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Kuch Rang Episode 337--338 Update On Tuesday 27th November 2018 On Adom TV


Sona runs happily to meet Dev. Neighbor stops her and asks where is she going, what happened to her. She says nothing happened, a tall handsome man changed her, he does not listen to anyone, even she must have met him. Neighbor says something happened to her, she will call Asha. Sona excitedly says nothing happened, she is in love. Neighbor gives her umbrella. Sona runs shouting Dev she is coming.

Soha over phon tells Golu that she will pray god to send papa back. Golu says he will also pray for big cha. Ishwari hears that and that they will pray god to send Dev back. GKB yells it is all because of bengalan whole arrangement spoilt. Ishwari says she has name. GKB says Sonakshi. Ishwari says good name na, she expects her to take her name and says she decorated this house
to greet her bahu, she is sure Dev will bring Sona soon. Mamaji warns GKB if he understood or he should explain. GKB makes her usual weird face. Mamaji says he will call Dev. Ishwari says no need for that, she is sure, Dev will come back home with Sona. Mamaji says he used to stop her from calling, but today she is stopping him.

Sona continues walking thinking in this weather, coffee would be better, realizes Dev must have gone to their favorite cafeteria. She sees auto and asks sleeping autodriver to start auto. Driver says let him sleep, take another auto. She gets into driver’s seat and starts auto. Driver pleads not to do that. Sona says be ready to watch world’s best love story and drives auto. She reaches cafeteria and sees a man sleeping on chair, thinks he is sad and touches him. He wakes up and she asks who is he, where is Dev, why is he sitting on Dev’s seat. Man yells if she is mad or what, what kind of mad people come here. She disappointedly sits thinking where is Dev. She then hears Dev ordering coffee, gets up and gets happy Dev really there. She walks to Dev. Dev asks if she is mad or what, she came here again with girls or proposal, where are his would be wives. She says sorry for everything. He asks if she is alright. Coffee boy delivers coffee. Sona takes it. Dev asks how can she take his coffee. She says when she took his heart, what is coffee. He says so cheesy dialogue. She says it sounds good in English and repeats. He asks her to sit and have coffee. She gets up. He scolds to sit. She thinks she should slip on him to gain his attention and slips. Coffee falls on a man and he yells why did he bring mad lady here Dev apologizes and asks Sona to go.

Dev gets on his bike to leave. Sona stops him and throws bike keys. He says she has really gone mad. She says he stole her heart and now is going away, says she will not go from here until he accepts her love. He says she can stand here forever and leaves on bike. She stands sadly. Coffee boy asks her to go behind her, else he will go far away. She says she is Sonakshi Bose and he is Dev Dixit, he will come back for sure. Dev returns and asks what she wanted to say. She says she is the first person who will say sorry while proposing. She kneels down and apologizes and shows ring. Dev says he is not convinced. She gets up. He says she told she will kneel down till he says. She tries to kneel down. He holds her. She shows ring. He says he was holding ring since so many years, but she took so much time. He asks will she tell those magical words. She says I love you. He hugs her happily and dances with her. Tu mujhme mujhse zyada hai…song..plays in the background. They both dance, continue their romantic nok jhok, continue their romance. Song continues.

Sona and Dev walk home reminiscing proposing each other again and saying I love you. Dev thinks this is not a dream, it is reality, this house will be filled with happiness and they will hear tumi tumi all around. Ishwari with family watches him from a distance. Dev informs Sona proposed him again.. Mamaji says all this happiness is because of Soha. Iswhari gets emotional and hopes his life is filled with happiness. Dev says their life will be very happy from hereon. Elena says she is happy for her sister. Dev asks if she is not happy for his brother. She nods yes, wiping her tears. Dev says Golu he has to take care of all happiness of the women in this house. Golu says yes sir. Dev tells mamaji it is time for celebration. Mamaji says, sure why not.

Sona returns home
and sees lights off. Family switches off lights and says surprise. Sona smiles. Asha asks what they should call her from hereon, Ms. Sonakshi Bose or. Sona excitedly says Mrs. Dev Dixit. Asha says they knew and wanted to hear from her. Bejoy also seems very happy.

Ishwari happily cleans her kitchen and keeps out high calorie and junk food. GKB asks why she is keeping them. Ishwari says Sona does not like all this and if she will know that she eats all this and is not taking care of her health, she will scold her. GKB tries to brainwash her that she is worried about Dev, now Sona will come and control him like before. Ishwari gets very angry, holds bottle and asks her to take it. GKB tries and asks why she is not leaving. Ishwari scolds her not to use her dirty games and spoil family’s happiness and says Dev’s happiness is with Sona, etc. GKB fumes and leaves saying she will not let anyone throw ghee bottle. She goes to Vicky’s room and tries to calm him down. Vicky shouts that all their plans failed and bengalan is returning to rule over them, Dev will snatch my rights and give it to Sona, I will not tolerate it. He continues enough of pitty games, he will plan big and snatch everything from Dev, which his his right.

Dev and Sona try to call each other, but their phone are busy as they are trying each other. Finally calls get connected. They both speak at once if they are busy, whom they are speaking to..they both speak nervously and talk romantically. They say I love you to each other. Next day, they both meet Nisha’s parents. Parents confront if they had to be together, why did they play such a big drama, they are insulted because of them. Nisha stops them. Sona goes to Nisha, thanks and apologizes her both. She thanks Nisha that her family is complete because of her. Nisha wishes them good luck.

Asha asks Bejoy to stop being stubborn and call Dev, he himself permitted Sona and took back his promise. Bejoy says he took back promise, but never spoke to Dev freely till now. Asha says he has to change his stubbornness and get well along, else nobody will like him. He says if she means nobody likes his company. She says she is the best example.

Ishwari makes GKB and Mamaji waits on dining table and prepares something in kitchen GKB in her broken irritating English asks why jiji is making them wait here, he usually knows everything. Mamaji says he does not know, but he feels her English is becoming very ill now a days and she should stop pestering people with her English. GKB fumes and Mamaji rocks as usual. Ishwari serves them soup and watermelon feta cheese salad. Mamaji says he tought she would serve sweet on Sona’s arrival, but is serving diet food. Ishwari says he knows how much diet conscious Sona is. GKB says she will be hungry whole day, but will not eat this. Mamaji says he will and will ask Sona also to prepare it.

Precap: Ishwari tells Asha and Bejoy that she wants to talk to them something important. Asha asks if everything is well. Ishwari says Bejoy told he considers Ronit as his daughter, she wants to take back her daughter home. Bejoy and Asha look tensely at her.

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