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Kuch Rang Episode 353--354 Update On Friday 7th December


Golu and Soha run into Dev’s room and fight. Golu says he is a super man and will win. Soha says even she is super girl. Dev asks why they are fighting. Golu says Soha woke up early and did not wake him up. Dev asks who else they woke up. Golu says maa, papa, dada, daadi. Vicky comes and scolds Golu that Elena is searching him, asks him to do some exercise and lose weight. Golu taunts even without exercise, big cha can beat him easily. Vicky angrily sends them out and asks Dev to restart exercising again. Dev says from tomorrow. Vicky says he ran 7 km and suggests Dev to start walking instead of running as he has gone old. Dev gets angry. Vicky then tries to brainwash him against Sona and says she is brainwashing Ishwari bua to do job, so as a husband he should stop her.
Dev says she is his wife and has her own equation with everyone, she must have thought well before suggesting anything.

Sona helps Ishwari select sari to wear for her job. Ishwari continues looking at Dev’s mail and says love you maa looks so cute. Sona asks her to stop looking at laptop much and select her sari. Ishwari says she will wear one today and another tomorrow. Sona says problem solved, it was not that difficult. Ishwari says it was difficult, but Dev’s mail eased it. She gets ready and goes to Dev’s room and says she is going to work. Dev says all the best and shows thumbs up.

Ishwari goes to office and apologizes Laksh for not coming yesterday. He says it is okay. Ishwari says she did not come as her son did not want her to work, but now he permitted her and even showed thumbs up. Laksh asks her son’s opinion matters to her so much. She says yes, her son is everything to her.

Dev and Sona watch movie together. Dev says that he wants to start dieting as Vicky told he ran for 7 km, even he wants to be fit, she should prepare a diet chart. She says they first evaluate client’s body, so he should remove his T-shirt. He nervously asks why T-shirt Ms dietitcian. She says Mrs dietician and asks to remove T-shirt now. They both laugh.

Ishwari at office sees her colleague getting burger and fries lunch for Laksh. She says it is unhealthy and gives her lunch. She then works on laptop. Dev video calls her. She picks and gets happy seeing Dev and Sona together. She asks how did they video call her. Sona says it is Dev’s idea to see her office and asks to show her office by turning her laptop. Ishwari shows things around. Laksh from other side signals her thank you.

Next morning, Ishwari packs Dev and Sona’s lunch boxes and even her and Laksh’s. Dev asks why another lunch box. Ishwari says it is for her boss, he is a boy and eats unhealthy burgers and fries. Dev insists her to prepare halwa for him. Sona says what about his dieting and paunch. Dev nervously says there is something called cheat day, he will not have halwa and walks fuming that Ishwari praised her boss.

Elena sees Vicky angry and asks what happened now. He shouts Dev who else, he says he and Sona are a team, where was Sona when me and my mom took care of business and house for 7 years. He continues yelling and fuming on Dev and Sona.

Sona travels with Dev and asks where is he taking her. Dev says to maa’s office, let us see where she works. Sona asks how does he know where maa works, if he let spies behind her. Dev nervously nods yes. They reaches outside office. Sona is shocked to see Nil. Dev says he knows she can read. Sona says it is Laksh’s start up coming. Dev says that means maa is working for Laksh. He panics how will maa react if she will know Laksh is Nikki’s boyfriend. Sona says he should look at the other aspect, it will be easy for maa to accept Laksh and Nikki’s relationship, she will inform maa tonight.

At night, Dev asks Ishwari how was her day at work. Ishwari says it was really good. He asks if someone tells her anything. Ishwari says no, they either teach or ask her suggestions, she is happy with her job. Sona joins and tells Ishwari that Nikki has a boyfriend. Ishwari is shocked.

Sona tells Ishwari that Nikki loves a boy. Ishwari is surprised. Sona says boy is really good and they both met him already. Ishwari asks who is he. Sona says she will tell her later. Dev says he will go and meet boy’s family. Ishwari says okay and says she cannot believe they are talking about her tiny Nikki.

Laksh serves Nikki food. She tastes it and remembers Ishwari, asks who prepared it. He sasy intern aunty, she brought him food and he saved it for her. She says weeps and he wipes her tears and asks what happened. She says his intern aunty is very bad, she reminded her of her maa.

Ronita cleans Sourav’s cupboard and seeing small socks asks what are these. He says it is Soha’s socks. Ronita says 2017 is written on it. She then shows small shoes and
says even she brought these, she wants to start family. Sourav hugs her and says they will have a lots of babies. They both go to Bejoy and Asha and showing socks and shoes say they want to start a family. Bejoy happily hugs him and says he is proud of him. Sourav says he can read paper for 1 year, after that he will be busy with grandchildren. Asha says they gave so much happiness. Bejoy takes Sourav to have whiskey.

Dev and Sona are busy with Ishwari when Nikki calls on landline repeatedly. GKB picks call, but Nikki disconnects. Sona asks GKB to get sweets which she brought. Ishwari picks call next. Nikki weeps and disconnects. Ishwari says someone is not speaking at all and leaves. Sona checks number and happily tells Dev it is Nikki, Laksh must have shared food with her and she remembered maa.

Next day at office, Ishwari is busy working when Laksh comes and says he cannot wait for lunch time, if he can see what she brought today. Ishwari gives him lunch box. He checks lunch box and says she will make him fat. She says home food does not. He says he will share with his girlfriend. She says if he meets her daily. He says they stay together. Ishwari asks without marriage. He says they don’t believe in marriage. She asks if their parents are okay with it. He says parents don’t care about them. Ishwari fumes in anger.

At night, Ishwari takes aam panna/mango juice for Sona and Dev. Dev asks if she did not take it to her boss. She says no and says he is staying with his girlfriend in a live-in relationship, how can they without marriage. After sometime, she calls Neha and invites her and her husband home for a photo session. She also invites Riya and Kapil and then calls Nikki. Nikki is surprised that maa called her and bhai/bhabhi must have informed her everything and convinced her. She speaks. Ishwari invites her and her boyfriend home tomorrow. Nikki emotionally hugs Laksh and says her maa invited them both tomorrow.

Next morning, Ishwari guides servants clean home. Dev and Sona ready for office asks if someone special is coming. Ishwari says all 3 daughters with their partners are coming for photo session. Sona nervously asks if she called even Nikki’s boyfriend. Ishwari says yes. They both get tensed and discuss they should have informed Laksh first about whole situation. They try to leave, but Ishwari stops them and says they cannot go to office today when sisters are coming. She calls Raman and asks him to inform Laksh that she will not come to office today and will work from home. He says Laksh has gone out, but he will inform him once he comes. Dev and Sona continue panicking thinking what will happen when Maa will know that Laksh is Nikki’s boyfriend and they are in live-in relationship.

Precap: Dev alls Nikki and asks where is she, he is trying her call since long. She says she is coming. He says she cannot come here. Nikki disconnects call. GKB says look Nikki came. Ishwari gets happy seeing Nikki, but is shocked seeing Laksh coming behind her.

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