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Gangaa Episode 526–527 Update On Monday 4th February 2019 On Adom TV TV


Jhumki comes to Savitri with a good news that she will look for a good proposal for Aashi, her relatives have found a guy for Aashi and wants to come home. Savitri tells her to invite them in the evening. She sends Shiv to go and shop for Aashi today. Jhumki prays Aashi’s proposal is fixed. Jhumki stops Aashi and excites her about the proposal. Aashi says she doesn’t want to marry, she has been turned into a joke and doesn’t want to hear a no anymore. Ganga goes to speak to Aashi.
In the room, Aashi was crying and tells Ganga to go away. Ganga says alright, but no one here wants her to see her crying. Aashi says no one cares for her, they only wants to get rid of her. Ganga says everyone wants her happy. She must do whatever makes her happy. Aashi confirms if she should do what makes her happy?
Ganga assures. Savitri comes asking what she is teaching Aashi about and tells her to stay away from Aashi. She clarifies to Aashi to come to the guests, if they like the proposal they will fix her marriage there. Aashi leaves saying she has to go to her friend for study.
Jhumki was carrying Uplay, and finds Riya’s tied cloth piece on the tree. She wonders what was there in it. Kushal watches Jhumki there and shouts from a rolled newspaper (amplifying his voice) for her to stop. Jhumki was afraid of the voice as it deterred to burn her if she moves closer to tree. He says he is aware of Jhumki’s acts as she had mixed Bhang in Laddu. Jhumki asks for his blessings, and a son. Kushal demands gajar ka halwa prepared by her for ten regular days in return. Jhumki promises to prepare it. Kushal says if it’s tasty she would surely get a prize. Jhumki leaves, Kushal boasts he would have a party each night.
In the market, Kushal forces Shiv to buy at least one saree for Shiv. Shiv was warmly welcomed in the shop. He didn’t understand the cloth variety. Kushal asks to show the best of saree. Shiv selects one. Kushal tells Shiv his choice is really good, Ganga would be happy getting this. Shiv recalls Ganga’s favorite color was green and asks for a green saree. He selects a green one. Kushal whispers to Shiv Ganga would really like this green saree.
Ganga was returning from tailor with Aashi’s blouse. She finds Aashi standing behind a tree, and asks what Aashi is doing here. Aashi’s boyfriend had hidden under the cement bench. Aashi says she had been waiting for her friend, but she won’t come. Ganga makes Aashi up to meet the guests, then do what she wish for. The guy begin walking behind them. Ganga speaks to her about the saree.
Shiv comes home with the saree and wonders where to place it. Ganga comes home to find Shiv there. She asks if he wants something, then passes by the bag without noticing. Shiv stops her, then holds the bag to her telling her it’s for her. Ganga accepts it happily. A servant comes to call Shiv out, he goes to check the map of village’s new school. Savitri stops Shiv and tells him to return soon, as there are guests at home. Shiv says he will try his best to reach home, but if he gets a bit late Ganga would take care of everything. He stops in the middle and takes a leave. Savitri instructs Ganga to clean silver utensils well. Ganga nods and leaving the saree goes to clean the utensils. There on the balcony she hears someone speaking. She finds Aashi with her boyfriend there and goes to ask Aashi who this is. Aashi says he studies in her college and a friend, he came to get notes. Ganga questions why she brought her in balcony, else she would tell everyone. Aashi tells Ganga this is Prakash and they love each other.
Jhumki was speaking on phone when she finds the three of them in balcony. Ganga wasn’t ready to hear anything from Aashi and tells her to go downstairs. She then asks Prakash if he loves Aashi and wants to marry her. He stammers approvingly. Ganga tells him to come downstairs and tell the family. He wasn’t ready to do it now. Ganga asks why he didn’t clarify he is just having a time pass with Aashi. She warns him to never be found near Aashi, else her brothers would break his hands. Prakash leaves from the wall. Ganga calls Shiv and thinks before something goes wrong she must tell Shiv about it.

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In the evening, Savitri serves for the guests. Ganga observes Ankar (the guy), Savitri was irritated of the children along with the guests. They ask about Aashi. Ganga notices Ankar asks his mother to go to washroom. His mother takes him to washroom. While going, Ankar stuffs a samosa into his pocket.
Riya knocked at Aashi’s door, she was with Prakash. Prakash was making Aashi up to run away with him, her family would never marry them. Aashi wasn’t ready to do so, Prakash says her Ganga bhabi also wants the same, she sided them to do what they want to. He asks her to take her jewellry and run away with him.
Ganga follows Ankar and his mother who come to stand by a wall where Ankar takes a medicine and feels fine. Riya comes to call her for something important. In the room, Savitri hands Ganga
a letter from Aashi which she reads aloud. Aashi had written she abided by Ganga to do what she wanted to, she is running away with Prakash. Ganga says she really doesn’t know about anything. Jhumki shows her the photos from balcony. Savitri asks Ganga what this is, Ganga says she met this guy. She told Aashi to leave him, she had scolded this guy as well. Savitri asks why Ganga didn’t share with anyone. Ganga explains she called Shiv, but he was busy. Savitri asks why she didn’t tell her. Ganga says she felt this won’t proceed any further. Savitri scolds Ganga, at the verge of crying. Ganga herself was worried, had she told everyone this shouldn’t have happened. She tells Savitri to take care of guests and insist on them to stay, she will find Aashi now. She goes with Jhumki’s phone. Savitri was worried that she needs to make up something to the guests.
Ganga asks about Aashi and Prakash from the passerby. An old man recognizes Prakash as Patwari’s son, and leads her on his cycle to his residence.
Ankar’s mother was ready to stay, as Savitri wants them to meet Aashi in front of Shiv. Ganga was kidnapped at Prakash’s resident. She was brought into a house and laid on floor with Aashi. Prakash instructs his man to kill them both, it’s because of Aashi that he could get his hands over such jewelry.
Shiv hears Ganga’s cry for help while passing from outside. Shiv and Prakash hurry towards home. Savitri was worried watching them. Savitri introduces them to the guests. Ankar’s mother asks them to bring Aashi now. Savitri goes inside and sends Shiv and Prakash in as well. She leaves Riya and Kushal with the guests.
Inside, Shiv was shocked to hear the news. He was worried and suggests they must tell the guests about everything clearly. Savitri was worried about their family’s insult. This way she would never get married. Shiv says at least she would stay in front of their eyes, what if she doesn’t return now? He goes outside to clarify the guests about the truth, later he must go and find Aashi and Ganga. Shiv was about to speak to the guests when they hear Ganga bring Aashi. Aashi greets the guests. Ganga says Aashi also wanted to meet them all. Jhumki was going to bring Ankar, but the lady tells them to leave him for rest.
In the room, everyone scolds Ganga for teaching Aashi about this all. Shiv questions Ganga, but Aashi comes to say it’s not Ganga’s mistake. She wanted to apologize everyone. She thought Prakash loved her but he only betrayed her, she ran with him only because she was aware they would never marry her. She recollects how Ganga saved her from Prakash’s man who intended to murder them. Outside, Aashi cried apologizing Ganga. Ganga tells her to stop crying, she has been lucky to find his reality in time. She wouldn’t have been alive had Ganga not reached in time, she put her own life at stake for Aashi. Shiv asks Ganga why she didn’t speak earlier. Ganga complains no one must have trusted on her. Kushal says they would forward the matters of proposal with Ankar once Aashi and Ankar meet each other. Shiv nods at Ganga, while Savitri was curt over their exchange of looks.

PRECAP: Ganga watches Ankar and his mother speaking on phone and thinks he is mentally weak. There, Kushal asks why Ganga didn’t weak the saree Shiv got for her. Ganga comes in the green saree to Shiv forwarding a tray. Shiv throws the tray away angrily.

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