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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Tuesday 6th November 2018 On Angel TV


RK and Madhu in jail. RK says that dont take tension everything will be fine soon. Madhu says that I am hearing this from tto long. RK says I will get bail by tom. Madhu says then after that you will go to jail again. RK ask madhu whats the matter why are you talking like this. Madhu says that I dont know how to talk like you. She says that the way this case is getting weaker, the way you are going to jail and coming out, dont know when you will be with me and when not. RK confused. Madhu says till how long. RK says that its a tough time and he knows that she is in tension.

Madhu says that I am tired now thinking that should I visit you in jail or you are coming home. Madhu says that now I cant live like this. RK shocked. He says that what are you saying. Madhu says that I am not saying anything lie, today you will get bail but whats the gurantee of tomm. he says that till how long I will live with this fear. Madhu says that when we will have our kids what we will say to them(Flashback of Rishbala talking about there kids) Madhu says that in the studio we saw our future, but in dreams we have our eyes close and in real our eyes are open. RK says that i know its a wrong phase bt we have gone throgh such phase alwas and we had always fight for it. And today also we are winning but only if you are with me, he says that I promise that I will never go to jail after coming out this time. He ask that you trust on my promise. Madhu says that you dont even know you will come out, she denies living like ths now. RK says that what should I do now. How can I change everything, how can I change sultan dieing. RK says that we have to fight for our future and I need yur support. He says that when you were with me I fought death and this time its only about life and I only need your support. RK forwards his hand and ask you will support me. Madhu thinking about Radhas words about being with RK always. Madhu forwads her hand and then thins about Sultan’s word and takes her hand away. RK shocked. Madhu says that no more, I cant support you more. Madhu says that i belong to a middle class family and I have small dreams and now I understand that you will not be able to do this for me. Madhu says dont know why something wrongs happen in your life always. Madhu says till how many time I have to take your problem to me, I just need small happiness. She says that i need my life back, I need Divorce. RK is hell shocked!! Madhu gives the divorce paprs to him and says that I have signed them, now its your turn. Madhu was about to leave.

Rk grabs Madhu and pins her to the wall. RK says “How dare you Madhubala” He says that How did you even think that RK will trust this Baqwas RK says that I have done such dramatic scenes in many films. Rk says Madhubala(Ahhh I just love him saying “Madhubala)that you can fool the whole world not me, as the person standing in front of you is your husband and I know my wife very well, you can cry for me but you can never leave me in such situation( well done RK) RK says that there is something else. He says to tell the truth how can you have such a mental drama in such a small time. He says who is making you do all this. Madhu says that its coz of your behaviour, your immaturity. RK tells madhu to say the truth and no Baqwas(Hahahaha I love the way he is still not convinced) Madhu says that we dont even know our future. RK grabs Madhu tightly and yells to tell the truth only(LOL) He says who is making you do all this and says that the whhatever you said was not the reason. Madhu says yes, going to jail is not the reason, the reason is Sultan. RK looks confused. Madhu says that I can see Sultan everywhere, where ever I go its only sultan, In my dreams its only Sultan and he keeps on saying me that to leave RK and he is not worth you. RK yells that Sultan is not alive, he is not in our lives. Madhu says that he is not in your life only, but he is still there in my life(LOL Mujhe bahut hassi aa rahi hai, Madhubala Rishabh Kundra cant even lie properly) Madhu says that the first time you saw me and Sultan together what you thought that whats the relationship between us. RK says thats it , nothing more then this. Madhu says I have to tell you the truth, as the thing which I was not able to see you saw correctly. Madhu yells that I only love Sultan, I dont love you

Part 2

RK says just say it one more time. Madhu says I will tell 100 times that I love sultan only, Madhu is only Sultans. RK says that just say that all this is a lie, just say. Madhu says that this is the truth I just love him and I am only his(LOL its just like that Madhu is forcing RK to belive her) Madhu keeps on talking and says that its coz of you that me and Sultan are not together , its coz of you as you shooted him. RK gets angry and breaks the furniture. MAdhu shocked. Police comes and takes R away. RK keeps looking and staring at Madhu(as if he was reading her face) Madhu crys.

Part 3

Madhu in RK mansion RK in Jail. BG music “Bhula dena mujhe” RK and Madhu remembering the last few moments spent together. Madhu holds the Divorce papers and crying. RK thinks of dancing with madhu at SRK party. Screen freezes on RK and Madhu(Awww Rishbala *Jhappis te Pappis”)

Madhu is standing and looking at the moon shattered and disgusted with herself when Sultan comes and stands beside her. She turns and finds him and is shocked. She asks why is he here? Sultan smirks and says that her tears are very precious and she should not shed them away for a cheap person as RK. Madhu fumes and looks at Sultan and asks him to shut up. He asks that has that kameena (RK) signed the divorce papers or not. He sees the papers and fumes. He says that she couldn’t manage to take his signatures on the divorce papers as of yet. Madhu stands helpless and mum. He comes closer and Madhu walks towards the fruit basket while Sultan says that she very well knew that last night was a gift of life to RK by him in return of RishBala Divorce. Even knowing that, she managed to not get the papers signed. Madhu says that he will sign the papers very soon. I’ve told him my decision. Sultan comes near her and then Madhu lifts the knife and turns and aims at Sultan’s neck. She makes him walk back as she says that she can kill him just in a minute. He won’t be able to do anything. Also, for the world Sultan is already dead so it won’t make a difference. Sultan smirks that yes, she can kill him for the world still knows he’s dead. She can finish him off and with this all her problems will end. But he laughs and asks, “Can you do it Madhu?” Madhu panics as Sultan questions her if she has the guts to kill him. He holds the knife and Madhu struggles. In this struggle, the knife reaches Sultan’s hand but he gets a cut on his face. Madhu panics seeing the cut. Sultan turns Madhu and aims the knife at her neck. Madhu asks him to kill her. He says he can’t coz he has seen beautiful dreams of life with her and he can’t end her life. But he will give her a small pain. He says that now, RK will be spared only when the ENTIRE world comes to know of RishBala Divorce! Madhu is shocked. He says that this is just a small trouble for Madhu. He continues that what did her husband call her? Then he says that no! Since their relationship is going to end very soon, its better to address him by his name. So yes, (continuing) what did RK call him? Gangster? Don? Gunda? So if thats the case, then pistol, knives look good with him and not with Madhu. He continues that soon, her life will be shining with one and the only name. Madhu asks him to shut up. Sultan smirks and leaves.

Downstairs, Bittu ji is talking to someone on the mobile that the last person to have met RK was Madhu. He has no idea what happened that chief is in such a mood. Sultan comes down the stairs and seeing Bittu Ji, he turns and hides behind the stair-case. He overhears Bittu ji talking that he has come home to talk to Bhabhiji about whatever happened. Dipali is walking with a jug when she sees Sultan hiding and Bittu ji. She panics and runs to Sultan; drags him out into the guest room. In this process, a statue falls and Bittuji turns and sees a shadow running away. He calls out to that shadow and then starts walking towards it. Sultan asks Dipali to worry for herself only. She said she was doing just the right thing; if he has forgotten, then she said that even she was involved in this plan. Bittu ji walks towards the room when Sikki and Radha ji joins him. They ask him the matter and he says that he suspects some thief. Sikki yells thinking of “bhoot”. Bittu ji ignores him. Madhu joins him and when he learns of some thief, she panics. Bittu ji opens the door and screeches seeing Dipali with a face-pack. Sikki declares that its not a bhoot but a “Bhootni”. Dipali asks him to shut up and then taunts Bittuji for having forgotten his manners. Bittuji says that he thought it was some thief. Dipali says that she does not find it important to clarify anything to Bittu ji. Everyone leaves. Bittuji stops Madhu and asks her that he needs to talk to her. Madhu coldly replies that she will talk to him next morning. He keeps requesting and Madhu keeps avoiding. She says that she has something to send to your chief which she will give next morning. Bittuji asks her and she says that her head is paining, she will talk the next morning.

Next Morning, in the jail, the lawyer is talking to RK about the papers and his wife. RK asks him to leave. Bittu ji says that he will talk to RK. When the lawyer leaves, Bittu ji asks what is the matter. RK doesn’t reply. Bittu ji says that he needs to know the reason of his pain and Bhabhiji’s ruthlessness. Bittuji says that he shouldn’t care. He says that he DEFINITELY CARES. Anything related to his life and Bhabhiji’s is answerable to him. He throws the divorce papers and asks him the reason for all this. He says that Bhabhiji has send him with these papers to get it signed by chief. He says that how can this happen? “RK aur Madhubala kaise alag ho sakte hai?” (How can RK and Madhubala get separated?) He shouts that even when RK was in the hospital, he saw with those papers. RK asks when. He says that when he was unconscious, the papers fell down and when Bittu ji picked them up, Madhu snatched them off and hid them off. Those were the same papers. RK fumes.

Part 2

RK asks him to give the pen. Bittu ji is shocked. He says that is he gonna sign those papers. RK yells that he is not going to seek his advice before signing the papers. He snatches the pen and signs the divorce papers. He picks the up the papers and says, that go and give these papers to that woman who was planning for all this when he was sick and in the hospital. Go and give this to that woman who took the vows to stay with me in good times and bad times but couldn’t fulfil the promise. He continues,
“Yeh Jaake Uss Aurat Ko De Dijiye, Jo Mujhse Aazad Hona Chahti Hai.” (Go and give this to that woman, who wants to get freed from me).

He recalls her saying how much she loved Sultan. He ends that go and give this to Madhu.

Part 3

Madhu is packing her bag. She picks up her lehenga and recalls their Karvachauth when RK made her drink water. She shudders in pain and starts to caress the lehenga but then stops hearing some footsteps. Bittu ji comes in. Madhu asks if he got the papers signed. Bittu ji says “Yes, Chief Signed the Papers” Madhu stops for a minute hearing this. She controls herself and asks him to leave. Bittuji attempts to ask her the reason for all this but she shuns him off. He says that he has just one thing to ask. Madhu asks what. Bittuji says that she wanted to have a press-release declaring RishBala Divorce, but he is not able to figure out what to write. Madhu smirks that is this the first time he’s doing a press release? Bittuji says no, but he hasn’t done a press-release of Chief’s divorce EVER. He asks her to tell what she wants him to write. Madhu says that say that “Mr. Rishabh Kundra and Madhubala Kundra…” Bittu ji stops her and asks if she will be okay if her name was titled Kundra because this relation has ended.

Screen freezes on Madhu’s face.

Bittuji cries and says that he (RK) doesn’t care whatever happens in the world but even if a needle hurts him, he will burn the world. He says that he wished that that day the pistol was aimed at RK and not Sultan. He wished that RK had died with Sultan’s bullet that day. Madhu fumes and slaps Bittu Ji.

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