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Meri Aashiqui Episode 126--127 Update On Friday 7th December 2018 On Joy Prime


the episode starts and we see that disha telling Amba and laxmi that ishaani was going towards Chirag’s house
Inside the house chirag was meking a video record of ishaani entering his house to trap her in his jaal

Amba and laxmi think Ishaani was cheating on Ranveer
She might be in love with chirag and might have kept fast for Chirag

Payal tries to speak in favour of Ishaani , how ishaani was annoyed with chirag and cut his phone calls shouted at him etc
But amba and Laxmi had seen enough

They decide to return home as they wanted to confront Ranveer who did not knpw Ishaani’s real face

ishaani enters Chirag’s house
She is totally drenched
Chirag leches at her wet saree and skin and dripping hair
He suggests getting her a towel
Ishaani does not want towal but demands to know what saboot he had against the murderer of her dad

In his study Ranveer is with his subordinate/manager
He tells him that some things were to be kept secret from his wife
His manager asks if he should take all this risk
RV says it is very important
Parul enters his study and asks about ishaani’s return
Ranveer wonders why would Ishaani go out of the house in this rain ??
As RV begins to fo to office parul,stops him as it was KC festival and puja was about to begin andher bhaabhi would get annoyedif bhaiya was late

parul warns RV to get back home in time

In his house chirag ishappy Ishaani finally she believed him

Ishaani demands the saboot
But he is happy she had doubts on RV now
Even though she did not trust chirag

He promises to give her saboot but they were located at lonavla
And they were with his uncle
He did not have any money to give his uncle
So he wanted ishaani to get his property papers to him so that his uncle gave them the saboot they wanted

At home RV is leaving for office amba confronts Him asking him if he knew where Ishaani was ??
RV says she was at market to buy bangles
Amba says he was mistaken ishaani was seen by them at chirag’s house
It is shocking she was at chirag’s house on KC
She might not have baan able to forget chirag her first love even though Ishaani was now married to RV

RV says he totally trusts ishaani
He tells him mother amba that he knew shendid not like ishaani and thats wh she was doubting her
Itslike doubting an alcoholic even if he was actually drinking milk .

At chirag’shouse
Ishaani then promises to get him his property papers chirag then promises that they both would then go to lonavala and get the saboot

Inside the house chirag’s girl discovers he was recording ishaani’s video on CCTV cameras she promises to make sure he went to jail
Shemakes up her mind to inform RV all about Chirag’s plans to show Ishaai in poor light

As ishaai leaves the house chirag says his car was out of order so they would use ishaani’s car and offers to drive her car
Ishaani leaves with chirag in her car

Chirag’s girl escapes from his house she runs on the streets in the heavy rain
As chirag is driving along with ishaani he notices his girl walking in the crowd of prosession of people carrying some deity ..of sai baba
Chirag thinks that his girl must be carrying some saboot and was about to leak to Rv
So he decides to finish her and get rid ofherASAP

Ishaani prays to the deity of sai baba with folded hands

Chirag then takes a divergent route purposely dashes into a tree , ishaani is hurt on the head and loses consciousness
Chirag then speeds up the car .. Runs over his girl who was running on the streets

in the car Ishaani recovers soon and chirag tells her that he had suddenly applied brakes as he hit a dog accidentally

As chirag’s girl injured on the head passers by note down the car number of Ishaani’s car

At his office RV meets the doc who attended Harshad when he died
He reprimands her for pointing towards the wrong person when she was with ishaani

Ishaani’s real father nitin comes to meet RV he urges RV to reveal the truth about nitin being ishaai’s real father
But RV is unable to do so as promised to Harshad

Flash back starts of diwali night , that fateful night

RV has emotional flash backs with harshad , his mota babu ji s the entire days incidents
Harshad was at office buying stocks
Nitin Joshi comes to meet him
Harshad is shocked to meet him. The real father of Ishaani
Harshad is trying to buy stocks He is in a great hurry to buy stocks
But the lights flicker and go out , his PC hangs and turns off soon

Harshad is wondering if his stocks were transferred before the lights went out
Nitin then suggests they check the fuse box as lights never went out on Diwali night
Nitin goes to checkfuse box he tinkers around leaves few wires there

Harshad too comes to check fuse box but he accidentally touches live wires and gets electrocuted

As harshad is being taken to hospital he tells RV that he loved falguni very much
he could not leave her all alone in the world
and ishaani was very fond of her father too
He makes RV promise that he would reunite ishaani with her real father Nitin

RV is distraught but harshad makes RV promise he would bring falguni Nitin Ishaani together again as complete family
At hospital the Lady doc takes over the case asking nitin and RV to leave the room
They try their best but unable to save Harshad

RV tells Nitin to leave becUse if any one saw him at hospital they might blame him for the death of harshad and falguni and ishaani would hate him even more
They would never accept him into their lives

Nitin goes off and flash back ends here

At office RV and nitin discuss that it was still a mystery for ishaani that who was the reason behind the death of her father
RV does not want ishaani to know nitin was responsible accidentally for harshad’s death even though it was accidental
He wanted to take the blame on himself

Other wise ishaani would be unhappy all her life not knowing who killed her dad

nitin wants ishaani to know that it was him responsible only then she would stop doubting RV as she needed her husband more that nitin in her life

RV and nitin argue who should take the blame for harshad’s death and who should ishaani trust

Nitin leaves RV’s office and decides to take the blame

After Nitin leaves RV decides he would take the blame as he wanted ishAni to reunite with her dad
At home Amba is questioning disha for findingout thenreal reason behind taking them to church gate on pretext of puja

Disha feels cornered
As amba says disha was unhappy ishaani was Rv’s wife and she was jealous of ishaani

Outside the house chirag sends ishaani inot the house and decides not to accompany her i to the house so that others do not misunderstand

Disha tells amba that she wanted amba and laxmi to see reality of Ishaani
She wanted to show that ishaani was having relationship with Chirag after marriage
RV would never believe her so she wanted others to see her at chirag’s house
She wanted her sister Ishaani to chage her habits
To stop meeting chirag

ishaani enters Rv’s study/library searches every where for Chirag’s property papers
She finds them and takes them with her

. The police come to hospital looking for the driver of the car which had hit and run after knocking down a girl onthe road in heavy rain
RV reaches hehospital as he is called by police
The car was registered on his name
They ask if he was driving the car
RV thinks that ishaani was driving that car and in the heavy rain she might have knocked down some one accidentally

RV is shocked to hear from the cops have His vehicle number
He thinks that if the cops knew ishaani was driving theu would arrest her for hit n run case
So he accepts before the cops that he was driving the car
The cops question RV grilling him for not realising that he had hit some one ??
RV makes up excuses and takes the blame
The episode ends here

Ranveer is shocked to hear the police telling him that a man gave them his car number, which was founf outside his room. RV wonders which accident is he talking about. The police says it took place outside the church gate. RV thinks that Ishaani must have made an accident in rain, but they will make a case on her. The inspector asks was he the one driving. Rv says he was driving, the accident might have happened, it rained so hard he doesn’t have a clue about the accident. He asks about the family of the girl, and the girl’s condition. He says he is here, but he wants to meet the girl first and doesn’t want anything hurdle her cure. The inspector agrees, and sends RV with his inspector.
The guards notice Ishaani get into a car, and wonder why madam is going in someone else’s car. The inspector shows RV the girl. He recognizes her as Shaniella, the associate recognizes her as Chiraag Mehta’s girl friend. RV asks him to take care of her and inform her family. The doctor tells RV that her blood has been lost, he tells the doctor that nothing must happen to her. The doctor says they cant say anything. RV is worried.
Chiraag says shit in the way, that it is raining so heavy, though he wants to hurry. He says that he doesn’t want Ishaani to get late at home, and her family questions her. She must tell them that she is coming back soon. Ishaani watcher her hand, Chiraag says to her that everything will be alright. Ishaani says she wants his help, not sympathy. He apologizes. She thinks she hopes RV isn’t like Chiraag, if proves are against him she won’t be able to believe any man.
The inspector says he doesn’t understand how he couldn’t know about the accident, it was a major accident, why he didn’t come to know that something knocked into his car. The associate says that Mr. RV is a responsible person.
In the hospital, a man comes looking for the case. The nurse sends him to the doctor, he introduces himself as her brother Giresh. The doctor takes him to her room, Giresh is worried looking at her. The doctor says it is a police case now, but he may first meet his sister. Giresh comes to her, and calls her name asking how it happened. Shaniella breathes hard, and says she loves a man, who is responsible for the accident. He asks for the name, but Shaniella doesn’t speak. The ECG beaps. The doctor declares that she has gone to coma, and asks the nurse to inform the police. Giresh gets revengous, saying he won’t leave him.
Parul tells RV that Ishaani has gone to get bangles. She says she is worried about her now. RV tells her not to tell anyone at home about it. He asks his associate if he talked about security officers. He says they have gone to look for Ishaani. The inspector informs RV, that the girl has gone to comma. It is a criminal offence, so they must arrest him. RV agrees, the associate interferes. He asks the inspector to make in important call, Ishaani watches RV’s call, and picks it up. He asks where is she, he is so worried about her. He asks if she is alright, she says she is fine. He asks why she didn’t call her, where she is. She says she is out with papa’s work, will come back home. He tells her to get home soon, she gets flu really quickly. He asks her to talk to him, when she goes out. He feels she is away from him, when she doesn’t talk to him. Ishaani cries, and doesn’t speak to him. She nods, he asks shall he come to pick her. She says she is just leaving, and will be back home soon.
RV comes to inspector and goes with them.
The associate keeps requesting the inspector. Giresh asks a nurse whom the police are taking; he says he is the one who did the accident. He says he is a big business man; he has a lot of men around him.
Falguni hears Chaitali saying that Ishaani is the chief guest, the ladies wait for her. Parul says she will just be here. A lady says one has to complete the fast of Karwa Chot. Lakshmi asks Amba to begin the Pooja, Amba calls for beginning the Pooja, and goes to make a call. She calls RV, and asks the associate of he is alright. He tells her that RV has been arrested by police, for an accident. They found Ishaani’s car near the accident venue. Amba gets worried.
Chiraag and Ishaani comes to the office, Chiraag takes Ishaani up. RV comes to the police station. Ishaani asks Chiraag about the proof, and forbids him to look at the papers even. Chiraag thinks it is already late, she is showing him attitude at the wrong place and at the wrong time.
Falguni thinks when will Ishaani come. Lakshmi reads the story about Karwa chot. Amba comes to police station, worried. She tells him Mohit told her everything. RV asks did she tell anyone home. She says she didn’t and cries. RV says Nitin has gone to take his bail papers. Amba says she doesn’t worry about Ishaani. She is with Chiraag today, why is he doing this. RV says he loves her, he took the blame because he didn’t do the accident. Amba tells him that she lied to him, that she isn’t with Chiraag. She asks why he loves her so much. RV says his love alone is enough for them both. She is good at heart. Amba says she will break his heart one day, and he will cry a lot.

Chiraag gets a medicine mixed into Ishaani’s water. She was coughing, so he gets the water for her and says it is medicine for cold. The pictures of her are taken there. He sits besides, and insists on her to drink it. She denies it. He keeps the glass, and curses himself. He sits with him, she backs up but the photos are taken. Chiraag beats himself, Ishaani asks him to forget everything. He says he loves her. Ishaani asks her to stop it. He says he wants to tell her about her enemies. Chiraag makes Ishaani drink the medicine, Ishaani breaks the glass. Falguni prays for Ishaani.
Amba tells RV that Ishaani doesn’t think him as her husband. RV says she doesn’t love him, but thinks him as husband. Ishaani says to Chiraag, that she is Ranveer’s wife, not RV’s. She respects him, and is faithfully fulfilling her responsibility as a wife. Her mother taught her this, she didn’t love her papa, but her papa did. Her papa said his love alone was enough, similar to RV’s love. She respects her relationship, her husband, her family. She says she hates him. Chiraag says it is great, they can continuw with everything. This will be his revenge for Ranveer. He asks Ishaani to do what he says, holding her. Photos are again taken. He says they will have an affair. Ishaani back up. He says he is her full time lover. Ishaani slaps him, and says she won’t leave him. Chiraag comes to her.

PRECAP: Chiraag tells Ishaani not to get scared. The truth of the room won’t go out.

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