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Kuch Rang Episode 331--332 Update On Thursday 22nd November 2018 On Adom TV


Suhana tells Sona that if she calls someone else mamma, she does not like and if mamma calls someone else daughter, she does not like, but if they will like pappa calling someone else wife, will they both like it. She runs. Ishwari enters and says children sometime tell truth with her innocence, she just came here to ask if she liked Nisha. Sona says Nisha is good. Ishwari asks if she thinks Nisha is perfect for Dev. Sona sadly nods yes. Ishwari leaves.

Elena calls Asha and informs her that Sona got very jealous when Dev held Nisha and everyone could notice it. Asha asks her to inform her whatever happens there. Bejoy asks Asha whom she is talking to, if Dev is marrying or not. Asha says yes. Sona enters and Bejoy asks if Dev selected girl. Sona says yes and confronts
him that he always hated Dev and never wanted them together, that is why they broke out. Bejoy is shocked and sits on sofa. Asha tries to console him. Bejoy shouts that Dev brainwashed his daughter, he will not feel bad for Sona’s anger and will dance a lot in Dev’s marriage that everyone will be surprised.

Sona reaches Dev’s home next day and searches Dev. GKB notices her and asks if she is searching Dev, he is busy with Nisha. Sona walks in and sees Dev trying to fix gajra in Nisha’s hair. Nisha says he does not have to. He says he has done it before. Sona reminisces Dev fixing gajra in her hair. Dev drops gajra. Sona picks it. Dev asks when did she come. She says to take Soha school. She says she will fix gajra. Dev says he will and pulls. Gajra breaks. Nisha says looks like she has to spend day without gajra. Dev and Sona apologize at once. Nisha goes aside. Dev holds Sona and asks why did she come. Sona asks why did not he inform that Nisha is coming. He says why should he. Argument starts. Dev sees Nisha and leaves Sona. Nisha says let us go. Dev says he is thinking to get engaged soon if anyone is not having any problem. Sona says go ahead. Dev says he wants to get engaged tomorrow. Sona is shocked. Nisha says they should inform elders. Dev and Nisha walk out leaving Sona shocked.

Ronita asks Sourav to explain Bejoy not to interfere in Sona’s personal life. Sourav says Bejoy will not listen. Asha enters panicking when is Dev’s engagement, Ishwari wants Sona and Dev realize their love for each other and made a drama of Dev’s marriage, but thinks turning wrong. Sourav asks how does she know. Asha says Ishwari herself told her. Bejoy enters and yells his wife is helping his enemies, Ishwari is wrong and only wrong will happen to her family. He continues yelling.

Dev calls Sona and she does not pick calls. He calls Asha next, even she does not pick call. He calls landline. Bejoy picks call. Dev says he is getting engaged tomorrow. Bejoy congratulates him. Dev asks where is Sona, he is trying her number, she is not picking call; he, Sona and his fiance had planned to go on engagement shopping. Bejoy says he will inform Sona. Asha goes to Sona’s room and tells Dev is trying to reach her. Sona says her mobile is off. Asha asks to charge it and call him and tries to pick phone. Sona resists and says she has important work in office and leaves.

Sona reaches office and starts working. Dev reaches with lots of sherwanis. Sona says it is her office and not his wardrobe. Dev says if she had come and selected sherwani, he would not have come. She says why don’t he select himself. He shows different sherwanis. She likes white. He says even he liked. Sona says why did he waste her time. He says she had promised to help him, if she does not and does not attend engagement, he will not get engaged. Their argument continues

Asha nervously waits for Sona outside house. Bejoy says Sona will return, this is not the first time she is coming home late. She says nothing is good. Bejoy says she thinks he did wrong by send Dev to Sona’s office. He is just safeguarding his daughter from Dixits. Asha says he is the big problem in Sona’s life. He says whatever she says, once Dev gets married, Sona will also move on. Asha says it is waste talking to him. Bejoy walks away. Asha asks where is he going now. He reminds she told she will not talk.

Asha thinks she should meet Ishwari and reaches Dev’s home. GKB is busy in wedding arrangements. She sees Asha and asks if she came for engagement 1 day earlier, if she came to help them. Asha says she came to speak to Ishwari ji. Vicky comes and starts
with GKB. GKB tries to forcefully feed sweets to Asha. Asha says no. Vicky insists. Ishwari enters and asks GKB why she is forcing Asha. Vicky says maa is trying to spread happiness. Ishwari says Asha came to meet her and she will serve her. She takes Asha to her room leaving GKB and Vicky fuming. She then cries that she wanted Dev and Sona to unite, but her plan failed. Asha says as Bejoy says god does not want to them to unite. Ishwari asks not to say that, she still has hope. Soha enters with Golu and says papa is doing all this to make mamma realize how much she loves papa and he himself told her. Ishwari and Asha get happy.

Dev peeping from window into Sona’s office thinks tomorrow is his engagement and Sona is working in her office, it is time to make re realize. He calls Sona and asks if she is coming. She says she is resting. He says she has a lot of work tomorrow. She says let her rest and tries to throw phone. Bejoy enters. Dev thinks why this old man came here. Bejoy asks if she has a lot of workload at office. Sona asks him to sit. Bejoy says he came here to explain her that Dev’s marriage is a good thing so that she can move on in life. He knows it is different for sometime,, but she will feel fine after that. She apologize for getting angry at home. He says that is okay. Dev thinks old man is giving wrong advice to Sona. Bejoy hears window sound says there is a rat here. Dev hides. Sona says nobody is here except them. Bejoy continues. Sona asks him to go home. Bejoy leaves.

Sona falls asleep on her chair. Dev enters and sits on desk looking at her. He says since she came to Delhi, he wanted to tell her something, but did not get a chance, now can tell it. She did wrong by cropping her hair, long hair used to look good, but truth his short hair also suit her. Even stupid spectacles, she looks good in everything. He does not like the fear on her face and he knows it is because of her, why don’t she think of herself even though she had Suhana with her, at least now she should realize how much she loves him and stop his engagement. He says miss Sonakhi Bose I love you the way I loved years ago and nothing has changed for him. He leaves. Sona continues sleeping.

Dev reaches home sadly. Ishwari enters his room and asks if he had gone to meet Sonakshi. Dev nervously stammers no, why will he. Ishwari says their destiny is same, Sonakashi. She talked about his marriage because…Dev says he took if forward. Sona has to realize her love for him, till then they have to wait. Ishwari says why she is not understanding her love for Dev. Dev says may be because she is hurt, maybe because of her. Ishwari says she told her that she is her culprit and apologized. Dev asks if she told that she considers her as bahu still, Sona is a ver smart girl and understands well. She thinks he plays with lives, he is doing same. Ishwari says if he gets engaged, Sona’s heart will break. Dev says even his and Nisha. Ishwari says even Soha’s, Asha and her heart. Dev says she is his mother and he will obey her, but why will Sona obey her, what is she for her. He selected Sona 8 years ago and Ishwari also likes her now. Sona came here as nutritionist 8 years ago and went away as bahu. She wanted to win our heart, but we broke her heart. Ishwari asks how to tell her that they are on Sona’s side. Dev says he does not know, Sona has to take her decision herself before it is too late.

Next morning, GKB continues busy in arrangements and scolds servants. Vicky asks her to do other work. GKB says she has brought sari and jewelry for bride and shows them. Vicky asks to not show them to him, go and keep an eye on bua/Ishwari, since Asha met her, he feels something is wrong. GKB goes to Ishwari and asks what is she doing here she has to show her bride’s jewelry and sari. Ishwari says if she has chosen, then it is good. GKB says sometimes they seek something and god fails their plan. Even Dev wants to get engaged, so she should not get worried. Ishwari reminisces Soha’s words that papa is doing all this to make mamma realize how much she loves papa.

Precap: Ishwari says Sona that she knows how much Dev loves her, if she returns all decisions will be hers. Sona says she is getting late for engagement and asks to go.

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