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Twist Of Fate Tuesday 30th October 2018 On Zee World

 Abhi seeing Pragya’s legs and says it is fuggi legs. Pragya is under the bed and searches for the card. Abhi also gets inside the bed and asks what she is doing here? Pragya says she was searching some papers. Abhi asks if you was searching some private things and shows the card. Pragya asks him to give the card. Abhi says this is not shopping card, but greeting card. They see something hanging on to the window. Pragya says it is bat. They come out and run in the room. Bat comes inside and flies above their head. They throw things to get rid of bat. Then they hide behind the bed and throw pillows on bed. Abhi asks her to catch the bat using the blanket and says it can change our destiny. Being afraid of bat, they jump on bed and covers blanket over them. Abhi tells her
that may be bat is gone and asks her to go and check. Pragya says you are a man and asks him to check. Abhi says even man feels pain and says I have seen you scolding 4 guys. Pragya moves blanket and peeps out, sees bat and shouts. Abhi also shouts…..

Pragya says how to make bat go? Abhi says we shall sleep here. Pragya says I can’t stay here, else Sarla will get angry. She asks him to make bat go. They argue. Pragya says please. Abhi says okay just because you said. He moves his tshirt and the bat flies out. Abhi says it went because of a rockstar. Bat comes again. Abhi hugs her and covers themselves in blanket. Allah Wariyan plays……They have an eye lock. Tanu comes there and thinks if thief entered his room. She sees Abhi’s leg and thinks he is with whom? She hears Abhi asking if she is scared. Pragya says no. Tanu pulls blanket and sees them close. She scolds Abhi and says you should have been with me today. Abhi goes behind Tanu asking Pragya to wait for him. Pragya wishes that they spend their entire life like this. He tells her that a bat entered his room and he was just trying to save Pragya and cover themselves with blanket. Tanu says I know you are doing this as you likes Pragya more. He says yes, and then says I didn’t do this intentionally. Tanu says we will spend half day together. Tanu asks him for a hug. He hugs her.

Purab is thinking about Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya asks him if he thought Abhi and Pragya will unite after cold storage incident. Purab tells her that they have united and says Abhi have already feeling for Pragya. Aaliya says he gives more importance to commitment and says he will marry Tanu after 7 days. Then Pragya can’t do anything and have to shed tears. Purab says you will cry with your friend Tanu. He says if marriage happens then also there will be no advantage. Aaliya says I don’t care if Abhi loves Tanu or not, even Tanu don’t care, she wants to stay with him just. She asks if Pragya will stay as naukrani of Abhi after his marriage with Tanu, and asks if you will marry her then. Purab raises his hand to slap her, but stops himself. Aaliya says I know you will not raise hand on me, and that’s why I loves you. Purab goes angrily. Aaliya thinks once Tanu gets married, I will concentrate on you.

Purab and Abhi are doing exercises. Abhi goes and comes back. Purab asks Abhi what happened last night. Abhi asks if Pragya told you? Purab says he has some sources. Abhi says Robin must have told you. Purab asks what she told you? Abhi is silent. Purab says now her feelings are confirmed. Abhi says even Tanu gave me card. He says until I confirm with Pragya, I will not be sure.

Dasi’s foot sprains and gets swollen. Dadi says I don’t have ointment. Pragya tries to check her foot. Dadi asks her to bring pain killer from Abhi’s room. Pragya goes. Dasi cries in pain. Abhi thinks if I am doing right by listening to my heart. He says I am marrying Tanu, but loves Pragya. He says if it will be good to love her when she don’t want to marry. He thinks if she is suitable for his status and thinks to find out.
Dasi singing dard horaha hain. Dadi asks why you are singing. Dasi says she is feeling pain. Dadi calls the kids from Saregama kids there. They sing song for Dasi. Abhi asks God to sign him and show who is the right girl for him. Pragya comes inside his bathroom. Abhi thinks God showed him so soon. He says you entered my washroom. Pragya turns her face and says your truth. Abhi covers his lower part and says truth is hidden now, as he covers himself with a towel and asks what you are doing here? Pragya gets nervous and tells him that Dasi’s foot got sprained and that’s why she came here to bring spray. Abhi asks her to send Dasi and says he will give spray to her, and asks her to go. She falls in his embrace….Allah Wariyan plays…..Abhi thinks why this is happening
with me again and again, the more I try to go far, but comes closer to you. Pragya thinks I want to stay with you. Pragya falls down as he leaves her. She tells her that her foot is sprained. Abhi touches her foot and asks where it is paining. He says she will be fine in sometime. He asks her not to think him wrong, as he is going to massage her sprain foot. Pragya nods….Sanam Re plays……..

Abhi massages her foot. Pragya gets emotional and looks at him. He says you will be fine soon and asks her to go before anyone comes there. Dadi calls Pragya. Abhi asks what happened to your voice. Pragya signs at the door. Abhi gets tensed and asks what Dadi will think about me if see you here in my bathroom. Pragya says what she will think about me. He asks her to keep quiet and says he will see. Dadi thinks if Pragya went, and hears the voice. She goes towards washroom and asks if you saw her. Abhi says she is here and says it is a joke. Dadi says I am asking as she went to your room, and I sent her for taking pain relieving sprain. Abhi says she went to kitchen for drinking wine, coffee…Pragya signs him. Abhi says she went to bring coffee for me. Dadi asks him to tell her that she found the spray and asks her not to search it. Pragya says thank god. Dadi asks if Pragya said this.

Abhi says I said….and tries to speak in soft voice, says he is taking bath in cold water. Dadi asks why? Abhi says next time I will take bath in hot water. Abhi asks her to go…..Pragya says haan ji and opens the door. Abhi calls fuggi and asks her to say haan ji again. He says did you keep that card for me and asks if everything was real. Pragya says I don’t know. Abhi asks her to look in his eyes and say? Pragya asks do you need my answer. Abhi says I want to see answer in your eyes. Pragya says if whatever written was right then what would be your answer. Abhi says I would have written that I ……..

Tanu comes there to show his sherwani…and calls him. Pragya says again….Abhi closes the door and tells him that Tanu is more dangerous, and tells that he don’t know how to convince her now. She comes near bathroom and asks him to come out and try his sherwani. Abhi gets nervous. Tanu says she will be more excited when their marriage costumes come, and says she will be called as star wife after marriage and will stay in his life. She says we will be on everyone’s mouth, and then we will go on a honeymoon etc. She asks him to come. …..

Abhi says I have to go. Pragya asks him to take Tanu out. Abhi asks her to stay there till he takes Tanu out. Just then he stamps on her foot mistakenly and she shouts. Tanu says Pragya, and asks if you are inside, gets angry. Pragya and Abhi are shocked. Abhi asks her to handle Tanu. Pragya asks him to help her. Abhi asks her to tell that she came there to wash her hands as there was no water in guest room. Tanu tells her that what do you think that he is more concerned about you after cold storage incident and tells that he will not marry you or love you. She says once he marries me, then he will forget you and warns her to start maintaining distance from him as she don’t want her name to come on Abhi’s mouth. She asks her to come out right now. Pragya gets upset. Abhi also listens to her and asks her not to get upset and apologizes to her on Tanu’s behalf. Pragya says it is okay. Abhi asks her to give him smile. Pragya smiles.

Tanu thinks her mood is spoiled and collides with Dadi. Dadi asks why did you shout at Abhi. Tanu says she shouted at Pragya. Dadi says Abhi is inside the bathroom. Tanu is shocked. Abhi asks Pragya if she wants to see the truth. Pragya stops him and smiles. He says he would have sing a song for her, but couldn’t as she is standing. Pragya thinks to stop his marriage with Tanu.
Tanu telling Dadi that Pragya is inside the bathroom. Dadi says Abhi is inside the bathroom and says I have spoken to him few mins back. Tanu says lets go and check who is inside. Dadi knocks on the bathroom’s door and asks Abhi, if he is still bathing. Abhi says yes. Tanu then asks Pragya if she is still inside. Abhi says it seems Dadi went and she came, asks Pragya to say yes. Pragya says she is inside. Tanu says you both are together and gets angry. She asks them to come out. Abhi and Pragya come out from bathroom. Tanu sees Abhi in bathrobe and gets angry. She asks Dadi if these things happen in her house. Dadi smiles and asks Abhi what they were doing inside? Abhi says you are asking me Dadi, when you had sent her. Dadi says I sent her to get spray. Abhi says she
fell in the bathroom and I have saved her. Dadi asks how??? Abhi makes her fall and catches her. He demonstrates and shows the romantic pose. Dadi says okay, Raj Kapoor and Nargis pose. Tanu fumes on him and says shame on you….She cries and says I came here to show the sherwani, and you have spoiled my mood. Dadi asks if marriage is cancelled. Tanu says no, and asks him to come down wearing the sherwani. She says shame on you Abhi. Abhi says I am so sorry Dadi. Dadi says I am angry, turns and smiles. Abhi says Dadi. Pragya looks on.

Tanu goes downstairs. Designer asks if Abhi tried sherwani. Tanu says he is busy trying sherwani and asks him to go and meet him in bathroom. Aaliya asks why she is talking like this? Tanu says my mood is off as Pragya was in Abhi’s bathroom with him. Aaliya is shocked. Tanu says even I was shocked. She says they were fooling us, and I think Dadi is with us and smiling. Aaliya asks Tanu to come and see how she slaps Pragya verbally. She goes to Pragya and says you have reached his bathroom now, unbelievable….she says Sarla aunty talked much about her values and asks if she stopped giving you values teachings or you stopped listening to her. She says don’t you have shame to be in bathroom with a stranger.

Pragya says he is my husband and I would have been ashamed if I was with a stranger. Aaliya says you used to say that Tanu is cheap, but you are cheap. She says reality is that they are going to get married. Pragya says she needs haldi to be put on her wounds, and says after six days, she will be ruined. Aaliya asks what you will do? Pragya says I will be with you. Tanu says my mummy is coming here for marriage. Pragya guarantees that nobody can get her married. She says you will wear bridal dress, but sindoor and mangalsutra will not be yours…..Tanu and Aaliya get angry.

Dadi tells Dasi that they have come out of bathroom and I thought to do their aarti. Dasi listens carefully. Dadi says Tanu was shocked like a naagin and went out. Purab also smiles hearing this. Dasi says you would have called me there. Dadi says your foot was paining naa. Dasi says my foot pain would have gone seeing that and clicked the pic, and laugh daily seeing Tanu’s pic. Purab says Tanu will wear bridal dress, but will not marry. Tanu asks Aaliya, why you didn’t tell her anything. Aaliya says her feathers will be cut when you marry Abhi. Abhi comes wearing sherwani. Tanu says I am angry with him. Aaliya asks her to take out her anger on Abhi after marriage. She tells Abhi that this is the best dress which you have. Tanu says yes…and says my anger is gone seeing this. Aaliya says you both will look most happening couple of the country. Pragya looks at him from far.

Abhi sees Pragya standing and signs her. Pragya says it is not good. Abhi tells Aaliya that he haven’t liked it. Aaliya asks what is the problem, as you had liked it before. Abhi says problem is with the fitting. Aaliya asks designer to check the fitting. Designer checks fitting. Pragya nods Abhi. Aaliya says this is the perfect costume for the wedding. Abhi says I don’t like the color. Aaliya says I don’t have sense about Indian dresses, but this suits you. Abhi says he don’t like fabric. Tanu says this is best fabric. Aaliya says it is an Italian and asks where is the problem? Abhi says it would have been okay if it was pizza. Pragya signs him something. Abhi asks her to come and say what is the problem. Tanu and Aaliya see Pragya standing far. Pragya hides. Abhi calls fuggi.

Pragya comes there and says actually there is no special thing in this sherwani. Abhi asks what? Pragya says when you are going to be married, all girls shall think to marry you. She says I am not giving you advice as your friend, but as a bride. She says if I was to marry you, then we would not have looked good if you had worn this sherwani. Tanu says you are not marrying him. Abhi says she is giving example. He asks about her like of sherwani. Pragya says you have that sherwani and goes to bring it. She checks his wardrobe and sees his marriage sherwani. She says that day you had married me, but I didn’t become your wife. She thinks may be you will remember our marriage wearing this. She recalls their marriage and grah pravesh.

Dadi comes to Pragya and asks who came downstairs. She sees sherwani and gets happy. She says he was looking good in this sherwani and hopes to see them married again. Pragya says you will see us becoming husband and wife again. She says I am taking this sherwani so that he can get back his memory. Dadi asks her to make him wear that and says may be he will get back his memory and bless her. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to come to her. Abhi says you have come…and gets up from a quick nap. Pragya says I will never refuse for marriage if you wear this sherwani. Abhi asks what is so special about this sherwani that you like it so much. Pragya looks on smiling. Tanu and Aaliya are upset.

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