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Ashoka Samrat Episode 138–139 Update On Thursday 24th January 2019 On Adom Joy Prime

The episode strats with chanakya explaining to ashok about not telling the truth to anyone as that will bring his mothers life(Dharma) in danger and making enemies to believe that even he dont know anything about samrats son. Then Ashok agrees to chanakya and promises him that he will bring all the enemies in to court soon.
Dharma is shown grinding the flour with so much pain and soldiers taunting her. Ashok will see all these and gets angry and sad. Then he goes to Dharma fooling the soldiers, he gets very sad seeing her condition and caress her. Dharma aks ashok whether he knows any thing about her and samrats son(Ashok himself) but ashok lies her that he doesnt know anything then soldier calls for ashok and he leaves taking her blessings. Dharma feels so sad about not telling ashok the truth about his birth.
Then ashok is shown waiting for ahenkara in the corrider with dharmas broken idle piece, ahenkara comes to ashok and sees the broken statue and tells him that she had seen her somewhere(dharma), ashok changes the topic and tells her that he has complete confidence that dharma and her son were good people(as niharika is hearing them) then he leaves.
Bindhu is shown looking very sad helena comes to him and asks him what ashok told about dharma and his other soon bindhu replys that ashok only knows about the birth of his son and nothing else helena will tell bindhu that may be ashok was hiding somethig and bad mouths about dharma but bindhu argues that he has complete faith on ashok that he will never lie. He then tells helna that he will find his son and dharma at any cost in every corner of the world.
Ashok thinks how to solve the problem that conflicts bindusar niharika & dharma 1 at a time, chanakya gives idea to him based on a puzzle hitting target from niharika
Ashok comes to dharma & gets blessing to fulfill his duties in getting the truth out
Helena ask bindusar to tell that he spoke with ashok & bindusar just informs the mystery about dharma & his son that he known from ashoka
Ahenkara comes to ashok & they discuss about dharma meantime niharika hides & hears their dicussion about dharma whereas ashok purposely tricks the discussion knowing niharika spying behind them
Ashok finally thinks to catch enemies executing through niharika
Scene 1
dharma comes to Chanakya, he has snake in his hands, he ask you here? she says i did punishment for today so came here, he says sorry you are doing all this because of me, Dahrma says no it is my fate, chanakya says this snake is very poisonous, it can kill anyone, Dharma says how can i stay silent, Ashok is near truth, chanakya says truth cant be hidden for long and ashok is on path of truth, he will find truth soon, Dharma says this time is not right, i want to tell him truth of his father, snake bites chanakya, she ask are you right? chanakya says before this snake can kill me, i have taken out poison from him, i will do same with enemies of magdh, before they can hurt you and Ashok, i will make them helpless, Dharma says i saw impatience in Ashok’s eyes today, he will find Samrat’s son and he doesnt know that he is his son only, Chanakya says this is fate that we try to find truth but it comes to us on time.
Niharika burns some woods, Noor ask what are you doing? she says i am burning bodies of you, Helena and Khurasan, Helena ask what happened to you? Noor says if anyone see us together then it will be problem, Niharika says you all are worried about small things and cant see storm coming, she says if Bindu’s son comes back then his mother Dharma will comeback too, then you all will be caught and if get trapped in all this then i will not move back from telling truth to Bindu, i will not leave anyone, Helena says Ashok doesnt know anything, i asked bindu, Niharika says dont take Ashok as common child, if he can force me to choose peace path then he can do anything, i listened him talking to Ahenkara, he has send message to villagers, he thinks bindu’s son will comeback, Khurasan says nothing will happen like that, this time i will kill Dharma and her son with my hands.
Scene 2
Ashok is doing push-ups, Chanakya comes there and smiles, Chanakya says you passed your exam, Niharika now thinks that you know some secret, till now she must have told Khurasan that soon Dharma’s son will meet you so Khurasan will keep an eye on you, whom you talk to, whom you meet etc, we will take advantage of that, we will fool Khurasan, we will make him go round and round, this will be end of him, Ashok says my mother ran alot because of Khurasan, now its his time to run, he will bear more that my mother did.
Dharma is working as part of punishment, she is tired but continues work, a pot is tied to roof, dharma is working under it, it falls but someone holds pot in time, its Ahenkara who saves dharma, she smiles at her, soldier ask what you are doing here? she says i have come to help her, he says it doesnt suite princess to help a dasi, Ahenkara says it doesnt suite you to tell me what to do, soldier leaves, Dahrma says he was right, you are princess, Ahenkara says if i was not princess then wouldnt you save me from sushim? if i had told Bindu truth about Sushim then it would be Sushim bearing punishment not you, you have got this punishment by saving me, Dharma says this is my work and i get peace doing it, Ahenkara says then why you want me to be away from this peace? she cleans floor with water, takes broom, both start cleaning floor together, ahenkara says you said that you get peace by doing work, i remembered my friend Ashok by listening it, you have same thoughts like him, if i have not lost my mental state in all this then its because of Ashok, i did so wrong with him but still he supported me, i cant find a friend like him, Dharma smiles proudly.
Scene 3
Khalatak says to Charu that if it gets clear that Bindu has one more son then situation will change, Charu says if its is proved that son is involved in conspiracy alongwith dharma he both will get punished, Khalatak says but if he is proven innocent then he can become emotional as meeting his son after so long and not giving him what he deserved all these years, he may announce him as his heir, Charu says so what you suggest? Khalatak says we have to find that son, we have to make sure that Bindu doesnt make him heir, we have to present him in such sitaution, Charu says Sushim will do this work.
Bindu says to Aakramak that i believe you will find my son, Aakramak says i tried to catch Dharma but she left, Bindu ask him to go to that family record analyst whom Ashok met, he can tell you something, he says if my son doesnt want to meet me then dont force him, he shouldnt feel that a Samrat has ordered him to meet him, i want to meet him as father, Aakramak nods and leaves, Bindu says dont know where he must be.
Ashok and Siamak looks at throne, Siamak says Khurasan told me to see this throne daily so that i can aim to get it but now i dont think i will get it, Ashok ask why? you are more deserving than Sushim, Siamak says but i have one more son, i have to win over two to get this, i dont think its possible, Ashok says maybe that son doesnt want this throne, he wants father’s love only, Siamak says when it comes to throne then no brother moves back from killing his brother, Ashok says thats why i dont want to sit on it, Siamak says you can say it as you are not Rajvanshi, they can do anything to get this throne, Ashok says all are not same, maybe this new brother want you to sit on throne, Siamak says if he is like that then i will give my life for my brother, Ashok gets emotional and hugs him tightly, Khurasan spies on Ashok, Ashok realizes it and deliberately throws letter, Siamak ask what is this? Ashok says its nothing and torns it, he throws it near Khurasan and leaves, Khurasan takes that letter, joins it and reads “we will meet in market”.
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PRECAP- Niharika ask Dharma to be away from her daughter, Ashok wasnt enough that you have come too to make her mad, you have no status to be with my daughter, Ashok listens this and says i will not forget the one who insulted my mother, once i find a proof against Niharika then she will pay for her misdeeds to my mother. Dharma is leaving when someone puts hand on her mouth.

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