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Iron Lady Thursday 29th November 2018 On Zee World

 in the Hospital
Indira is looking at the pictures of sweet babies that are hunged on the wall. She then remembers how she stopped Sunaina from drinking the abortion potion. She remembers how she reprimanded her for trying to get rid of an innocent being who hasn’t done anything wrong to her. She (monologue) once I stopped Sunaina from aborting her baby and today there is no one here to stop me, she sobbs.
She goes to the reception and says that she is here for an appointment of aborting(she said this by stammering) The receptionist asks if she is really ready to abort, she nods unwillingly. The Receptionist tells her that a baby comes with blessings from god. She asks her if she is really ready. Indira asks for sometime to think again. Receptionist agrees, Indira sits on the bench , she looks confused. She then tries to call RK twice but he is unavailable. She stands up and goes to the Receptionist and says she is ready to abort. The Receptionist asks her to sign a document.

Scene shifts in a ward where a doctor is holding a syringe, she injects Indira and the doctor along with her nurse leaves the ward. Indira looks at the pictures of babies on the wall, Indira
hears a baby calling her “mama” She asks, Who is it? The baby(shadow is used) replies, it is me Chiku, he asks her what has he done to her why is she doing this to him. Indira calls Chiku to her. But the shadow moves away from her pleading her not to get rid of him.

Indira asks Chiku to come to her but the shadow moves away, she shouts Chiku. The doctor and nurse comes to her, she tells the duo that she doesnt want to have an abortion, the doc asks her to relax, Indira shouts at the doc asking her if she didnt hear her saying that she doesn’t want to abort. There is a man at the door, it is revealed it is Rishi. He is happy that Indira has refused to abort. The shadow is shown asking her mama please don’t abort me, Rishi tells him to stop over reacting. The boy asks for his money, Rishi gives him some, the boy asks this much. Someone pats Rishi’s on his shoulder , he asks the person to wait, he again pats Rishi. He looks back and it turns out to be Indira. The boy takes the money which was on Rishi ‘s hand and he runs off. Indira reprimands Rishi for always using short cuts to get what he wants. Rishi gives a bundle of money to Indira saying its for the 2 lakh. Indira asks him where he got the money from

Rishi tells Indira that he could not have let her kill his baby. Indira taunts him for being irresponsible with peoples money. Rishi asks Indira to follow him. She refuses, Rishi drags her to the ward and repeat his previous speech, Indira calls the police station and informs them that he is with Rishi and they should come and take him. Rishi tries to run away but Indira holds him. He begins flirting with Indira. He holds her hand and locks her on the wall and he kisses her right ear then left. He tries to kiss her lips but he jerks him away.
He tells her that he loves her when she is mad. He runs out of the ward. Indira follows him and asks a ward boy to stop him, Rishi stops and surrenders, He then runs on the other direction. Vanraj with a police arrives and they are informed by Indira that Rishi has ran away.

Scene shifts to Indu. The phone rings and she is happy to see its a call from RK. He informs her that he managed to stop the abortion process he also tells her the happening in the hospital. Indu request RK to come home soon. He promises that he will but first he has to prove himself innocent in eyes of indira he hunts up(I didn’t get this part)

Scene shifts to the hall which is filled with smoke. Indira and Vanraj enters asking what is happening here they point at Kytumb who is putting on fire wood. Indira asks y.. she tells because the gas is empty and stove is not working

Indira’s father tells her only you can run the house. Indira asks why? Where is that witch today? Didn’t she give money?

Bheem and a girl are hungry. The ask Indira to arrange food. Indu enters with food. Indira asks her from where you got that? Indu replies, why do you care? Indira feels she must have gone to meet Rishi and he gave that. Indu then asks her if she wants to eat. Indira turns away her face. Indu says, if you don’t want to eat, then don’t. But baby must be hungry, so eat it. Indira says, I would have ate if person, who gave you this, earned himself. Indu says, it is from his hard earned money. Everyone is eating.

Indira says in her mind, I wish it was from his hard earned money, but I am sure he must have used a shortcut to earn money.

Rishi, in a bar dancer avatar, is dancing in a bar. Everyone is throwing money at him. Munna sees him and is surprised.
Rishi in a lengha is dancing Anarkhali, the spectators are praising her (RK) . Munna and Radhe being there. As the song continues he is joined by Munna and Radhe. The song ends.

RK wakes up in the same lengha and he goes and leans on the mirror, a man comes and hugs RK from behind and he gets up

The man turns out to be the bar owner He praises RK for his performance. He also offers him permanent post as Anarkali. Rk at first is not ready to accept but he eventually gives in. So that he can earn extra money for his family.

Indu calls RK and informs him that Indira is going to give away her little brother for adoption. She adds that it is also in the newspaper. Rishi peruse the newspaper in his hand and sees the advert(can’t read hindi writings). Then after the call it is shown that Indira is giving Interview for adoption and there are four couples shown who are interested in adopting Chiku.

Also she is interviewing various couples who gives ridiculous reasons for adopting, Indira is getting impatient with the irrelevant reasons. A man pats Indira on her shoulder she asks if your here for the adoption interview, he again pats her. When she looks up she is shocked to see Rk(in a man Avatar) Indu who is upstairs is super excited that RK is here to stop Indira. She is sent to her room by RK. A couple who were being interviewed before Rk arrival excise InShi. RK reprimands Indira for her decision but she stands firm and thats her final word, she gives him a condition, only when he gets a job and he proves himself innocent in Nehas case only then she won’t give away Chiku.

RK who is super angry is confronted by Inder(he has no idea that Indira is close yo them). Inder holds Rk collar and starts telling him that he should be in jail and not here. Rk tells him that he was the one who molested Neha. By the virtue he helped him, Inder shamelessly shifted the blame on him but he will prove it to Indira and he,Inder will be jailed. As Rk is about to go Indira stops him but he makes her sit and then he leaves, leaving behind Indira calling him. Inder runs from there.

Show Rishi drinking and talking with bar owner how to save his child from adoption, suddenly he gets an idea and dresses up as a woman. He then tries to hang himself from a tree in the roadside where Indira sees him from her auto. She gets down and saves, whom she thinks is a woman but is in fact Rishi.

This scene is absolutely funny. She (Rishi) tells Indira she cannot have kids and give a long drama sad sack story.
-Indira again saved Anarkali from getting hit by a speeding car.
-She decides to take her to SN so that she wont try to kill herself again.
-Munna is shown dancing romantically with Anarkali but he is taken aback when he is bitten by Vanraj on his finger. Vanraj starts flirting with him and questions him as to why he is romantic. He tells Vanraj that he was thinking of Sunaina but Vanraj disagrees stating that he has never seen him like that. Munna leaves.
– Rk in Anarkali Avatar is with Indira in a rickshaw. Rk is annoying Indira by her talks and by her acts of hugging and kissing her(on the cheeks) She asks her to behave herself. There is a group of people on the road. This forces the rickshaw to stop. Rk alights and makes the men mesmerized by her beauty. They start dancing but they are interrupted by Indira. She drags her to the rickshaw and commands her to enter the rickshaw.
– Rk tells his name is Pappi
– The best couple who were selected by Indira for adoption case are here with some documents for Indira to verify. Indu tells them that Indira has changed her mind about adopting her baby. The man is angry hearing this. As Indu is showing them out Indira and pappi enters carrying a heavy bag. The couple confront Indira about changing her mind without informing them. Indira asks for the documents that she has to verify. The man gives a file to her she starts to read but Papi is trying hard to read but she is shushed by Indira. Indira asks the duo to come tomorrow and sign the adoption papers. They leave.
– Indira tries to give Papi directions of her room. She tells her exact location. Indira asks her how she knows. She tells she knows cos Indira is the bread winner of the house. She asks how did she know she is the bread winner. She manage to convince her.
– Indu is sad but Papi tries to cheer her up. Indu goes away from there.
– Inder starts flirting with Papi. She gets an idea of how she will expose him.
– Indira comes with blanket and pillows for Papi. She introduces Papi as her guest.
– Papi ridicules Kutumb and maher.
– Indira asks her to go to her room. She lifts her bag pretending its heavy. She knocks meher down and ridicule her.
– Munna question who she is?
– Indira is struggling to fix her top, Papi comes to her and offers her assistance. Indira says she will manage. She demands. Indira looks at her and episode ends

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