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Twist Of Fate Sunday 30th December 2018 On ZEE World

Munni seeing pragya and thank god for sending Pragya. She says she was suffocating here and asks if she is Pragya. Pragya asks why she is betraying her husband and family. Munni says she don’t want to betray Abhishek. Pragya asks what do you need, money, property etc. She says my husband has many enemies. Munni asks her to listen calmly and tells that she was happy in her life when Tanu saw her and took her to Aaliya. She says Aaliya made stand infront of Abhi and said that I am Pragya. She says Aaliya has taken advantage of your death. Pragya says you are lying and says why will Abhi believe on Aaliya and Tanu and let them stay in house. Munni tells her that Abhi let them inside when they took her room. She says she refused to become Pragya, but Aaliya and Tanu had kidnapped Chutka and Chutki. She says she don’t want to do this, but was forced to save her niece and nephew.

Mitali asks if Pragya went to have food. Dadi teases her. Aaliya and Tanu comes there. Dadi asks you both are here? Aaliya says you had taken lots of time so that’s why we have come. She asks about Pragya. Dadi says she is in the temple. Munni tells Pragya that she was praying for her return. She says if I had told Abhi about her truth then Aaliya and Tanu would have killed her niece and nephew. She tells that Abhi is yours husband only and I have not snatched any of your rights and told him not to touch me, he agreed. She says she wants them to unite and wants to free her chutka and chutki. Tanu and Aaliya are climbing on the stairs. Tanu slips and shouts. Munni hears her voice and makes Pragya hide in the temple asking her to go for now. Pragya says ok and asks her to meet her tomorrow with proofs. Munni says she will come. Aaliya comes there and asks with whom you were talking to. Tanu also asks. Munni says she was talking to God asking him to save from witches. Aaliya and Tanu ask her not to go anywhere alone without them.

Pragya suspects Munni and thinks if she will make proofs against Aaliya and Tanu, then thinks about their crimes. Aaliya scolds Munni and asks her to take Abhi’s signatures on the property, investment, wealth papers. She asks her to be romantic with Abhi so that he signs easily. Tanu asks her not to go closer to him and threatens Abhi. Munni comes to room and the papers falls from Abhi’s hand. Munni thinks Pragya is lucky to have him, and thinks when Abhi to know about the truth then he will hate her, but will remember her.
Abhi leaving from the room. Munni looks on. Dadi asks Dasi to do the decoration fast for Purab and Disha’s wedding night. They hear someone knocking. Dadi opens the door. Mitali comes inside and tells Disha is making tea for you. Dadi asks her to help her decorate the room. Mitali says room is looking good. Dasi asks her to give spy work which she can do best. Dadi asks Mitali to stand out and stops Disha from entering there. Mitali says how can I stop her from entering her own room. She thinks she shall leave before Aaliya and Tanu comes to know that she decorated the room for their wedding night. She sees Disha coming and alerts Dadi and Dasi. She comes out and stops Disha, says she will take tea. Disha says ok, and is going. She hears cat sound and runs inside. She sees decoration and asks why it was needed. Dadi blesses her for a happy life with Purab. Disha gets emotional. Dasi asks her not to make her emotional else Purab will wipe her tears all day.

Aaliya tells Tanu that Munni will be with Abhi until she gets his signatures on the papers. Mitali comes there and asks Tanu if she knows anchoring for a news channel and says she is soon going to open it. Aaliya asks her not to show footage. Mitali tells them that Dadi and Dasi decorated the room for Purab and Disha’s wedding night and describes how it was decorated. She asks them to remember her share. Aaliya tells that she won’t let them have suhaag raat. Tanu thinks it is good that it is happening, else you wouldn’t have understand how I was feeling.

Pragya tells the doctor that Abhi didn’t betray her and tells everything. Doctor offers help. Pragya says she has to fight alone now and thanks her. Doctor gives her lucky chain and pendant and says this will help you in your fight and asks her to be in contact with her and meet her next time with abhi. She says you can stay here. Pragya looks on smilingly. Dadi says it is 7 pm. Disha says Purab said that he has lots of work in office. Dadi calls him and asks where is he? Purab says he is in office. Dadi scolds him for leaving new bride at home and asks him to come fast. Purab says I told Disha that I will be late. Disha scolds him and asks him to come fast. Purab thinks Dadi is angry, now he can do meeting tomorrow only and cancels all meetings. Dadi blesses Disha and thinks she will make sure that Aaliya stays away from them.

Purab is in his car and thinks about Disha. He thinks he is feeling happiness to go home, may be that’s why Abhi and Dadi were asking him to get married. He thinks Disha is a good girl and mingled with everyone fast. Disha is in the car too and thinks she is sure Purab will take care of her very much. It was her life’s best decision to marry. He thinks he haven’t told Disha where he kept the keys. Aaliya gets inside Purab’s house. Aaliya says you said that you will live with Bulbul’s memories, and refused to marry me and brought Disha. She ruins the decoration.
 Aaliya lying down on the decorated bed of Purab and Disha and says you got married to Disha even after knowing my love for you. She gets up and says you hurt me, and gave me pain always. What do you think that you can suffocate me and will fulfill Disha’s desires, no. She says you can’t get her and messes up the room and ruins the decoration. Munni thinks just one day and pragya will meet abhishek. Abhi comes and holds her saying he got Prasad after opening the door. He says you are my tonic and asks her to let him see her. Munni says Dadi will come. Abhi says let her come. He holds her for a kiss. She moves. He turns her towards him and asks if she wants him to maintain distance with her. Munni says she has some work and goes. Aaliya brings kerosene and says I will
do last decoration of your room. She pours kerosene oil and says when there will be no decoration, there will be no suhaag raat. She lit the pillow and throws on the bed. The bed and the room catch fire.

Aaliya says all your dreams will be Swaha, even this house will be gone. She says your house is on fire now, how you will fulfill your dream now and laughs. She says this is the hottest suhaagraat, I have ever seen, enjoy it. Tanu comes there and asks Aaliya to come. Aaliya says she can’t let them have suhaagraat. Tanu says we will die here, fire is increasing. Aaliya says she wants to see everything burnt. Tanu asks her to come in the morning and check. She takes her out. Aaliya says I want to go inside. Tanu says if Purab see you here then he will hate you more. Seeing Purab and Disha coming in different cars, they hide. Purab says I called you to tell where I have kept the spare key. They go inside the building.

Abhi covers himself with a blanket and tells Munni that cockroach is there. Munni smiles and takes her slipper. Abhi reminds her that last time she got scared. Munni says now she has become smart. She catches the cockroach and asks Abhi to hold it and see, says it is dead. Abhi says I hate you for this and runs out of room Purab and Disha see the smoke coming from the room. He opens the door and asks Disha not to panic. Disha asks neighbors to help them. Purab brings fire extinguisher and calls fire brigade.

Mitali sees Munni and asks what happened? Munni hides the cockroach in her hand and tells that Abhi gifted her gold earrings. Mitali asks her to show and says may be her eyes will sparkle seeing it. Munni asks her to close her eyes and keeps cockroach in her hand. Mitali says it is light weight and opens her eyes. She shouts seeing cockroach and tells that she will not leave her.

Munni comes to Abhi and asks if cockroach’s wife, lover, sister or brother come to take revenge. She says if it’s lover come then will you save your wife. Abhi says you will kill that cockroach also. Munni says it will come with team. Abhi asks her not to get scared and says he will save her. Munni asks him to give hi five. Abhi smiles