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Kuch Rang Episode 341--342 Update On Thursday 29th November 2018 On Adom TV


Sona asks Ishwari where are Nikki, Neha, and Riya, she did not see him since she came back. Ishwari says she wants to speak her pain to her friend and daughter, she is missing her daughters a lot. Sona asks if she informed Dev. Ishwari says Dev is the reason for her pain.

Dev reaches Bose house. Bejoy and Asha greet him in. Dev says he had gone to a hospital. Bejoy asks if everything is alright. Dev says he went to hospital where Sona delivered Soha. Bejoy asks why he went to Kolkota. Dev says just like that, he wants to know the 7 years Sona spent without him, if they have any pictures. Asha goes to get pics. On the other side, Sona goes to Elena and scolds why did not she inform her that Dev did not attend Neha’s wedding at all and did not return home for 15 days.
Elena says Dev changed once she left him. Sona says Dev cares for his family so much. Elena says she is telling truth, Dev completely changed after she left him.

Dev goes to his office and looks at Sona’s sonography and medical reports. Sona enters and asks what is he doing. He says she should not have come here. Sona asks why he is watching all this, past is past, can he include his name in Soha’s birth certificate. He stands silently. She hugs him and says he has to explain his mistakes to her.

Ishwari also reaches Bose house. Asha asks Bejoy if he asked her for a snack. Bejoy says yes. Ishwari anxiously says she wants Sona back to her home soon. Bejoy says they spoke already about Dev and Sona’s re-marriage. Ishwari says when divorce did not happen, where is a question of remarriage, she just wants to give Sona her place in her house. Bejoy says she is right, but Sona’s decision is final.

Dev tells Sona that he did not even meet Neha and Riya’s husband and he completely ignored family. Whenever someone came to him, he gave money and sent them away, he felt he is buying loneliness for him. He continues expressing his emotions out. She asks what about Nikki, where is she. He says she is in some hostel and whenever maa tried to meet her, she did not. She is fine though. Employee informs Dev that people are waiting for a meeting. Dev says Sona he will finish meeting and will be back, they will leave together. Sona thinks Dev went through so much, she has to be his pillar of support. After meeting, Dev and Sona walk towards car. Sona says he will correct all his mistakes and reunite his family. Discussion continues and Sona says she will stay with him from hereon. Dev says she is a magician, she realized what is in his heart, when she has decided it, nobody’s father can stop her, except her father. She says let us go home and take baba’s permission.

Bejoy looks at Sona and Soha’s belongings and gets emotional. He tells Asha that whoever goes, he will keep these things, how can Sona call him and tell suddenly she is going, he cannot digest his daughter going away so soon. Asha says Sona is going where she belongs too. Bejoy says he cannot stay away from his daughter. Sona with Dev comes and says she came to take their blessings, without which she cannot start a new life. Soha says she needs Dev to promise that he will be like daadu/Bejoy. Dev says nobody can be like Daadu, he is only one, but he can promise he will keep her and mamma happy. Bejoy says Soha that her pappa is best. Sona and Dev take blessings. Sourav says Dev he is emotional as if it is his bidayi. Soha says papa’s house is just 30 min away, why they are getting so emotional. Dev extends his hand towards Bejoy. Bejoy hugs him and smiles.

Dev with Sona and Soha reaches home and sees decoration. Sona says maa made arrangements already. Dev says they already made a team. Their conversation continues. Elena asks them to stop followed by Mamaji. Ishwari hurriedly comes and asks Elena to explain rituals to Sona. She asks Sona to kick rice bowl and step into red water. Sona does same and completes her graha pravesh. GKB stands fuming.

Soha seeing Sona’s graha pravesh says Dev that she also wants to do it. He says he will not let her do. She asks what if she get a handsome boy like him. Dev says then definitely not. Ishwari asks Sona to come in and greets her. Sona says she hopes they all 3 would have been here now. Ishwari says wherever they are, they should be happy. Elena asks if she can take Sona for sometime. Ishwari asks to wait, calls GKB and asks her to give house keys to Sona as she is the right owner of it and returned back. Sona is new and canoot handle it. Ishwari says she will learn. GKB gives keys fuming. Elena asks if she can take Sona now and takes her away.

Elena takes Dev and Sona to their room holding their eyes and asks to open eyes now. They see room well decorated with flowers
and asks what is all this. Elena asks if she needs to explain or what. Sona gets shy and nervous. Golu and Soha ask why room is decorated. Sona asks Golu to ask Elena itself. Elena says it is time for their sleep and says Golu and Soha let us go. Dev says wait for sometime, he will go and meet maa. Golu says if will ask his mother.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room and asks how she knows what he wants. She asks what did she do. He says she went to Sona’s house and asked her parents to send her home. When she did this, he was with Sona and she was explaining they should stay together now, if she is a magician. Ishwari says mom is not a magician, she got a boon to know what child needs. She then warns him not to trouble Sona and keep her happy always. Dev promises and leaves.

GKB returns to her room shattered. Vicky asks what happened. GKB says jiji used me and thiriw out/thiriw (mean threw out). Even Dev used Vicky and threw him out. She served jiji since so many years, but she took her right and gave it to bengalan. Jiji became saint for 7 years and she took care of this house. She served so much, but jiji took keys and gave it to bengal and bengalan walked out smilingly.

Sona looks at keys in her room. Dev enters and asks what happened. Sona says maa took keys from mamiji and gave it to me. When she left this house, maa gave keys to mamiji and mamiji run this house for 7 years, it should be mamiji’s decision to give keys to her or not. Dev says nobody is snatching anyone’s rights here. Sona says she will do what she feels right and walks to GKB’s room. Vicky is busy fuming and yelling. He sees Sona and yells why did she come here now, if she want them to get out. Sona gives keys to her and says it is her right. GKB returns keys and says it is Ishwari’s house and her decision. Sona says she served this house for 7 years and only she has right on these keys. She keeps keys and leaves.

Sona returns to her room. Dev and her chat starts again. Sona says she is feeling good now. Dev says he always felt only she can change him and he needs her, she is with him now. He says he spoke a lot now and it is her time. She asks what she should say. He says anything, he grew his hair long, he spoilt Golu..anything. Sona leans on his shoulder and says when Sona learnt to speak, she first spoke pa..whole day paa.paa..paa.. and she used to feel jealous whole day.

Next morning, Ishwari peels carrots inn kitchen and hearing sound says Sona..she was thinking.. GKB enters and showing keys and says maid did not bring green tea. Sona enters and asks if she wants to talk about keys, she did what she felt right. Mamiji served this house selflessly, so she feels only she can justice. Ishwari praises her that she explains so easily, she is proud of her. Sona asks them both to go, she will prepare juice for them. Ishwari asks not to prepare bitter gourd juice. GKB looking at keys thinks why Sona took U turn suddenly, whatever it is she got her keys back.

Precap: Sona calls Riya and says she is Sona, if she remembers. Riya says she identified her well, please don’t call me again.

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