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Kuch Rang Episode 327--328 Update On Tuesday 20th November 2018 On Adom TV


Sona trying to sleep at night reminisces Bejoy’s advice that she should let Dev marry and get out of his life permanently. She gets Dev’s call. She picks and says Dev. He says if she is surprised, he will not pester after a few days as he is remarrying and starting a new life. She says no but..He asks if she is sure she wants to help him find a girl for him. She nods yes. He says if she nods head on the other side, how will he see. She says she means yes. He says then lets start searching for his new life. She says okay.

In the morning, Sonar reaches Dev’s house and sits with Ishwari waiting for Dev. GKB enters holding her selected girl and telling Vicky that girl is so beautiful. Vicky says her choice is always good. GKB continues her drama. Golu says what is
so great in it. Ishwari says Dev may marry that girl and she may become new big chi. Golu snatches photo from GKB and looks with Soha. They both say she is right. Sona asks if Dev is sure about it, why he is taking so much time. Ishwari says he himself told he is ready for remarriage. Dev comes down wearing formal blazer and clean shaven in his old style. Sona stands mesmerized with his handsomeness. Everyone look at him. Ishwari says he is looking good today. Soha says he is looking handsome. Dev wishes Sona good morning. Sona nervously says thank you..she means…good morning. He asks if she is fine. She says her phone is ringing. He takes phone says nobody heard it. She says it is silent. He says she can speak on the way, after he is leaving his past and heading towards future, looking at Sona.

Bejoys lights agarbathis in front of god’s idol and says they both are on same side, so he has to fulfill his prayers. He says Dev should get happiness of whole world, marry and move ahead in life. Asha comes and Bejoy asks why did she come, he is having private moments with god. Asha says god is for everyone. She prays god that whoever Dev is with should be with her always and they get happiness of whole world, it is both their wishe. Bejoy asks why did she pray this. Asha says he has become irritating like agony aunt.

Dev with Sona reaches restaurant. Manager says he made arrangements according to Dev’s requirement and asks Sona if she liked it. Dev says Sona is his ex-wife and arrangements are not for her. Manager apologizes her and leaves. Dev says poor manager got embarrassed and asks if she liked arrangements. She says it is too tacky. He says she must have not slept whole night and is getting irritated. She says no…He says she is a mother of 6-year-old, but is acting as 6-year-old. She says he is acting like a kid needing help. He says he is really a kid and need her help whole life. She says he will his new friend. He says Payal, her name is Payal. She says she will fill payal music in her life.

GKB asks Vicky what is his plan, if the Payal will manage impressing Dev. Vicky says he is controlling her from here. GKB gets happy.

Payal enters correcting hands-free on her ears. Dev calls her name and flirts she looks more beautiful than in pics. She says even she has same thinking about him, he is more handsome than in pics. Sona feels jealous. Dev asks Sona to move aside as he needs to talk to Payal. Sona nervously says she will have something as she is hungry and sits on nearby table. Dev speaks to Payal. Vicky over phone asks Payal to cough if she is hearing his voice. She coughs. GKB gets happy. Dev tells Payal that Sona is his ex-wife and is his best friend now. He says there is one more girl in his life. Sona silently hears his conversation. Dev says his daughter Soha, because of whom Sona and he are bestfriends and Sona has taken responsibility of his marriage. Payal says it is nice. Dev shows Soha’s photo. Vicky asks he to tell child is very pretty and she doe not have any problems whatever decision he takes for his daughter. Payal repeats. He asks her to hold Dev’s hand and assure him. She does. He asks to take out hand and act as she did it in emotion. She does. Dev looking at Sona tells he has to announce his decision in front of Sona and calls Ishwari. He tells Ishwari that he liked Payal and is ready to marry her. Sona shatters. Ishwari stands in a shock. Vicky and GKB jump in happiness.

Dev calls Ishwari and says he liked girl and is ready for marriage. Ishwari and Sona are shocked hearing that. Ishwari asks what…Dev says he will come home and explain. Sona says trying to hide emotions says awesome. Dev asks if she is happy. She says yes. Ishwari calls Asha and says she needs to meet her right now. Dev praises Payal that he liked her honesty. Payal says she liked Sona’s support for her friend. Dev says he will drop Payal home. Payal says her house is in opposite direction, he should drop Sona instead. They all come out. Payal gets into taxi and leaves.

GKB gets very happy and praises Vicky that his plan worked, Ishwari wanted to reunite bengalan and Dev. Vicky says no need to get happy, they need to be very careful from hereon and take each step

Ishwari meets Asha and informs her that Dev liked girl. Asha says how can he in first meeting. Ishwari says she is the reason, he is trying to fulfill his mom’s demand..then says maybe he wants to convey some message to Sona.

Sona drives car rashly and applies brakes. Dev says it got hot Sona says what.. He says it happens. She says as if he is worried for her. He says cool down, he will drive. She says she can. He says she is not fine. She says she is not okay because of him, how can he accept girl in 1st meeting. He says when girl does not have problem with his past and her past, then why he should accept her. Argument continues. She gets out of car and asks him to drive. He thinks at least now she should say….says let us go buddy. She says betrayer…He asks what. She says car, it is her car and even then betrayed.

They both reach home. GKB feeds sweets to Dev happily. Ishwari returns. GKB says Dev accepted girl. Ishwari asks how can he accept girl in first meeting. Dev says Payal is a good girl. Dev sees Mamaji sitting silently and asks if he is happy. Mamaji fuming says he is fine and cannot express his fuming. Ishwari says Dev he shold not have bothered about her selection, he would have thought about his choice. Dev says again Payal is a good girl. Golu and Soha run towards Dev. GKB feeds them sweets and says Dev selected girl for marriage She then forcefully feeds sweet to Sona. Suhana gets disappointed and runs looking at Ishwari. Ishwari runs behind her. Suhana says she lied that mamma papa will unite, but papa is marrying someone else, if papa and mamma does not unite, she will never talk to Ishwari and will not come to meet her. Mamaji hears their conversation and says Ishwari that children cannot understand elders’ game. Sona is confused and even his kachori/Ishwari is, but he is sure his kachori will not accept defeat easily.

Suhana sits in her room sadly. Golu says she is upset with Big Cha’s decision, he cannot see her sad and wants her to cheer up, let us play her favorite game ludo. Suhana says she does not want to. Dev says why she does not want to play, they all 3 will play. Suhana runs. Golu confronts Dev that he upset his sister, he calls him as best friend, but he did not even speak to him once before taking such a big decision. He also runs away. Dev gets sad.

Asha returns home. Bejoy asks where was she. She says Sona was with Dev and Dev agreed for marriage. Bejoy says it is a good news, he should feed her sweets. She says Dev is Sona’s ex-husband and she is very upset. Bejoy says Dev is not related to Sona now, so Sona should not bother. Asha says if he saw how Sona used to hide her feelings for 8 years and be sad. He says she was not Asha scolds him that he is too senseless.

Elena comes to Sona and asks why did she push Dev into forceful marriage. Sona says she just helped Ishwari and nothing else, Dev is her ex-husband and that is all. Elena says she has to decide what is she for Sona and not Ishwari and Dev, Dev cannot be happy without her. Their argument continues.

Precap: When Dev, Sona, and Payal are at a restaurant, Payal’s boyfriend Karan comes and requests her to not leave him and to marry him. Dev says Payal is marrying him, so back off. Karan slaps Dev and Dev falls down.

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