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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Tuesday 4th December 2018 On Angel TV


RK cuts some names from the list while Madhu prays to Ganpati Bappa. Bittuji comes in very happy saying that one director agreed to work with them. Suddenly his phone rings and the director backs out on the phone. Bittuji asks him the reason but he cuts the call. RK fumes and throws away the list of heroines/directors. He turns to leave when Madhu asks him where he is going. RK replies that he needs to settle some issues.

Behl, Sanya and Kukku Bhatia laugh at RK’s plight. Behl appreciates Sanya for her plan. Sanya says that it was simple…she asked so much fees that RK won’t ever be able to pay her. Poor he! Sanya says that heroines have an expiry period… like 5 years…so for those 5 years…she can’t risk her relations with the industry and production house…just for the sake of “Good Old Times”. And just for the sake of Good Old times…she can’t make her future face “Bad Times” Behl says that yes she is smart. RK says that “Yes! Even Clever and Mean!” Sanya is shocked to see RK and asks him to control himself. RK says that he is absolutely calm and composed. He says that she deserves more than these two idiots. He smirks that now he is assured that he is someone special…because to break him…3 people had to join hands… or rather the entire industry had to join hands to break RK. RK asks Behl that how could he stoop so low… did he learn to do that…or is this in his genes. Behl asks him to behave. They’ve banned him from Producers’ Association and can as well ban him from entering the sets and studios. RK says that they should rather ban his breath too. He reminds them of the shouts and the accolades people gave him 2 days back in front of their office. Anyways, he came to meet Sanya. But he can see that she has sold herself away. He assures that one day…she will regret her acts…and someone will definitely destroy her too.

Jab koi tumhara hriday tod de
Tab tum mere paas aana
Khula rahega dar humara

RK says that no matter however bad things may turn for Sanya, he will wait for her…to joke on her. Behl gets up and says that he has nothing left him but his ego…which will not take him anywhere. He says that they write the stories to make actors’ successful. They take risk while working with actors…with their face and body… Behl says that the Producers can make actors…but also have the capability of breaking them into pieces. “Taare Zameen Par” smirks. RK says that Sun is also a star…like all other stars…but no one has been able to destroy it till now… Behl says that his dialogues won’t do him any good. RK assures him that the film will definitely be made. Kukku Bhatia says that RK has earned a lot…name fame…money…and along with that…he has earned their enmity. He is not able to foresee that this enmity will destroy him one day.

RK leaves. Amar sits and asks what will he do when he breathes the last breath as Superstar RK? Kukku smirks that he will catch and kill flies and mosquitoes! Sanya smiles. RK fumes overhearing the remarks… Amar says that he should not even wish this for his enemies…but when a new star will come and RK’s money will exhaust… he might do what his father did years ago… he might hang himself. RK comes and pulls up Behl by his collar and registers him a tight punch. He says that if Behl repeated this once more…it will be him who will be hanged. Behl smiles and says that why should he be scared of him. Why should he? He asks RK to look around what he has earned all this while. Look at the faces around. RK looks around and sees shocked faces…looking at him with contempt. Behl says that his destruction…is not planned by them… rather he himself is the reason for his destruction. His attitude…which once used to be his USP…is now the cause of his destruction. He says that he just planted 10 people against RK…but the 90 people have been planted against RK by his own self… because of his behaviour and attitude. He says that RK can run away from Behl…but how far will he run away from his own destruction. RK fumes but leaves. Behl says that “RK! Now wait and watch…”

Madhu and Bittuji are worried for RK. Madhu asks Bittu ji to try his cell… RK enters. Madhu asks him where was he and if he is alright? She says that she understands that RK is worried…but he should. RK breaks in between and asks her to leave him alone for a while. RK leaves. Madhu asks Bittu ji what is happening. Bittuji says that she already knows that the Producers’ Association have banned RK. Madhu says that yes but she is unable to understand how is this affecting the directors. Bittuji explains that there are some very influential people in the Association from whom the entire industry is afraid…so in a way the entire industry has banned RK.

RK reaches his room. “Kal Ho Na Ho” instrumental starts in BG… RK looks at his trophies and then goes near them. He looks at his posters. Madhu watches RK and pledges that she will not let RK suffer. She will do something.

Part 2

Madhu reaches Radhaji’s room to give her meds. She sees her reading some letter and enquires about it. Radhaji tells her that this is her elder sister’s letter- Shraddha didi’s letter. Madhu says that she never heard of her…nor did she come to RishBala wedding? Radhaji smiles and says that she is like that. She says that she lives in a “muth” in Punjab and serves people. She always supported RK. She tells Madhu that when RK’s launch film was called off by the Production Banner, it was due to Shraddha didi’s prayers and assurance…that RK never lost his confidence…and got so much recognition. She says that wherever RK is today…is all because of her prayers. She told her that she pledged to leave all worldly pleasures till the time RK didn’t make it to the top. She boycotted all parties, gatherings and everything. She admits that her sister prayed more for RK than her. Once when RK had stopped talking to Radhaji and he got ill with pneumonia, her sister fasted for 5 days and served Rishu. Madhu says that she will go and tell “Rishu” that his maasi is coming to see him. Radhaji says that don’t tell him now… he is worried. If he sees her suddenly, he will be surprised and happy. Madhu nods.

Part 3

Radhaji asks Madhu to get some old quilts and bed-covers cleaned as her sister is coming. Madhu says that why old…she will get new ones. Radhaji says that her sister doesn’t believe in old and new. Moreover…she feels that old is never old…but old is more experienced and knows what is right and wrong. Old is precious and priceless. Madhu gets an idea and says that she is right… “Purana Anmol Hota Hai” She rushes to Bittu ji and asks him about the writers/directors of the 90s era. She jots them down and asks Bittu ji that they need to search for these people. Bittuji says that how will they do them any good. These are those directors who made 2-3 friends…and *Madhu continues* disappeared. She asks him to find out about them…and assures that these people will definitely help them.

Madhu-Bittuji reach an old bungalow. Their way is blocked by 2 pet Labradors who start barking at them. From somewhere…a hairy man peers and whistles at the dogs. The dogs stop barking and return back to their master. Madhu and Bittu ji look puzzled at the hairy man.

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