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Ashoka Samrat Episode 129 Update On Tuesday 15th January 2019 On Joy Prime


Scene 1
Bindu in court says my Dharma is betryer or not will be decided after investigation only, till it is not proved i announce my Dharma as innocent as proofs presented here are not enough, once Chanakya was alleged like this, i gave time to prove it, i am doing same this time too as my inner voice say that Dharma has no involvement in it, but duty is duty and i have to follow it, only Khurasan have seen Dharma and only he can find her, i am giving him responsibility to find Dharma and present her to me with respect, this investigation will be secret, if she is proved innocent then i will accept her as my queen and if her crime is proved then i will punish her with my hands, he leaves court, Chanakya thinks that i have to send Dharma somewhere else, Ashok thinks i have to find Dharma before anyone find her, i have to make these lovers meet.
Ashok comes in Bindu’s room, he finds blood stains there, he is shocked to see statue broken, he finds statue piece there, its face piece but half broken, AShok leaves with it.
Dharma says to Chanakya thats why i didnt want to come here, criminals are alleging a innocent, i accept Bindu trust me, he loves her but i dont want all this to affect Ashok, what should we do, Ashok comes and says we should help Bindu and i have taken decision, i cant see my friend in pain, he is all alone, this attack by enemy is painful, how much pain will he bear? he as faith on Dharma’s innocence and i trust his faith, and for him, i will find his most precious queen Dharma, i want her to come forward and prove everyone wrong, i want Samrat’s love to win, i know Dharma and Bindu’s unity will give peace to Bindu, Dharma is stunned, Chanakya ask how will you find her? you dont know anything about her, you have not seen her, Ashok says i have got something and i will find her with this, he shows statue’s half face piece and says i got it from Bindu’s room, Dharma and Chanakya are stunned, Ashok ask Chanakya have you seen women like this? Chanakya thinks what situation is this, a son wants to bring his mother to father and getting trapped in enemy’s web, if this happens then everyone will have to pay for it and more importantly magdh will pay for it, Ashok shows piece to Dharma, she is tensed, Ashok says to Chanakya that you dont know but someone will know about her, i have to find someone who knows about her, he leaves.

Scene 2
Helena says to Noor that we have disturbed Bindu’s peace and it will bring storm in his life, Noor sys not only Bindu but whole maurya dynasty, they laugh, Nicator says to Khurasan that i am happy today, i have seen Helena smiling after long, Helena says to Noor that we have to deepen this doubt, Noor says so that when Dharma meets him, he is convinced that she is criminal, Noor says we have to find Dharma before anyone else find her, Helena once she is found, i will give her so much pain that she wont be able to open her mouth.
Dharma ask Chanakya why did you not stop him? Chanakya says i cant stop him but he wont be able to find you as he doesnt know his way, if you had stopped him then he would have asked reason behind it, Dharma says i am worried about Ashok, Chanakya says i am worried about your protection, Khurasan tried to kill you and he has doubt that you are living in palace as dasi so he will try to find you so i have to send you some safe place, Dharma is stunned, she says how is it possible, if i go from here then all will doubt, Chanakya doesnt matter, but you should not get caught else your truth wil come out and if wont be able to prove you innocent then Bindu will be forced to punish you, your and AShok’s protection is my duty and i will do whatever i can thats why i have to take you out of Patliputra to a safe place, Dharma thinks.
Noor ask Helena is it easy to find that Dharma? how will we find her, Helena says she is innocent and in that case she will try to either come out or try to run and in both case she will be caught by us, Khurasan says i will ask my soldiers to find her and i will ask people about her, i have sent soldiers to her old house too so that if she goes there, she is caught.

Scene 3
Niharika says to Ahenkara that till i dont get satisfied that Maurya will not hurt you, i wont go from here, AShok comes there, Ahenkara runs to him, she holds his hand and takes him to Niharika, she says he is my only friend, if he was not here then i wouldnt be alive, by him, i sent that message to you, Niharika then i should thank him, Ashok says i am sorry to say but you are mistaken, Bindu never betrayed Dharma and as much as i know about her, she also cant betray him, Niharika says by your saying, proofs will not change, Ashok says we dont know if they are true or not and who knows what happened 14 years back, Niharika says i am saying same who knows what happened 14 years, for that we have to go to past and thats not possible so we should not waste time, her kids cries, she goes to see him, AShok thinks maybe i cant go to past but i can go to place from where it all started.
Siamak is sadly sitting in his room, Ashok comes there and sit beside him, Siamak says did you listen Bindu has one more wife, i didnt know about it, what is happening, till tomorrow Justin was criminal and now Devi Dharma, Ashok says i understand your situation but like Bindu said till crime is not proved everyone is innocent and we have to listen both sides of story, Siamak ask do you think Dharma is criminal? AShok says bindu believes that Dharma is innocent so i want to find Dharma for him, so that everything is proved, Siamak says you take care of my father alot, Ashok says when i was alone n Vann, Bindu came to give me life so i have to help me now, Siamak suggest to take help from Khurasan, Ashok says no one should know that i am finding her, enemies should not know about anything, he ask do you remember any soldier who was with Khurasan 14 years back, Siamak says he was Eravat, he was warrior but then left army and now he has fight club, where wrestlers fight to entertain people, his club is outside Patliputra, Ashok says maybe he knows about Dharma, i will go to talk to him, Siamak says i will come with you, if my father’s pain gets lessen by finding Dharma then i am ready to find her, they both hug.

PRECAP- Siamak says to Noor that i am going with Ashok to find Dharma. Noor says to Khurasan that if Ashok gets to know what we are going to do with Dharma then he will not leave us, Khurasan says that will not happen, if Dharma’s son is alive then i will kill him, dharma listens this hiding behind pillar and is shocked. Ashok comes to fight club, he ask about Eravat, Eravat comes there.

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