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Meri Aashiqui Episode 87--88 Update On Monday 5th November 2018 On Joy Prime


Mr. Javeri gives thanking speech. Ishaani hears it. Amba comes with the mike, Chaitali gives her thumb up. She speaks broken English. Ritika says here is a surprise from his mom, he is unable to smile. Everyone laughs at her English. RV is ashamed, Amba feels the awkwardness. RV says what was the use for her to learn English from Chaitali, but Ritika says this is so sweet of her. Shaitali says to Ritesh that this speech has been a flop. Ishaani comes to the back of the pole Amba stood with and says today everyone is laughing, she likes it. She asks Amba to say this line. RV also listens this. Amba repeats.

Ishaani says ‘Good I am happy’, Amba repeats. Ishaani says ‘I wanted all of you to laugh’ Amba repeats. Ishaani says ‘on this joyous occasions’. Amba repeats. Ishaani says as Amba repeats the speech. Wese bhi hansi tou bari mushkil se milti hai aajkal. Excuse my English, and just feel my emotions. I am really happy for my son. And I always want him to be happy. My good wishes are always with the couple. Thankyou so much for you presence and your spotting spirit.

Ishaani feels dizzy, and goes away. Ranvir comes to appreciate maa. She says they must do the engagement ceremony. RV and Ritika put ring into each other’s fingers. Ishaani doesn’t feel alright, and is about to fell down. RV takes the ring in hand, looks at Ishaani. Amba asks RV to put on the ring. He calls Ishaani, and goes to her who had fallen down. He calls her, then holds her in his arms and takes her up. Ritika picks up the ring. Amba says that she is RV’s employ; he takes much care of his employees. She asks them to serve the snacks till he comes back.

RV takes Ishaani to room, and makes her lie on the bed. He looks at her face
He takes his hand from beneath her, spares his button off her chain. Falguni comes there. RV calls Ishaani’s name, and asks her to open her eyes. He was worried, sprinkles water on her face. He puts water into her mouth, and makes her drink it. She takes a sip. Falguni smiles. He asks Ishaani is she ok. She comes to conscious, and is shocked. She asks what he did, why he made her drink water. He says she fainted. She says he broke her fast, and is worried. She says it is a bad omen. He say it has to be a bad omen, as she is marrying a man like Chiraag. He says he will be the first time to leave her, did he call her for once to ask how is she. Ishaani leaves saying it is between her and Chiraag, none of his business.

RV tells Falguni that her daughter is fine, she can call her to ask how she is. Falguni asks what has happened to him, she wants to know why is he doing it all. Why he takes care of Ishaani. She says he has changed for people, but for Ishaani he is still the same who was hurt when Ishaani was annoyed with him in childhood. RV says that one must not live in past, but with hope. RV says that he is keeping his responsibility as an employer. Falguni says her husband gave him a responsibility to stay with Ishaani, with time that responsibility turned into friendship and then love. RV asks Falguni that she and her daughter are disturbing his time for ceremony and leaves.

Falguni thinks that his RV has told her, that Ranvir won’t leave Ishaani and will never let her marry Ishaani. Amba takes Ishaani by arm, and says she won’t stop it. She started the drama, to stop the engagement. Ishaani tries to explain, but Amba isn’t ready to listen. She says she is just like her mother. Amba says she was the weakness of her son, when he loved her. Now she isn’t worth his hatred. She warns her to keep her eye away from her son till he gets married. Amba says like mother, like daughter.

Ritika comes across RV. He says sorry. She asks where was he. She says did he change his mind to marry, looking at her. She says she was in his front, and he left her. He says he saved her, to marry her; else there must have been a bad omen and the ceremony had to be delayed. Amba takes them along. RV puts on the ring in Ritika’s hand, and smiles.

Baa looks at Falguni victoriously. The family hugs each other. Baa says is she calm now, or she still thinks he will marry her daughter. Falguni says it is just the engagement, not marriage. She must not say that she will accept the loss only after the seven circles; she must forget it as it will never happen

Amba thanks all the guests giving them gift packs as they were leaving. She see Falguni and Baa leaving, and calls for the box other than for special gifts. She tells them that this box contains stale sweet for her. Baa says she dares to misbehave her in her house, does she consider her as princess. Amba says what is the need for her to consider, what she already is. She says she could have taken the work from her as servant here. Baa is angry, and says she will win the case and make them both the maids. Amba returns it to her. They both argue. Falguni stops them, Mr. Javeri comes there. Falguni says that Baa has gone mad, after losing her son. Mr. Javeri tells them to go home. Baa says she will tell her at home, what she does to them. Falguni apologize them all. Amba says she has gone crazy right now, what will happen when she will lose the case.
Baa stops Falguni, and asks how dare she called her mad. Falguni says she said so, to stop Amba from calling her false things. Baa says to Falguni, that she never cares about her own home. Her daughter was fasting today, and she came here to know what is going on in RV’s house. This is why, she degraded her in front of Amba; she has become greedy. She cries, that her Harshid was also trapped by her the same way. But this RV is clever enough to understand the trap.
Chiraag promises Shanaila, that when they get married he will give her 16 carat diamond ring. He gets a call, a friend calling him that he has arranged a bachelor party for him at Paradise Hotel, he must come. Chiraag is excited, tells Shanaila he has dinner with an International Party and goes.
Ishaani come back home.
She thinks how she will Chiraag that she broke the fast, without him. She calls him, while he was driving. He makes a face, then parks the car. He says she always come in between, whenever he is about to go and enjoy. Ishaani asks when is he coming, as she fasted for him. Chiraag says how did he forget. She says it is okay. He says he simply forgot, and right now he is going to a meeting at an International meeting. She says he must come here after the meeting. He says he is also fasting, and she must take dinner else he will not eat there. She promises him that she will eat.
Baa comes there, and caresses Ishaani assuring him that Chiraag is a good man and she has to look good for him. She tells her that she will make her break her fast, herself. The maid asks Baa the reason for so much care with Ishaani. Baa says Falguni made her suffer in front of Amba, now she will assure that Ishaani marries Chiraag, as revenge.
Ishaani gets RV’s call. She thinks what he needs now, and is shocked to hear. He says is she listening less. He tells her that she needs to go Hotel Paradise now, and see the Emerald hall. He is planning his bachelor party there. She says it is late, 10 at night. He says that she is indebted by him, he is helping her get rid of his debt and must leave the company. He says he is fed up of him, and she must call him when she reaches the hotel. Ritika comes to RV, and asks when he is free. He says when he sleeps. Mr. Javeri thanks Amba for the function. He asks Ritika to leave. Amba says that Ritika has to come back in four days, forever.
RV asks if he can take Ritika along. Mr. Javeri says they are now engaged, so she is his responsibility. He says he has to go on a meeting, he will drop Ritika in the way. Amba says they have to change this habit of hers.
Ishaani thinks that Chiraag hasn’t come here, so she must do his work.
Chiraag comes to hotel, his friend gives him the welcome at reception. He sends him to Emerald Hall, and promises to be there in a while. Disha and Rishi come there too. Disha says she didn’t know he is so romantic. Chiraag comes to the hall, and shouts at them all in excitement. There was darkness, and his past girlfriends all haunted him there. They encircle him, and reminds him of his false promises. He was confused about them all, and says he respects them all. They all beat him with slippers. Ishaani asks about the emerald hall. The receptionist tells her that party is going on. Ishaani clarifies that party is tomorrow, in the name of RV.
The girls beated Chiraag. Disha tells Rishi that she is fed up of living in flat. She says they are about to win their case, and asks if she can stay here till that.
The receptionist tells her that the hall is booked on RV’s name. Ishaani goes to check it. Disha watches her coming.
RV reach the hall, and stops Chiraag there. He laughs, that the hero of girls is being beaten like villlian. Disha asks Rishi to go to room. RV thanks girls, without home it was not possible. He thanks Pankach. He says it was important to make the face of this donkey worth a donkey. The girl marrying him must know his truth.

PRECAP: RV shows Chiraag a CD, saying everything is recorded in it. He will show it to Ishaani,

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  1. Woow!! Wat an interesting scene I pray chirag gets caught dis time