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Meri Aashiqui Episode 57--58 Update On Monday 15th October 2018 On Joy Prime


Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Ishaani tearfully eyes harshad’s pic, and tells him that disha’s marriage got arranged with a very nice guy. she clutches at the pic in sadness, and wonders where he went, as he couldnt stay without her for even two days, and now its five months since he is gone, and breaks down saying that she misses him. She overhears the Ganesh immersion’s procession. she thinks that Ganesh hasnt come since the time he left and tomorrow the shradh would start, and that she doesnt know what was his last wish, but hers is that she gets that house back, which has their life, soul and memories to it.

The next morning, devarsh and prateik fight for the bathroom, which is occupied by sherman. When the place gets emoty, disha tries to take advantage, but all the three enter into a fight. falguni sees this and is angry. ishaani asks to go first too. falguni asks them to allow ishaani, as she has to go to the lawyer regarding the case and she feels that ishaani would bring back some good news. Baa tells that only ishaani doesnt, sherman also should use, as he too earns. sherman comes ready and ishaani gets to go next, while they all vie for the next spot. Baa is confused thinking that he forgot to send her this month’s salary, while he says that he did. She starts lamenting that she wishes he earned a little more. He is tensed. He finds chetali signalling him to come inside, and he complies. He asks chetali to let him tell baa that he actually does earn more, and give them the money as they need it, instead of saving it hidden from the rest of the family. Chetali tells sherman that this is needed, and goes into a self pity mode, about their situation now. Sherman says that they were all to be blamed, and hence destiny and the lord are unhappy with them all. Sherman leaves, while chetali is fuming.

Scene 2:
Location: Pareskh Mansion
The auctioners are surprised that the house got sold in the first day as the buyer didnt want to buy anything during the shradh and that he wanted possession today itself. The same guys who had come at the parekh mansion, for its auction, look in bewilderment as a guy comes in the dark, with the ganesh murti, entering the parekh Mansion, as they wonder about the state that parekh family is in today, and how this guy raised himself from rags to riches in these two years, and became the youngest businessman of the year, and he is branded the king of dalal street. they discuss that this person shall bring this house, the same glory that once was with the parekh family. The person places the Ganesh Idol the place it used to be kept, and then lights a lamp before it. He is identified as RV.

The next morning, RV gets with his usual chores, along with his team, and then doesnt allow the press to take pics of himself. His assistant decides to change the security system straightaway who let the press and media to come inside.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Ishaani waits for her bus at the stop, impatient that she is getting late. she boards her bus and sits down, and tells the lawyer that she shall reach in time. she passes by the Parekh House, and admiring the beauty, she thinks that she would definitely get it back. She enters the lawyer’s office, and apologises for being late, and asks if there’s any good news, as she is expecting it, and then rants as to how good things happen to good people, and hence harshad’s faith shall be proven. She asks him to tell why was she called. The lawyer takes out some papers and hands over them to ishaani. ishaani surfs through the papers and is shocked at what she sees. the lawyer apologises that their house got sold, and the court ordered for its auction. ishaani remembers falguni’s hopes, and breaks into tears. he consoles her not to cry, as he knows that her memories are attached with that house, but memories comprise of people not houses, and that she still has the same support of the family members. Ishaani is distraught.

Scene 4:
location: Chirag’s residence
Chirag fumes to know that ishaani’s house got sold, and begins to decide on calling off engagement with her, terming her to be boring. His father asks him to continue for chirag’s parents tell chirag that the parekh mansion if finally sold, and tells that its was bought by the new king of dalal street. chirag identifies him as RV with visible shock, saying that he got rich even before harshad’s efforts. But his father is tensed saying that he lost a lot of money to this RV only. chirag thinks that noone saw Rv but they just know that he changed the share market overnight. He thinks that his name speaks, and that he isnt interested in publicity, and is only interested in work. He is aware of RV’s influence in the share market.

Scene 5:
Location: RV’s Office
As RV comes to his office, all throng the lanes to cast a glance at him. chirag and his father also are in the crowd. the onlookers comment that some years back, harshad had the same position that he had today. Chirag chses RV and his entourage but in vain, as he isnt able to catch him, but gets to know, that he had hidden himself from everyone for the past two years, but is now ready to face everyone at the party that he plan to throw tomorrow. RV’s personal assistant, identifies himself as the CEO of Rv’s company and officially announces the party which he has organised for their well wishers and stock bearers. he begins to leave while the girls ogle at him. Chirag comes and meets RV’s peronal assistant, and when he demands to know who is he, chirag identifies himself as some celebrity but his ego bites the dust, when the assistant says that he hasnt heard of him, and he is embarassed. chirag identifies himself to be there at every party, while he is snubbed by RV’s assistant, saying that they dont believe in partying but working in that time. He says that he would get an invitation if chirag actually is as famous as he claims. He leaves. chirag thinks that come what may, he would attend Ranvir’s party. The screen freezes on his face.

Scene 1:
Location: RV”s office
RV mentions the assistant to get a card to ishaani Parekh. He asks RV who’s it, and he gets tensed. The person apologises and delivers the same to ishaani’s house.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
meanwhile, devarsh is shocked to receive the card with ishaani’s name on it. They start discussing about the party and get excited about it, while falguni is irritated with their rant. devarsh is boggled as he exclaims that the party is in their house. Falguni is shocked to see this, while devarsh and disha are boggled how did this happen. Disha finds the auction reports in the paper, and relates it to them. They are baffled at this, while falguni is distraught. disha says that she always knew it, that this was to happen, that all these were false hopes. Falguni leaves. He reprimands disha for being so callous. disha leaves. devarsh is tensed, wondering ishaani would break if she gets this news, and thinks that they should hide this from her.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Ishaani wonders how would she tell falguni about this bad news.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaani’s and chirag’s residence
Ishaani comes inside and is shocked to find the boys chattering about how they love this house. Disha comes and then asks the boys if they told ishaani about the house, and shows the paper cutting tp ishaani, who gets tensed, while devarsh and prateik are angry at disha, who is amused. They calm ishaani, and get a group hug. ishaani tries to cheer them all up. The boys join in too. ishaani then notices the party invitation too, and is shocked to see it, and throws it far away, thinking how disgusting this is, that he tries to think that he has replaced her father, wheras actually he can never reach the status of her father. Prateik tells ishaani that chirag is here on being called 

In her room, Falguni asks chirag how come he came here so quickly when she said she wanted to discuss the case, but didjnt when she called her for disha’s marriage finalisation. Falguni asks him point blank that he is playing ishaani along. He asks her why’s she talking like this, as he loves her. she is unconvinced. She say that she wanted a sincere life partner for ishaani, but he is too shrewd. Falguni says that had it been in her hand, she would have called off this relation, but ishaani madly loves him. falguni wonders who they broke off so abdly, that her daughter’s heart is on the verge of breaking. She says that she knows that he would break her heart one day. Ishaani comes and begins to reprimand falguni for thinking and talking like this about Chirag. Ishaani says that she knows chirag would marry her in any condition, and he would have left her by this time if he had to. she tells falguni that next time if she says anything about chirag, she would be insulting her too. Chirag pretends to be very sincere and asks ishaani not to talk like that to her mother.

Chirag gets a call of a foreigner girlfriend, and terming it as business clientele, he leaves but not without confirming to falguni’s doubts indirectly, frustrating her all the more, whileishaani is blinded by his display of love. Chirag and ishaani leave, while falguni is shocked, and wonders what to do. Chirag’s foot falls on the party invitation from RV and is surprised. ishaani coems in and gets sad telling how she landed this invitation. chirag thinks that if they got an invite then he also would have. he asks his father and is shocked that he didnt get any invite saying that they arent in his guest list. Chirag makes up some excuses, and when he finds ishaani coming ou, he pretends to talk to his father about some business meet. After cancelling his call, Chirag asks if she going to the party. she feels tensed. He asks her not to feel bad. Chirag asks her what does RV think of himself, as he cant just insult her by inviting her to her own house. He tells her that they shall go to this party saying that they shall all go as a family, and tries to get romantic with her. She hugs him, and cries her heart out, while chirag is scheming his plots. She wonders why falguni doubts him. He says that he wants to see who bought their house, and then rectifies it as her house.

Meanwhile, disha tries to say that RV must have seen her, hence they got an invitation, while they boys are amused. Disha starts trying on dresses with falguni. ishaani comes in and falguni gets tensed. Ishaani tells falguni that she doesnt want to go too, but since chirag told her why they should go, she agreed. Falguni tells ishaani that the world isnt as it seems, and the same is with chirag. ishaani asks if he doesnt love her, then why would he leave his work to take her to the party, as he wants to teach that RV a lesson.

meanwhile, chirag plays a girlfriend along on the phone, saying that his mother has a doctor’s emergency. Chirag is frustrated thinking that he has to go with that bore, ishaani. Chirag thinks that he had decided to take one of his girlfriends out, but has to go to RV’s party too, and thinks that Ishaani got an invitation to it. He asks his father if ishaani got the invitation due to him or due to Harshad. His father curtly tells him that had she got this invitation due to him, first the invitation would have come to chirag himself. The screen freezes on Chirag’s tensed face.

Precap: NONE

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