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Ashoka Samrat Episode 52--53 Update On Monday 5th November 2018 On Joy Prime


Radhagupt ask chanakya why are you seeing map of new palace? Chanakya says unanis are very clever, years back, Unani’s wanted to win Trinagar city, Adisias was leading Unanis (greek people), Adi did a conspiracy, he made a sculpture of horse in Tirnagar,he hided his soldiers in that sculpture, all thought Unanis left their city, when attentions was diverted, Unani soldiers entered Trinagar and won over rule, if they can win city with a sculpture then what they can do by making a new palace here, this is huge conspiracy, he ask to keep an eye on construction of palace, i have to understand their plan.
Raj sys to Helena that we have only 3 months, where is Seleucus? what if our plan fails? Helena says why you are doubtful, Seleucus will be here in sometime, till then tell me about this new palace, he says have to look at map, she looks at map, there are two secret entries to that palace which is not shown in that map, he says when there will be Pooja after marriage, we will leave palace from these secret entries, Helena says we will close the palace, nobody will be able to go out from this palace and we will burn the whole palace, whole Maurya family will die in one go, then justin will be made king, they laugh.
Aakramak says to Bindu that Siamak and Sushim are 1st and 2nd place in competition. Agni talks to Justin, she says sword fighting is my hobby, he says i didnt think that you can do sword fighting too, Agni says it will be pleasure if we have sword fighting match someday, Justin says why not, noor comes and says i like sword fighting too and i will enjoy sword fighting with you, Agni says i dont like to lose, Noor says i dont like others to win, Justin ask Noor something important? Noor says from time Agni ash come, you are not concentrating on anything, she orders juice for him, Khurasan comes there, Noor says justin always care for me but the time you have come Agni, he is not seeing anyone, so i thought to take care of him, Agni says to justin shall we leave, he says yes, he looks at Noor and leaves, Khurasan comes to Noor and says why you are looking at Justin, dont play with Siamak’s future, dont force me to take action,Bindu comes and ask whats going on, Khurasan says Noor was telling me Siamak want to win this competition to impress you, Bindu says winning doesnt impress me, all are my sons, their winning and losing affect me, acharaya comes and informs that Ashok is left behind in competition that its difficult for him to complete task.

Scene 2
Ashok says i will complete task at any cost, he runs, siamak comes to lake side, PRECAP, Siamak is little afraid, Sushim comes there and finds ropes there, he starts to walk between two ropes over lake, he completes task, goes on otherside of lake and cuts rope in half, he says ropes will bear Siamak’s load but they will be torn when Ashok holds them, he leaves, Siamak starts to walk on rope, he passes the lake, then Ashok comes he starts to walk on ropes, rope breaks from where Sushim had placed cut, AShok falls in river, soldier is shocked. Siamak and Sushim are running to pass finish line, Sushim pushes Siamak and runs away. Siamak is angry, Sushim comes back to palace and crosses the finish line, Ahenkara congratulate him, then Siamak comes and passes line, Charu says atleast Siamak came 2nd, chanakya is looking for Ashok, bindu ask what about other students, Sushim’s friend comes 3rd, all students passes the finish line but Ashok has not come, charu says time is finishing, i dont think any student can come now, so announce Sushim first in this task, Aakramak says time is left, Bindu ask what about Ashok? Helena says why are you thinking about him? Bindu says i am feeling Ashok is in problem, soldier comes and informs Aakramak, Aakramak tells Bindu that Ashok fell in lake which has crocodiles, all are shocked.

Bindu ask aakramak to protect Ashok from crocodiles, Aakramak says soldiers are finding him in lake, Bindu says earlier one student fell in lake and he was not saved, he orders to send more soldiers, Kasturi listens this and leaves, sushim good he is gone, Siamak prays to save Ashok. Kasturi comes in kitchen and tells everything to Dharma, she falls unconscious.soldier comes to Bindu and says we found alot but didnt get clue about Ashok in lake, Acharaya says to aakramak that its your mistake, you agreed to let him enter competition, what if anything happens to him? who will be responsible, siamak says to Sushim that i know you did this with Ashok, if anything happens to him then i will tell everything to Bindu, Sushim sys whats my fault, i pray that Ashok rest in peace, soldier says we should end competition as time is up, all turns to see AShok coming there, Bindu, Siamak, Aakramak smiles, bindu ask are you fine? what happened? Aakramak ask how did you fell in lake, Chanakya ask did someone throw you in lake? Bindu ask him to speak, Ashok recalls how he fell in lake but crocodiles didnt touch him and he swam the lake, Ashok says it was my mother’s blessing that i am alive, Bindu says Sushim is 1st, Siamak is 2nd, Subahu is 3rd, now Ashok is 15th, these 15 students will got next level. Sushim says to Ashok that what kind of cheap person are you that even crocodiles didnt eat you.

Scene 2
Ashok is chiseling wood to make pointed arrow, he recalls how Sushim cheated in competition, he is angry, Siamak says to him that Sushim cheated me to by making my horse eat something ill, why are you angry so much, what he did with you? Ashok says its not important what he did with me, but important is what i will do with him, you are a friend so i request you to not come inbetween me and Sushim, he leaves.
Sushim comes in school, all students are chanting for him, Sushim this is just start, just see next.. he is Shocked to see Ashok coming with chiseled wooden arrow, Ashok points arrow on his neck, all are shocked, Ashok says you have started this game of killing but i will end it, i can kill you right now for insulting me, sushim is stunned, Ashok starts smiling says strong Sushim got afraid, i have not come here to kill you but just to tell you that i will break your ego, he starts leaving, Sushim runs behind him to attack but Ashok moves away, sushim falls on floor, blood comes out of his mouth, Ashok is shocked, one kid says Asok attacked Sushim? Ashok says he was attacking me i just moved away, kids says we have seen you beating him, Sushim says i make you rusticate from school because of this, Acharaya and Aakramak comes there, Acharaya ask did Ashok attack you? all students says that Ashok attacked Sushim, acharaya ask why did you bring this arrow here? sushim says to kill me, all are shocked, Sushim says he was attacking me but all students came here so he left me, Ashok says i was just making him afraid so pointed arrrow on him, Aakramak says who gave you right to point arrow on any student? acharaya says he is not common student but he attacked a prince. Acharaya says this student is problem for us, he bites the people who make him eat, he has insulted prince magdh, he doesnt deserve to be here, i will inform to Bindu, Aakramak ask why Ashok why you did that? Ashok says he is jealous, he has inferiority complex, want to come on princfe level, i will complain to bindu, Aakramak says but let Ashok speak too, Acharaya shrist come there and says Ashok have right to speak, Ashok says its true i came to make Sushim afraid with that arrow but i was leaving when Sushim attacked me and i just moved from way so he fell down, Sushim says everyone here saw him attacking me, Siamak comes and says Ashok can never think to kill Sushim, Sushim says you were not here even, Siamak says but i know Ashok, all students say that Ashok attacked Sushim, Ashok says this half truth, Acharaya says you accepted that you put arrow on sushim’s neck, he should not stay in this school now, shirst says we will think and check whose fault it was till then Ashok will stay in school, he leaves, Sushim smirks at Ashok, Ashok is angry.
Bindu throws arrow at rotating wheel and it hits target, all smile, Noor send letter to Justin that meet me where we meet always to blossom our love, Agni is looking at justin so Justin cant move, Noor fumes and leaves from there. Raj throws arrow and hits target, Raj ask Agni do you have doubt on Noor and Justin? she says have bigger plans, i am not worried abotu small things, Raj says we cant take risk, it can destroy our plan, talk to Helena about it.
Siamak says to Ashok that i couldnt help you, i am sorry, Ashok says it was my mistake, if my mother was here she would have not been happy to see me holding weapons, i promised her that i will hold weapon only to save her but today i held weapon because of my anger, when she was alive i couldnt do anything for her, now i want to do something for my land, cant i get some other punishment then this rustication? siamak is tensed.

PRECAP- Ashok says to Sushim that i am sure if you did not cheat then i would have won the competition, you knew it thats why you cheated so i wanna challenge for a match in which you cannot cheat, Sushim says tell me time and place. Later and Ashok and Sushim is having fighting match.

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