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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Monday 26th November 2018 On Angel TV


Dips says to Madhu.. for supporting me and trusting me thank u! Madhu says but. n Dips says ..agree that i dun like u.. but feel lowly before u ..! Dips says indebted to u ! Madhu says we are part of same family! RK asks if same situation in front of Dips would she do as Madhu did? Would she support u? RK says no.coz she is not Madhu ..! RK says there is only one Madhu..! Radha says.. there is no one like Madhu in this world..! Madhu says for what i did n Radha says no need to say sorry.. that my child is with me is enouf..! She hugs Madhu..! Bittu thanks God for the family reunion..! All smile..!

Next day morning… RK comes all ready and sees Madhu fast asleep on bed..! He caresses her face and hair..and smiles! Madhu asks up so early? RK says had gone out for some work..! RK says to get Aryan admitted in a boarding school and that he did what best can for Meera..! Madhu says know that ..n thats why i love u.. she says ..Tede ho..fir bhi mere ho..! RK says past is over..and now Madhubalas new love story will start with new episodes..! Madhu hugs RK..! Both smile..!

Dips is setting her hair n slams the comb and Sikky says.. yesterday when she said sorry felt wife became sweet n Dips says. .what is her level.. that Chawlbala. saved me? Sikky says.. consider a favour and settle things! Dips says ..hate her.. ! Sikky rues why no scheme to exchange wives? Heard kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nahi hoti ..aaj dekh bhi li! Dips slams cushion on his face!

Madhu is looking for something and RK comes and asks her to relax..! RK asks Madhu to close her eyes..and she says u.. n RK says me n only me .! RK takes out the mangalsutra and puts on Madhus neck..! Madhu is taken aback..! Flashback of Rishbala wedding..! BG- Mangalam bhagwan vishnu! Rishbala smile at each other in the mirror..! RK turns to leave n Madhu says forgetting something! RK says not bad meri romantic billi n Madhu says.. sindoor! RK says.. thot she will say cut ur finger n fill my mang..with blood but.. ! RK says dun let the wild animal in u die ..! RK fills Madhus mang with sindoor..! BG – Hum hai dewane..! Rishbala eyelock..! RK says. i .. n Madhu says its a monday. .fasting day for romance and today my ears cannot eat romantic words! RK says.. why do i feel that she is bringing him out of his dreamworld and dragging him to real life! RK says feel that she will say.. after pack up.. get milk and kaku ..! Madhu says he has to do.. what she told him to. .! RK nears Madhu n says now Bittu will come! Bittu comes and says .. puja time… aunty ji is calling! Madhu goes with him! RK follows..!

RK is grabbing Madhus waist and Madhu says mom will see..! Dips asks God if he is not bored seeing Madhus face daily?? Right then Roma enters..! Madhu greets her..! Roma asks how is she? She says.. Mother India was busy with Trish so came! Madhu says good..! Roma tells Bittu. Chimpu ji.. n asks how is he? Bittu folds his hand in front of her! Sikky says got my client will get Bittu married to Roma n Dips says dare not! Its aarti time and Radha says Madhu-RK will do..! Bittu switches music on .. Jai ganesh deva.! Rishbala do aarti of Ganesh bhagwan..! Right then Amar Behl comes and switches off the music and screams RK ..! All are shocked ..!

Part 2

Bittu says Amar ji ..u? Pandit says.. stopping aarti midway like this is a bad omen! Amar says.. the one who is a bad omen for others life.. every moment of his life has to be bad..! Bittu says.. told u.. chief was stuck with family crisis! Amar says .. his film is stuck since months when they dun think of his crisis why think of theirs! RK says.. this place treats guests with respect but then guests must behave…the way Amar is talking…! Amar says..and he? He has made this a joke.. movie posters are out but climax is yet to be shot? RK says.. two things.. no one talks to RK like this.. not even RK and when RK does a movie..its RKs responsibility to release it..! And no one reminds RK about his responsibility! Amar says.. tell this to the bankers and workers..not me! RK says will be doing the movie..soon! Amar says .. no talk.. just work! Amar says.. movie shoot starts tomorrow morning… reach at studio sharp at 7 … ! He turns to leave and RK asks if its order or threat? Both are family enemies of mine..! RK says say it with love.. respect and request.. then will think! Amar says.. in clear words its a threat..! RK glares!

Part 3
Amar says if RK does not reach at the shoot on time… then see! Bittu says.. told u there were family problems and now its resolved.. we can sit and talk..! Amar says.. what problems? The ones RK has invited himself? First.. 4 phere marriage. .then kicking wife out..! RK says enouf.. enouf! Amar says enouf.. saying same..! Amar says. .sometimes. he is busy. drinking.. sometimes creating drama. .sometimes shooting.. then sometimes in jail…RK does all this drama.. while the producer can die? Amar says… Work RK .. work! Bittu asks to leave as..RKs family is here! Amar says.. am married too .. but dun tell wife to dance on my head.. n our wives dun go out and have affairs with underworld don! RK slaps him n says.. dare say such words again about my wife.. will kill u! RK asks Amar to say sorry to Madhu n Amar says.. RK will have to say sorry .. ! Amar says RK does not know Amar..! He says.. ur finished RK… ur career … ur destruction is written in my hands..!! RK glares! Madhu is shocked! Amar says remember this.. and leaves..! RK smirks.. Madhu is in panic..!

Precap — Amar calls a meeting of other producers and shares that .. RK has to be told that if we can make stars.. we can destroy them too! Amar says. .so writing a letter to producers guild to inform them that we have banned RK ..! The other producers agree to sign the letter but ask if Amar knows who is the new association head ?? Right then Kuku Bhatiya enters..!

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