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Ashoka Samrat Episode 142--143 Update On Tuesday 29th January 2019 On Joy Prime

Scene 1
Bindu says to chanakya that am i king what you wanted? Chanakya ask why you are saying this? Bindu says i feel like i am not able to fulfill duties as king, king has to do justice, he has to be unbiased but i am not able to put my emotions aside, i am not able to accept that Dharma cheated me, my sanity says to see proofs but my heart says when you have trust then proofs are not needed, mind says that proofs against her are clear but heart says that there is something missing in all this, i cant understand what to do, Chanakya says son this dilemma is right, you will fight with your emotions and this will take you to truth, you are surrounded by enemies who wants to put poison in your heart, they want your end but keep power to yourself, dont get jittery, with time everything will be cleared, bindu says you think that i should listen to my heart? as i have learned that sometime proofs and truth are not same, Chanakya says mind anf heart balance each other thoughts, to control your heart, you have to use your mind, you have trust in your heart for Dharma but to prove it to others you have to use your mind and prove her innocent, Bindu says i am trying to find truth but what to do to overcome hurdles, Chanakya says i know what to do, he smiles.
Khurasan’s soldier tells Khurasan that i listened AShok talking to Sushim, Khurasan says we have to keep eye on Ashok, ask all secret agents to be alert.
Ashok is going in market, he senses someone following him, he thinks my movement is being watched, i fooled Khurasan yesterday so he is alert, he is behind me this means wherever i will go, Khurasan will come behind me but he shouldnt know that i know about his spying.
Scene 2
Helena looks at Justin’s painting and says i remember my promise, as your last wish, only your son Siamak will sit on throne, soldier comes and says Chanakya wanna meet you, she calls him in, Chanakya comes in, Helena ask reason for coming here? chanakya says i thought you must be worried and tensed as what i talked to Bindu in private so i came to tell you that, you see the trap is being made which is not truth, it to to make Bindu believe that Dharma cheated him but there are so many loopholes in this trap that they are forcing Bindu to find truth, Helena ask who told you that all this is a lie? you were not like this that you believe blindly that Dharma is innocent, Chanakay says you were also not like this, without meeting Dharma, you believed that she is criminal, have you thought that if she made plan with Raj then why she didnt bring her son here, Helena says the truth is being found from kid who has your guidance, Chanakya says you are impressed with Ashok? he will surprise you, i thought you would leave everything after killing your son from your hands but it was my wrong observation, there is something which is giving you hope, you have some hope, i will find out, Helena says if you had married a women then you would understand women’s heart is very deep, Chanakya says i didnt think all this from time i promised to protect my land, he leaves, Helena tensely looks at Justin’s picture.
Ashok comes in restaurant, Khurasan is there too, Ashok finds some soldier drinking wine, he finds Khurasan there hiding his face, Ashok orders water, waiter says ok, Ashok sit there, Khurasan is keeping eye on him, waiter whispers something to other soldier, waiter and soldier are Chanakya’s agent, waiter gives water to AShok, Ashok deliberately spills it on himself, he goes to change, Khurasan says i know he is going to meet someone, Ashok meet some women, Khurasan tries to go to him but a drunk man comes in his way, Ashok takes letter from women and leaves from there, Khurasan says it must be Dharma, he runs behind that lady with knife, the lady turns and its not Dharma, she runs from there, Khurasan says it was not Dharma, who was she? she had given something to Ashok, Ashok is watching Khurasan, he burns letter and throws it, he leaves from there, Khurasan sees all this, he goes and takes letter, he reads that meet me on Janmashtmi day, near lake, Khurasan sys it must be Dharma’s letter, n that day i will kill Dharma and her son, he leaves, Ashok comes back and sys he doesnt know this letter is invitation to his death, i will force him to accept his crimes, he has hurt my mother alot, its your end, it will be finish of enemies of this Janmashtmi, i will unite my parents and truth will win.
Scene 3
Ashok is tensed, chanakya ask what you are thinking? Ashok sys i have fear that if i do anything wrong then it will be problem for my mother, Chanakya says fear always force to be alert, Ashok says this fear can make me lose, Chanakya says if you make fear your strength then you will win, Ashok sys why did you write that Dharma will meet me on janmashtmi? Chanakya says all will be busy in celebrations and we will play our next trick.
Scene 1
Helena reads letter which Khurasan got from Ashok, she says how you are sure that this is letter of Dharma or her son, khurasan says i saw Ashok burning it, he did it to end proofs, he also left message for Dharma’s son in village, Helena says dont you think this is all planned, you got it so easily, Khurasan says you dont know how difficult it was to get it, Helena says maybe it was for you only, noor says you think Ashok is fooling us? Nicator ask what will he get by fooling us? Helena says maybe Ashok will not get anything but Chanakya will get something, Khurasan ask how he is related to all this? Helena says i dont koow but i feel Chanakya is involved in all this, Chanakya came to talk to me today, it was clear in his words that he is upto something, Noor ask what he said to you, she says nothing special, Nicator says what was the need to talk to Chanakya, Niharika says we are in danger and you are putting us in more problem, Helena says dont worry, Chanakya didnt get to know anything else he would have warned Bindu, i doubt that Chanakya is behind Ashok, we should not get in this trap, Khurasan says truth is that we have no clue about Dharma so we have to follow Ashok, Helena says you are right we have only this way, keep eye on Ashok and i will keep eye on Chanakya, if we make their relation weak then it will be easy for us to make our plan successful, we have to make sure that on Janmashtmi Ashok should not get any help from Chanakya in his plan.
Bindu is walking in corridor, he finds Ashok and Drupat talking, Ashok tells him about his friends and their banters on Janmashtmi, Drupat says i dont know we will celebrate it this year, Ashok says you are prince, if you talk to Bindu then he will allow you, Drupat says ok i will talk to Bindu then, they find Bindu standing there only, Drupat says we want to celebrate Janmashtmi, Bindu says i also want it but situation is not good so we will not do it, Ashok says the reason behind it is that palace people are tensed, you are hurt, i remember my mother who bear alot of pain in life but she never complained to God, God gives you pain as much you can bear it, by celebrating it, people will get new lease to live, Drupat says he is right, say yes for me, you cant do this for me, Bindu thinks.
Scene 2
Sushim is sleeping, Charu throws water on him, he wakes up, she says i left my sleep to make your future and you are sleeping here, i told you to make friends with Ashok, Sushim says i did, he is fool to think i was saying truth, he doesnt know anything about Dharma’s son, he told me that if he knows anything then he will tell me, dasi comes and says Bindu has called everyone in court.
All are gathered in court, Helena ask one more court session? did you get any news about your son, Bindu says i wish but its not regarding him, i have called everyone to talk about Janmashtmi, Noor says this is tensed situation, how can we celebrate, Bindua says i am thinking opposite, in this sad state, we should call God, when we will celebrate Shri Krishan’s occasion then it will make us forget our pain, chanakya sys by your decision, nation will be happy, this year we will organize Krishan leela, Charu ask what? Bindu says royal family will dress up like them, sushim, Siamak and Drupat tells some ideas, Drupat gives idea of butter stealing ceremony, Subhrasi says i will make butter like Yashoda, Charu says we all wives will make it, Noor says then we will see whose pot will be broken first, Bindu says when pot will be broken then i will make sons eat butter with my hands, Charu this is injustice, we do work and you make them eat it, Subhrasi sys if you want to make your sons eat it then you have to help us in making it, Bindu says why not, i will come in kitchen, all smile, Khalatak says so its clear we will do pooja and we will have function of butter stealing, it will be challenge, first Bindu will help his wives to make butter, then wives will put butter in 3 pots and will hang it to save it from sons, then sons will have to break on pot and eat butter from it, whose pot it will, that wife will be winner, in end Bindu will make his sons eat from his hands, Bindu thinks this function gives you peace of heart and only truth remains in heart, i hope this janmashtmi my heart gets clear and i prove my dharma innocent, Khurasan says Bindu wont be able to enjoy all this as before function i will bring dharma and her son as criminals, Ashok thinks this year, i will bring such proofs in function that will prove my mother innocent.
Drupat brings Bindu in hall where Janmashtmi decorations are going on, Drupat says see these idols of Krishna, Bindu says its great, who made it? Drupat says Sevika, bindu ask where is she? Drupat points at her but Siamak shouts on some people to be careful, Bindu comes out and finds Sushim and Siamak practicing for pot breaking, Bindu says you both have to be careful while climbing up, its not about stealing butter only but its about team work, if anyone of your team members fall then all will fall with him, Charu comes and says if Bindu wants to make his sons eat butter then he has to come tomorrow to help us in making it, subhrasi says if you have problem then you can touch it and we will make them eat, Drupat says Bindu will make us eat only, Bindu says its honor for parents to make sons eat so i will make them eat, all have family talk and smiles, Dharma listens all this and thinks that Ashok never got his father’s love even when he is so close to him, Ashok is also there and thinks that i can atleast talk to my father but my mother cant even come infront of him, this year i will end all pain of hers.
PRECAP- Chanakya is giving lecture to his students, Ashok comes there with pot, Helena doesnt let him go to Chanakya and ask Ashok you here?

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