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Teles Updates

Kuch Rang Episode 313--314 Update On Friday 9th November 2018 On Adom TV


Bejoy pampers Sona. Dev in his home asks Bejoy where is she, he wants to speak to her. Elena asks who. He says Sona. She says she left, but will call her. Dev says no need, he will talk to her later. Ishwari watches him from her room and thinks mother’s eyes can see anything. Dev walks in his room thinks mom should not have kept that condition, on one side it is maa, other side Soha and Sona, what he should do. Golu enters and chats with him. He asks if he loves him or not. Dev says a lot, he knows that. Golu tells let us play then. Dev agrees. Golu asks Dev if he is fine. Dev says yes. Golu says he is looking more weaker now and cannot fool him as he is 7 years old now.

Dev ges down and sees Ishwari with GKB. GKB asks dev to come and have food. Dev asks Ishwari
if she had food. Ishwari says she is not hungry and walks to her room. GKB tells Dev that he should obey his mother and marry Sona or someone else, only that way he can make his mother happy. He asks if maa told her. GKB leaves.

After sometime, Jatin calls Dev. Dev asks if Sona is with him and if they reached Gurgaon. Jatin says no, they could not as Sona got some problem. Dev asks what problem. Jatin explains. Dev reaches Sona’s home and gets out of his bike feeling very weak. He peeps from Sona’s room window and knocks window. Sona turns. He asks her to come out. She walks out and says he is looking ill, why did he come here and did not rest even after her warning. He says he is fine and wants to talk to her right now. Bejoy calls her. She says she is coming and says Dev she is already late. Dev insists to come with him. She agrees hesitantly and says they will go in car. Bejoy calls Sona. Asha comes. Bejoy says he called Sona as he brought her favorite sweet. Asha says she got a call and left speaking over phone.

Vicky walks into Ishwari’s room and seeing her tensed asks what happened now. GKB says looks like their plan will fail as Dev is mad behind bengalan/Sona and must have gone behind her. Vicky says his plan is fool proof and whatever they thought will happen.

Dev drives car. Their car breaks down. Dev gets out of car and tells he will get car jack. Sona say he is unwell, so she will fix tyre. She adds jack to fix tyre. Dev asks when did she learn to fix tyre. She says she had to learn in these 7 years. Their conversation continues. Dev reveals that Ishwari wants him to marry her. Sona is shocked. She asks what did he say and what he thinks. Dev says even he feels he needs a life partner. She tells baba/Bejoy took promise not to think about him. He says mom told if she will not marry him, then he should marry someone else. Sona says it is good if he marries someone else, they can be good friends and better parents for Soha. Dev asks what. Sona says she is right, he should marry someone else.

Dev drives car again. Sona sees a woman with her daughter and realizes she is same in photo. She tells Dev she is same woman in photo and shows photo. Woman and her daughter get into auto and leave. Sona says let us follow them. Woman and daughter get out of auto and knock a house door. Khatri opens door and takes them in. Dev fumes. Sona controls him and says Jatin told her about Khatri’s house and he must have found that pic in this house. They both hear their conversation standing near door. Women plead Khatri to give them money. Khatri says he knows they are very needy, but Ishwari did not give him money and got him arrested instead, her son trashed him brutally. Dev fumes hearing this, but Sona controls him.

Khatri provokes woman and her daughter against Ishwari and says their life is hell because of Ishwari, he is helpless. He says he will bring food for them and walks out. Dev fumes how can he lie against his mother. Sona asks him to calm down and takes him in. Woman and daughter say Khatri ji has gone out. Sona says they know an came to meet them. Daughter identifies Dev and shouts he is Dev Dixit and warns him at knife point to stay away from them. Dev walks towards her and keeps knife on his neck and asks to punish him. He apologizes on his mom’s behalf. They both say they are suffering because of his mother. Sona says Ishwari aunty tried to search them all over and Khatri did not let them meet, he took money from Ishwari and gave them penny. They both don’t trust her.

continues trying to convince woman and daughter and says she will call Ishwari from woman’s mobile and woman herself can speak to her. She dials Ishwari’s number. Woman calls Ishwari’s name. Ishwari shatters her voice and asks if she is memsaab, where was she all these years, she searched her everywhere and went to Uttarakhand and wherever people told she must be present. She apologizes her and asks if she will. Woman asks her son is so rich, he could have found her. Ishwari says she did not tell anything to her son as he cannot see her daughter as criminal and considers her as god.

Woman says she will not forgive her for her heinous act. She stole her nanad/SIL’s wedding jewellery and marriage broke, she was thrown on road, her husband died and her daughter is still unmarried. She wanted to hide her crime from her son, but her son is right here and heard her truth, she will not forgive her in life. Ishwari is shocked. She disconnects call and says Dev that his mother built his life by destroying their lives, he is super rich, but is a broke in front of her, he will never be happy in life. Dev cries vigorously. Khatri enters.

Ishwari cries knowing Dev knows her truth. She imagines Dev entering and confronting that he considered her as god, but she is not even a human, she is a criminal. She sees another Dev coming and consoling her that she still is her mother and god. Another voice says she is a thief. She shatters.

Khatri tells woman not to believe Dev and Sona, they are trying to brainwash them and will harm them. Woman believes Khatri and asks to call police, she will complain against Dev. Khatri gets nervous. Woman asks Dev to leave. Sona asks him to go out. He walks out. Sona tells daughter/Kajal that she has a whole life ahead and should stay away from Khatri. Daughter starts thinking and her mother trusts Khatri.

Dev walks on road reminiscing him considering his mother as god and reason for his success. He then reminisces woman’s words and angrily breaks parked car’s glasses. Car owner yells at Dev. Sona comes to Dev’s rescue. Dev stuffs man’s pocket with money and asks him to tell whold world that he earned this money after his mother stole and spoilt someone’s life. Man leaves yelling he is mad. Sona tries to calm Dev. Soha wakes up from sleeping after getting bad dream. Ishwari enters and asks what happened. Soha. Sona says she saw bad dream about papa and wants to talk to him. Ishwari dials Dev’s number, but he does not pick it. Sona picks it and Ishwari asks Dev where are you. Sona says it is her, she is with Dev and they are coming home soon. Ishwari collapses in jealousy.

Precap: Dev reaches home gets tensed seeing Ishwari unconscious on floor.

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