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Ashoka Samrat Episode 54--55 Update On Tuesday 6th November 2018 On Joy Prime


Scene 1
cooks are discussing how AShok attacked Sushim, one cook says that Bindu will not forgive Ashok this time as its about his son now, Dharma listens all this and tries to go out of kitchen, Kasturi stops her and says you cant go out, i am responsible for your safety, Dharma says i wanna see him once from far, dont know how he will come out of all this, how much pain he is in, let me meet him, i beg you, Kasturi says ok i will try.
Justin recalls how Noor said to him that she will tell about their relation to Bindu if he cheats her. Agni says to Helena that i know this relation with Justin is not based on love but if this relation is forming then it should be peaceful for life, i feel that justin is away from me, Helena ssays you are beautiful, you go close to hm if he is away.
Justin thinks i have to stop noor at any cost, someone drags him in room, its Agni, she brings him closer, he says you? she takes off his shawl and sys i am trying to know you more nicely, she makes him lie on bed and takes off her dupatta, he is stunned, outside Noor sees all this and gets angry, she takes sword in her hands and is going to attack Agni when Helena stops her and throws sword, she says i told you that he is my son, Agni is his would be wife, i am trying to bring them closer and if someone comes in my way then i will remove it, good thing is that i will only tell Bindu about your affair then you wont be able to show your fade to anyone, she leaves.
Sushim comes to Charu, she finds wound on his face, he says Ashok did it, she says its an insult to mauryas, Ashok will have to bear punishment.
Charu brings Sushim in court, Charu says to Bindu, its enough, he ask what happened to Sushim, Charu says ask who did it, Bindu ask her to calm down, Charu says someone attacked my son and you want me to be calm, you give punishment to Ashok then i will be calm, he did this, Bindu says how can Ashok attack Sushim? Sushim says to Charu that i told you Bindu wont believe me, he says to Bindu that all students are witness that he put arrow on my neck, when i tried to save myself then he attacked me, Charu says this happens when you give attention to these common people, you brought him back and what he did? this proves that AShok doestn deserve to be in royal school, cant you see his badness, Helena ask her to cam down, if you are right then it will be investigated, if Bindu have sent AShok in school then he must have thought something, it doesnt suite you to question his decision like this, Charu says i am not questioning but when it is clear that Ashok is snake and spit venom at anyone then why Bindu is silent? how can he attack next Samrat? Helena says its not decided yet that who is next Samrat, Noor says Sushim have tortured AShok many times, we all know that, maybe he provoked Ashok, Charu says to Bindu that i request you to give punishment to Ashok for insulting Maurya like this, Chanakya says i am doubtful how can calm Ashok attack someone like this, let me investigate the matter and if he is culprit then punish him, Charu says i dont investigation is needed, all witnessed it, just punish him, Bindu says you are right, he should be punished but this happened in school and only Acharaya Shrit have right to take decision, whatever his decision will be, i will accept it, Chanakya says thinks that if Srist rusticate Ashok then it will not be good.

Scene 2
Acharaya Shri(the one who is in favor of Sushim) says to shirst that Aakramak ash given punishment to Ashok many times, Aakramak says i have given him punishment but he is very dedicated guy, he has always followed my punishment and ran for hours just to follow my words, we have to investigate why did Ashok took such step Acharya shri says that Ashok is at mistake, we cannot allow any student to take such steps, we should rusticate him, Aakramak says he is common guy but has spark so we should help him, Shri says that are you making conspiracy to make common guy a warrior instead of princes, Aakramak says if he is deserving then why not work on him?
Ashok says to says Siamak that there must be some way to save me, Chanakya says comes there and says there is way, Ashok says but i have done mistake and i should get punished, Chanakya says you should get punished for what you have done but not more than that, ashok says i am common guy so i have to bear punishment what is given to me, Chanakya says you should not underestimate yourself that you are common guy, common people protect royal families only, if you think that you are less than anyone then you wont be able to fight with injustice, Chandrgupt maurya was common kid too but injustice was happening, Dhananad jailed him and ask Chandragupt to say sorry, it was done to insult Chandra, Ashok ask what he did? Chandra says he challenged Dhananand to have fight with him, if dhananand wins then Chandra will follow his orders else he will have to free him, Dhananand thought it was challnge by common guy but all know what history is, remember common guys have power too, i have come to show you two ways, its your choice which way you choose, he blesses him and leaves. Ashok thinks.
Kasturi says to Dharma that think one more time before entering school, Dharma keeps walking, Kasturi says i will tell soldiers that you are dasi to Ahenkara, Khurasan comes there and ask what are you taking, Kasturi says these are laddos for Ahenkara, Khurasan tastes it and says send some in my room too, Dharma and Kasturi leaves.
Sushim is doing push-ups, he says to Ahenkara that you will be tired counting my number of push-ups but i will not get tired doing it, she says truly? he says yes because i can keep on doing push-ups to see your smile, she ask to how many girls you have said this line? he says trust me you have affected me alot, she says we will see that when time comes, what to do now, AShok says comes and says why not accept challenge for now? Sushm angrily looks at him.

Scene 1
Ashok ask Sushim to have fight with him, Sushim says i dont accept challenges of losers, Ashok ask are you worried that you will lose, Sushim says you are going to be rusticated, still showing ego, Ashok says to Sushim that i am sure if you did not cheat then i would have won the competition, you knew it thats why you cheated so i wanna challenge for a match in which you cannot cheat, Ashok sys from side referee will be Siamak, and from your side it will be ahenkara, if you win, then i will follow all your orders and if i win then you will you have to tell truth to Acharayas that i didnt attack you but i saved myself from you, Ahenkara says reason is not necessary, attack is attack, you have attacked him so Sushim will accept this challenge and will make you learn lesson for me, i will feel that you would revenge for my insult that AShok did that day by winning, also he is saying he will follow your orders if you win, so tell him if you win then Ashok will have to leave school even if teachers doesnt ask him, Sushim smiles and says nice. Sushim says to Ashok that tell me time and place.
The fight ring is made, Siamak says fight will end when one of the fighter accept his defeat, Ahenkara says if Ashok wins then Sushim will accept infront of all that Ashok didnt attack him and if Sushim wins then Ashok will have to leave school, Dharma and Kasturi comes there too and are stunned, Dharma blesses AShok, Ashok and Sushim enters battle field, they start the fight, Sushim beats Ashok, then Ashok over powers Sushim, Sushim hits AShok on sensitive part, AShok falls in mud, all are shocked, Dharma is hurt, Siamak is angry on Sushim and sys this is cheating, this is injustice, AShok gets up, Sushim punches him hard, Ashok falls unconscious, Sushim says to Ahenkara that i won, now Ashok has to leave school, Siamak says this is not win but cheating, Sushim smirks and says i had to make him learn lesson so that he never raise voice against, Dharma prays to lord to give power to AShok, Ashok becomes conscious, he stands, sushim turns to look at him and is angry, AShok beats Sushim this time, the fight continues, Sushim hits Ashok, then Ashok hits Sushim hard, Sushim falls, Siamak starts counting till 10, Sushim coundnt stands before counting ends, Siamak says Ashok wins, dharma smiles, Sushim stands, Siamak says to Sushim that now you have to accept infront of all Acahrayas that Ashok was not at fault, Sushim says no i will tell all that AShok beat me more because i told truth, now AShok will not remain in Patliputra, all are shocked, Siamak says i will tel truth to everyone, AShok says no this is my war, my mother used to say that truth wins in end, if he doesnt wanna acept truth, if he doesnt wanna accept my win then its fine but his heart cannot deny my win, Sushim smirks and leaves, AShok is sad, Dharma is disappointed.

Scene 2
Acharaya shrist says to acharayas that we are here to decide AShok’s punishment, Ashok comes there, he is injured, Aakramak ask how did this happen? Acharaya kitasaraya(in Sushim’s favor) says he must have attacked someone else again but this time got answer, Acharaya shrist says that AShok have accepted that he had pointed arrow towards Sushim, this kind of behavior is not allowed in royal school so i rusticate Ashok from school, all are stunned, Sushim comes there and says i wanna say something, Sushim says its injustice to rusticate AShok from royal school, all are stunned, Sushim says i lied to all of you and blamed AShok, truth is that AShok didnt hurt me, his arrow didnt touch me at all, he also cleared that he didnt come to kill me, i was angry and attacked him but he moved away to save himself and i got hurt, Acharaya kita ask are you in pressure of someone? Sushim says no, i am saying truth, i accept my mistake, Shirt says you know that you lied to your teachers and conspired against student so you have to bear punishment, Sushim says i am ready to bear it, Shrist says i take back my decision of rustication of Ashok, Siamak smiles, AShok feels dizzy and falls unconscious, Aakramak comes to him and takes him away, Dharma and Kasturi comes to meet Ashok, she says if he gets rusticated from school then he will lose faith from truth, she finds Ashok unconscious, she tries to go to him, Kasturi says you cant go, Dharma says i just wanna go to him to treat him, i wanna go to him once, if anything happens to him then i wont be able to forgive myself, Kasturi says i will make you meet your son.

PRECAP- Dharma says to Kasturi that i wanna go in palace, Kasturi says i will take you, they find Bindu coming there and hides. head cook says to Khurasan that one cook(dharma) is seen talking with chanakya, i am sure is secret agent of him, Khurasan think.

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