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Kuch Rang Season 2 Episode 11--12 Update On Thursday 10th January 2019 On Adom TV


Dev and Sona were sleeping while Shubh was in full mood to play. Their phone rangs with message tones. Dev’s cell phone had 30 whie Sona got 40 messages. It was an award ceremony video of Sona’s speech, they reach the positive reviews, messages and likes.
On the phone, Ishwari tries to explain to Bua ji everything is fine, and Sona didn’t mean to say anything like… Radha disconnects the phone calls on her cell while Bose family were also irritated by people’s gossips. A relative calls Bejoy to ask if Dev came to live with him? Aasha says they needn’t clarify to anyone about it, people may think what they wish to.
Dev comes to help Ishwari prepare tea. Ishwari asks why they told everyone about it, they got so many calls since morning. Dev

says they needn’t explain anyone outside. Poeple hold double standards, if a man goes to work its fine. Ishwari says not everyone in the society has similar thinking. She turns to leave. Dev doesn’t let Sona follow her and says he will speak to her later.
On her way, Sona recalls when she had to manage work with Suha. She didn’t let Asha help her as she loves working. Aasha sometimes missed Dev’s presence; Soha didn’t accept but later when alone she used to wish he was here. Now, in the car Sona thinks Dev completed her life today.
At home, Dev brings breakfast for kids in the room. Golu insists to take Suha to school but she was on bed rest. Suha says she read the comments on video on her tab. Dev forbids her use tabs in future. Golu complains that the bag is really heavy, Dev also notices it was heavy. They reach school in time. At the gate, some men gossip Dev used to challenge them in business and today is taking care of his wive’s works. Dev says what women does isn’t easy, they may try it someday. The men weren’t ready to look after the home, and only know how to do business. Dev insists a woman can take care of both business and home, but even ten men together can’t take care of home.
Sona arrives in the office and notices everyone’s gossips and alerts. A girl comes to congratulate Sona, everyone else presents her with flowers. Sona looks towards Shorabh. Shorabh says there are two reasons, one is thier project and second that thier company’s face Dr. Sonakshi Bose has become an internet sensation. They tell Sona its a proud day for them all, no matter how people criticize. Sona gives the credit of thier project to the whole team. Shorabh suggests about making another video and upload on social media, they must also get famous.
Dev was a part of school meeting. The parents complain to students that teachers don’t concentrate on children’s education. The headmaster says they are improving thier education standards, now its child’s turn for hardwork. The headmaster asks Dev to make a comment, he funds the school and its about their children. Dev says he agrees with the headmaster in the matter. Teachers come to teach, its child’s duty to study now. Its the same teacher who teaches the topper and the one who fails. Its about child’s interest. We must focus on our children, we can’t depend lone on teachers and tutions. He doesn’t pressurize his children for marks; its more important for them to learn. The parents wonder what’s in his thinking, he is always against the norms.
Sona calls home but Ishwari doesn’t see it. Sona wonders why she doesn’t pick up the call and calls TK. TK says Ishwari doesn’t pick up the call now, fed up of people and Dev didn’t return from dropping kids at school. Sona was worried. about it.
Sona distributes fruits among the poor. THe children share they never get good food sometime. Sona and Shorabh discuss government has handed the project of food distribution to inefficient agencies. She suggests adding the data to RBR about what subsidy is being provided.
Aleena asks Vicky to take short leave and go to buy uniform for Golu. Vicky was irked and not ready to get indulged in any of such work. Aleena was irritated.
Suha asks Dev why is he watching her results, is he about to scold her? Dev asks Suha when does she get bad marks. Suha says whenever someone pressurizes her to prepare a test she get bad marks, but whenever there is a surprise test she gets the best marks because of amusement. Dev says he wants his daughter to be smart not a nerdy.
Shorab and

Ronita were enjoying icecream. Mishti begins to cry. Shorabh gives a bite into her mouth when Aasha comes there and scolds them for being careless. Mishti is a minor now.
Sona returns home and asks Mama ji if Ishwari is still angry with them. Mama ji says it will take sometime for Ishwari to understand the change. But he appreciates they are actually bringing a change. Radha comes there with tea for him, she sends Sona inside as kids are waiting then says with thier appreciation even Aleena would force Vicky to sit home. Aleena comes home then and hands them the uniform to make Golu try the size. She complains Vicky wasn’t ready to help her, so she must now hurry for an important meeting. Radha complains that Aleena also insisted on Vicky to help her.
Golu discuss with Suha that Dev attended the parent teacher meeting. Suha didn’t feel like copying all the work. They discuss they have no option as no one considers a child’s will in education.
In the room, Dev puts Shubh to sleep. Sona asks why was he dancing, he says while he dances Shubh fell asleep. Sona asks Dev why he argued with the parents in PTM. Dev says parents blamed teacher for children not getting marks. Not marks are important for kids, every child has a different capacity. Sona says marks are also important, not every child can get different question paper in exam. Dev says he studied Suha, when she is under pressure her performance is reduced. Sona gets it, when she scolds Suha she does spelling mistakes. Dev says he knows what he has to do about it.
The next morning, Golu was packing his bag. Dev notices his bag was too heavy. Golu says he has kept all the books according to time table. Dev notices there was a seperate homework book, test book and classwork book. Dev says they must find out about the matter then, he will now know how the books can be reduced. Golu comes to class with an almost empty bag. The teacher notices Golu had been playing with his bag and it was empty. She inquires Golu why he only brought a single work book, his uncle said he isn’t a donkey to carry a heavy weighted bag. The teacher asks if all other students are donkeys? He replies with a yes. Golu says his uncle told him to note all the work on one workbook, and teacher must also teach them practically.
At night, Ronita hears Shorabh tell someone on phone that he will no more involve himself in house chores. Ronita comes there and asks who is there on call with him. She notices Shorabh’s cell phone was off, and gets it was just to tease him. Ronita chases him playfully.
On the dinner table, TK requests everyone not to fire him as Dev turned out to be a great cook. Aleena comes to ask Dev what happened in school. Dev calls Golu for dinner. Aleena asks why was Golu out of classroom for the whole day. Ishwari also asks Golu how was his day. Aleena questions why Dev sent him with an empty bag, he has 8 periods of 9 subjects per day. Golu says he felt bad when teacher scolded him, but when he stood outside he went into science lab. In the lab, only he was there with assistant. They did alot of experiments, the assistant made him use microscope as well. Dev says Golu learnt alot. Ishwari asks Dev to be clear about what is going on. Dev says school pressurizes the children to rot learn from school books, and resultantly children learn nothing. He will now change this all.
PRECAP: Principal wasn’t ready to take Dev’s ideas. Dev deters the principal must remember he is the biggest investor of this school, along with his new role.

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