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Iron Lady Thursday 22nd November 2018 On ZEE World

Rajrani confessing that he does this business and police and no one can stop him. If anyone comes in between, then same thing as Sajni wil happen with them. He points gun at Indira. Commissioner calls prime minister and says the biggest sting operation is live on TV. Everyone is watching.

Indira tells Rajrani if anyone is to die, then it will be you because of your bad karma. Rajrani laughs and says, you lost everything but still didn’t give up. Meanwhile, Munna takes all bullets out from the gun. Indira tells Rajrani many came and gone.. now it’s your time. Rajrani says seem like you’ve lost it. Your family and husband begging me.. if you had listened to me, then this wouldn’t have happened with you. Indira’s family is taking out all the bullets from Rajrani’s
men’s guns and tie their legs with ropes. They take off rope from Rishi and he attacks on Rajrani. Now the fun begins – Rajrani’s men are being beaten by Indira’s family. Rishi tells Rajrani, you made a big mistake by beating my wife and kidnapping my daughter. Always remember, no many how much a husband and a wife fight.. they never leave each other. And parents can do anything to save their child. read full updates daily only at Indira takes off Rajrani’s sandal and beats him with that. She says God sent her to teach lesson to you, and from now you won’t do anything with any girl. She then presses his neck and asks him where is Indu. Indu is running from Rajrani’s men, but they catch her. Police and shoot the guy who is holding Indu. Police come with Indu where the fight is going on and ask Indira to leave Rajrani.. court will punish him. Indira gets emotional seeing Indu. She invites her for a hug, but Indu ignores her and goes to Rishi and hugs him. Indira cannot believe it and is left shocked. Rishi kisses Indu on forehead and says mumma brought police here and now they will beat all these people. Rajrani laughs and says to Indu, you made a right decision.. this lady (Indira) doesn’t have mother’s heart.

Rajrani tells Indira, you took away my business, I took away your daughter from you. I have made her hate you so much that she will hate you her entire life and you won’t be able to do anything. This is my revenge to you. Police take Rajrani.

Entire family goes and hugs Indu. Indira wants to hug her too but she looks at her from a distance. Rishi asks Indu to go and hug Indira as well. He says, your mum loves you a lot, and that’s why she came here to save us, risking her own life. Indu doesn’t move.
Indira says to her, you’re angry with your mum? She holds her ears and apologizes to her. She asks Indu for a hug. Everyone also tells Indu to go and hug her, but she doesn’t move. Rishi then carries her and puts in Indira’s hand. He tells them to sort out their stuff.. he can’t handle 2 hitlers. Indira kisses Indu and Indu doesn’t seem to be liking that. Indira tells Indu, you’re my little doll, I won’t let you go away from me now. Indu is all quiet. Indira asks her to say something, but she is still quiet. Rishi tells her, these people might have scared her that’s why she is quiet.

Rishi takes Indira’s hand and slaps himself. He says, I am not worth of your forgiveness, but if possible, then forgive me what I did. I will do everything that you say. I will become murga. I will change my name to Rishi Indira Sharma. Everyone laughs. Munna suggests him to start putting sindhoor of Indira’s name. Rishi says, I will do that too if she forgives me. Everyone tells Indira to forgive me. Indira says, on one condition – have you forgotten promises that you made during our pheres, should I remind you again? She reminds him, a husband and a wife are like wheels of same vehicle. It only works when they are together. Family’s happiness comes by that only. Rishi promises her that he will be with her in everything now. Indira worries seeing Indu’s serious face.

In night, Indu gets a scary dream. A scary person coming and dancing and then locking her inside a cage. She wakes up all of a sudden. Indira and Rishi are sleeping. She gets up and sits alone, recalling Indira refusing to stop the car, and Indira saying yes that she will give away her daughter, Rajrani saying Indira doesn’t have mother’s heart. Indira wakes up and looks at her crying from a distance. She says to herself, I know you’re hurt a lot, but your mother will get rid off your pain with lots of love. I have to give you all the love that you missed in last 8 years, and I will show to the world that hitler may be strict for whole world, but for her daughter, she is a mother only who loves her child a lot.
Indira and Rishi both go to the market and buy a gift for Indu. Both challenge each other that Indu will like their respective gift. Indira buys birds in a cage, and Rishi buys Indu’s favorite pizza. Both arrive at home at the same time, and they have a cute romantic fight to enter the house first and to give gift first. People see them and say Indu is so lucky to have such parents.

Inside the home, everyone is watching news in which media is praising Indira. Indu is sitting quiet. Family asks her to praise her mum too, but she just leaves. Munna tells Indira and Rishi to do something about Indu. Both search for Indu and its Indira who finds her first. Both give their gifts to Indu. Seeing the cage, Indu remembers her scary dream, and she sees Indira’s face in that scary person
now. She pushes Indira back and takes a stick in her hand. Rishi tells Indu both of them are there, no need to be scared. Indira tries going closer to her, but she pushes her back harder this time. Indira recalls Rajrani’s words that he took revenge by making Indu hate her. Entire family now comes in funny costumes and does comedy to cheer up Indu. Indu finally has smile on her face. Munna tells Indira don’t be sod. You only said she is your daughter and it will take lime to make her happy again. He asks her to join.

Indira goes to Indu and Indu keeps seeing scary face in Indira. She pushes her back again and runs away. Munno’s wife gets emotional and tells Indira she knows the pain when their children are angry at them. Ishaan taunts her once again and she is sad, but controls her feelings. Indira comes to her room crying. Rishi follows her and says, I never saw you giving up like this before, what happened now? Indira says, now I am mother and people say it right that no one can win against children. Indu reiected my mother’s love. She hasn’t talked with me properly since she returned and keeps going away like I am not her mother. Rishi says she is still scared as she stayed at Rairani’s place. And you risked your life and saved us, but tell me was your way correct? Indira says I was lust following my plan. Rishi says leave past behind which reminds Indira of last 8 years. She says when children need their mother most, I wasn’t here. You seen her growing up, but I didn’t see anything. Rishi says I understand you very well because Shweta raised Indu. Indira asks him will Indu accept me like Shweta, then? Rishi says we have to be good parents and make Indu’s today good. Indira says we will become best parents and we will start today She asks him to promise her that he will never shout at Indu because she doesn’t want Indu to hate Rishi like her.

Rishi promises her and asks Indira for promises as well – to make Indu how she was before, and to ignore her principles if they come in between Indus happiness. Indira in a thought, she promises that she will make sure Indu doesn’t miss her mother. Rishi asks what about other promise? Indira leaves saying Indu must be hungry. I will go and give her food.

Ishaan and Sehar explain Indu that you shouldn’t hate your mother. Ishaan says Indira took care of him like a mother and she seems strict from outside, but is very soft from inside. Indira comes there and hides and listens. She calls Sehar and gives her food. Sehar asks Ishaan to bring a younger brother for Indu so she will get happy when she sees him, lust like how Ishaan used to get happy seeing Sehar in childhood. This puts Indira in thought. Indu eats from Ishaan’s hand and Indira is happy seeing that. Munna’s wife comes and tells her, they are right., think about Indus brother. She will be happy with him.

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