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Teles Updates

Kuch Rang Episode 343--344 Update On Friday 30th November 2018 On Adom TV


The episode begins with Ishu and Mama ji waiting for Breakfast .. They have a new cook..jassi..He is supposed to serve Kaddu puri … But he serves something else. Jassi says he did according to new bhaabhi’s instructions. Mama ji scolds Jassi for what he serves. Sona arrives and informs he had directed Jassi to serve them healthy salads. They eat trying to look cheerful … Ishu n Mama ji enjoy salad. They remember how sona would serve salads to every all the girls created ghamasaan during meal times. Ishu misses her daughters Ria, Neha & Nikki.

At Bose house a publisher comes and praises Bijoy.. For being that romantic padosi in the story asha had written. Asha n Bijoy tease eachother.

At Dixit house Suha is being dressed up for school by Papa. Sona asks
him not to bother but he insists because all his things were sorted out and in proper was because of Sona so he was trying his had to help her out. Suha says her mumma was a wonder woman.

Elena catches Sona fiddling into her cupboard and she confronts her. Sona looks guilty.. Elena makes her confession that she was trying to reunite the Dixit sisters. Elena reminds her how she tried to fix Neha’s life and in the process her own rishtaa broke. So why was she at the same thing again ?? DevaKshi have just got reunited whay was she doing the same mistake again. Sona insists on being on Reunion of Dev’s sistsers mode. And walks away.

She calls Ria.. She not only gets annoyed on Sona’s call but asks her never again to call her. Sona is shocked.

Ishu gets a call from Ria.. She is very happy.. But ria says she did not call for asking her well being. Maa beti have angry discussions … Ishu informs Sona had returned into this house. She had forgiven every one.3 ria says she had done nothing so Sona need not forgive is dev who should be forgiven. Ishu tries to pacify Ria but Ria is furious with Maa. And bhai never looked at his sisters after Sona left. He never bothered to find out if his sisters were alive or not. Ria says Neha was right Ishu Was only bothered about Dev. Since Dev was happy now Ishu was happy that everything was OK. Ishi tries to explain to Ria but she is in no mood to listen to maa. Ria asks maa to ask Sona never to bother her again.

Ishu hopes Sona calls up Neha n Niki too. She hopes to get calls from them.. Even if angry ones.

At Bose house Bijoy , Asha, Sourabh have funny discussions over Asha’s newly published book.

Dev gets Sona somewhere. Dev asks Ms Bose to look around.. She reminds “it is Mrs Dixit for you “. She says there was all dark around. Dec says she wanted to know what happened in his life last 7 yrs And this was the darkness in his life.

Sona speaks to him about reuniting with his sisters. Dev does not expect them to return.
Iss raat ki subah nahin
Dev warns Sona that she might not be successful in this mission. Devakshi have nok jhok.. Loving argument …they share a laugh …

Sona is sitting on swomg at Dixit house and asks Dev if he too was sleepless. Sona says he fell asleep when she tries to show him Bong Movie ” Opur Shongshaar “. Sona reminds him how she fell asleep when he tried to make her listen Gurdass mann songs. They have nok jhok over Gurdas Mann being famous and Satyajit Ray being world famous. They both assure they will show Suha both the songs and Movies.

Devakshi then come to the conclusion that they were eachother’s property and they belonged to eachother and they could be possessive for each other. They were property and priority for each other and Dev is seen resting his arm n shoulder on her lap as they sit in blissful silence …they promise to get back what they had lost in the last few yrs. Dev asks her not to become some wonder woman. Sona assures she would do her best. Sona says they were just perfect for eachother. Dev smiles and rests his head in her lap and she passes her fingers thru his hair lovingly

At Bose house Bijoy slyly tries to go thru the book to look for that padosi who is romantic.. Asha says she had sprinkled the entire book with sweet memories.. Bijoy is taken aback

Next morning Ishu watches Devakshi readying Golu Suha for school. Devakshi leave together to drop the kids to school. Mama ji remarks this house feels like a home now. Ishu remarks her son Dev’s life was full of happiness, sona had returned to his life.. His life was full of happiness and her family seemed so complete.. Her bhagwaan had answered her prayers. Mama ji says her dreams were now fulfilled.. Ishunis all smiles.

Ishwari tells mamaji that her dreams are coming true, Dev and Sona are fulfilling their responsibilities well. Mamaji says it is good. Ishwari says they should have taken responsibilities long ago if she had not become a spoilsport. She continues counting her mistakes and says she has set everything right now. Mamaji says she now realized everything and only good will happen. Elena come and informs that Asha’s novel is published and she is a published author now. Asha and Mamaji are surprised.

Sona goes to meet Nikki and knocks door. Nikki opens door. Sona excitedly says she has grown up and tries to hug. Nikki stops her and asks how did she find her address, why did she come here. Sona asks if she does not want to meet her Sonakshi didi. Nikki says she left their life
long ago. Sona says she is back now and chats. Nikki says if she has come to on mom’s insistence, then she should return. Sona says she came herself to meet her and insists to see her house. Nikki gets nervous. Sona walks in and sees man’s clothes, asks if she wears them. A boy comes and says he booked groceries, asks Sona if she is Nikki’s friend. She says yes. Nikki says he is her boyfriend Laksh and stays with her here. Laksh says they must have met after a long time, he will go out. Nikki looks more nervous.

Mamaji sees GKB feeding Vicky and taunts her that he always sees her either feeding him or he stuffing food. She yells it is none of his business. Mamaji continues. Vicky yells he will say they should be thankful to Ishwari and Dev, but he and maa took care of this house for 7 years when Dev and Ishwari left wordly issues, they did not even care about Riya, Nikki, and Neha, so he and GKB have right on this house. Elena hears that and asks how can he misbehave with papaji. Vicky shouts to stay out of it.

Sona asks Nikki if someone else stay with them here. Nikki asks someone else stays with her and Dev. Sona says their daughter. Nikki says is it, when did this happen. Sona says she is 6 years old. Nikki starts her point that she is fed up of seeing Dev and Sona’s fights and does not want to fall into trap of marriage. After Sona left, Dev went into denial and did not want to meet anyone. She is happy here. Sona says she cannot break her relationship with her family, at least she can share her happiness with them and introduce Laksh to them. Nikki asks so that they can judge her or Laksh, she does not want them to create problems, so she should go and think she did not meet her. Sona walks towards her car. Ishwari calls her and asks if she spoke to Nikki or met her. Sons says yes and she is fine. Ishwari hopes she returns home soon. Sona then goes to Dev’s office with food. Dev asks if she came to office today. Sona says she brought him lunch. He opens lunch box and says she brought hot food and while munching asks what she wants to say.

Mamaji and Ishwari sip tea and say it needs sugar. Elena comes and says she brought something. Mamaji says must be lens. She says she got Asha’s novel’s copy. Ishwari and Mamaji say they are proud of Asha and express their feelings.

Sona tells Dev that Nikki is not staying in hostel and is staying in a flat and also reveals that she is staying with a boyfriend and they are in a live-in relationship.

At Bose house, Bejoy restlessly looks at Asha’s novel. Daadji watches it and asks Asha if he read novel. Asha says no, he is just looking since 2 days. Sourav comes and asks what did she write. Bejoy says must be about neighor who peeps from window. Sourav says no and reads about old Ishwari and her evil plans, GKB’s evil plans, etc. Bejoy says she should not have written them. Asha says it was draft and publisher printed it by mistake. Bejoy asks to call publisher and stop publishing.

Dev nervously walks in his room after Sona reveals Nikki is in a live-in relationship. He walks out of his office. Sona thins Dev is doing same mistake and she should have handled issue herself. Dev reaches Nikki’s flat. Laksh opens it and surprisingly says Mr. Dev Dixit. Dev says he is Nikki’s elder brother. Laksh says he knows and asks him to sit, says he and Nikki know each other since 3 years and are in a live-in relationship since 2 years, he offers water. Nikki comes and Laksh says look who has come. Nikki is shocked to see Dev.

Precap: Dev asks Laksh not to interfere. Nikki says Laksh is her boyfriend, whatever he has to talk, he should in front of Laksh, else go out.

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