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Ashoka Samrat Episode 89--90 Update On Tuesday 11th December 2018 On Joy Prime


Scene 1
Dasi tells Charu that Bindu has called all dasies in his room, Charu thinks what Bindu is upto. All dasies are going to Bindu’s room, a dasi comes to Subhrasi’s room and informs her about all dasies being called, Dharma thinks what if Bindu sees me? Subhrasi ask Dharma to go to, Dharma starts leaving.
Bindu is checking face of all dasies in his room, he is finding Dharma, Dharma is in que, she is tensed, Charu comes to Bindu and ask why did you call all dasies? you can tell me, i can help you, Bindu doesnt answer her, Dharma prays to lord that Bindu should not see me else it will not be good for Ashok, why Bindu is finding me when he thinks i am not alive, Charu says your silence is making me tensed, Bindu says i wanna be alone, Charu starts leaving, Subhrasi comes and ask charu about matter, Charu says dont know what is the matter but i have not seen bindu like this, Charu orders to call prime minister and Khurasan, Bindu recalls how Khurasan said that he went to Dharma’s house and its burnt, she is dead, he leaves to meet Khurasan without seeing Dharma, Dharma is relieved.
AShok comes in same corridor from where Chanakya was kidnapped, he tries to recall where Chanaky’s must be taken too, he says Chanakya didnt go to Bindu’s room this means he was kidnapped from this corridor only, he says there is no way to go out of this corridor otherthan bindu’s room, where did Chanakya go then? did they take him inside earth, he gets idea, he looks at floor, he finds lines on floor and says what if Chanakya’s is underground?

Scene 2
Raj, Nicator and Helena comes to chanakya, they laugh on his situation, Chanakya is tied, nicator says soon his sanity will go away, i had to bear alot because of this man, now with Maurya dynasty, this chanakya will die too, soon Maurya dynasty will be finished and my Justin will sit on throne.
Khurasan is ordering soldiers about security of palace, Bindu comes to Khurasan and points sword on his neck, all wives comes behind too, Bindu says to Khurasan that why did you lie to me? Khurasan ask what? Bindu says she is alive, Dharma is alive and in this palace only, i have seen her, Khurasan is shocked, Bindu ask why? you knew how much Dharma was important to me, you knew how much pain will i be in to know about her death then why did you lie? Khurasan says i didnt lie, i had.. seen myself burning in her house, Bindu says she is alive in palace, Khurasan says you must be mistaken, Bindu says i was mistaken to believe that she is dead, my eyes have seen the dream i saw for many years, find her, i wanna know why she is hiding from me when she is so close to me, he leaves, all wives and Khurasan are in shock, charu ask who is Dharma? Noor says she is 2nd wife of Bindu, bindu went to jungle years back, he was attacked by enemies, this Dharma protected Samrat, Bindu loved her and married her too, he told me this truth on our marriage night, Subhrasi and Charu are stunned.

Scene 3
Ashok comes to soldier and ask can you tell me about new palace? soldier says what you want? Ashok says i wanna serve to new palace, i wanna know about new palace, how it is made, what is his location and all, soldier doesnt answer him, Ashok finds soldier coming out of store room, they say all things related to new palace are in this store room, Ashok enters store room stealthily, he checks papers there but doesnt find anything, then he finds map of palace, he says i am not understanding anything in it, i have to show it to someone, he finds door of store room closed, he finds window there and says Maa was right, when one door is closed, another window is opened.
Soldier is asking name and husband’s name from all dasies, dharma thinks i cant lie and i cant say truth, God save me, soldier ask dharma to come forward and tell her name and husband’s, Dharma gets tensed, Drupat comes and says to Dharma that i am finding you, i wanna listen story, come with me, soldier sys she cant go till she answer our question, subhrasi says i know about her, she is my dasi, soldier says but its Bindu’s order, Chanakya’s agent comes forward and says i have brought this dasi here, she is Savika, let her go, Dharma leaves with Drupat.
Vasu ask ashok why you are doing all this, Ashok says i cant answer you right now, Subaho says i know you cant do anything wrong, Ashok says promise me you will not tell about it to anyone, they promises, AShok shows them map and says you must have learned how to read it in school, tell me about it, they tell him about secret place going from Bindu’s room to new palace, Ashok thinks now i know from where i should start my investigation, i have to find Chanakya as i have promised myself.

Scene 1
Radha has found special chemicals in place where Vrahmir was kept, he discuss situation with secret agents, he says chemical is used to free Vrahmir, he says if we find killer of other secret agents then we can find Chanakya, they cant take Chanakya out of Patliputra because of security so he must be here only, find him, this chemical is not from patliputra, find about it too.
Noor says how can Dharma be alive? she was killed by Khurasan, if Bindu finds Dharma then she will tell him everything, its time to join hands with enemy (charu), Charu comes there and says i dont know what has happened to bindu, Noor says think when he got to know about that Dharma, he is behaving like this and if he find her then what will he do, i cant tell you i burned with this secret from years, Charu says i cant believe Bindu cheated me like this, he didnt even tell me about her, it will be good if he doesnt find her and if she is found then she should be killed.
Bindu comes to Dharma’s statue, he says i saw you yesterday in palace, i am sad that i never tried to find you, i was living in my pain of losing you, you must have lived a difficult life, you must be thinking that i didnt fulfill my promise, i didnt come to take you back, i failed, i should have tried more to find you.

Scene 2
charu says to Noor that we cant lose like this, Noor says i understand what you are feeling right now, that Dharma cant win over us like that, for that we have to become one, Subhrasi comes and says why we are thinking like that? bindu has many wives, we respect each other and we should respect Dharma too as Bindu loves her, charu says my heart is not big like you, i cant tell you what i am feeling right now, if i find that dharma, i will not leave her, Drupat comes there running, Dharma comes behind him, dharma says sorry Drupat was running so i came here to catch him.
Khurasan sys to Noor Bindu didnt do good by putting sword on my neck, Noor sys if he find Dharma then he will not stop, this Dharma is upto something, why she is hiding from Bindu? Khurasan ask when Agni’s jewelry is coming? Noor says i am not interested in all this, Khurasan sys if Dharma is in this palace then only Agni’s jewelry can take us to Dharma, Noor is confused, he leaves.

Scene 3
Subaho says to Ashok that its not easy to live in cave in basement, Ashok says i dont have other way, i have to go in it to find Chanakya, if i dont return then tell about this to only Radhagupt, Vasu ask Ashok why dont you take us with you? Ashok says now my journey is alone, he jumps and goes underground. Ashok is finding chanakya in basement, Ashok finds marks on floor, he says someone is dragged on this floor, he follows the marks, he calls for Chanakya, Chanakya listens his voice, he tries to asnwer back AShok but his mouth is covered with cloth, Ashok comes to dead end of cave, he says there is no way to go further, if Chanakya is not here then where is he? he is frustrated, he starts leaving the cave, Chanakya makes some noise, Ashok stops, he again goes in cave, he looks here and there, he says this cave is old then why mud of wall is wet? if this wall is created now? chanakya thinks i have to give sign to Ashok that i am here, Ashok tries to break the wall, chanakya thinks this is just not wall but this is wall between protection of magdh, if Ashok is able to break this wall then he will be real Maurya, he will be savior of magdh. Subaho and Vasu are waiting for Ashok upside, they think to inform Radha, some soldiers come there so they run from there. Ashok is trying to break wall with his hands, chanakya thinks i trust you Ashok, you will break this wall, Ashok finally breaks the wall, he smiles at first but is shocked then.

PRECAP- Vasu and Subaho comes to Radhagupt, they inform him about Ashok going in basement, they say we have doubt that maybe Ashok is caught by soldiers, Radh is tensed. Dharma says there is no one who can protect Ashok right now, i can sacrifice my reunion with bindu, i can sacrifice my love but i have to protect my son.

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