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Twist Of Fate Sunday 2nd December 2018 On Zee World


 Contract killer thinking that for the first time, his victims will die by themselves and then he will go home. Damru and his goons are about to light the car on fire, but just then car starts and Abhi and Pragya manage to escape. Tanu thinks to call Nikhil and asks if Abhi and Pragya are dead. Mitali hears her and gets shocked. Contract killer come to the place and asks Damru where is Abhi and Pragya. Damru says suddenly car started and they escaped. Contract killer challenge them to catch them after scolding them. Pragya thanks the person leaving the car there. Abhi says I had found the car there and started it too. Pragya says he is her hero to save her and says she is not afraid to die, but afraid to lose him. Abhi is about to romance with her and their car meets with an

Mitali asks Tanu, why is she planning to kill Abhi and Pragya. She asks what Abhi and Pragya have done to you and says you have stoop so low, says I didn’t know that you are so cheap. Tanu asks her to listen. Mitali says I will tell truth to everyone. Tanu says you will not tell anyone and asks her to forget. Mitali says today I have seen your naagin avatar and will not let anything happen to Abhi. She says Abhi is jaan of everyone and says Abhi has done favors on you and asks how she can forget. Tanu scares her and keeps knife on her neck. She says when I can get Abhi and Pragya killed, then why can’t you. She threatens her keeping knife on her neck. Mitali gets scared and tells that she will not tell anyone. Tanu asks her to go and bring hot milk for her. Pragya and Abhi gets injured.

Pragya asks him to open his eyes. Abhi asks since when we are here? Pragya says we had an accident and says goons must be searching us, and asks can he walk? Abhi says I am a superman and can walk holding you. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. They walk inside the jungle. Abhi faints and falls down. She asks him to get up and walk. She says she will bring water for him. She finds small pond and tries to get water, but she couldn’t hold water in her hands. She tries to get water repeatedly. Pragya finally gets something and takes water for Abhi. The goons come to the place along with contract killer and see then car. Damru says this is the same car in which they have eloped. It seems that they have a bad accident. Contract killer says he will search them. He sees foot prints and says they are injured and we will catch them fast.

Damru asks how did you know that they are hurt and couldn’t walk. Contract killer asks them to see their foot prints and says they are near. He lie down on the ground and says he can hear the voice. Pragya brings water and asks Abhi to drink water.

 Pragya thinking she has to save Abhi somehow and hears someone coming. She thinks she has to save her husband anyhow. An old man comes there and asks Pragya what happened? Pragya tells him that they met with an accident last night. Old Man asks them to come to their house and offers help. Pragya is in dilemma if she shall take help. Man says nobody will help her in jungle, and asks her to come to his house, and not to worry as he has daughter too. Police comes to the kidnapping spot and asks Purab why didn’t you call me yesterday. Purab says there was no network when he tried calling him and gives him abhi’s mobile. Inspector asks Purab to send ladies home and says this is jungle area. Purab asks them to go back home.

Sarla, Dadi and Beeji refuse to go home. Purab promises them that he will bring abhi and pragya home. Old man bandages Abhi’s head and says wound is not deep and he will be fine. Man introduces himself as Raghuveer and asks Pragya about her name. Pragya says she is Pragya Mehra.

Raghuveer asks her to tell her everything and asks why there is a fear on your face. Pragya says there is nothing and says we will leave once he gains consciousness. Raghuveer asks why did you pick stone to hit me and asks if anyone wants to kill you. Pragya hides and says nobody is behind us. Raghuveer asks her to say truth. Pragya says some goons are after us and had kidnapped both of us. She tells how they escaped from goons’ clutches. Raghuveer gives her water. Pragya says we will go just as he gains consciousness.

Raghuveer says I was thinking how to take you out from this trouble and says until you are saved, you can’t go. Pragya says we don’t want any trouble to come on you. Raghuveer says nothing will happen. Pragya thanks him. Raghuveer says he is like her father. Pragya says she haven’t seen her father and says if he would have been alive then he might be like him.

Nikhil tells Aaliya that car stopped suddenly and not working. Aaliya asks why suddenly. Nikhil asks her to come and walk with him if she wants to search her brother. Aaliya says no way in this mud. Nikhil says ok, your wish and thinks if she steps back then it is good. Aaliya says she will see how she goes. Nikhil thinks how to get rid of her. Pragya is sitting at Abhi’s side. Pragya hugs him happily. They romance and argue sweetly. Raghuveer comes. Pragya introduces him as Baba. Abhi thinks he is her baba. Pragya tells him that he is Raghuveer ji and says he asked me to call him Baba. Abhi says even he must have felt that you are like his daughter.

Raghuveer says he felt like he is meeting his daughter and asks him to drink soup made by her. Abhi says you are behaving as if damad came to your house. Abhi and pragya make each other have food. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays.
Purab asking Dadi, Beeji and Sarla to go home. They refuse to go home until they find Abhi and Pragya. Tanu calls Aaliya and asks her to come home fast, as she has locked Dasi and Janki in the room. Aaliya agrees and asks her to send car. Tanu sends message to Nikhil and says your work is done now, you can kill Abhi and Pragya. Pragya tells Abhi that she will give him sponge bath and tries to take out his shirt. She asks him to remove his pant also. Abhi asks what? She says she will clean him. She gives him sponge bath and cleans his feet. Abhi blows air on her face. They are about to kiss. Pragya smiles. Main Phir bhi song plays…Abhi says he needs cold water and asks if Pragya if she was nurse before becoming teacher and his secretary. Abhi asks did I ask you when did you ride on the horse before. Abhi asks her to come closer. Pragya splashes water on him. Abhi asks her not to do it and says he will not leave her. Pragya asks him to get up first.

Raghuveer comes and see them fighting as kids. Pragya says she will clean the floor. Raghuveer says it is ok and says he brought clothes for Abhi, and asks what he would like to have. Abhi says we can eat grass if you feed us with love. Pragya says she will make food. She makes Abhi wear the clothes and goes to cook food. Raghuveer says your wife loves you. Abhi says she is everything, but not his wife. Raghuveer says she protected you in the jungle and when I asked her to come to my house. She took you in her arms and says she has accepted you as her husband. He says she has love and care for you like a wife. Abhi looks on surprised..

Damru, contract killer and others search Abhi and Pragya in the jungle. Contract killer see the blood stain and says it is fresh. He sees three footsteps and says someone is with them. Nikhil comes there. Contract killer says they are near and says I will bring them to you. Abhi asks him to shoot them, the moment he see them. He says he got rid of Abhi’s sister with much difficulty. Contract killer asks him not to compare him with his joker goons and asks why do you come here. Pragya makes food for Abhi and thinks she is making food for her husband. Main Tumko Chahungi plays

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