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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Monday 5th November 2018 On Angel TV


Madhu suddenly spots Sultan and walks in his direction …! RK notices and walks after Madhu. but is stopped by some fan..!

Madhu follows Sultan to an empty terrace…! She looks around for him when Sultan comes and says looking for me?

Sultan smiles at her .. Madhu asks whats he doing here? Sultan says no useless questions came to remind one last time..! Sultan asks who is she looking for? Dips asks RK..if he is looking for Madhu? RK says.. eat other things than my head..!

Sultan says.. RK? Well lost in his fake world.. not bothering if she is around or not..! He might know true love. .but its for his success and show off.. n nothing else..!

Sultan says.. RK wont come here.. n says.. if he does.. it wont change anything.. not his decision ..nor RKs destiny..! Sultan says.. he has to front of her.. just as her eyelids bat…n her RK will be gone! Sultan is about to touch Madhus face n she says.. stop .. m still RKs wife…so no one has right to come near her..! Sultan says no probs.. break all ties. .n let me end RK …n she can fly to him he is the sky! Madhu asks for one night..n says.. next day morning she will separate from RK…! Madhu says he wont care

Sultan says.. he does. .every moment..matters.. cant see her in his arms.. or him in her dreams…or thots.. or her eyes..! Madhu says.. if this is the thing. .then think again coz..she can separate from RK but never forget him ..coz he will see only RK in her eyes n only RK will be in her dreams..! Madhu says.. he has only one way. .kill her.. if he wants to separate them! Madhu says RKs love is my life.. so end that..!

RK keeps looking for Madhu

Sultan says.. will remove RK from her mind n dreams… n Madhu says try as u can… u will know what defeat is.. it hurts! Sultan says.. go.. n be with RK for one more night. but if she doesnt separate from him next day then…!

RK is walking towards the alley ..! Sultan closes in on Madhu n she turns away…! Sultan says Good night..!

RK comes to the terrace… and asks Madhu what she is doing here alone? Looking for her since ages..! Madhu is stunned..! RK says.. know what she is doing here … dagabaz.. here to meet ur best friend? Sultan overhears..! RK calls out to moon n says. .din disturb right?

Madhu smiles but watches Sultan n freezes..! RK says gotta thank her best friend.. coz if not him ..atleast he brought smile on her face..! Madhu is shaking in fear n RK asks the matter.. n if there is any problem he can set right?

RK says.. when he got bail ..first thing he thot.. was how much happy she will be when he got bail but.. n Madhu says.. very happy …just..n RK says.. dun get this BUT !! Who is it hurting his madhu? Madhu says very scared that someone will snatch all her happiness..! Madhu says when he is near her.. n RK asks what she feels? Madhu says..that he will go far away ..! RK asks why?

Sultan keeps watching them and Rishbala hug..! RK asks how she feels? RK says.. dun see any fear in her eyes… rather only see himself…! Sultan fumes…! Madhu asks him to take her home..! Rishbala hug again..!

Sultan swears that.. for this night. .n for this intimacy.. RK will pay a big price.! Dips worries for RKs whereabouts..! Sikky says.. first celeb he gets married off is Deepika..!

Dips sends him off.. while wonders what game Sultan is playing..!!!

Part 2

In Rishbala bedroom … RK is looking at the moon ..n Madhu comes to him ..! RK says. .know that she spent nights looking at moon when he was in jail .. Madhu asks how he knows? RK says Ishq tumhe hua.. ishq hume hua. .kuch tumne.. mujhse churaya.. kuch maine tumse uthaya… tumne mera sunkypan .. aur maine tumhara sentipan..! (you fell in love, i fell in love.. you stole something from me, i stole something from you.. you took my ‘sunkypan’, and I took your ‘sentipan’)

RK says.. when saw Madhu staring at moon ..realised how lonely we are when the person whose face we search for in moon is not with us..!

RK says without that one person.. .we are like moon .. surrounded with stars but lonely .. but now seeing moon feel he is singing a duet..!

Madhu says. n she feels that Moon is promising that.. if they are not together..they will look at moon n promise that they are together.. even if a lie. !

Part 3

Rk assures they will never separate n will be together n Madhu says.. very scared.. cant do anything! RK assures.. with you…here.. stop imagining in the prisoner attire.. just scaring me.. stop the crying..!

RK says trying to understand.. you .stop it.. n Madhu says.. cant stop crying..! RK asks what to do? Madhu says.. hold on tight..wala hug.! *BG – Alvida*

RK asks the matter but Madhu says. .dun talks just hug..! RK caresses Madhus face.. and wipes her tears..!

! RK asks she is not crying? Angry or sick? Madhu asks if he is teasing her ? RK says wish good morning..! Madhu says lemme go! RK says high time ..spill the beans..whats bothering ?? Madhu recollects Sultans warning again and stammers and suddenly the moby rings..! Its Bittu ji! RK says if Bittu doesnt interrupt in person.. he calls to interrupt..! RK tells Bittu he has something in him can he irritate from so far..! RK says dun have time to give quotes to all ..issue a press release! RK turns and Madhu is gone..!

Dips reads the papers which says.. thank God.. RK is bad…and wonders when she can thank God for Madhu leaving..! She notices… Madhu walking towards the hall looking lost and cribs.. planning to give her long life? Radha comes and tells Madhu ..that went to temple.. to thank God to bring Rishu back..! She tells Madhu that its been ages.. since they went to Siddhi Vinayak..! She says..its by his Grace that the house is still united after all this..that he stood by Rishu..else she left all hope of his return..! Dips rues..that either she is with her kid or with God..! Radha asks about breakfast and Madhu says.. Aloo Paratha and she says.. Rishu eats them lovingly..! Madhu goes to the idol of Bappa pray..! Dips says..all this sweetness will kill by causing Diabetes..!

Madhu prays to Bappa..whenever she had to face darkness he showed her the right way.. whenever she had to fight.. he gave support. .he stood by her at every corner.. gave more than she wanted. but today..her prayer is too big..her demand is too big.. from HIM … ! She requests Bappa to stay with her RK from now.. give him lifes all happiness.. peace.. strength to bear all pain…and give HER RK .. the LESSON to LIVE WITHOUT HER..! She prays to Bappa to show her a way.. so she can beat destroy him…and to make him realise..that what he did with WRONG. ..very WRONG..!

RK joins others at breakfast table and Bittu says. .nice smell and RK asks if he sent the quotes and Bittu nods..! Radha calls out to RK and Madhu gives her support..! Radha says… that coz of happiness..her hands are shaking and asks her to serve RK..! Madhu serves RK parathas..! Dips is pouting..! Radha calls to Mangesh to clean the table..! Dips leaves and Sikky follows..! Radha leaves too..! Bittus cell rings and he leaves too..! RK is quiet..and Madhu gets up to leave and RK stops her by holding her arm and says.. it looks incomplete..! MAdhu asks what >R K says.. rain in delhi . .snowfall in Kashmir.. n Madhu says RK? RK says joking..! RK says. .she was gonna say something in the morning..what? Madhu stammers..and RK says. .before that.. breakfast from the hand of superstar hubby! Madhu says ate.. RK says half paratha? He says it means..its a message.. that breakfast has started..! He says. .first bite for every fight to entertain. n second tukda for bina ansun ke mera chand sa mukhda..! Madhu feeds RK and says.. this for a long life..! RK says.. so wife.. for long life..reduce ghee.. or it wont last long and second bite ..for every happiness .. pain will come ..but wil stay like a guest and leave..! RK feeds Madhu and says.. this is for us.. our lifetime together.. ! Right then someone comes and RK is called..!

Bittu is telling cop is it joke? Bail canecelled! Madhu asks what is the matter? Cop says Bail is cancelled..! All are shocked..! Madhu asks how come? Madhu akss him to do something .. n he says not in my hand..! Dips asks if they did what they had in their hands? Meaning that lawyer..did he do it properly..! Radha is feeling sick..! Bittu says. .nothing ot worry Lawyer will handle.. he is coming to the police station..! Madhu is worried and RK says.. not to cry. .just going to police station to complaint against her..! He caresses her face and says. .BE GOOD meri Jungli Billi ..! Madhu holds on to RKs hand and she slowly removes her hand and RK leaves with cops..!

Dips and all are sad..! Madhu is panic stricken and rushes to her room..!

Part 2

Madhu opens the drawer of the study table and takes out the divorce papers..! She looks at Bappas idol and recollects Sultans words.. of how RK snatched his all .including her… and asked her to sign the papers or he will sign RKs dead body..! His final warning..! She recollects RKs words that am here. .with you…near you ..stop imagining in the prisoners attire.. him saying that no one can separate them..! She looks at the papers with tears in eyes!

Part 3

She signs the papers with shaking hands and teary eyes..! She looks at RKs pic and Bappas idol ..! RK asks lawyer.. how did it happen ..after getting bail got canceleld in one day..! Lawyer says shocked too. .never happened before..! Bittus cell rings its Madhu..! He says talking to lawyer..! Madhu says wanna meet RK ..Bittu hesitates.! Madhu insists..! RK says wanna meet her..! Lawyer hesitates n RK says.. she is restless so mite get some peace..! Lawyer agrees n Bittu informs Madhu she can come..! Flashback of Rishbala moments… Madhu breaksdown..! She touches RKs pic .. BG – Hum hain dewane..! She picks up the divorce papers wipes her tears..!

Precap — Sultan tells Madhu that if she does not separate from RK .. he wont take a second to separate RKs life from him ..! Voiceover asks if RK – Madhu will part ways??

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