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Kuch Rang Episode 355--356 Update On Monday 10th December 2018 On Adom TV


Neha and Riya with families reach Ishwari’s home. Vicky and GKB greet them. Riya asks Vicky where was he last time, it is difficult to meet him now a days. He says yes. GKB asks Vicky to take both jiju’s in. Vicky takes them in. GKB tells Neha that she is happy seeing her after a long time and showing house keys says even now house’s control is in her hands. Dev and Sona come, and Sona asks Neha how is she. Neha says she is fine and asks Dev why he does not seem happy. He says he is. Ishwari comes and takes Sona to kitchen. Nikki and Laksh reach outside home. Nikki reminisces happier times spent with family. Dev calls her and asks Nikki not to come as Maa does not know that she is in a live-in relationship. Nikki disconnects call.

Dev tells Ishwari that Nikki
is.. GKB says look Nikki has come. Dev and Sona get tensed. Nikki walks in. Ishwari happy says she came after a long time, but then gets shocked seeing Laksh coming behind, says Laksh sir you.. Laksh is also shocked and says intern aunty. Nikki is also shocked. Dev says Laksh is Nikki’s boyfriend and they live together in a live-in relationship. GKB starts yelling that is he talking and scolds Nikki how can she stay with a boy without marriage, she ruined their family’s name. She then scolds Laksh how can he stay with a girl without marriage. Laksh says Ishwari that he did not know she is Nikki’s mom.

Ishwari asks Dev if he knew from before. Sona says yes they knew, but wanted to tell her slowly. Nikki says Ishwari that Laksh held her hand when she was alone and family ignored her. Ishwari says a mother walks hiding her daughter in her pallu and when a daughter grows up, she has to walk hiding both her and maa’s pullu. She continues that she is talking about ignoring her, they were in a situation where Dev lost his love because of me and Sona could not tolerate my torture and left Dev, Dev always loved sisters immensely and fulfilled all their demands, this is what Nikki has to give him return. Dev says calm down, Nikki came home after a long time. Ishwari says Nikki has found her house and this is not her house. Nikki angrily walks with Laksh. Dev runs behind her and stops her and says he told her not to come, but she did not listen and look mom’s condition now. Sona tells Nikki that they needed time to tell truth to mom, already maa was in a shock hearing about Laksh’s live-in relationship. Nikki tells Dev that he is her superman and took care of her and Riya like a father, she expects him to sort out all the issues. Dev says he will fix everything for her and gets emotional.

GKB continues yelling that Nikki spoilt their family name, how can she stay with a boy. Mamaji warns to shut her mouth. Riya and Neha tells there is nothing wrong if Nikki is staying with Laksh without marriage. Ishwari says she does not want to hear about it. Dev comes and explains her that they cannot disown Nikki, she needs their love most at his point. He continues explaining. Ishwari calms down.

Dev tells Ishwari that Nikki needs their support. Ishwari asks if she should forget what Nikki did. Dev says they got Riya and Neha married to see them happy, Nikki is also happy with Laksh and they should accept their relationship. He continues explaining.

Laksh tells Nikki that she had known all questions and had prepared with answers, so she went there even after Dev asked her not to come. Nikki says please, she does not want to hear philosophy now. He holds her hand and says her family is mad, her brother asked her not to come and her bhabhi was standing coolly, her maa acts cool in office, but acted like vamp at home. Nikki asks if he is telling this to calm her down. He says she should go back to them. Nikki says if he is mad, he is her family now. He says not more
than them, she misses them.

Vicky yells that family photo my foot, Bua made arrangements, but Nikki came and spoilt everything. Elena asks her to stop please. Vicky then yells that whole family revolves around Dev and whatever he does, everyone accepts it. She angrily walks out and he continues yelling.

Next morning, Ishwari serves breakfast for family. Dev and Sona come down, and Sona asks her to have breakfast, she will serve it to everyone. Ishwari says it is okay. Vicky comments he cannot have this breakfast. Ishwari scolds him to have it silently. Sona asks Ishwari why ddid not she wear her watch. Dev asks Sona to have breakfast soon, they will drop maa to her office and even see it. Ishwari says she is not going to work, she resigned, walks away. Dev walks behind and asks to speak to him something, Nikki and Laksh. Ishwari says there is nothing left to talk about them. Dev asks to talk about her job. She says she resigned. He says she resigned from Nikki’s motherhood and not job. She says Nikki is her daughter and will be part of her always. He asks what about Laksh. She says she does not want to hear anything. Dev says look at how Niki spent past 2 years, how Laksh took care of her like he does for Sona and baba did for her.

Laksh tells Nikki that she is going to office, but she is engrasped in thoughts and pretentds to watch TV. He switches off TV and asks not to waste electricity if she does not want to watch it. She says stop it. He says he feels she loves her family and should speak to them once. She says if she saw maa’s reaction, does he think she will agree. He jokes that she did not even look at him once, he will deduct her salary. He then says they have to do packing as landlord’s daughter is coming to stay here day after tomorrow. She says how will they in such a short time. He gets romantic and says he is there. She says there is less time, leave her. He says he is going then. She asks him to be lenient to maa. He reaches office and sees Ishwari’s resignation. He reaches Dev’s house and says Ishwari that he came here as boss, he got resignation and came to gave acceptance letter. She asks to come and sit. He says he wants to talk something and says when she came for job first time, he thought will be able to work, but she learnt so much in a short span. She is very adapative and should not leave this job. He says he accepted resignation, but all other employees rejected her resignation, she should think of it again, leaves.

Golu angrily asks Elena why did party end so soon, he wanted to play with Aru and Soha. Elena says Daadi bua ended it soon, they will party again. Vicky enters and says there won’t be any party. Golu says big cha promised there will be party and family photo session soon. Vicky shouts he will not. Golu says big cha does not lie and walks ou angrily.

At Bejoy’s house, Daadi talks to her sister and they both fight whose son’s marriage was good. Sister tells Bejoy’s marriage did not complete as only 6 pheras happened. Daadi tells family and they all laugh. Asha says they will have 7 pheras again. Bejoy says what is this madness. Daadi then says when heart are united, pheras are nothing.

Sona serves coffee to Dev. Dev thanks her. Sona says not only she brings coffee for her love, there are some other people who bring coffee for their loved ones even without marriage. He asks what does she mean. She says when they can be so compatible without marriage, what is the need for marriage. Dev says it builds a bond. Sona says even Nikki and Lakh’s bonding is good, marriage means just a lavish party. Dev says if they had not married, will they have reunited. She says actually marriage happens between 2 families, they married so Soha is born and they are together again because of Soha. De says with marriage, they responsibilities are increased, etc. Sona says marriage is kind of believing in god, some does and some does not.

Precap: Dev tells Sona that maa’s phone is not reachable, if she has gone to Nikki’s house. Ishwari returns with Nikki and Laksh.

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