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Twist Of Fate Friday 23rd November 2018 On Zee World

 Aaliya telling that they will help Sarla after the marriage. Dadi asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla cries and says don’t know whether my daughter is alive or dead, but you care for your marriage than my daughter. She says if my daughter’s dead body would have been here, then you would have taken rounds first and marry. She curses him and says you will never be happy in your life. Abhi takes off his turban and throws it on floor. He removes the garland also and throws it. Tanu is shocked. Abhi refuses to marry. Tanu and her mum are shocked. Mitali thinks I was waiting for climax, but there is anti climax here. Tanu asks Abhi to complete the last round. Abhi says I can’t marry you and tells that Pragya is in danger. Aaliya asks him not to go and says she must be fine. He asks
until when you will go and save her. Abhi says she is so much for me and says my happiness should be your happiness. He asks Sarla to come.

Mrs. Mehta tells that what about her request and says you have promised me to marry Tanu. She tells that there is less time for her. Abhi says you have less time, but Pragya have few hours left. He is about to go. Tanu stops him and says if you go from the mandap then think that you are out from my life. She says if you leave me today then don’t return. He says I am a girl and not your contract. She says I have done compromises for you and have risked my career for you. She says today is my marriage and I can’t share this day for anyone else. She says I just remember your promise to me and asks what happened today. She says you would have told me that our marriage day will change according to pragya’s situation. She says I will not bear anymore, and says this marriage will happen today. She says if you want to go then think that you are ruining my family life and also your family and blackmails him emotionally using media. Abhi says he don’t care about media and asks her to do whatever she wants. He walks off with Sarla.

Sarla tells Abhi that she found Pragya here wrapped in the carpet. Purab asks why didn’t you come to us. Sarla says I wasn’t aware before and tells that when she tried to stop them, they hit her. Abhi says Dadi told me that she is going home. Dadi says you was worried and that’s why we said that. Abhi asks how can you say that? Purab asks about the goons? Sarla tells that they were 4 goons who hit rod on my head and tells that she fainted here. Purab asks if they took someone’s name. Sarla says no. abhi asks her to remember if she heard something.

Mr. Mehta tells that this is happening because of tanu’s stubbornness. He tells that Abhi ditched her at the last min. Mrs. Mehta worries for their respect. Mitali feels bad for them and thinks to see drama happening. Tanu takes off the garland from her neck angrily and sits down crying.

Beeji and Janki are in hospital. Beeji says you have wasted time and says you went have went following Sarla and says what we would do if she faints on the way. Janki says you would have done the same thing if you were on my place. Abhi asks Sarla to remember. Sarla says she can’t remember anything and tells that Janki was with her. Janki and Beeji come there. Sarla asks Janki to tell if she remember anything about the goons. Janki tells that she saw the tempo’s name. Purab says we can find the tempo address. Sarla asks Janki to tell if she remember anything more. Janki says she heard them saying that they are going out of city. Abhi asks purab to stay there and take care of everyone. Purab says if you don’t bring Pragya back then think that our friendship is over. Abhi promises to bring her back.

Goon asks Pragya to have food and says your husband must gotten married by now. Pragya refuses to have food. Damru says we will have food and will not be hungry for her. He sings mere pati ki shaadi hai. Pragya thinks she lost hope many time, but this time….She thinks if he comes to take me then what I will do. If I can see the sindoor and mangalsutra in her hand.
  Nikhil recalling how did he kidnap Pragya and says it would be fun to see her helpless condition. He thinks the more she will cry, the more he will laugh. Door bell rings. He thinks if Damru came and opens the door. Tanu comes there. Nikhil says you came here and says you should be with Abhi on your suhaagraat. He asks why did you come? He asks her to come with him and see Pragya’s jealous face. Tanu says she don’t want to see Pragya’s face. Nikhil says your anger is still same. Tanu says I didn’t marry and tells that her marriage was stopped, says our plotting and conspiracy is all wasted. She says Sarla came to mandap and stopped the marriage. She says your goons must not have told you about Sarla. Nikhil asks where is Abhi? He says why did he go from mandap? Tanu cries
and tells that he has gone mad. She says he went insearch of her. Nikhil says if he finds Pragya then she will tell everything to Abhi. Tanu asks him to kill Pragya and says I don’t want her in my life. She asks him to kill her. Nikhil is shocked.

The goons talk about Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Damru asks them to come out and say. Pragya thinks how to hear. Goon tells Damru that marriage stopped midway and tells that waiter called and told me. Pragya thinks why they will lie, gets happy thinking that her kumkum and bhagya is with her. She thinks who stopped the marriage and thinks Abhi must have stopped it. She thinks how he will search me and thinks if I don’t escape from here then Tanu will trap him for marriage again. She thinks to escape somehow. Abhi is driving the car and thinks don’t know how Pragya would be, in which condition. He thinks when I see her last, she was crying. My heart was restless as I saw your crying face again and again. He says even you are not wrong, and says you couldn’t see me marrying Tanu and thinks where are you? Pragya tries to free her hands. A sad song thodi der aur theher jaa plays….while he reminisces her.

Purab calls Abhi and says he is trying to get address and location of the tempo from the registration company. He tells Abhi that he will come and asks him not to go alone. He thinks to ask agent. Nikhil gives water to Tanu and says you told this as you are angry. She says whatever you told is angrily. She says you have to take revenge, but not like this and says if we kill her then Abhi will become sad and devdas. She tells that whenever we try to kill her, she gets saved and we get trapped. She says we have to take this revenge, but not by killing her. He saysit is not easy to take life. Tanu gets angry and splashes water on his face and then throws the glass. Nikhil asks what did you do? Tanu says it was your responsibility to get me marry Abhi and accuses him for not killing Pragya before. Nikhil says what do you mean that your marriage stopped as I didn’t kill her. Tanu says my marriage will not stop as Pragya will be no more. She tells him that if Abhi finds her then she will tell him everything. She says you have to kill him. Nikhil says I can’t provoke you.

Tanu says situation is out of our hands now and asks if he will kill Pragya. She grabs his collar and says she is in your custody now, and nobody will know that you have killed her. She says if you don’t kill her, then I will kill her and end her chapter. She says I will kill her so badly that nobody think of love or show power of kumkum or bhagya etc. She asks him to answer. Nikhil says I will kill Pragya and says you are saying right, if she remains alive then we will come on road. She will tell everything to Abhi. She says if I kill her then her kumkum will vanish too. He says we will save three lives with her death. He says she has snatched your kumkum and promises to kill Pragya and snatched her kumkum.

Dasi asks Sarla not to worry and says everything will be fine. Sarla says once Pragya returns, I will be fine. Beeji asks her to think positive and says whenever Abhi went to save her, he always saved her. Dasi says best part is Abhi didn’t marry Tanu and says we will get Abhi and Pragya married. Sarla hopes that they get unite for forever and be happy. Dadi says I will not leave Aaliya. Aaliya thinks where is Tanu. Purab comes to her room. Aaliya says my mood is bad and asks him to go. Purab says your intention, character etc are all bad. He says your involvement is direct and asks her to tell where is Pragya? Aaliya says I didn’t do her kidnapping and don’t know where is your Pragya di. Purab grabs her collar and says he will do same thing which she did with Pragya. He asks her to tell where is Pragya. Aaliya tells that she is suffocating and tells that she is not behind her kidnapping. Purab says you have no right to live and asks her to die. He tries to suffocate her.

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