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Iron Lady Monday 26th November 2018 On Zee World


Indira catches Rishi’s lie and shows everyone that murga is colored so he looks like Prannath. Everyone is impressed with Indira. Pandit then says, that means bahu killed murga so let’s finish this case now. Indira asks him why are you in hurry? Is it like you know something about Prannath? In end, Prannath was seen with you last time. Pandit says you opened Adaalat doesn’t mean you will say whatever you want. She asks him, are you telling or should I use my usual way? She takes off her sandal and is about to beat him with it, and Pandit says all truth. He says that it was him who killed Prannath so he could take out money from saas-bahu. Indira blames everyone’s superstitious nature and says, justice for this case would be end of such nature. Everyone agrees with her. Saas-bahu are happy together
now. Indira tells Rishi, I had told you not to take any shortcut.. shortcuts don’t take you far.

After the case, everyone is gossiping about Rishi and Indira and how great and smart Indira is. Even Bheem says to Indu that no one can beat Indira and Rishi uses such cheap tricks, that’s why he’s lawyer just by name. Seeing everyone gossiping and laughing, Rishi feels insulted. He returns home and this time Indira has prepared dinner for him. He doesn’t eat and goes to sleep. Distance is increasing between the two.

More people come with their cases to Indira and when they leave, Munna takes money from them saying he’s her manager. Rishi sees him doing that and tries to stop, but Munna again shuts him saying these money are as fees and if they don’t take, then how will they pay 2 lakh rupees to poor people.

Munna is counting money and Rishi and Indu come there. They have a small conversation and then they leave. Munna thinks he is still there and he starts talking. Indira comes and Munna speaks out everything to her thinking it’s Rishi. He says these are 1 lakh 45 thousand rupees which he took from Indira’s clients and now they can throw money on those poor people face whose money they lost in cricket betting. Indira gets angry and starts beating Munna. Munna’s eyesight come back and he’s shocked to see Indira.

Rishi comes and stops Indira. Now there is an argument between Rishi and Indira. Rishi tells her that he is tired of her so called rules and values. Indira says, I had told you not to do anything with those poor people money. Rishi says, your brother trapped me saying we will double the money. Indira says, but you’re smart and understanding person.. why did you listen to him? It’s your mistake and stop blaming him. Rishi says to her, stop calling me useless.. I am tired of that.

At the end of their heated argument, Indira tells him, I had told you that if you do anything with poor people money, then I won’t see you face.. so leave this house.
After the heated argument, Rishi tries to explain to Indira that he’s not God.. he also makes mistakes. And Indira also make mistakes. He says, at least I am accepting my mistake. Indira still tells him, didn’t you hear what I said? I don’t want to see you anymore. Rishi says, fine… then you leave from here.

Indira then asks him for a marker and she draws line in their house. Whole family comes there. She tells him, that side is yours and this side is mine. Neither you nor I will cross this line. Rishi says, fine. He gets paint and makes line bolder.

Now it’s time for everyone to choose their side. Everyone is confused because kitchen is on Rishi’s side and toilet on Indira’s side. Munna says what to think in that.. there are many public toilets out there, we can go there. He straight away takes Rishi’s side saying no one knows him better than Rishi. He brings Sehar with him as well. Suhnaina decides to go to Indira’s side. She says kitchen is there, but what is guarantee that there will be anything to eat. Mehar takes that responsibility and now Suhnaina also goes on Rishi’s side. Mehar says, money is more important to live. Inder follows Mehar. He says, all the values are not required to live, and goes to Rishi’s side. Indira’s mother tells her that a wife always stays with her husband and she also goes on Rishi’s side.

Now it’s Indu’s turn. She first goes to Indira, and Indira gets happy. But Indu just goes to get Bheem with her. Indu tells Bheem, you’re new so you don’t know her, but I know her very well. If you don’t want to suffer with hitler giri, then come on my side. Bheem looks at Indira. Indira nods him to go there.

So now Indira is left alone. Rishi tells her, I would like to make little correction in what your father said.. that with values, you also need to be practical to have a good life and I am practical. That’s why today your whole family is on my side. Indira says, they are not family members.. they just go where they see their good. She challenges him that he won’t be able to handle them and in 10 days, he will be standing on his side alone. Rishi accepts the challenge and says he can even keep them with him for entire life. He also tells Indira that he will return her 2 lakh rupees within 10 days.

On Rishi’s side, there is a party and everyone is eating delicious food. While Indira doesn’t have anything to eat. She just drinks milk.

When she’s leaving, Bheem goes to her secretly and gives her food. But she doesn’t take it saying she is not hungry. Bheem says, you’re not hungry or you don’t have money? and asks her to take him to his home and he has lots of money in his piggy bank. He tells her, you can keep all that. Indira also says no for that and tells him to take care of her when she gets old. A good bonding scene.

Bheem keeps trying. Indira says, I know who sent you here.. tell that person that I don’t need to take anyone else’s help. She leaves.

Rishi comes out and puts his hand on Bheem.
Everyone is sleeping. It starts raining all of a sudden. Rishi says rain is like Indira’s love. Comes anytime. He remembers their past rain memories.

His imagination:
He goes to her and takes her outside in the rain. They share a romantic moment with Tum Hi Ho song in the background.

He crosses the line and goes towards her and tries to wake her up, but then says, don’t know when I will be able to get your love. For now there is a war going on between us. He slowy slowly goes back to his side. Sits there and looks at her. He says, I am not useless. Meri zindagi kamaai aapka pyaar hai. This is the reason, I get attracted to you again and again. He also sleeps on sofa looking at her.

In the morning, Munna wants to go to toilet. Indira doesn’t let him cross the line. Munna says it’s emergency. For 5 minutes, we can forget the rules. Others also come, Indira doesn’t let anyone cross the line. Rishi comes and tells them, why are you wasting your time? Nothing is going to happen here. There is a public toilet outside, go there. It’s only one. All family remembers run. ( 😆 funny scene) Inder and Mehar fall behind in racing. Suhnaina goes in first. Munna tries to control his pressure by putting a rock behind his a$$. Radhe comes and sings a song, Ruk Ruk Arey Baba Ruk. Munna can’t control his pressure and keeps knocking the door.

Indira is talking with her client about divorce case. Rishi is listening. Indira tells her, I can’t do anything in this case. You have to go to court. Client’s husband comes to take her with him. He talks rudely. Indira asks him, is this the way to talk with your wife? The husband says, we don’t want any divorce. Indira says, it’s her decision as well. For now leave from here. Rishi goes behind him.

The wife says, after our marriage only I am earning and running the house. He doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t even think about finding work, just keeps saying I want to be singer. I love him a lot, but due to this we keep fighting every day, and he even beats me some times. I don’t want to live in that hell anymore. Other side, the husband tells his case to Rishi. He says, she doesn’t let me go to Mumbai, and you can’t become singer in Delhi. The wife says, I even went to court, but he made my case weak. You’re my last hope. I don’t go to the court and make him feel insulted because I loved him once, and I would like to end this without us insulting anyone.

Case begins in Hitler Ki Adaalat. Indira presents the case from wife’s side while Rishi presents it from husband’s side. Indira says when both don’t feel good, then it’s better if that relationship ends.

Rishi asks the wife whether she married by her choice or family pressure. The wife says it was love marriage. Rishi asks so back then, did you see his pocket or his love? The wife says, of course heart. You can’t love seeing pocket. Now Rishi asks the husband, when you two got married, did you think how you would run the house? The husband says, when we got married, she told me that she makes enough money to run the house and whether I earn or no, it won’t matter. Rishi asks the wife, so what’s the problem now? Indira says, there is a problem. When someone is in love, they say anything. This doesn’t mean that you waste your life to fulfill what you said when you were in love. The wife wants divorce as simple as that. Rishi says to wife, you will get the divorce.. it’s very easy. But before that, you will have to pay maintenance. Rishi whispers to husband, if you get, then I will take half.

Indira asks, what maintenance? According to the law, on divorce, a husband gives maintenance fee to the wife. Rishi says, when this law was made, wives used to stay at home, but now time has changed. And as the wife is working, she should pay to poor husband. Indira asks, is he handicapped? He can work, if he wants. Don’t call him poor fellow because of his laziness. Why should the wife suffer?

Rishi says, because Indira accepted Rishi the way he was. And about responsibility, Indira never gave him chance. Everyone wonders what’s going on. Why he is taking his own name. Indira says, it’s just all excuses. You never wanted to work. Rishi says, because of your hitler giri, you don’t see your family or anything. They start arguing with each other. Indira says, I made mistake by loving you. Rishi says, because you don’t know what is love. Meaning of love is to give love to others.. did you ever leave your work on a side for a moment and talked with me? Did you ever keep your hand on Indu’s hand and ask her how is she? What is she feeling? For you love is a condition.. do this, then you will get love in return. If you do that, then you won’t get love. Something happens to Indira and she gets unconscious. Rishi catches her when she is about to fall

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