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Meri Aashiqui Episode 93--94 Update On Thursday 8th November 2018 On Joy Prime


Amba reminds RV in phone about the Pooja, and calls him home. He apologizes Ritika and friends that he has to leave. Ritika’s friends tease her that she is letting him go. Ritika says he is leaving only, so that he can come as groom and take her along. She says she doesn’t want to let him go, as she is suddenly used to him. She says she is loving his gift bracelet.

Falguni scolds the jeweller, that when this bangle isn’t their’s, how it reached them. The jeweller says that he kept a new worker, who said this was your. Falguni takes the number of the worker, his name was Nitin. Baa waits for Ishaani, Ishaani says she will soon be there. Baa says what will be more important that the Kangan. She says if her mother isn’t here, they must call her sister and calls Disha. Falguni arrives home and apologizes that she got late. Ishaani asks if she is alright, Falguni tells her to sit as the time is slipping. Baa calls Ritesh. Chaitali says Mr. Javeri invited him for being Ishaani’s mama. Baa calls Sarmad.

Mr. Javeri thanks Ritesh. Ritesh says he is obliged. There Amba asks the Pandit to perform the rituals of Pooja well. Baa tells Ishaani that she can no more go out of the house, and she can’t meet Chiraag. Ritika says that it won’t be her fault, if he comes to meet her. She says that if they consider it a ritual, she will abide by it. Rohan comes to meet Ritika, he is amazed to see Ritika in an Indian outfit. Rohan was an advocate. Her friend tell ROhan that Ritika danced with RV. He watches Chiraag, and asks what this idiot is doing at her mehndi. Ritika says this is Chiraag Mehta, a cheater; he is going to cheat Ishaani. He is his client, and she will be left shocked listening to what he is going to tell her.

Falguni waits for someone at night, and is shocked to see the man. She shouts at him, why he is doing this all. He must go away from her life, now here is no one. The man says that his daughter Ishaani, he has come here. She asks did he now remember him; he left them when she was 2 years of age. He only thought about himself then, he ran away of his responsibilities and now he has come to meet his rich daughter. He had found someone rich, 20 years back. She says they have no money now, he must go away now. She says Ishaani isn’t his daughter, she should have got his name but she is known as illegitimate. He has no right on her. Nitin says he has no right on her, but he has a responsibility. He accepts he did wrong to them, but he got punished. His luck left him; he could never get any happiness. He asks her to be a part of Ishaani’s wedding; he wants to bless her that she gets all the happiness from her husband. Falguni leaves.

Ritika thinks about Rohan’s details about Chiraag. She says how she should make
Ishaani understand, that Chiraag is planning to cheat Ishaani.

There Ishaani sat in front of mirror, draped in her bridal truth. Ritika thinks about meeting RV, and telling him the truth. She thinks how she can meet him, then thinks it is about someone’s life.

Amba sat with RV’s head in lap, and says a son’s mother thinks as much as a bride thinks at the time of marriage.As her life is also going to change. Befor marriage, he liked food cooked by his mother but now will appreciate hers. He will come back home, thinking that his wife is doing so. RV sits, saying nothing will change. Amba says she isn’t complaining, she is happy that this change is coming in his life. She wants nothing but, that they remain happy together. Ritika was calling RV, but the phone was silent. Amba shows RV the dresses she brought for him, and tells him Ritika helped her chosing it. He likes it.

Ritika’s call goes unattended. Ritika is frustrated, why he isn’t attending the call. She texts him to meet her outside her house urgently.

Amba goes to bring sweet for RV. RV watches his phone and reads the message. He replies, that he is coming in 20 minutes, and leaves worried. Ritika watches RV come home, and successfully reach out of the house.

She comes to him in veil, he asks the reason. She says they can’t see each other before wedding. She has to tell him something about Ishaani.
Amba comes to RV’s room, annoyed.

Ritika tells RV that Chiraag has got his divorce papers ready, he will leave her after wedding.

Amba finds a henna stain on RV’s dress. She finds a file, about Ishaani Parekh’s case. She reads it and gets worried saying it is good she has learnt enough English to know what RV is doing in Parekh’s case. He is helping them win it. She thought he will now forget Ishaani, but he is still helping her. She takes the lawyer’s number from his mobile, and texts the lawyer that I have changed my decision in Ishaani Parekh’s decision, make her lose.
Ritika calls RV. He asks is she sure happy with the wedding. He holds her hand, then says that she is telling him that Chiraag is cheating Ishaani; though she knows he will get upset and may change the decision. RItika says that she knows he cares for Ishaani, secondly she knows that one must let the person you love, not encaged. RV says he wonders, two people whose interests don’t meet, but their thinking is so much alike. This is why, he tells her anything about Ishaani. He now let Ishaani go to her way, and prays for her. HE is owed under his mota bapu, and he wants to give his family the best he could give. He has done the most, to make the family win. But for Ishaani, he cant do anything, and from tomorrow his priorities will be changed. He tells her to go inside now, else his photographs won’t be good. She asks for the meaning, he says the people around will beat him if they see him here.
Baa prays for something. Falguni hears, and asks is she so happy for Ishaani’s wedding. Baa says she can only be happy for Ishaani because Ishaani will no more be here. She is praying, because today is the decision for their case and she is going to get everything back for her family. Falguni says she must not worry about coming to the wedding then. Baa says she will come to bless Ishaani and Chiraag after the case hearing. Ishaani comes to take Baa’s blessings. Baa hugs her, and caresses her.
Chiraag stands in front of the mirror, saying that now he will be rich as well. Shanaila comes there, and says curtly that she knows he is going to marry the girl he always called his cousin i.e Ishaani. He says he was about to tell her, that this is just fake. Shanaila says she believed in him, and deters him for telling anything to Ishaani. Chiraag laughs, and asks are you threatening me? Go tell her, Ishaani know everything about her, she has seen Shanaila and Chiraag together but didn’t say a word. He says he doesn’t want cheap girls like her, he is going to marry Ishaani and get rich. Shanaila leaves, saying he will surely get punished for this all. Chiraag comes to mirror, and boasts that if RV couldn’t harm him, what will Shanaila do.
Amba takes RV to the mandap. He says he has to check his phone, for an important call. Amba says that today, there must be no phone calls. But RV says he asked Bundi to bring it, RV gets the mobile. Amba thinks that she had hid it underneath his bed, so that he might not read the sms. Amba snatches the mobile from his hand, it fells into the ghee. Amba gives it to Bundi to clean it.
RV watches Arohi, with her parents come to the wedding. Amba was angry that they came so late. RV hugs Arohi, and asks how is her wedding going. Arohi says she is going to top in exams, as her brother is top in business. Arohi takes RV for the haldi. RV was interested in something else. Arohi’s mother whispers to Amba, that she always prayed that RV gets rid of that Ishaani.
Falguni performs Haldi of Ishaani. Arohi performs RV’s Haldi. Amba blesses him. Mr. Javeri performs Ritika’s Haldi.
Ritika comes to Mr. Javeri finding him crying, and hugs him. Falguni asks Pratik to call Disha. Pratik says she left 10 minutes ago. Chatali brings glittered Haldi for Ishaani. Pratik and Devash play with the turmeric. Pratik gets a call, and promises to reach the court.
Chiraag reaches the court. He says he came here, to support Ishaani as she can’t come today. The lawyer says court’s decision won’t change. Baa comes there, and thinks why has Chiraag come here as a joker. Baa asks hasn’t the judge got late, the lawyer says they are earlier. Chaitali and Ritesh come there.
Chiraag gets a call, Ishaani says that each hour is being heavy upon her. Chiraag says they will surely win. Ishaani says she was talking about their wedding, as she has left the case decision on God. If she loses it, she knows he is there to support her. The judge arrive. Chiraag disconnects the call, and says she will wait for him for whole of her life, if she loses the case.
RV looks at Harshid’s photo in his cupboard. He says he tried to fulfil his responsibilities towards his family, but if something is left he needs forgiveness. He thinks the lawyer must be calling him. Parul comes there. RV asks Parul to bring his phone from Bundi. Luxmi- Parul’s mom come there. RV winks at Parul, she goes to bring the mobile.
RV’s father hears telling Luxmi that Parekh’s will surely lose the case, as she won’t let RV reach them till the decision.
Ishaani is ready for the wedding, she looks at their family photo and cries. Falguni hears her, and goes crying. She says she waited for this day, for years. But she didn’t know, she won’t be happy. She says, I know Harshid I am doing wrong, but my daughter is mad at Chiraag. She asks Harshid for help, for a way so that she can save her daughter.
Shanaila drove while crying. She thinks she must tell Ishaani the truth, to stop the bad happen to her.
Falguni comes to Ishaani, saying her make-up will be destroyed. Ishaani hugs Falguni.
Luxmi praised RV, he is worried that the decision must be declared till now. He asks Amba about his cell phone. She asks Parul to bring it to him, Amba says now he must be happy. RV is worried that the mobile isn’t switching on. Amba says its battery must be dead. His father get’s Mr. Javeri’s call, and asks the men to tie his Kullah.

Pratik calls Ishaani as the taxi has arrived. Ishaani asks about the case. They tell her the decision hasn’t been announced yet. As they leave the house, Shanaila arrives at Ishaani’s house and finds it locked. A man tells Shanaila that the wedding must be at a nearby hall.
The friends praised Ritika, RV arrives with the Baraat.
Ishaani comes to the hall, everyone praises her. She asks Pratik to call Ritesh.
Ritika comes to the hall. RV looks at her, as she comes besides him. He says she looks beautiful. She says he looks good too, but more tensed. He should smile to increase the value of his face. Amba is happy watching them together.
Ishaani was worried and calls Chiraag to ask what is happening at the case. She was worried.
Ritika asks for the DDLJ’s pose at the photography. She tells RV, hadn’t it been their wedding she must have got the Titanic’s pose as well.
Chiraag arrives at the doorway. RV loses the color of his face. Ritika is also worried to see him. Chiraag goes from the door, RV goes behind him. Outside, Chiraag claps. RV says he must be with Ishaani. Chiraag says he is where he must have been. He says to RV that he played to good game, he had two sparrows down with one arrow. RV asks him to talk straight. Chiraag says Ishaani has lost her case. RV was astonished. Chiraag tells him to end the drama, and asks why he made them lose the case. He gives him the breaking news, that he isn’t marrying Ishaani anymore. He tells him that he has left her, at the stage of marriage. They lost the case, and Ishaani lost Chiraag.
Ishaani sits back in a setback. They were all worried. Chaitali says they are hopeless. Pratik says they must not lose hope, they will take the case to supreme court. Baa says they have been destroyed, they have lost their money and property. She hoped to win it. Ishaani says RV made us lose it, as he came to take revenge.
RV asks Chiraag how he can do this. Chiraag says he always knew that RV will make her win the case and he will get the property worth millions. But now, not a driver will marry her. RV holds his collar, but Chiraag says he can nothing about him. RV can go to her now, wipe her tear, call her his friend or lover; she is all yours. He throws his head-cover and leaves. Ritika listens to this all.

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