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Gangaa Friday 25th January 2019 On Zee World

Ganga asking Amma ji why did she come here in function when she believes she is widow. She says what wrong did I do to come here. Madhvi shouts Ganga and scolds her. Ganga says I was just.. Madhvi asks her to leave. Ganga goes. Niranjan comes and asks what is the matter, why is everyone silent. Pulkit says I will say. Ganga goes to her room and cries. She breaks the floral ornaments. Ganga wahi chale jaye………plays……..She says I don’t have a right to fulfill a small wish too, I wanted to look beautiful, don’t I have this right. Sagar comes and says who told this.

He picks the flowers and says when did you started losing, you always fought for me and yourself, why are you afraid to raise voice for our love, I did not know you will fall weak. She says no, I don’t
get hurt if anyone says, but when Madhvi scolds me, my heart gets hurt, I regard her mum. Sagar says we all love you. Niranjan says Ganga… Ganga turns and sees Sagar was her imagination.

Niranjan, Madhvi and Pulkit come there. Niranjan asks her to come out with them. Ganga cries. Niranjan says no one will tell you anything, you know Amma ji, why did you feel bad of her words, you used to complain a lot about her to me in childhood, why did you not tell me. Pulkit says my marriage functions can’t happen without Ganga, I will feel bad if you don’t come. Ganga refuses to go. Niranjan asks Madhvi to say something. Madhvi asks Ganga to come, everyone has left rituals and came to call her. Madhvi thinks I agreed today for Niranjan’s saying, but I understand why you got ready, I can give you mum’s love, but not let your wish come true.

Jhanvi corners Sagar and gets romantic. He asks what are you doing. She says which you could not do till now, you won’t say anyone, so I have to do something, someone will see us and then spread this news. He says so you did this planning. She gets close. He says anyone will see. She calls him coward. He holds her close and says I m not a coward. She says prove it. He asks how. She tells him to say I love you infront of everyone.

Sagar makes teams for Antakshari and asks Ganga to come. Amma ji asks Ganga to sit with her. They start Antakshari. Sagar asks Niranjan to sing and requests him. Niranjan sings Meri Makhna……….. and dances with Madhvi. Sagar hugs him. They all clap. Sagar asks Yash to come. Yash dances and sings Aaj ki party meri taraf se…………. Prabha hugs him. Amma ji says like mother like son.

Sagar says now its Pulkit’s turn. Pulkit says I can’t sign. Jhanvi says now Pulkit will sing for Supriya. Pulkit sings Soniyo……….. everyone clap. They say Sagar’s team will lose. Sagar dances on Badtameez Dil. Ganga and everyone clap for him. Prabha sings and dances on Hawa hawai….. Sagar asks Pulkit to sing fast, else his team will lose. Ganga runs to help Pulkit and says the song. Pulkit asks her to sing. Amma ji says she won’t sing. Sagar says wait Dadi, let her sing, come Ganga. Ganga sings Main tenu samjhawan ke…………….Jhanvi and Madhvi look on. Sagar smiles. They all clap. Sagar says wow, amazing. Madhvi says Sagar, antakshari is done. Sagar says wait, my reply is still there and winks to Jhanvi.

He sings Lo aaj mai kehta hoon I love you…. Ganga and Jhanvi smile. Madhvi smiles seeing Sagar looking at Jhanvi. Ganga smiles thinking he sang for her. She imagines Sagar. They hold each other and dance. Meri har dua ki sada hai tu………..plays………They hug. Her imagination ends. She smiles seeing Sagar and thinks he said it here infront of everyone. Jhanvi thinks Sagar said this song is for me and smiles. Ganga runs to her room happily and recalls Sagar. She imagines Sagar. He says I have told that three words which you wanted to hear, your love won Ganga. He disappears. She smiles. Everyone dance on London thumakda……….. Sagar brings Jhanvi out and says Sagar can never lose, you called me Phattu. She says so that’s why you said I love you. He says yes, did I tell her I love you in private to say it infront of everyone, stupid, come. She thinks Sagar told I love you for bet, but very soon you will say it from heart.

Ganga comes and sees Sagar dancing. Sagar stops her holding her hand. She says let me go Sagar. He asks how did you know its me. She says don’t act as if you don’t know what you did. He says what are you saying, come. She says I can do anything today and goes to dance with him. Madhvi sees them dancing. Niranjan asks what happened Madhvi. Madhvi says Ganga does not listen, she is dancing, see Amma ji is getting angry. Niranjan says I will explain Amma ji, let Ganga dance, Pulkit is like her elder brother, its happy moment. Prabha says yes, but Ganga did not regard Sagar as her brother. Madhvi signs Jhanvi and takes Ganga from there. She asks what are you doing Ganga. Ganga says sorry, I m very happy, even if you slap me, I will think Maa is giving pat with love, I will go and make tea for everyone.

Its night, Ganga smiles recalling Sagar. Amma ji drinks water and turns to Ganga. She says smiling in dream, sleep now, there is haldi function tomorrow, there is much work. Ganga sleeps.

Its morning, Ganga does all the work happily and sees Sagar. Madhvi applies haldi to Pulkit. She asks Ganga to make food and not come here. Sagar applies haldi to Pulkit. Jhanvi also applies haldi to Pulkit. She sees Ganga and applies haldi to Sagar. He runs and applies haldi to Jhanvi. Ganga passes by and he catches Ganga. The red color falls on her, and the haldi also gets applied to Ganga. He holds her and they look at each other. Meri har dua……….plays…….. Amma ji, Madhvi, Prabha and Jhanvi look on shocked. Prabha says now everything is happening in open, there is some limit of shame. Madhvi says Sagar….. Prabha says a widow got color, its big abshagun. Madhvi asks Ganga to go from here. Ganga goes.

Jhanvi tells Sagar that just a girl can know whats in girl’s heart, Ganga is widow, but she has right to live. He says I know, I feel bad when Dadi and mummy call her widow, whats her mistake. Jhanvi says I know just you can help her, you don’t love Ganga, but my brother likes Ganga, you have to talk to your parents for Ganga. He says I will talk to them. Ganga sees herself in mirror and imagines Sagar. He compliments colors on her. She says this glow is of your love, not colors. He says then this will be forever, as Sagar’s love will be with you forever. She says yes, Sagar and Ganga are of each other. He holds her and they close eyes. She opens yes and sees he is not there. She smiles.

Sagar comes to Niranjan and Madhvi and says I have come to talk about Ganga. Madhvi asks what. Sagar says nothing changed here, Dadi does not want widow to have colors, Ganga has full right to live her life by her wish. Niranjan asks what do you mean to say. Sagar says I m saying about Ganga’s marriage. I think she should get married, happiness will be back in her life. Madhvi says you know she is widow. Sagar says I know, but being widow does not matter. Madhvi thinks Sagar wants to marry Ganga. Sagar says whats wrong if the guy is broad minded and loves Ganga. Madhvi asks love, about whom are you saying. Sagar says the guy is infront of you.

Niranjan and Madhvi get shocked. Niranjan asks who. Sagar says Sahil. Madhvi gets relieved and smiles. She asks were you talking about Sahil. Sagar says yes, what did you think. She says nothing. Sagar says Sahil loves Ganga and said he will convince his family, I thought to talk about you. Niranjan says I m proud of Sahil, but I would like to talk to Ganga once, we have to ask Ganga her choice too, its about her life, once I hear that she has no objection to marry Sahil, then we will take talk ahead. Sagar says fine. Niranjan asks Madhvi. Madhvi thinks this is best way to keep Ganga away from Sagar. She says I did not think about this. Sagar says Ganga will settle in her life and be happy. She thinks maybe we will be happy too.

Ganga looks at I love you she made on the kerchief and says this has my yes hidden in this Sagar. She goes. Jhanvi goes and sees that kerchief. She gets angry. Madhvi sends Ganga with Sagar, Jhanvi and Sahil, and says I will talk to Amma ji.

Ganga and Sagar talk while they play truth and dare game. He says I like surprises. Ganga thinks then Sagar will like my love surprise. Sagar asks Ganga do you wish to marry. Ganga says yes. Sagar says I m so happy for you, I should have asked this before, sit. Sahil smiles. Ganga asks did you not know this. Sagar says I knew it, but wanted to hear it, I will talk to Papa tomorrow. She asks really. He says yes. She gets shy and runs. Sagar congratulates Sahil. Jhanvi smiles.

Ganga prays. Sagar comes and says I spoke to Papa, he wants to talk to you. She says no, I feel shy. He laughs and says fine, I will send Papa here. Niranjan talks to Ganga and says I did not think of talking this, when I always thought of your happiness, Sagar told me everything, you were little when I got you home, you have grown up now, I want to study further and become independent, but Sagar feels you can study after marriage, I did not know this, Sagar told me that you are ready for marriage, its good you both like each other, its yes from my side for this relation. I always wanted a broad minded and educated guy for you, Amma ji says right, we should not do late when you want to marry, I think I should talk to Sahil’s family soon, Sagar chose Sahil for you, Sagar knows your likes and dislikes well, you and Sahil will look great, you both will be happy. She gets shocked.
 Ganga being shocked knowing Sagar chose Sahil for her. She says Sahil….. Niranjan says yes, Sagar said you both like each other, and Sahil wants to marry you. She cries and runs from there, while Niranjana talks to her. She goes to Sagar and looks for him. He recalls Sagar’s words. Sagar comes and asks what happened, did you talk to dad, did you say yes for Sahil. Jhanvi looks on hiding far. Sagar says Sahil will keep you very happy, you have bear a lot, all this wrong will end, I will bring you out of this, I have fulfilled my promise, my Ganga will get married with such a nice guy. Ganga slaps him. Sagar and Jhanvi get shocked.

Sagar asks what wrong did I say or do, what happened. She cries and leaves. Sagar goes after her. Madhvi asks Maharaj about the items. She
sends him to check Pulkit’s clothes. Madhvi asks Ganga does she want anything for kitchen. Ganga runs out. Madhvi wonders where is she going, and sees Sagar going after Ganga. Prabha asks Madhvi to see whats happening. Jhanvi signs Madhvi.

Ganga and Sagar come on the ghat. Sagar asks why are you running. Ganga asks how can you make me marry Sahil, are you mad, how can you think this. He asks why did you get annoyed. She says the problem is you don’t understand. He says I m really sorry, I did not know you will feel bad, I thought Sahil is nice guy and you will like him, fine if you don’t like him. She says I don’t care about Sahil. He asks do you like someone else, tell me what do you want. She says you, I love you Sagar. Sagar gets shocked. She asks don’t you know this or you want to be ignorant. He says what, I did not see you that way, I wanted you and Sahil to meet each other. She says you want to meet someone else after marrying you. He gets shocked again.

He asks what, marriage, what are you saying. She says we both have married, you are my husband, I m your wife. He looks on stunned. She says you filled sindoor in my maang, see. She shows the sindoor in her hairline. Sagar recalls the childhood moment, when he has filled sindoor in her maang, when Ganga asks him to apply sindoor to her so that she becomes a shield for him.

She says I hide this sindoor from everyone, do you remember or forgot? She holds him and cries. He moves her hand and gets away. He says Ganga, that was childhood moment, how did you take it so seriously, you are stupid, I never thought this about you. He holds her and says I really like you, I care for you, I love you but just only as a friend. She cries and asks just as a friend? She says but I regard you my everything, what shall I do now, I can’t believe you don’t see my love for you in my eyes.

He says maybe you are saying right, I have seen it and ignored, you were always my lovely friend, who understood my heart without my saying, that friendship can change in love.. thinking this is wrong for me. She asks why is it wrong for you. He says leave it, we are best friends, that’s it, nothing else. He says if you think the same way, it may affect our friendship. I don’t want our friendship to get spoiled by this, you tell me what type of guy you want, I will bring such guy, trust me, I want to see you happy. she cries and says all my happiness is by you, happiness’ other name is Sagar for me, tell me can you give me that happiness. He asks whats this. She says its love. He says don’t make me feel guilty, I never thought you will take this childhood matter so serious, I like Jhanvi. She gets shocked.

He says I never told you, as I did not know you will love me. She says fine, don’t feel guilty or bear my love burden, don’t worry, I will not come in between your way, congrats for your new life, I won’t be able to love someone else in this birth, you go your way and don’t care for me, I have been alone till now, I will not die without you. She cries. He looks at her. She walks away.

Ganga gets sad and walks on the stormy road. She recalls their childhood. Dil jude bina hi tut gaye…………plays……….. She recalls Sagar’s concern for her. Sagar asks her to stop and runs after her. He sees a truck coming either way and shouts Ganga. He pulls her aside and saves her from getting hit. She falls over him and her tears fall over his face. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks is she mad, can’t she see the truck, if anything happened to her then.. she says so what, you have many friends, if one dies, you have many. He says listen, I thought about Sahil because… she says stop it, I can’t listen more. She moves back and the black beads fall. He looks on. She says when relations break, this was just a thread which was meant to break.
 Sagar seeing Ganga leaving. She cries and goes home. Sagar picks the black thread and beads. He recalls their childhood moment. She ties him the thread and says this is me, Ganga, don’t remove this thread ever. He recalls her words and says this thread was strong Ganga, maybe I could not keep our relation strong,I have hurt your heart, you went and this also broke. Madhvi asks what, how dare Ganga slap Sagar. Jhanvi says they are childhood friends. Madhvi says it means she felt bad that Sagar wanted her to marry Sahil, it means she does not want to marry Sahil. Its time to show her real place, her dreams are touching sky, we have to show her truth.

Ganga comes home and recalls Sagar. She cries and goes to Sagar’s room. She sees her and Sagar’s pic and cries. Little
Ganga appears. She asks her to see what happened with her, everything was dream, this house is not mine, childhood Sagar was mine, but today’s Sagar is not mine, he would have not thought to give her to someone else, how did he say he does not love me, he asked me to marry someone else. Little Ganga asks her to clear the matter. Ganga says I m living with this sindoor since 10 years and he called it madness. Little Ganga says Sagar is mine, don’t lose so soon. Ganga says love can’t be asked for, I will not beg for love. she removes her anklet and says I always wore one anklet hoping Sagar will make me wear another anklet, now he will make me wear anklet or I will never wear it. She keeps anklet on the pic and leaves. Little Ganga says Sagar did not do right.

Maharaj asks where did she go. She says I m stupid and does all mistakes. Jhanvi asks Sagar why was Ganga upset. He says I don’t want to talk right now and goes. Madhvi looks on. He goes to his room and recalls Ganga’s words. He gets her anklet and recalls their childhood. He says why are you doing this, I don’t love you, you were adamant and wanted me to fill sindoor in your maang, so I did so, its your mistake, why are you breaking relations, that was childhood.

Ganga tells Niranjan that she does not want to marry, Sagar had misunderstanding. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I want to study, I don’t want to marry. He says fine, its your life, study, I m with you. She turns to go. He stops her and asks is there anything else. She wipes her tears and says no, I will go and see did Pulkit get ready or not. She goes. He says don’t know what happened, she does not look fine.

She recalls Sagar’s words. Pulkit comes and asks how am I looking. She says great. He asks what happened, did you fight with Sagar. She says no, does my life revolve around Sagar. She fixes the broach to his sherwani. He asks shall I talk to Sagar. She says no, are you happy. He says yes. She as asks really, you don’t like this color. He says mum likes this. She says family chose the girl, what about you, you are marrying for Supriya’s helplessness, will you forget Saloni. He says Saloni moved on, everyone has right to move on, I don’t know I will forget everything and move on, but I will try. Sagar hears them.

She says your heart is really big that you have forgiven Saloni, but I m not great like you, I can’t forget anything and can’t move on, I can love by my wish, some people don’t keep love and call their weakness their necessity of live. Pulkit asks about whom are you saying. She says nothing, I will just come. She sees Sagar there. She says Sagar got the stole, he will fix it. she goes. Pulkit asks Sagar what happened, did you fight with her again.

Ganga recalls Sagar and cries. Sagar sees her and covers her with the shawl. She removes it. he covers her again. She puts it down. He covers her again. She asks why are you doing this. He stops her and says even I want to know why are you doing this, you are ruining your life because of me, I can’t see this. She says you have hurt me by breaking relation and you are getting hurt. She asks him to live his life, but he can’t change her. He stops her. She says don’t give me lecture, I can’t move on, I know to keep relations, you forgot this, but for me, you are my husband and I m your wife. He looks at her.

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