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Iron Lady Wednesday 28th November 2018 On Zee World

-Inder gets scared as all truth is coming out. Before Rishi says anything, Inder takes him on a side and begs him, emotionally blackmails him for not telling truth to everyone. Inder says that he regrets for what he has done and if truth comes out, then Indira will send him out from the house. He won’t have any place to go.
-Indira asks Rishi if what Neha is saying is truth. He says, yes. Indira is shocked.
-Neha’s family asks for justice. Indira takes off Rishi’s belt and gives it to Neha to punish him by beating him with the belt.
-Neha is about to beat him, but Indira stops and says that punishment will be very little for him. He needs tougher punishment. She asks Neha to beat her as it will hurt Rishi more. Neha doesn’t move.
-Indira takes the belt and starts beating herself. Rishi tries to stop, but she says that she will beat herself more if Rishi goes closer. Rishi steps back.
-Indu comes with the report in her hand and asks Rishi to stop her as she is pregnant. Rishi goes to stop Indira, but she pushes him back.
-Indiar is about to hit herself on stomach, but Indu blocks it on the last moment. Indu asks her why is she punishing the baby that’s inside her. Indira finally realizes that she is pregnant and she drops belt on the floor, and hugs Indu.
-Rishi says enough is enough and asks Inder to tell truth to everyone.
-Inder says truth was just told by Rishi and when Rishi says it was him who did this, he refuses it.
-All family members take Inder’s side. Indiar’s mother says that they dropped Inder at home only, and he never went there. Munna also says that he was not with them. Neha too says that this happened with her and she knows it was Rishi.
-Indira does not know who to believe. She asks Rishi if they left Inder at home. Rishi says yes, but he followed and came there. Inder refuses.
-Rishi is angry at Inder and catches his collar and doesn’t leave him. Indu goes to stop, but Rishi pushes her back. Indira saves Indu from falling down and is shocked seeing such behavior from Rishi.
Seeing Rishi out of control, Indira decides to stop him by herself. Rishi tells her today every single family member insulted him in front of everyone, but he will prove himself. Mehar tells Neha not to leave Rishi this easily and suggests her to file a police complain. Right then police comes with gas supplier owner to arrest him for 2 lakh rupees fraud. Munna steps back and everyone supports him saying he was blind when that happened and it’s Rishi who spent all in gambling. Everyone is asking Indira for justices. Indira has no choice, but to ask police to take him from there. Indu asks Indira to do something to stop police from taking him, Indira is just crying. Indu takes her outside where police is putting Rishi in the van. She tells Indira, you have big contacts, please call someone and stop this. Indira’s phone is left in the house, so she goes to take it.

Rishi tells Indira that he doesn’t care what people will think.. as long as Indira has faith in him, he will prove that he didn’t do anything wrong. He asks her to take care of child and don’t worry about anything. Indira tells him about her decision for the unborn baby. She says, I have decided not to bring this baby. Rishi asks her how can she do that. Indira says, what will I say when baby asks me about his father? That he was a liar, useless, and did all this? I can’t do that. Rishi keeps telling her not to do this while police is taking him away. After the van leaves, Indu finally comes and runs behind the van and in end she has to give up. Indira goes to her and hugs her. She says, I tried so hard so you don’t have to face life that I had in my childhood, but your father also came out to be like my father. Indu pushes her back and says, don’t say anything about my dad.. he’s my hero and I know he hasn’t done anything wrong. And as you broke your relationship with him, what relationship you have with me now? She leaves and Indira cries.

When Indira returns home, her shameless family members say whatever happened was right.. good he went to jail and now once again they will listen what Indira says and are ready to get rid off line that was drawn in the house. Indira doesn’t respond.

In police van, Rishi tells his police friend, I saw faith for me in your eyes.. for that faith please do something. I can’t see my child dying. Police friend releases him and lets him take his gun. Rishi then points gun at him and asks other cops to stop the car and let him go. He runs away.

Indira gets hurt when she gets this news. She tells Indu, your father (Rishi) also ran away like my father (Inder).. both came out to be a loser who ran away. Episode ends on her crying face

At Sharma Niwas
Episode Starts with Indira telling Indu that Rishi has turned out just like Inder, She laughs while telling her that Rishi has cowardly escaped from the Police. She breaks down, the rest of the family are there enjoying the scenario.

Scene shifts to Rishi
The poor man is running as fast as he can so that the police won’t spot him . He enters the forest and he angrily holds a big rock in front of him. He looks up with his teary eyes and questions god as to why all this unfortunate stuff is happening to him.

Indira is on her bed holding Rishi’s Photo on her hands, she begins to have Flashbacks of the time when Rishi learnt she was expecting. The way he excitedly choose names for their first twins set of consisting of girls, Mantra/Antra
while Indira wanted a bby boy, Chiku (fb ends)

She stands up and places the photo on top of her cupboard. She then Overhears Seher and Bhim talking that they are starving and by the virtue Rishi was their bread winner and now he is no longer there. They question themselves as to who will take care of the family now.

Part 2
Indira rushes to the cupboard and takes out a purse, she takes out all the money she has but the money is little so she decides to budget. She writes her family members name when she gets to her unborn baby(Chiku) she holds her belly and she says that there are many people in her family but there is less money. She starts writing a letter to her Chiku, she narrates her life story. Her Ups and Downs, how she met Rishi, her first day of laughing. Indira says thar again she is ready to take care of her family members. She doesn’t have enough money. She says in that if I give birth to another child, then he will only be left being one of her responsibilities as well and she doesn’t want to give such life to her baby. Indu overhears that.

Part 3
Munna, Sunaina, Kutumb and inder scene
M and S are in M’s room discussing their current situation. S enters the room eating chocolate, K taunts her , telling her that their is no food and she is just eating junk. I joins them and says that if Indira gives birth then Indira responsibility towards them will demise. I says that Indira has to.abort so that does not happen. K agrees with I but S tells them that Indira will never abort cos she once stopped her from aborting. Muna disagrees with the trio. Indu enters the room, all of them are scared that she heard their talk. I tried to ask Indu if she heard their talk but she tells him not to stress her more. Munna asks Indu whats wrong?

She tells them that Indira wants to kill her brother, this brings a smile on Inder, kutumb and Sunaina’s face. They try their best toconvince Indu that Indira is right that she should abort. Indu and Munna are disguised by the 3. Indu leaves and Munna follows her, he tries to cheer her up. Indu borrows Munna’s phone and she chase her away. Indu calls Rishi but he does not pick. She goes and hits the metal plate which is out of SN for Hitler Court and ask for justice, that her mom wants to kill her bro. The proceedings start and indu tells the court to help her stop Indira. Inder stands up and supports Indira but he is silenced by Indira and he is asked to sit. Indira tries to explain to Indu but she starts crying. Indira hugs her and asks her not to cry and she continues telling her that she has to abort. Indu tells her that Rishi will stop her. They make a deal if Rishi comes she won’t abort if he won’t come she will abort.

Episode ends

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