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Twist Of Fate Tuesday 6th November 2018 On Zee World

 Abhi taking Pragya in the garden area. Tanu thinks she will see the drama. Pragya tells him that nobody told that his mood is off. Abhi tells her that he don’t like people who takes advantage of someone’s goodness and people crossing limits. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is feeling good today. Abhi asks Pragya to get out, and says he will not forget what she has done, and asks her not to forget what he has done. Everyone is shocked. He asks her to leave. Tanu says lets celebrate holi. Abhi asks Pragya to stop and pours color water on her. Everyone laughs aloud. Abhi asks how did you like holi surprise. Pragya is surprised. Abhi says what do you think that you can scare other by holi color and says even I know how to scare others. He says happy holi and says I am a rockstar
and changes my way of playing holi. Pragya gets teary eyes. Abhi asks what happened?

Pragya says something went in her eyes. Abhi asks Tanu to bring clean water and tells that something went in Pragya’s eyes. He asks her to show her eyes. Pragya applies holi colors on his face and says bura na mano holi hai…Abhi smiles. He says it means you was acting. Pragya says you fooled me and even me. He runs after her. Pragya runs calling Dadi. Abhi runs to color her face. Pragya hides behind Dasi. Abhi asks her to move. Dadi asks him to wish her happy holi.

Abhi wishes them happy holi. Dadi blesses them. Abhi asks her to give blessing to Tanu as well. She asks her to bless Tanu so that she can identify his anger and know when she is acting or when he is serious. Dadi blesses her. Abhi catches Pragya and says he will color her face so that it don’t come out from her face till next birth. Pragya asks him to do in next birth and asks him to take color. Abhi says you are smart and says you will run if I go to take colors. Pragya says yes and asks how you will apply colors to me now. Abhi rubs his cheek with hers to color her face. Dadi and Dasi get happy. Tanu gets jealous and thinks to ruin her holi. Abhi sees Tanu upset and goes after her. Dasi tells Dadi that Pragya is looking happy. Dadi says they are getting close to each other and pray to God to unite them. Pragya smiles and feels shy.

Abhi goes after Tanu and asks what happened? Tanu says I am very angry with you. Abhi asks why? He says you was angry as I was coloring Pragya’s face. He asks her to enjoy holi. Tanu refuses to play. Abhi asks her to agree else he will go to Pragya and play holi with her. Tanu stops him and colors his face, says happy holi. Abhi also applies color on her face. Nikhil comes with drummer. He thinks to kill Purab and leave silently. He applies color on Tanu’s face. Tanu asks how dare you to color my face and threatens to get him beaten. Nikhil reveals his identity. Tanu tells that Purab is in his room and says Aaliya will not recognize you. Nikhil says he will leave after taking Purab’s life.

Dasi comes to see Purab. Janki says she is taking care of him and asks her to go. Dasi says you have to play three times more holi today, as Sarla and Beeji haven’t come. She calls Robin so that he can be with Purab. Abhi thinks to make fuggi have bhaang and see different side of her. He gets bhaang glass and calls Pragya. He tells her that he brought special thandai. Pragya says she has already had 3 glasses. Abhi says I brought it specially for you and asks her to drink.

Pragya asks Abhi if he has mixed something in it. Abhi asks what do you mean and says it is herbal thandai. Pragya thinks may be he added bhaang in it and that’s why forcing me. Abhi thinks she will dance or do something. Pragya tells him what happened to Tanu and throws thandai. She then pretends to drink. Abhi thinks she drank full glass and thinks what she will do now
Pragya telling Abhi that she is feeling drowsy. They dance on the song Balam Pichkari. Tanu is irked. Dadi tells Dasi that she hopes everything gets fine between them. Abhi and Pragya have an eye lock while dancing. Tanu is more jealous. Pragya runs and falls in Nikhil’s arms. Tanu gets tensed. Abhi takes Pragya with him again. Later Tanu asks Nikhil if he did the work or came to dance with Pragya. Nikhil asks if she is jealous as he touched Pragya. Tanu says she doesn’t care and asks him to kill Purab. Nikhil says he came with proper planning and tell that he has knife inside the dhol stick. Tanu is shocked to see sharp knife. Nikhil says this will kill Purab. Dasi hears Nikhil telling Tanu that Purab’s game will be over. She is shocked and thinks who are they? She couldn’t
see Tanu and Nikhil’s face and thinks to alert Pragya. Pragya laughs and dances with Abhi, pretends to be under bhaang influence. Janki asks Pragya if she is fine. Pragya says she is fine. Dadi says it is okay in holi. Janki says who will take care of each other now.

Dadi asks Janki to come and have food. Pragya tells Abhi that rainbow is on ground. Abhi says rainbow appear on sky. Pragya says she knows. Abhi says if you was a teacher then I am a love guru, and says I can tell what is in your eyes by looking in your eyes. Dasi thinks where is Pragya? Dadi asks Dasi to come. Dasi thinks if I tell her then her condition will worsen. She thinks to inform Pragya only. Abhi takes Pragya to side and asks if she like his holi party. Pragya says she likes holi party and host also. She asks him to tell what he was saying? Abhi thinks to ask her if she loves him or not. He says heart beat increases if the person we are in love with, comes infront of them. He says second angle is eyes, and tells that the person loving other gets drowned in the latter eyes and gets lost. Pragya looks in his eyes and asks if they lose like this. She asks what is third angle and says you makes someone drink bhaang to get info from her. She says I didn’t drink bhaang and had thrown it. She says I was acting to be drunk, and fooled you. She says your heart feelings came out infront of me.

Abhi asks what? Pragya asks whatever you was teaching me. Abhi says I was saying that……..Pragya asks if you was taking advantage of my situation. Nikhil thinks he shall kill Purab now.

Janki thinks to go and change Purab’s glucose bottle. She collides with Nikhil and he scolds her. Janki apologizes. Nikhil shouts at her and goes. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Janki tells her that the drummer shouted at her. Mitali tells Dadi that she got fake moustache. Janki says that man was having it. Nikhil checks his fake moustache and hides. Pragya says you are trapped badly and asks him to accept that he was trying to take her advantage or tell everything. Abhi says no and calls Dadi. Pragya says I will tell Dadi and guest what you was saying? How you will know when someone loves you, and tells what he said. Abhi thinks what to do, shall I tell her everything. Pragya says this is right decision. Abhi asks her to find out what is in his heart. Pragya says just because you tries to stop your feeling and ignores it. Abhi says no, I don’t. He thinks to tell her. He asks her to look at side and says he was saying…..He says whenever I see in your eyes….I feel like looking in your eyes…I feel like we are together and there must be nobody in between us. He says I want to get drowned in your eyes and says I want to tell you that I …….holds her face closer. Allah Wariyan plays……..They have an eye lock.

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