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Meri Aashiqui Episode 81--82 Update On Wednesday 31st October 2018 On Joy Prime


Ishani comes downstairs, there was a wind-storm through which RV looked at her. She comes to him. He says that he had to say something, it was important so didn’t see time. He says that he got to know about the proposal file. She says it is great, he could have told this to her on phone. She says he thought that she stole that file for Chiraag because she is getting married to him, and she hates him. She says he has become a big man, but his thinking is so small. She says he might forget his mota bapu’s teachings, but she won’t forget her papa’s teachings. She won’t ever betray her boss. He says that he came to apologize. She says this is about big people, first shouted then apologized. He says that she can ask him anything today, and just want her forgiveness in return. He holds her by shoulders, but she removes them with a jerk and says that he wants apology. She says she doesn’t understand he always wants the returning. He tells her to listen to him, but she says she is off duty right now and doesn’t want to watch his face even. She heads to leave. He goes behind her, and catches her close to him in anger, watching her. He says that she has so much attitude, when he did the job at her home, he never complain on her misunderstandings. He spent less years, and listened more of bad names in her house. He did one mistake, and is asking her for an apology; as he gives her her salary on first of every month, his mistake also has a value. Ishaani says that he shouldn’t make any plans against Chiraag. RV laughs, that he isn’t his level and she must be afraid that Chiraag may not be able to face him, so she must ask anything for herself but not for Chiraag. Ishaani asks him to marry; earlier she used to say this because she wanted to see him happy, now she wants to be happy and she can only stay happy when he stops hindering her and Chiraag’s life, so he must marry. He says she has asked him for something for the first time, so he will fulfil her wish. They both go the opposite ways.

At the breakfast table, everyone appreciated Dhoklay make by Falguni. Chaitali says that the Dhoklay she ate at Amba’s house… Baa asks what? She says when Amba was a servant at their place

Chaitali asks Disha to eat Dhoklay. She was busy with her phone. Falguni tells her to keep the phone during eating, Manas won’t mind. Disha thinks she isn’t talking to Manas, but Rishi. He called her to a park. Chaitali asks who will marry first, Disha or Ishaani. Falguni says Disha will marry first, as she wants Ishaani to take some more time to understand Ranvir. Disha stands up to leave, and tells them that they must marry Ishaani as she is older. Baa argues that she has collected a lot of money for Disha’s wedding. Disha says she doesn’t want to get married.
The door bell rings, Chiraag comes there. He comes inside, and asks why everyone so quiet is. Baa says they were discussing about wedding expenses. He says they must not worry about their marriage, as they can even do court marriage; his own world is so beautiful he doesn’t want to show off to the outer world. Ishaani looks at him. Chiraag thinks that once they win the case, all their money will be his; why shall he spend it on wedding. He takes Ishaani along to drop her to office.
Chiraag stops the car. Ishaani says that she can go on auto as well from here, as if she gets late for office. He says he knows her boss would be angry, but she says she is more concerned about her work. He tells her that the work we came here for is also important, he is eager and wants to register their wedding application in court. She laughs and asks him to where to sign. They come down the car. Chiraag looks around and thinks he came to know from office, that RV was to come here. Ishaani asks what he is thinking about, he says he is thinking where will they go for honeymoon.
Chaitali asks her husband to bring her tea with ice, as the environment of house is going hot these days. She hands Baa the sweets, Baa says she has been late as it is time of happiness at home. Baa tells Falguni to take the sweet firstly, as Chiraag is marrying her daughter in court. Falguni asks is she happy for her marriage, or for the court marriage. Baa says she is happy, that Ishaani is being married to a big family and their family name will remain safe. Falguni says that the life of her daughter will be destroyed. Chaitali’s husband says to Falguni that Ishaani loves Chiraag, and she must not deny their proposal; everything will be fine.
RV talks to lawyer, that he wants the Parekh family to win the case anyway. Chiraag and Ishaani come there. Chiraag hugs her, and says that they are marrying after 14 days and have come to fill the application forms, he must at least wish his employ. RV says he even enjoys that old people’s play. RV leaves, as Ishaani takes Chiraag by arm. RV and Chiraag turn to watch each other.

Chiraag apologizes Ishaani that his dad told him to get some legal files, Ishaani says she will go by herself. Chiraag runs behind an aged lawyer, he introduces himself as Ishaani Parekh’s fiancé. He says he must tell her not to worry. He asks after how much time one can file for divorce. The lawyer says that one can file the petition any time when married, but with the consent of both. Chiraag stops RV and says he has done what he came to do. He says he will remain with this angry-young look and his princess will be his in a while. He asks RV to shake hand, but he doesn’t. Chiraag says he will personally bring card for him.
Mr. Javeri says to Amba that when he first met RV he liked him, but now he knows he must be brought up well. She laughs. He says he remember’s Harshid after seeing him, and wants to marry his daughter Ritika to Ranvir. Amba is delighted.
He says that they must first ask the children as they don’t listen to parents at once. He says that my daughter’s choice is a bit different. Amba says that her Ranvir is also the same, and they don’t have any objection about the proposal. Mr. Javeri says that the final decision will be his daughter’s. Amba says she will also talk to Ranvir. Mr. Javeri says that they must make the two meet.
RV comes home. He asks she wanted to make him meet a girl. She says he can meet her today. He says he will, after an important task. He goes inside and thinks about Ishaani.
Disha tells Rishi that RV- his boss was a servant at their home. Rishi says that today he is boss to people. She asks his salary. He says he work on commission and earns almost 2 crores. She is awed. He says that he wants to do anything he want, is adventurous and going on vacation for scuba diving. She says she is adventurous too. He challenges her to go with him. She accepts it.
Amba asks the servant if he pressed RV’s white dress. She is excited that RV is going for meeting a girl. RV calls Ishaani and tells her that she must come to a restaurant where he has to meet someone for fifteen minutes, after which they will leave for meeting. Ishaani resists that it is off office hours. He says he isn’t asking but telling her, and if she doesn’t want to come, she may return her money and leave. Ishaani says what he thinks of himself.
She smiles that she is going to get married in a few weeks, and once they win the case she will return all his money; but she fears what if they lose the case. Amba asks RV what will he know about the girl in fifteen minutes. RV says sometimes a life time is less to understand anyone, and arranged marriages are like this; you have to know each other after marriage. Amba tells him to change, as the first impression must be great so she got his best dress pressed. He says if she wants, he will wear that suit. Amba prays for RV, that the girl likes him and take care of his broken heart.
Ishaani arrives at the restaurant and looks for RV. He enters, and says Good, that she is in time. He says she is always in time. He says he saw someone else in court, and came late to office. She argues, but RV says boss is always right. She tells Ishaani to sit here and order something, till he finish his meeting. The waiter tells him that Ritika is waiting for him. RV goes to meet her. Ritika says he is 3 minutes late, he says he has heard it is fashionable. She says she isn’t a fashion lover. He says he know two things about her, one that she doesn’t like meeting guys and second she doesn’t like what others like. She says what he likes. He says work, work and work. She stands up and turns around saying good ones forget their work watching her. He says no. She asks is he a gay. He smiles . She asks what she must think about this smile. He says they must order something and places it. She says he looks around a lot. He looks at Ishaani and says that it is to confirm that there is nothing better that what is here. She smiles that he knows all the answers to questions.
He says she is also not short of questions. She asks does he loves biking. He says no. She asks doesn’t he likes talking to air. He says he doesn’t want to fly in air. She says she loves it. He says he dislikes talking while eating, and they must observe each other. She asks is he a detective like Sherlock Holmes. He says he likes Karamchand, she says she likes Kitty. She asks did he love anyone. He looks at Ishaani, and says yes. She says normally, boys hide such things. He says if he marries her, he will never think about anyone else. Her coffee slips and she goes to freshen up.
Ishaani gets a call. Chiraag tells Ishaani worried, that his factory caught fire and someone got it done. He was worried. Ishaani comes to RV and asks why he did this. RV says he fights with people of his level.
Chiraag tells his dad that he got the fire in factory himself, to get insurance money.
She asks him to leave her life, as she and Chiraag want to live a peaceful life. He goes to her back, and says he is giving her what she wanted. Ritika asks who he is marrying. He says meet my fiancé, Ritika. Ritika asks is he going to marry her.

PRECAP: Ritika asks RV for bike ride, he says they must get insurance. She says he must not worry, as she is driving. He says that they would need a double insurance then.

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