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Meri Aashiqui Episode 79--80 Update On Tuesday 30th October 2018 On Joy Prime


Ishaani helps RV to the room. His maid watched this, but didnt come to help. Ishaani struggles and finally is successful in lying RV in bed. She watches the clock, and thinks it is 9.30 here.
Baa was worried that Ishaani has still not return. Chiraag asks Baa to tell the date and time. She says it is after 15 days at nine in morning. CHiraag approves. Chaitali says that it is just a formality, as they already consider Ishaani as her daughter-in-law. Falguni is upset, Chiraag takes sweet to her and puts it in her mouth. Baa explains to Chaitali that RV must have stopped her.
Ishaani asks RV to stop moving and takes out medicine for him. She was going when RV takes her hand and drags her to him. SHe asks what is he doing. He asks about the file, she says it is on the bed side.
A servant comes to tells Amba that Ishaani is here, they wonder what she must be doing and goes to watch.
Ishaani gives medicine to RV and opens the buttons of her jacket, bent on her. Amba comes from behind and is shocked to see this.
Amba thinks that now her family will know about Ishaani’s habits to everyone. Ishaani was about to leave, but Amba shouts that with whose permission she came here, does she consider him as her past driver or friend. SHe reminds her the day they had beaten RV. She holds her arm, and says she must remember how cruel they acted to RV, she doesnt want to see her around RV again. Ishaani tells her that she came to drop RV, as he was drunk. Amba says that she could have called her, and called the driver and tells her that her mother’s tactics won’t work on her. She thinks they wont leave her son, and must find a giel for her son.
Baa asks Chitali what is she doing, Chitali tells her that Ishaani was there with RV in his room. She says Baa even scolded her alot. Baa tells her to speak low, as like Disha Ishaani’s proposal might be in trouble.
Baa explained to Chiraag’s mom, but she says that now they live in a small flat and we could here all. She asks why did Ishaani go to meet him at this time. Chiraag tries to stop her, but she says that Ishaani must have got greedy. Chiraag says that he will only marry Ishaani, Ishaani comes there. He comes to her, and asks had she some important work in office. He gives her the news that they are getting married in 15 days. Ishaani cheers, Chiraag puts sweet in her mouth.
Chiraag’s parents ask what does he want, what if they lose the case. Chiraag says that they will win the case. RV will make them win the case, he still loves Ishaani and can’t bear Ishaani’s pain. He has come to return his owes. IT means he has a gold hen, Ishaani and RV who knows if he doesnt fulfil his wishes, he will hurt her.
RV wakes up and see Ishaani’s anklet. He thinks Ishaani took him here. He smiles that atleast she still consider him her friend. He says that Ishaani can’t marry Chiraag, he would destroy their life. She won’t listen to him. He thinks where his file has gone, and calls Rishi. He asks about his file. Rishi says there is no file, and goes to check it’s copy. RV says he doesnt recall what he said to Ishaani, and where he kept the file. He thinks where can the file go.
In the office Sameera asks Ishaani, who tells her that she is marrying after 15 days. RV hears this, his assistant tells him that Rishi hasnt come here. RV tells him to send the copy of file to Mr. Javeri, and says that the file must be stolen from his home. He informs that he came to know Chiraag Mehta got Mr. Javeri’s proposal, and he heard that both the proposals were alike. RV looks at Ishaani, and says now he know why she came back to office. She came to leak the secret informations of office to Chiraag. He holds her on wall, and shouts how she can do this. Ishaani is speechless.

RV pushes Ishaani to the wall asking how could she do this, he thought he was drunk and she took him home for the cause of humanity but she was helping Chiraag and cheated upon her company. Ishaani says she didn’t do anything. But he says he hurt her, and betrayed his company forgetting all the brought up mota bapu had given her. He caught her to the wall, and shouted at her.

Amba watched some photographs a lady showed her, for RV’s proposal. She said to one that they she has a lot of attitude. She rejected the other by saying she is the eldest among five sisters. The lady promises Amba that she will soon bring a good proposal for her son. RV comes there, and asks her to bring the best proposal of the town as he wants to marry in ten days.

He comes to his room, Amba comes behind. He says why he trusted her, and didn’t learn from his mistake. He knows she loves Chiraag, and still he has been able to hate her. Amba calls him, he says she has been like Chiraag living with him.

Amba tells him that she always felt like crying for him, but now she is happy because she always told him that Ishaani has not been fair to him. He didn’t understand this when he worked for her, but has realized it when she works for him. Amba tells him she will find him a girl, who will belong to a big family but will be down to earth and will take care about him and his priorities.

Mr. Javeri tells him daughters that he will find him a well suited guy. She argued that marriage isn’t everything in life, and reminds him that tomorrow is her birthday. Mr. Javeri says he will celebrate her 24th birthday, and will give him her gift right now. He goes to get the call, when she thinks it must be a guy.

She goes to see her gift, thinking which clown it must be this time. RV comes home, the servant makes him sit in the living room. Mr. Javeri’s daughter comes to the stair-case and says she was right. She comes to him, and says that she isn’t really interested; her papa watches a lot of things in guys. She categories the guys in only two categories, i.e rich and poor and she doesn’t like both as the rich are spoilt while the poor are greedy. She feels RV angry, and says he can leave, as she isn’t interested in marrying.

RV stops her, saying that’s it. He says he has already listened a lot, he didn’t come to marry her and who will marry her who doesn’t know how to behave with a guest. Girls like her have only one category who only think about themselves, and doesn’t use her brain. She argues, but he says she must learn to respect her father’s choice. He says he came to meet Mr. Javeri, and isn’t a gift but a guest. Mr. Javeri calls from stairs, that this isn’t what she is thinking. He hands her gift to her, and introduces her to RV. He say he bought her favorite car. He says this is his daughter Ritika, and thought he is his birthday gift, for marriage. Ritika apologizes, but RV says he never ever give the right to anyone, to insult him. He was not like this ever, and was a driver, but life teached him that people ruin the one who gets exploited. He says he isn’t from any of the categories she said, as he became rich after being poor, she he is neither greedy nor ruined. She says sorry to RV, and smiles looking at him.

Mr. Javeri asks he didn’t get the contract. RV says he thinks he called him here for something else. Mr. Javeri says he couldn’t get this proposal, had he got the older one. He tells him that people think his proposal matches someone else’s, and called for his proposal. RIshi comes to explain that Mr. Javeri called for the file, and he was asleep. RV was worried, Mr. Javeri says that Chiraag only got a contract but he is his partner in his biggest industry. RV stands up worried, thinking how he could blame Ishaani for theft. Mr. Javeri asks why he can’t do this. RV says he hurt the one, who is near to his heart. Mr. Javeri tells him to go and apologize, so that he is free from what he owes to that person. He leaves. Mr. Javeri says to Rishi that he is impressed by his boss; he keeps his liabilities in his heart, when someone will be in his heart he will keep that person in his eyes.

RV tells the driver to hurry to Ishaani’s house. He was torn, that he hurt Ishaani and thinks about saying sorry to her. He runs to her street, and then stops. Ishaani sees RV’s call, and doesn’t pick up. Falguni asks whose call is this, and asks her to pick it up. She says he is her boss, she should answer her atleast. She takes the call; RV asks Ishaani if she can come down the building. She says she is busy. He requests her, but she says there is no need to request. He says he will come upstairs otherwise. She agrees.

RV looks behind at Ishaani as she comes to him.

PRECAP: RV says she asked her something for the first time, he will marry and fulfil her wish. …

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