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Iron Lady Friday 23rd November 2018 On Zee World

Munna, Rishi, and some other people are drinking. They have birds cage there. Munna tells Rishi how a single bird feels lonely without another bird. They also need company, and like them Indu also needs company. Rishi says, you’re saying that Indu needs a sibling, right? I got it.

He comes to his room. Both Rishi and Indira want to talk with each other about their another child. Rishi doesn’t know how to say, he starts reading magazine wrong way. Indira gets angry and says, I know you very well.. you need something that is why behaving like this. Rishi shows her an egg. Indira says what is this? He says random stuff, and then finally says he wants another child. He asks her, do you want another child as well? Indira feels shy and says yes. Little romance between them.

In the
morning, Rishi asks when Indira will give him good news. He hears Indira’s voice and finds a pillow beside him. Indira searches for Indu. Sehar tells her that she already left for the school. Indira wonders if Indu ate anything since morning and didn’t take lunch box with her either. Rishi comes there excitingly and hugs her. Indira is upset and tells him about Indu. He says we will have to be with her everytime because of incident that happened with them.

Rishi is going to work and sees Munna talking with bunch of people who have their case files with them. Indira also comes. Everyone says to her we saw how you fought on TV, we also want justice. They give their case files to Indira and she says why are you giving me these files? I am not lawyer. xxx comes and tries to create difference between Indira and Rishi saying usually husband is ahead, but here it’s opposite. This has no effect on Rishi as he just smiles. He tells Indira to go to school and give lunch box to Indu and also asks to pick her up. Indira says okay. Rishi leaves.

Indu is sitting alone in school park and other kids come and make fun of her. They say you do hitler giri here.. what happened there? Someone starts throwing bones at those students who are making fun of Indu. Indu looks around who is it. It’s some fat guy. Students go to scare him now but he beats them with more food. Indu laughs. Students say we will see you and your girlfriend some other time. Indu looks at the amount of food fat guy is eating. Fat guy asks Indu if she wants to eat. Indu says yes. She starts talking with him. Fat guy says don’t think you’re my girlfriend, I don’t like skinny girls. Indu puts food down and says, I don’t like fat guys either.

Everyone is still asking Indira to help them. Indira says I will help you all, but for now let me go as she’s getting late to go to school. Everyone says you fought with Rajrani, you’re a Goddess. Indira says, I am not a Goddess.. I just have strength to fight against injustice. She says I will meet you later, my daughter is waiting for me.

Everyone is leaving the school. Indu is standing alone and says no one came to pick me up. Indira is going to school in an auto and some people attack on a girl and tries to burn her alive. Indira goes to help her immediately and it turns out to be Shweta. She takes her to the hospital. In their way, Indu has an accident. No one helps her. Indira passes from there in an auto. Indu sees her and calls her, but she doesn’t listen. Auto man says he again started believing in God after the way Indira helped the lady. He says I hope God sends someone to save that girl too. A rich guy comes out of his car and takes Indu with him.

In the hospital, police is asking Shweta, who is pregnant, who attacked on them. She doesn’t answer. Indira tells police that she is stressed and scared, ask her later. After police leave, Indira notices Shweta looking at someine in the newspaper. She asks her, it’s that person who attacked on her, right? Then why didn’t she tell police. Shweta says, because I don’t want to see my behind the bars. Indira gets call from Rishi who is angry at her. He says I told you to be with Indu all the time and you didn’t even reach her school. He tells her about Indu’s accident and Indira is shocked.

-Indu is sad but when Bheem comes to her house to return her stuff, she gets happy. They both are playing together. While playing, Bheem by mistake throws a rock at an elderly person.
-Indira comes to the rescue and scolds Bheem. Because of this, Indu gets mad at Indira.
-Indu tells her that Indira is not her mother and she wants Shweta mum back. She starts calling Indira with her name Indira Rishi Kumar.
-Mehar adds more anger in Indu saying it was Shweta who gave her birth.
-Indira comes to her room crying and throws stuff around. Rishi comes there and calms her down. He tells her to make sure they don’t take Shweta’s name again. He also says to some level it’s Shweta who is responsible for how Indu has became today.
-Shweta enters and Rishi fumes at her. Indira first doesn’t say anything. But when Rishi is pulling Shweta out of their house, Indira stops him.
-Indira tells him that Shweta is pregnant and it’s doctor who is responsible for this. Rishi still doesn’t want to keep Shweta in their house.
-Rishi and Munna try to send Shweta out, but Indira stops them. In that Shweta gets pushed.
-Indu comes and catches Shweta. She sees her and is very happy. She hugs her and says my real mum is back. Indira is hurt.
Indu is happy seeing Shweta in their house.

Indu blames Indira for pushing Shweta and hits her.

Rishi stops, Indu thanks him for listening to her and bringing Shweta to their house. She says I love you to him and Indira seems happy seeing that.

Indu says no one will ask Shweta to leave now. She will live in this house. Shweta tries to tell her that it’s Indira who brought here, but Indu stops her and says no more talk about Indira.

Indu hugs and has a conversation with Shweta.

Indira says she wants to give justice to Shweta. Rishi asks did doctor force her? Indira asks him how can you blame her and says doctor tried to kill Shweta. Rishi says leave all that.. think about Indu. What she will think knowing Shweta is pregnant. You promised her but she can stay
elsewhere.. not in this house. He also asks her why she didnt tell Indu that it was not her who pushed Shweta and why didn’t she let Rishi say that? Indira says she’s getting closer to her father and I don’t want her to get angry with her father either. I have taken this much pain so can take little more.

Rishi still doesn’t want Shweta to be in this house. Indira says house is hers and she will make the decision. Rishi says fine but you’re killing your relationships by your own hand. Indu knows that it’s Shweta who gave her birth, and Shweta will take full advantage of that. She will destroy her future and you will see it. Indira still in favor of Shweta.

Shweta tells Indira that she will leave this house as she doesn’t want any differences between Indira and Rishi because of her. Indira says it’s okay.. only thing is Indu shouldn’t find out that Shweta is pregnant. Shweta says she won’t tell. Indira says they will teach lesson to the doctor.

Doctor gets worried knowing someone took Shweta with them.

Indira comes to get Indu’s hair done for the school, but Shweta is doing it already. Indu doesn’t answer anything to what Indira asks, and only listens to Shweta. Shweta tries to tell Indu that you don’t call mother by name, but Indira stops her. Shweta and Indu getting closer, Indira seems sad seeing that.

Rishi comes to take Indu to school, but Indu says only Shweta will drop her to the school.

Indu asks Shweta if she’s pregnant. Shweta says yes. Indu gets happy and goes to tell everyone that her mum is bringing a younger brother for her. Mehar listens that.

Rishi is angry and says he knows he has to drop Indu to school everyday, no one needs to interfere

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