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Madhubala Update On Tuesday 27th November 2018 On Angel TV


RK says how dare he talk to me like this? RK says.. does he think he (Amar) will say anything n i will listen? He tells Bittu to return the film signing amount n after today wont work with him! Madhu asks to keep Amars behaviour on the side and realise that what he was saying is not wrong! She says there have been too many ups and downs in their RK has not been able to focus on his work! RK asks Bittu to do as told and Bitu says think about it and RK says go..have thot thru! RK tells Madhu to leave too and says..what is she.. saying.. my work my work..?? He says.. .have not given right to anyone to talk crap about her like this. .not even to himself.. ! RK says.. felt like cutting his (Amar)s tongue! Madhu turns to leave n RK turns her around n says stay put..with me! Madhu asks to think n he says thot..!!

Amar is at a meeting of the producers and says.. this RK is showing off too much… enough is enough ..! He asks the producer who had given RK the break if RK has agreed to do his film? The proudcer says no.. as he is busy. !! Amar asks another producer n he says been 4 months since RK has signed movie but work not started yet..! Amar asks another producer …n says..RK said yes..but what if he says no at last minute?Will take him 4 births to repay his loans! Amar says.. without Producer RK is a tree without roots..! Amar says. RK has said no to others. .and to whom he said yes, he dont reach to shoot..! Amar says we have. .suffered enough..! He says in 30 years have seen 10 superstars.. the one who shows.. attitude disappears..! Amar says we need to tell RK that if producers can make him…they can break. him too…! He says… so. have written a letter to Producers Association .and .they all have to sign. !! All ask what is written. .n Amar says..that.. RK is being banned from today n he cant work with any producer after today! One producer says.. will sign but . .does Amar know who is Association head? They think .. the head wont sign.. nor take action! Amar says well they can ask the Association head himself.. and right then Kuku Bhatiya enters..!

All greet him ..! He wishes them. .n asks Amar what was he asking? Amar says about RK .. n Kuku says.. that they wanna ban him? Amar asks Kuku to take a seat.. he does! Amar says.. all believe that assoication wont ban RK ever..! Kuku recollects RK insulting him ..! Kuku says understand… that me and RK stay at same place n eat together! Amar says ur son n Kuku says step son! Kuku says am professional … son is .. son at home.. right now.. its about rights. .and they deserve the rights.. without fear sign.. n assure u.. will ban RK ..! Wil do myself and establish a new precedent..! All sign and thank Kuku..!

Madhu is dusting the home and Radha asks what is this?? Madhu says new start.. thinking more shine at home.. .more shine on face! Radha says. .home is not going anywhere neither she! Madhu says.. feel energised when working! Radha offers to help n Madhu says.. sweep the floors n Radha starts ! Madhu stops her n says joking..! Sit and give order like saas of serials..!

Kuku asks any other service? Dun think the fire is gonna quench with this? Amar says on mission to destory RK ..lot of hard steps there! Will embarass RK .. not a new producer.. making films since a kid.. grandpa is a superstart..! Kuku says stay around RK like genda. .with thick skin! Amar asks think its joke? Kuku says joking but with u ..! He says.. the ones who signed papers against RK ..will be standing at his door.. even wagging tales..! Kuku says Amar is old rice know how khichdi is made.. Stars are God and we their devotee..! Truth is RK is the biggest superstar right now. .he will become Rowdy Kameena.. by all this! Amar asks what to do? Kuku gives idea to Amar..! The duo smile …! He says ibteda-e- ishq h ai rota hai kya!

The servant says.. ladder here..! Radha says why need it? Madhu smiles n says well..! Dips offers to help ..! Sikky says..she has skill ..can catch.. small things manage servants department..! Dips suggests. to clean terrace..! Sikky says no.. not tall..! Madhu says good idea..! Dips drags Sikky with her…! Radha says.. will make ice tea for you .. Madhu says dun need.. Radha says cutting mom in laws words..!

Madhu asks to open a drawer not opening..! Bittu comes and Mahdu asks Bittu to open the drawer.. dunno what it is in it.. just like RK .. not opening! Bittu says leave…! He tells Madhu to keep it closed.. its like RKs heart..! Madhu is confused with Bittu reaction..! Dips makes Sikky clean and he screams .. ! Radhaa asks the matter n Sikky says. .dayan.. dunno where it is Dips says. lizard..! Siky says.. frog became RAkshas so lizard is dayan..! Sikky says.. lizard on Dips shoulder and she screams..! Sikky thorws it away..!

Part 2

All turn and are shocked to see Kuku Bhatiya enter.! Lizard is on top of his head..! Sikky screams.. seeing it and so does Kuku! The duo get rid of the lizard and then hug! Radha says Kuku din inform about his return ? Kuku says how would he have surprised them if he had informed from beforehand! Madhu takes his blessings and Kuku blesses her. .saying be happy .. stay married and may her love increase..! Dips takes blessings as well and Kuku blesses same..while adding that may her jobless hubby do some work..! Sikky says… wow ..this side of Dips is news.. its like.. Purana do naya le jao.. naye ki koi guarantee nahi . .tu meri aunty nahi! Dips fumes and Sikky says sorry!! Kuku says looking around the house that came to give surprise but am shocked.. the house has changed. .seems Madhu has accepted this house!

RK says.. Ghar uska.. sasural uska.. to apnaegi kyun nahi? RK says there has to be someone to make the house .. a home..!RK tells Kuku …Welcome to RK hotel… ur room number. is…n stops and says… but sorry rooms are full .. u can go..! Kuku fumes n RK says no one will say all this now.. tho..!

Part 3

RK tells Madhu that since morning.. his left eye is fluttering..felt something would happen… n see now Kuku is standing in front..! Madhu says stay calm! Kuku says let it be.. this is RK.. till he doesnt slap others with his bitter words.. he wont be able to digest his food..! Kuku says.. … hearing his bitter words, finally feel m back home! RK says missed u .. from the bottom of our hearts! Radha goes to make tea.. Sikky welcomes Kuku and they sit on the sofa!! Bittu comes calling out for RK and says have a bad news.. he has no idea who has come back..! RK says Bittus 3G connection is slow…the bad news has reached home and is about to have tea! Bittu says he doesnt know what happened.. n Kuku says lemme share the good news..! Kuku tells RK that dunno if he will like or not but good news is that.. Producers Association has made him their President..! Sikky congratulates him ..! RK says congratulations ! RK says so it means all who worked honestly till now wont any more! RK asks to organise shok sabha..! Sikky fumes..! RK tells Madhu and Bittu they better leave from there.. coz if anyone sees them together..RKs signing amount will reduce.. ! RK goes upstairs. .! Kuku says Sikky count.. n Sikky starts…! Kuku asks to count in reverse..n says.. countdown has started.. and it will be very useful in coming days..!

Precap —- IT officials raid RKs home and among other things try to open the drawer that Madhu had tried to open earlier! Seeing that it is not opening, they break it..! They find a bag full of cash… and tell RK .he has to come with them for inquiry! RK looks on!

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