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Teles Updates

Madhubala Update On Monday 12th November 2018 On Angel TV


Madhu asks if she cant live her life on her own terms? She says dun wanna stay here..getting suffocated but RK is not letting me go.. he is forcibly keeping me here! Radha is hurt hearing Madhu..! She gets up and leaves the table..! Madhu walks off too..! RK fumes ..gets up and follows..! Sikky asks Dips what is happening? He says Madhu is becoming like Dips ..! Dips asks what? Sikky says.. as in cute and sweet..! Dips says.. this is what i had to get myself.! Sikky says guess she is gone too! Madhu prays to Bappa and apologises for hurting Radha and asks if he knows why she did this? She hears footsteps and immediately changes her expression! RK says.. every two hours new roop.. mysterious girl ..what all is hidden? How many avatars left? Madhu says he forced..! RK asks why ..why these days when he stands next to her.. he feels only knows the person ..not understand.! He says what she did with Radha n Madhu asks since when ..Janam dene wali aurat become mom? Oh right.. she sounded her off and he remembered there bond? How emotional..! She her what u want.. dun have any ties to u..or ur home or ur mom! She says want my life.. n my happiness! She asks him to let her go..! RK dials Bittus number and asks to get the car ready and walks off..! Madhu is sad..!

Radha is packing her stuff when Dips comes to her..! She asks if Radha is going somewhere? Radha says to the farmhouse! Dips asks why suddenly? Radha says tired..wanna go away from RK-Madhu so can manage self..! She says thats why going to stay alone! Madhu overhears..! Dips says..can understand how much she is hurt .. ! She says only Radha has to bear so much..! Radha asks if she wants to come with her? Dips asks me? Radha says..will feel good. .can manage myself easily! Dips is taken aback and watches Madhu overhear..! She smirks and tells Radha ofcourse..! She says can never say no to her..! Radha says leaving in one hour..pack ur stuff..! Dips says ok and as she walks out of the room she looks at Madhu..! Dips says.. Madhu must have heard.. how much Dips is close to Radha.. she wants her to share her pain! Dips asks if Madhu wont mind staying with RK alone.. take care! She leaves..! Madhu keeps looking at Radha..!

Its late and Madhu is waiting for RK to return..! She sees the time..its 12am..! She paces around the hall ..sits on the sofa! Servant asks what about dinner and Madhu says will serve myself..! She decides to call RK but stops herself.thinking he will consider it a sign of her caring..! As she turns to go to her room .. the door is slammed open by a drunk RK who is walking inside in the arms of a sexy girl..! He asks ..still awake? RK says.. maybe not for him .. is she not able to sleep? RK says sorry.. meet my girl friend Shalini..! Madhu glares..! The girl says. .not Shalini . Rhea..! RK says.. naam me kya rakha hai..! RK says.. if i call u Chawdhary.. then also she will be that pretty! The girl says naughty n funny boy! RK asks Madhu to go and sleep in the guest house for the night! Madhu asks what is this drama? RK says its called antakshari.. spending time..! RK says dun disturb.. a beautiful night is waiting for me..! He says.. good night and sweet dream..! RK walks inside the bedroom with the girl..! Madhu chases RK and says to stop it..! RK removes Madhus hand from stopping him! Madhu asks if he knwos what he is doing? RK says..she is old enouf to know..! RK closes the door on Madhu face..! The girl tries to close in on RK inside and Madhu keeps slamming the door..! She screams.. open the door..! As the girl closes in for a kiss .. RK turns away and walks away..! RK calls Bittu and says. decided that in his next movie his look will be formal..! The girl removes the phone from RKs hand and throws..! The girl says.. she is here n RK is busy on the phone? Madhu overhears..! The girl says she is gone and RK says no..! Madhu says.. he cant do this to her..! RK turns the girl away and removes her hair clip..!

He removes her ear rings and throws on the floor.. caresses her face..! Madhu keeps slamming the door..! RK hugs the girl and opens the door..! He asks Madhu what is her problem? Why harrassing? Madhu says..he cant do this to her..! The girl says..why troubling? Madhu says shut up..and says leave..or will call security..! RK walks inside the bedroom and Madhu follows…! She comes to check the bed and finds it in order..! She heaves a sigh of relief..! RK asks what will she drink to cool down? Whiskey or lassi? Madhu says nothing . .m fine! RK asks then why boiling hot? RK says..she slammed the door so hard.. and says..she asked for divorce..! Madhu says..till she is here..she is his wife.. n not do such drama again! RK says.. Tum to katal kar do .. to tumhari ada aur hamara thappad bhi sabse badi saza..! RK says she can bring her lovers pic in their room and if he brings a girl ..its drama? Hurt? Madhu says no.. n dun care..! Madhu says till they get divorce he cant insult her. .n what if Radha saw? RK says.. she is confused.. from where did this Madhu come? Thot she din care for him ..his mom or home! Madhu says dunno n says if he wants her to stay in the room with him.. then he has to listen to her..! Madhu sits on the bed and RK smiles..! He says. .good night..BIWI and gives a flying kiss to her..!

Part 2

Madhu asks Bappa what to apologise.. what to say? He knows why she did this. .n he tested her n she tried to face it with full courage but now her courage is breaking..! She says cant bear anymore..! She says.. he knows.. her n RKs bond is very clean and she doesnt want any blot on that relation..! She prays to Bappa that enough is enough .. please end it.! Madhu turns and is shocked ..!

Part 3

Its Bittu .. he asks what she asked? Madhu says he will be hurt.. ! She says ..asked Bappa to relieve her from this home.. this family and this relation! Madhu offers prasad to bittu but he does not accept! Madhu says ur wish ..he asks him to do something..! He says.. Bittu knows RK for 6 years and she for 2 years.. anyways.. explain to RK that he wont get anything by keeping her here.. ! The early he sets her free.. he will be free too..! She says.. to explain to RK that she has no love ..nor space in her heart for RK ..! She says.. also explain that.. the reason to love Sultan over RK .. is that .. Sultan has all that RK never had or never will have..! Bittu says Sultan? Madhu says..he is the only one.. who deserves her love.. the one who treats man as man. not selfish like RK .! She says .. feel hurt.. that she si living with someone ..who killed her love..! The one who needed a gun to face Sultan..! Madhu says.. to tell RK that cant live with such a person. EVER ..! Madhu walks past RK ..stops n says seem RK overheard no need to explain.. further..! RK smirks at Madhu

Madhu walks past RK Bittu is confused and RK says… he is the biggest superstar.. and he knows how to sell a lie. .and same way.. Madhu is trying to sell a lie .. but is failing!

RK says.. Madhu says hate u…but when mangalsutra broken.. ties it.. says ..she wanna go away from him but ..cant see another girl with him …

RK says her mouth and heart are speaking different language..! Madhu is only an actor in this story.. someone else is writing this story..! RK says to expose the person.. he has to go out of the guy can meet Madhu .. n Bittu should keep an eye.. on her.. n keep him updated n no one should know of it..!

RK says.. after interval to The END .. RK will write the story..! RK says be ready for outdoor..! RK comes to his room and is packing his stuff…! Madhu asks WHERE IS HE GOING? RK doesnt answer..! Madhu says towel? RK puts it in ..! RK says..going to the moon onion is cheap ..!

Madhu says need to know coz in 15days have to resolve this ..n RK says come together.. if wanna be together..! Bittu tells the details of the outdoor in front of Madhu ..!

RK tells Madhu to take care of herself. .n he will miss her.. n walks off..! Bittu tells Radha about RK going to outdoor…Radha fumes..! Dips asks Sultan what bakwas plan is this? RK leaving Madhu to go for outdoor is his plan? Coz RK would have either stopped Madhu from leaving or burn the world..! She says.. time for concrete action..! Sultan cuts the call ..! Sultan looks at the newspaper n crushes it..!

Sultan calls Madhu n asks alone? Why are her eyes.. looking for him? Why not divorcing? Madhu says trying.. but RK not signing! Sultan tells Madhu to come out of the mansion ..get in a rick n take a turn to reach him .. n says if she doesnt come.. he will reach RKs shoot..!

Bittu observes Madhu and informs RK … ! RK says keep watch will get a clue.! Rick driver gives Madhu a package.. its a burqa..! Bittu tails the rick ..! He is surprised to see Madhu in a veil … He informs RK ..! Meantime .. Madhu is surrounded by other ladies in veil n Bittu loses track..n follows a wrong lady…! Bittu deduces.. the guy who called Madhu is clever..!

Madhu reaches the location …and her n Sultan meet..! Madhu says told wont tell anyone.. She asks why called here? Sultan says. . no more waiting.. its about time to live together … n to take her with him ..right now.! A paper cannot change their destiny .. no more court.. lawyer.. only U & only ME ..!! Sultan to take u away from RK and near to self..! Bittu sees Madhu talking to someone…!

Part 2

Madhu says he cant do this.. give one day n he says.. she couldnt do anything till now..what will she do in one day? She has to come with him now..! RK calls Bittu n Bittu informs RK about Madhu talking to someone..!

Madhu asks Sultan to give her time to meet her mom ..sis.. Radha..! RK screams on Bittu to find out who it is..! Sultan tells she is lucky he loves much..! He says…to Madhu that pagal ho kar bhi tumhara dhyan rakhne ka hosh hai… given 2 hours..!

Sultan says from tonight.. ur MINE .. ONLY MINE ..!!

Part 3

Sultan tells Madhu to not do anything she will regret.. as he wont spare RK then..! He leaves..! Bittu tries to follow but loses track..!

RK says this guy is same who is forcing Madhu ..! RK tells something to Bittu …!

Bittu and Madhu run into each other…! Madhu asks Bittu ..what he is doing here? Bittu asks.. why will he.. he came to do reki ..for RKs shoot..! Madhu grills him..! He asks her to come with him..! In the car.. Madhu asks Bittu where are they going? Madhu asks Bittu to stop the car.. and Bittu says.. car will reach where it has to..!


Precap —- RK carries Madhu forcibly inside a house and puts her on a sofa..! She tells RK he cant do this to her..! RK asks who did? He only took advantage of being her hubby ..! Madhu says have to go back n RK says..he is here..she too why she wants to go? RK says.. she cant go till she talks with love..!

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