madhu well..! Dips says Guruji said the truth, Madhu is eating away all of RKs relations ..! Pabho says have faith in Guruji ..he has never spoken anything without a reason! Pabho says realised it when RK supported Madhu and din accept my decision! Pabho says Guruji was right Madhus stars are powerful.. but for saving RKs life and for the peace of this house have to do something major.. have to prove Madhu wrong..! Pabho says will prove that Madhu is neither a good wife nor a good daughter in law! Pabho asks Dips if she will support her? She says it will be her exam to see what a good actress she is …as they say screentest! Dips says surely with u..and will support u always! Pabho warns that no one should get to know about this in the house.. not even Sikky or else she knows how to set Dips right.!

Next day morning, Madhu is asleep and turns and checks RKs side of the bed but its empty! She calls out for RK..! RK comes after freshening up and asks if she is deliberately trying to be an alarm clock? Madhu asks why up so early? RK says always get up early on first day of shoot and today is special day its first day of our movie! Madhu is nervous! RK asks what happened? Madhu asks what if i cant do it? RK says just remember the lines well ..a lil chemistry. .romance. .passion ..oomph ..n excitement thats all..! RK is holding Madhu by the waist and says.. we have all of this between us just remember the lines.. and if u feel nervous look at me and say .. Gayi buffalo in mineral water..! RK says code word between u and me! Madhu says gotta go ..its puja time! RK rues u will always stay wife.. not actress!

Radha asks Pabho if its necessary to do all this? Madhu comes and asks if she can help? Pabho says yes.. ! She says want u to listen to me with an open heart..! Radha says let it be! Pabho says no its important for Madhu to know! Pabho says Guruji said some things that i wanted to tell RK but.. anyways.. listen ..! Pabho says told Guruji to make Madhus horoscope but he said something that scared them all ..! She says how Guruji predicted that Madhu is destined to ruin any man in her life..! She says its applicable on RK too..! Dips smirks..! Madhu is scared..! Pabho says know that u can sacrifice urself for RK . .know u may not trust all this but a renowned person like Guruji said so..! Pabho asks Madhu to reflect on her past ..then maybe she will believe..! Pabho recounts all of Madhus life till now..! Pabho says Radha is not believing this but if they both keep an open mind and think they will end up trusting! Pabho says how Guruji guessed everything about Madhu without even having any details about her just seeing her pic.! Pabho says how Guruji said that he met Paddo before her birth and had alerted Balraj about the prediction ..! Madhu says. yes thats why Paddo ran from Motihari..! Pabho says her dad did what he did coz Guruji showed all to him..! Madhu says i love RK ..and dun want anything ill for RK! Pabho says dun doubt ur love.. ur feelings.. but man cannot rewrite destiny .. no one can change the play of stars..! Pabho says asked for way out to remove the fault in Madhus horoscope and he said there is a nivaran to be done! Radha says its not forced..! Madhu says ready to do anything for this house and RK..! Pabho says Radha knows what all struggle RK has gone thru she ready to see RK go thru all that again? Madhu says ready to do whatever told..! Pabho smiles triumphantly..! Dips says.. Pabho is a big actress.. poor Madhu …!

Part 2

Pabho wipes Madhus tears and says. need to cry ..we have a solution ..wont let anything happen to RK..! Pabho says we will start Nivaran from today ..first thing make lunch for 7 brahmins with ur own hand..with clean heart and smile on ur face! Pabho makes Dips and Madhu do aarti..!

Part 3

Pabho calls out to Madhu after the aarti is over and says that RK does not believe in all these things so want that u dun tell RK anything about this! Madhu is in two minds! Pabho says know its touf for u but if anything is to be done to stop things from going bad for RK its better! Pabho asks u must be giving gifts to RK u tell him what it is from before? No. .right.. so think ur giving ur hubby the biggest gift of his life… his happiness.. his peace .. joy and success.. hope u wont tell him? Madhu agrees..!

RK is done having breakfast and is about to leave! Madhu comes! RK says got the days first surprise.. felt ur eyes had magic. .now ur hands have magic too..come we are getting late! Madhu hesitates! RK says dun say u have to do anymore puja.. God got happy with ur puja n sent RK to ur life.. now God will come and say u cant get better option..! Madhu says have to do some arrangements/ cook etc..! RK says tell Sikkys flop wife Dips..! Madhu says cannot tell others and RK says u are an ideal wife and have big responsibility of being heroine! Seeing ur not fulfilling other duties ..! Madhu says used to do household work before.. n now also gonna do and its all for u..! RK says hiding something? Pabho told her something! Madhu says no! RK says..fine ..its 9am shift.. Madhu can come late by an hour for being heroine and then one more hour for being producers wife..! RK says want u on set by 11am ..but 2hrs.. only ..! RK says bye and leaves! Madhu says to Bappa u know why i m doing all this!

Precap — Brahmins come at RK mansion and Madhu touches their feet.. they bless her..! Madhu asks them to take their seat..! Pabho-Dips smirk at each other..!

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