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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Wednesday 5th December 2018 On Angel TV


RK reads the list prepared by Madhu and says Mehul Chopra.. Nikhil Gupta. etc.. RK asks Madhu if she wants him to approach them? Madhu says yes and that these are the people who left when they were at top and if they come back they will be at top again! RK asks budget of the movie? Bittu says 45 Cr..and RK says to bring the money and 2 litre petrol to burn the whole money! Madhu says RK .. RK says told u before if u dunno better stay out of it! RK says its not her kitchen where if chicken is over, she can make dal.. ! He asks her to think and speak.. or better dun speak! RK walks off! Bittu follows..!

Kuku and Sikky are eating and Amar says.. RK said sorry to himself.. but he doesnt know.. that when sun rises it sets too .! He says…i am the evening to eclipse RK ..! Sikky tells Kuku i and RK are same .. strugglers! Kuku asks Amar ..if he finalised his hero ? Sikky suggests himself..! Amar smirks..! Sikky says.. if Amar says yes.. he will agree to do it..! He asks for a chance! Kuku says RKs film is releasing.. n if it becomes hit.. all other ph will break off from them ! Amar says for film to be hit.. people have to watch n for that they need theater! Amar says the day… RKs movie releases.. will release mine and take all prime time and prime theater and ensure RKs movie doesnt release..! Amar says its my promise.. do not care about lost money.. its about RKs destruction ..and no one can stop me from achieving this mission!

Madhu says RK or his big ego. dunno what is the matter? Madhu tells Bappa.. is it nice to have so much ego? She asks if she is wrong? She asks if working with old directors is a loss of repute? Who will explain RK? Madhu asks what to do.. do what he wants. or what she wants? A flower drops from Bappas hand and Madhu gets the message..and thanks Bappa..! Later .. RK comes to his room and finds a note left for him..which reads… pati thode smart bano.. agar recorder samne pada hai means what i wanna say is in the recorder! He plays the recorder! Madhu says.. very angry.. dun wanna talk but wanna say going out for 1-2 days.! Sh says. he must have .understood that she is meeting Mehul Chopra.. RK fumes and Madhu says.. Jungli Billi is as bad as Right Kameena.. doing what she can .n .for him..! She says so Mehuls movie flopped but he is one of countrys most talented directors..! She says…will bring him with me for OUR movie!RK says. Mehul is sunky …! RK says he thot to quit n he quit! Madhu says.. he will change his decision n Bittu is with me.. will meet u soon..EAT proper..!

Servant brings food for RK and says have Madhus message. .no chicken so she has gone to cook dal for RK..! RK smiles..thinking of Madhu..and says meri Jungli Bili kya karun main tumhara?

Bittu – Madhu arrive at Mehul Chopras place! Bittu says we are wasting our time . .he wont agree! Madhu stays firm..! Bittu says came to meet him last night he refused to meet! Madhu says lets go and meet..! Two dags surround them..! Mehul Chopra shushes the dogs…! Madhu looks up and sees the guy..! He says .. i guess dogs are like me or i m like them who dun like strangers in life..! Madhu says sorry.. me..! Mehul says .. Madhubala Rishabh Kundra.. the wife of the sunky RK ..! Madhu asks u know me? He says.. u are not member of a quiet family .. be surprised when no one knows u! Madhu he knows what RK is going thru ..and he knows why she is here? The guy says.. to turn and go ..back! Madhu says want u to direct RKs next movie.. coz all said no..! She says his name is last on the he is her last hope..! Mehul says.. last name ?? Madhu says sorry.. din mean..! Mehul says.. knocked on door of all directors. .n so tried here. .good to know u dun go behind back.. to throw stones but hit with slipper on face! Madhu stammers and Mehul says.. ur honest ..i like it.. ! But cant accept his golden offer! She can leave! Madhu says come down ..will talk to u ..! Mehul says.. not used to be down.. always been on top .. when was in industry saw creatures and here too … ! I may be last for u but there is no one before me..! Mehul says in the name of films the crap being dished dun wanna be associated with it! Madhu requests him to listen to her..! Mehul says.. dun misbehave but will answer back! Bittu says lets leave! Madhu says.. leaving for now but will keep coming till he agrees! Madhu says. ..see u tomorrow morning. .have a good day! Mehul fumes!

Bittu says let it be..! Madhu says how can she? Dogs bark again.. but Madhu doesnt budge..! Mehul is sipping coffee/tea .. and Madhu wishes him..! He goes inside his house..! Next day as Mehul is watering the plants.. Madhu comes..! Mehul says.. nut case came again..! She says beautiful day.. can be better if. .! He calls his dogs.. and Madhu says.. the beautifu day will come soon..!

Part 2

Madhu calls up other writer/directors but no one is reachable..! RK calls Madhu .. She says she is still upset! RK says so sitting afar? Madhu says wont come back till Mehul listens and agrees to do the movie! RK says will find a solution . but if she doesnt come back will come there! Madhu says no.. if he had to come .. he would have come with her ..n helped her to make Mehul agree..! Madhu cuts the call after saying good night!

Part 3

Bittu tells Madhu its been one week .. since we are here. .if Mehul had to agree, he would have by now.. ! Madhu says.. they are not able to contact other directors. .but atleast Mehul is brilliant and audience understands his movies..! She says .want him to direct RKs movie! RK calls Bittu n asks to give the phone to Madhu ..! Madhu says dun wanna talk.! Bittu requests! Madhu takes the phone! RK says .. u look sweet being this adamant but .. dun like this as it is keeping her away from him! .. Madhu says..its his wedding gift to her..! She says.. hence cant stay away from it..! She says . will talk later! Madhu says will do all and make Mehul agree .. ! She asks Bittu if things are different today? She observes that door of the house is open.. dogs are not barking.. .something gud will happen today! She asks Bittu to wait outside and goes inside the house..! Mehul is listening to old songs..’ Ye nayan dare dare…’ on gramaphone..! Dogs bark suddenly .. but Madhu stays firm ..she cuddles the dog. and he goes quiet..! Mehul says so made friends with them? Madhu smiles.. and approaches Mehul n says.. hope he too will be a friend!! Mehul says chances less of that happening! … Madhu stops the gramaphone! Mehul fumes on her..! Madhu says sorry but its important he listen to her..! Mehul gives 10 minutes.. n says your time starts now..!

Precap — Madhu says.. for Mehul ..mite be a spotlight which is below his level . but it gave life to her first breath… … cutter for Mehul mite be to create shadow but for Madhu.. it was her moms delivery room in whose shadow she was born!

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