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Ashoka Samrat Episode 83--84 Update On Tuesday 4th December 2018 On Joy Prime


Ashok comes to the old lady again. she says who? He says this is me ashok. she says where were you? i have been looking for you, sit here. He says you wanted to tell about my dad? She says yes sit here. He is a nice soul, how is she? ashok says she is good. tell me about my dad? She is quite and says why dont they send the cart? they lie to me all the time. i could go myself but my body is not helping me. He thinks i am a burden on him. ashok is dissapointed. she says go and show him thumb from my side.

Justin extends his hand, agni holds it. helena says this ritual is well is greek culture. She breaks a pot. the spy comes and says i couldn’t find ashok i looked everywhere for him.

Ashok makes the old lady sit. She says why you stopped? he says its late we should rest. he says please tell me about my dad, his name, so i can find him. She says truth is that kishor, he says i am ashok. she says i have no more information to tell you that would help you. you can go back. Ashok starts walking.

ashok sits by fire and screams. Chanakya does the pooja. Helena comes and says i am shocked that you said name of sushim and ashok who you wanted to make the king you would make minister? he says i get the game under this wedding. he says some wounds are really deep.

Old woman told him that some men came looking for his mom. he asks who were they? She saysa they killed his grand father, they were too many in numbers and then the catastrophe happened. he says please try to recall who were they? She says no one remembers anything after that.

Precap-ashok says my dad is here. his friend says you should talk to samrat. Ashok says to bindu ask acharya to tell me whi my dad is. bindu says i will talk to him.

Ashok is sad, he says God doesnt want me to know about my father but why did he brought me here then, blind lady calls her, she says when your house was burned, i went to meet your mother, i got the gold coin, she is gives that to Ashok and says maybe it will help you, Ashok finds stamp of magdh army on coin, he says that means magdh army attacked our house, but who was my father? army person or against army? he hugs blind lady and says God have sent you to help me, he says now i have to know whose coin is this, then i will know who is my father.
Vrahmir says to Chanakya that i will tell truth but i am hungry now, chanakya ask to give him food, Vrahmir says i will eat 68 dishes, Chanakya orders to give him 68 dishes, he says to Vrahmir that if you dont tell truth then this food will not suite you.
Helena orders to make special food for Ashok, Agni ask why? he is just common guy, Helena says he is special so he should be treated well, he is very close to Bindu and Achraya, he is seen as future army head so he is important for me so i want him to attend this marriage, Dharma thinks i am not finding all this right, i have to inform Chanakya.

Scene 2
Ashok is looking at coin and says how to find about it, Subaho and Vasu comes to him and says Sushim is punished, they ask why you are tensed? we will find out way for your problem, Ashok says you remember i had no answer about my father when i came in school but i got to know that father is in Patliputra, but i dont know who is he, i am trying to find about him, i got gold coin, how will i find about him? Subhao says you wont be able to find about father by this coin, you should go to Bindu and ask him to help you, he will ask Chanakya and then Chanakya will have to tell about your father to him, Ashok says this is right, i will talk to Bindu then, he leaves.
Sushim is in clinic, doctor says to Sushim that you have to serve patients and give them medicine, doctor leaves, Sushim looks at patient, and makes him drink syrup, Bindu sees this and leaves, Sushim is angry and says patients like these should be given poison not syrup.
Ashok comes to Bindu, Bindu ask what you thought about my offer? Ashok thinks that my mother will be secure if i become army head, he says i have taken decision, Bindu ask whats reason behind it? Ashok says reason is personal, Bindu says it should not be personal but you should think about your nation, Ashok says Chandragupt was insulted by Dhananand, it was personal but we got Maurya dynasty because of that, personal reason can make you love your nation, work for them, bindu is impressed and says i trust you, you seem worried, Ashok looks on, Ashok says you understand my silence too, Bindu says its not like we should know everything about each other else charm will fade away from relations, there should be secrets, Ashok thinks one side is Bindu who understand my silence and otherside is my father who doesnt even care abotu me, he says to Bindu that i got to know my father is in this city, Chanakya know about him, you should talk to him, Bindu says i will talk to him, Ashok says i will call him now, he leaves.
Helena gets to know that Chanakya has ordered to make 68 dishes for his friend, his friend must be Vrahmir, Raj says Vrahmir can tell him about our plan, Helena smirks.

Scene 3
Vrahmir eats food and says now i am feeling good, he says to chanakya, promise me you will leave me after i tell truth, Chanaky says i will leave you when i conform your truth, he says to Chanakya that Helena have made conspiracy with Raj, on marriage day of justin, all mauryas will die, palace will be blasted and gates will be closed, chanakya nods and leaves from there.
Ashok is finding Chanakya, he ask about him and gets to know that he has gone to new palace. Dharma comes to Ashok, she takes aside, she ask how are you? Helena’s men are finding you, they got to know that you are not in Patliputra, where were you? Ashok says i needed time to decide about offer of Bindu so i went away, Dharma ask him to say truth, she ask him to swear on her, Ashok gets silent, he says i went to place where i was borned, she ask why did you go there? Ashok says to find out about my father, Dharma says why? Ashok says i listened your convo with chanakya and i got to know my father is alive and here, i didnt ask you as you will be hurt, then God helped me to go to your old house, i didnt get answer so i went to Bindu to take his help, Bindu wanna ask chanakya about my father, Dharma says no, Ashok says its my right to know about my father, this is for me, dont stop me, he leaves, Dharma sys if Bindu ask anything from chanakya then.. she thinks to stop Chanakya.
Chanakya comes in palace and ask abotu Bindu, soldier says he has gone to see arrangements of marriage.
Raj says to Helena what if Vrahmir tells about our plan? Nicator says even then Chanakya wont be able to do anything, he will have to see palace burning down with mauryas, they turn to find Ashok standing there.

PRECAP- Charu says to Sushim you got good way to handle everyone, Sushim says i have learned how to handle people for our own good, i will make sure that Bindu see what i want him to see, he turns to see Bindu standing there.

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