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Ashoka Samrat Episode 122--123 Update On Monday 7th December On Joy Prime


Scene 1
Ashok saves Ahenkara from Sushim and says if you cant fulfill your father’s promise then i will fulfill it, sushim ask how dare you stop me, who are you? Ashok says the one whom Bindu has given responsibility to protect her, Sushim says i will see you, he leaves, Ashok says to Ahenkara that i will protect you as Bindu has asked me, you take rest, he leaves.
Niharika is on horse with her soldiers, soldier says we are miles away from Magdh, we have surrounded them from every corner.
Niharika’s soldier come to Bindu’s palace and says i have Niharika’s message for you, can i read? Bindu allows, he reads that when your everything is snatched then you only have to dream things and i have dreamt of taking revenge from you people, we will die fighting but will not surrender to you, you cant do much now as our soldiers have entered Patliputra too, you have beheaded our king and then want to send his head to do his last ceremonies? we will do his last ceremonies after burning whole magdh, we have left our homes with lives on our palms, we are not afraid of any war, we are ready to take revenge, we want whole magdh in battlefield, if you wanna see our valor then see this, soldier then cuts his neck and dies on spot to show their valor, Bindu gets angry and announce to prepare for war.
Dharma says to subhrasi that isnt there any way to solve this in peacefull manner? subhrasi says Ujjain have challenged us for war, how can we sit quietly? we cant think other than war.
Charu thinks that its good that war is happening, all matters will be solved in one go, Khalatak says you and Sushim will not be benefited by this war, we have to use this opportunity.
Khurasan tell Helena that we dont have other way but to do war, Nicator says i feel like i am getting stuck in things more and more, helena says i understand how you must have been insulted by Bindu, i have bear it, we all foreigners for them and will remain so, they will never accept us, so its better that we become, we become united and make Siamak Samrat, we have to do everything to make Siamak what he deserve.

Scene 2
Bindu says to chanakya that she has challenged me so i have to answer her, we will do war, Chanakya says it will make situation more severe, 4 states are giving their aid to ujjain, even after Raj’s death, their king’s death, they have guts to announce war against us, Bindu says they have entered here like cowards, they are not coming from front but attacking from back, i will answer these cowards.
Ashok is pacing in Ahenkara’s room, Ahenkara ask him to take rest, Ashok says bindu has given me duty and i have to fulfill it, Ahenkara shouts Ashok, Ashok tucks in and turns to find Sushim attacking him, he holds his hand,
Khurasan ask Helena how will be destroy Bindu? Noor says we will use his weakness and that is Dharma, Helena says Bindu will kill Dharma with his hands like i killed my son, sushim throws Ashok on ground and ask soldiers to catch Ahenkara, Ashok gets up and throws soldiers away, Ahenkara hides being afraid, Ashok beats soldiers, sushim is about to attack him with sword, Ashok puts his sword to defence himself, Charu comes there and ask what is happening here? she says to Ashok that you are Bindu’s guard and showing sword to his son? Sushim says he is protecting this betrayer’s daughter, AShok says i am fulfilling Bindu’s promise, he has asked me to protect her, Charu drags Sushim from her, Ashok looks at Ahenkara assures her.
Helena says to Khurasan and Nicator that we will trap Bindu in such a way that he has to make Siamak, Khurasan ask Helena how will be destroy Bindu? Noor says we will use his weakness and that is Dharma, Helena ask who? Noor says she is Bindu’s 4th wife, years back he was attacked, he met Dharma, fell in love with and married her, Khurasan says Bindu asked me brought Dharma in palace but i said that she is dead but she is alive, Helena ask how do you know? Noor says Dharma is in this palace, Khurasan says Bindu lost trust in me because of her, Helena says if she is here then why she didnt meet Bindu? Noor says even i think same, Khurasan says i have seen her here, Helena says we have to find her, we have to do something and trap bindu in it, Helena says Bindu will kill Dharma with his hands like i killed my son, Noor says why will he kill her? Helena says we have to plan it, we will play game with Bindu, Khurasan will pretend that he hates Greek as justin was greek and i will pretend that enemy can be anyone.
Ahenkara ask why did you save me? Ashok says i have promised you that i will protect you and also will make you meet your mother, i cant cheat my friend, Ahenkara ask when we became friends? AShok gets embarrassed and says i know you are princess and i am commoner, she says having friend like you is pride and honor and i feel like you havent forgiven me for my earlier behavior, Ashok says yes i used to feel that you are egoistic like Sushim, she says what now? AShok says you are different from other girls, you had guts to stand against your family who were wrong, Ahenkara holds his hand, his hand gets cut by her nails, she cuts her hand too, he ask what you did? she says its a small wound and its scare will keep reminding me that you saved my life and when times comes then i will do same for you, AShok says only vivacious princess can give promise like that, they smile at each other.

PRECAP- chanakya says to Bindu that we have to think about war, Helena says Niharka’s daughter is with us, we should send someone to talk to her. soldier informs Niharika that Khurasan wants to talk from Bindu’s side to her. Soldier informs Bindu that Niharika has denied any table talk. Dharma says to Ashok that you are not warrior, you have taken oath to protect magdh but it was not needed.

sushim ask charu why she always stop him? Charu says are you mad, cant you see Bindu has ordered to take care of Ahenkara and Ashok is given that duty, why he is behind her? she says you will do only what i and Khalatak say to him, she takes him away.
in court, Khurasan tells Bindu how niharika’s soldiers have surrounded Patliputra from all corners , their soldiers have entered here, Bindu says i dont understand how come many soldiers entered Magdh, Helena says you are army head and you dont know anything, you couldnt get idea that they are entering here, Chanakya says its not time to blame anyone, we have to think of something, Khalatak says we should send some soldiers on border and rest will protect Patliputra, Khurasan says we should have talk with them and our soldiers will protect Patliputra, Helena says if army head is talking about defence then how wil soldiers have guts to do war, Chanakya finds something fishy in their argument, Chanakya says war is not the solution, we have to find what Niharika wants, Helena says he is right, her daughter is with us, we can find out way by talking, i will go and talk to her, Khurasan says why you? Helena says Justin has put my name under scanner and some people still have doubt on my will so i will go to save my magdh.
aakramak brings all royal people in one room, he ask soldiers to protect them, he says no one will go from here without my permission, he informs them about war, Subhrasi finds Guru ji there, she ask everyone to come to him, Noor says i dont believe in all this, Subhrasi ask her to come, they all come to guru ji and ask about them, Guru says everything will fine, lord have had on Bindu and his 3 sons, Dharma thinks Bindu have 4 sons, where is Ashok?
Chanakya says to Helena that why you are talking about past, we have to solve problem, Bindu says i also think Chanakya should go to talk from our side, Helena says Chanakya was involved in getting Raj caught, Niharika can get angry seeing him, someone who has knowledge about politics and is neutral in all this can go, khalaatak suggest Khurasan’s name, Helena smirks, Bindu says no i dont want to send him, because of him this is all happening, Helena sys but i think he will present our case well, he is your father in law and can tell things in appropriate manner, Bindu agrees to send him.
soldier comes to Niharika and give message of Bindu that Bindu wants to talk to her, she angrily looks at him.

Scene 2
Bindu and all other come in ground to find their soldier’s body, the one who went to give message to Niharika, Bindu is furious,
Dharma says what about your life? Ashok says i was going to save place only, i got to know body of soldier who was killed by Niharika had come, so i went to see it, Dharma says what was the need to see it, you are not warrior, you should not participate to protect magdh on your own, Ashok says even Bindu doesnt want me to participate, but we dont have other way but to fight, Dharma says there is always a way to find peace, Ashok says everything will be fine, he leaves.
Subaho and Vasu are talking, they says soldiers protect royal family but no one thinks about common people and soldiers, AShok comes and says you will not get anything just by sitting here idle, Vasu say we cant do much, its not a competition but real war, Ashok says who is asking you to help me but i will not sit quietly, he says i wanna go out of Patliputra but gates are closed, Vasu says i know one way.
Ashok, Vasu and Subaho comes out of patliputra, Ashok ask how you knew this way? Vasu says i forgot my way in competition so i found this way then, Ashok says now we have to find Niharika.
Soldier informs royal ladies and dasies that Bindu has announced war, Noor thinks if war happens then it would be difficult to find Dharma, she can meet Bindu all chaos, i have to find he at any cost as i have to take revenge from Bindu for killing my justin.
Ashok and friends are trying to find niharika, they find puzzle way, Vasu says it will be difficult to find her and we dont know where is she and enemy can be anywhere, Ashok thinks i have to do something to find her.

PRECAP- Ashok says to his friends that we have to be one and help each other, there is no gain for us in this war, we can join hands and be safe from this, someone from behind ask who are you? Ashok turns to find soldiers of Niharika surrounding them, one soldier ask who are you and what are you doing at our place?

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