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Meri Aashiqui Episode 119--120 Update On Monday 3rd December 2018 On Joy Prime


Amba serves Mr. Thakkar with sweet, he denies but RV and Baba insists on him. Mrs. Thakkar says he was joking and has been waiting for sweet for long.
Ishaani doesn’t remember what Nitin told her to sprinkle on sweet. She thinks it was something green and sprinkles dried coriander on it. RV says this is my favourite, and tastes it. Ishaani goes to offer it to guests, but RV snatches the dish and says he will eat it all up. Mr. Thakkar says RV reminded him of his childhood.
Ishaani waits for RV in the corridor. He tells Ishaani that he is tired, and is going to sleep. She must tell Mrs. Nitin that he will meet him tomorrow. Ishaani stops him, then can’t say anything. RV says he will wait for her. She stammers that she… mistake… want to say… He asks what she wants to say. She says I am sorry! He repeats Sorry!? She says Saar (Many), that she has to say many things to him.
RV says he is really for it. His stomach begins to make noices. She asks who is farting. He says his stomach went out of order and asks why she made that sweet. It was pathetic, had the guest eaten it their stomach must have got out of order as well. He asks what she had to say, she says she has to pick her saree from drycleaner. RV heads to washroom, calling Parul for Salt and Ajwain.
Richika come to meet Dewarsh. He tells Pratik that he was making fun with Parul, so now he will make his Richika away from him. Derwash promises Richika that she wanted to record a song, he will ask RV to fix her meeting with someone in the music studio. Parul comes there, and offers her friend’s help. Derwash promises Parul to give her a dinner and asks Richika for treat. Richika says the three of them will party well, Pratik thinks he will not leave Dewarsh.
Ishaani tells Nitin, she couldn’t say sorry. She says their sweet also went wrong. He asks what she sprinkled on it. Ishaani shows him the jar, he says it is corriandar powder. Ishaani says she just ruins everything, and when she wants to say sorry to him he makes her nervous. Nitin asks why he makes her nervous, as he is her husband. Ishaani is silent. Nitin apologizes for being so personal and asks her to tell her maa about it. Ishaani says she can’t tell her maa, she is unaware of any problem. She says sorry, there is no problem everything is alright. She goes to the other side. Nitin comes to her, and says he is an employ of her husband but she is like his daughter. She says thankyou. He says he must say thanks, as she shared her feeling and he could help her. She notices he is lost, and asks if he is alright. He says watching her, he remembers his daughter. She asks where is his daughter. He says, due to his mistake, she is far away from her. Ishaani says she didn’t do any mistake, still her papa isn’t with her. He always had all the solutions. Nitin asks she loved him a lot. Ishaani says she still do and will always. His presence meant a lot in her life, luck takes away people you love the most. Nitin says he doesn’t know about himself, but her papa must have been a good man. Falguni passes by and watches them. Nitin keeps hand on Ishaani’s head, and says he can’t take his place but ever if she wants to talk to her papa she can tell him. Falguni calls Ishaani in anger, that RV has been looking for her.
Falguni asks Nitin if he thinks he can take Ishaani’s papa’s place. Nitin says he was just telling Ishaani to say sorry. Falguni says he never came to say sorry to her, and is teaching Ishaani to say sorry. Nitin says he doesn’t want his daughter to repeat his mistakes. Falguni says there is nothing wrong in RV and Ishaani’s life, and she will prove it.
Derwash hits Parul in the corridor. They both caresses each other, Parul asks him to bring RIchika to her room. Lakshmi and Amba watch them, Lakshmi blame Derwash for flirting with Parul. They watch Richika and Derwash hug.
Falguni comes to Ishaani and RV’s room. She gives them the booking of a supreme resort of a hotel, as she thinks they must spend some time together. Ishaani begins to say something, but RV says if she wants so , they will go. Ishaani says a mad person, will think about leaving this opportunity. Falguni says she is happy to see, they are happy. RV says there couldn’t be a better gift. Falguni takes leave. RV says they have taken the gift, but… Ishaani places finger on his mouth. He is confused asking what she is doing. She asks can’t she come close to him, as they are spouses. She says she is happy that they are going on vacations together, she is really happy that she has been gifted.

Parul asks Richika to record the song on the laptop, Richika asks to record it in studio. Derwash flirts with Ridchika. The house and everyone is moved by the noise of her singing. Amba asks Lakshmi to go and stop her. RV feels concerned for Ishaani, that she will be hurt by the glass. Ishaani says when wife is around, husbands don’t need to work. Ishaani looks at him in the mirror, then throws it on the floor asking him to call a servant. RV asks what was this all. Ishaani says maa was out there, she said this all to make her hear this.
Falguni comes to Nitin, and says he was wrong even today. She gifted them a resort holiday booking voucher, and they were happy. Nitin says that they posed to be happy. They are happy, because there they won’t have to pose anything. How will she know they are happy. He says he just want their daughter… Falguni corrects him as ‘her daughter’. Nitin says he only wants to know about Ishaani’s problem, so that she (Falguni) may solve it.
Richika asks how was her song. Derwash appreciates, Richika hugs Derwash. Derwash asks Parul to give him adrak tea and takes her along. Parul asks if he has an affair with Richika and says Pratik told her about her and the kiss too, so he won’t need anymore about another girl.
Falguni hears Baba tells RV not to worry about his business affairs. Amba says she is happy, RV is going away from his family. Amba gives him some food, to take along. Falguni tells RV to take care of Ishaani, he hugs her and promises to take care of her. Parul mischievously change their suitcase. Disha watches them leave, and thinks she won’t let him enjoy his life, after spoling hers. Falguni prays that this trip proves her fear and Nitin’s thinking wrong.
Disha calls Chirag, and asks him who he came to meet in party. She recognized him, and watched how he was pushed out. She asks is he really interested in her sister, as RV is still their enemy. Chiraag says RV has kept her home and arranging a grand wedding for her. DIsha says she is trying to take her stupid sister into influence.

Chiraag says he has come to Ishaani’s life for RV, he defeated him in business, then married Ishaani. He wants revenge from RV. Disha says she also wants to revenge him, he has kept them in servant quarters. Chiraag says RV can’t get their plans, if they get together. She say they can’t do it, as they have gone to Panchmeshwar. Chiraag says he won’t ever forget this trip.
The plane lands, Ishaani waits in car. Ishaani says it is three hours, he has been driving. RV says before being a business man, he was a driver. He says Falguni maa isn’t here, so she must not expect him to be decent.
Falguni asks Nitin in the car if they are taking the same route as RV. Nitin says no, else they would suspect that they are keeping an eye on them.
Ishaani says she doesn’t want to get lost. RV says she speaks a lot, and plays a song. Nitin also hears the same song, looking at Falguni. Nitin says she used to see moon, at night travels. Falguni switch the radio off, and says that time has gone. The song which gave her peace first, now pains her. She realizes that moon is not for every night.
RV enjoys the song, Ishaani asks him for his credit card. He asks why she needs so. She says she wants to change their reservations, as maa has booked a single room. She doesn’t want him to sleep on floor. She calls the resort, but there was no network. He says they can get a room booked, when they reach there. He keeps on looking at her, while arguing. A lorry comes towards them, Ishaani shouts Ranvir. The car skids, and hits the road side. The door remains open, Ishaani gets conscious and calls Ranvir, who lied consciousless. She comes to him, and asks him to open his eyes.


PRECAP: The doctor tells Ishaani that she can recognize the man, who brought her papa there. She looks behind and points at the man, saying it is strange she is seeing the man two years later. .

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